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HP Colour LaserJet Fading Fix

Posted By AndrewRH On 23 February 2008 @ 23:56 In | 1,115 Comments

HP 2605dn: Washed-out colours before cleaned mirrorsHP 2605dn: Beautiful colours after cleaning the mirrors inside the printerThe Problem Illustrated (and incentive to fix it):

Here is a “before” and an “after” set of photos. Notice how the “before” image appears washed out and with a distinctive green tint. What magenta (red) there is in the photo is concentrated in the middle; the edges are even more green. The “after” image looks, well, wonderful.

Some Background and The Usual Warnings

My HP Color LaserJet 2605dnMy HP Color LaserJet 2605dn printer is about 16 months old. A few months ago, I noticed that the pictures it printed started looking washed out. I tried changing the magenta cartridge, for all photos seemed to have a green cast. That did absolutely nothing. I figured as much, as the “HP Easy Printer Care” program, and the printer’s internal web pages, said there were several hundred pages left to go on all my cartridges. Updating the firmware also failed to fix the problem. Resetting the printer to its default settings also accomplished little. I tried recalibrating the printer (see step 24, below) to no avail. NOTE: try this first yourself just in case it is the problem with your printer – will save you all the trouble in steps 1 to 23! Thankfully, an Internet search turned up an article on FixYa that described the problem exactly. A Google search on “2605 faded colors” also shows articles about it at HP’s website (you’ll have to look at the cached versions of the pages as it seems you need to log in to HP in order to see the actual articles). Don Thompson wrote a wonderful article on fixing this issue which he put on the HP support forum; I have obtained his permission to include it here in this article – its what I followed all those years ago to fix my printer for the first time.

>> Fading Red Tones on Color LaserJet 2600s by Don Thompson 2007

An example of how an image is "written" onto the photoreceptive drum in a laser printer. In real life, the electrons are far smaller than the beam and lose their charge in clusters, but have been enlarged here to one electron per pixel for clarity of operation.

An example of how an image is "written" onto the photoreceptive drum in a laser printer.

The problem is this: dust on the ‘beam alignment lenses (mirrors)‘ which are buried deep within the printer – the dust prevents the laser light reflecting off of them properly and thus toner is not collected up and put onto your printout. If you attempt this repair feat, then:

  1. Make sure your warranty is up;
  2. Try cleaning the plastic reflectors behind each toner cartridge first (see Kevin’s comment NR 99 below)
  3. Try recalibrating the printer (see step 24, below)
  4. Consider calling HP and asking them about any service notes on this problem
    • rumour has it there is one which may get you a free replacement printer
    • update on 4 Mar 2008: confirmed with HP support in UK that they will pickup, fix and return your printer (or a refurbished one) free
    • update on 10 Nov 2008: be sure to tell HP you are calling for the “fading” fix
    • call 0870-8422339, choose option 2 and then 3, and state your printer serial number
    • or, call cheaper on 01344-36000 then ask for technical support for printers
    • (thanks to Say No To 0870 for the cheaper phone number!)
  5. Set aside several hours without screaming kids around;
  6. Be confident in your technical abilities;
  7. Don’t rush; and,
  8. Be very observant of where things are before taking them out.

I took photos at each step of this process for two reasons:

  1. to put them on this page to aid you; and,
  2. to refer to them when putting the printer back together to make sure everything was as it should be.

Be Warned:

  1. You may screw something up and be left with a non-functioning printer. e.g. you might pull a bit too much on a wire and it breaks;
  2. There are high-voltages inside the printer – You must unplug the printer from the mains before starting any work on the printer; and,
  3. You undertake all this at your own risk.
  4. I did this on my 2605dn (twice!) and I only hazard a wild guess that it will work on similar models (like 2600, 2605n, 2605dtn, …)

(Gosh, you think I grew up in North America or something – over here in Europe we just get stuck into things and damn the consequences!)

Elapsed Time:

I started at 15h30 and got to the optical box at 17h16 — just under two hours; but I was taking photos along the way. Reassembly started right after cleaning at 17h30 and finished about an hour later (I took a break for dinner and putting my kids in the bath and to bed), so this is approximate.


  1. Clear space on a desk and give yourself some room to work;
  2. Send your young kids to grandma’s (older ones can stay but only if they promise to help);
  3. Ask your wife/husband/partner to make you a lovely cup of tea.

Tools needed:

A Phillips screwdriver (the one with the cross-shaped end) Philips screwdrivers
A pair of pincers to grab screws that are a bit too tucked away to grab with your fingers Pincers
A label maker; I have a Brother PT-65 P-touch “Home & Hobby” Brother PT-65 P-touch label maker
Scissors (to cut your labels to a tiny size, to fit on the cable connectors) Scissors
Cotton swabs (“Q-tips”) Cotton swabs

Before You Start:

Please ensure you have tried the other things listed above first! Perhaps a quick clean of the plastic reflectorsbehind each toner cartridge is all you need.

Disassembly and Cleaning:

Step 1:

Rear of HP Color LaserJet 2605dnUnplug printer from the mains and detach your USB or Ethernet cable; take out the paper tray and all the cartridges (this makes the printer lighter and easier to handle).

Step 2:

HP 2605dn: paper tray coverHP 2605dn: paper holder trayTurn the printer around to look at its back. Remove the paper tray cover at the bottom and the paper holder tray at the top. Both just pull off.

Step 3:

HP 2605dn: screws to undo to remove back panel and circuit boardUndo the screws on the back panel, including the one just below the USB and Ethernet ports. Put these screws into their own pile (later you will have another pile for all the screws you take out of the inner panel. Its a handy trick to help you ensure you put back all the screws you take out.

Step 4:

HP 2605dn: tilting back panel to removePull the back panel off gently by holding it at the bottom and tilting it out and up.

Step 5:

HP 2605dn: photo of circuit board in back of printerTake a photo of the circuit board and wiring — you’ll want to refer to it when putting things back together, just to be sure you have done it all correctly!

Step 6:

HP 2605dn: pull right-hand side panel offHP 2605dn: right-hand side under the coverPull the right-hand side (as looking at printer from front) panel off, again it tilts upwards – note the way it slots and clips in (the middle plastic guide at the top of the panel). Remember that for when it comes time to slide it back on later. Gawk at the wonders of the printer. The reason for taking this panel off was to make it easier to pull out the wires from the back later; and because if you’re dismantling the printer, you might as well see how the whole thing looks naked. :-)

Step 7:

HP 2605dn: undo screw on left-hand sideHP 2605dn: pull left-hand side beige panel piece offStart taking off the cover of the left-hand side by first undoing the screw that is recessed in the handle/indentation at the bottom of the left-hand side’s panel. Then, pull the beige panel piece off, leaving the larger, grey panel piece for now.

Step 8:

HP 2605dn: pull left-hand side grey panel piece offHP 2605dn: photo of circuit board on left side of printerOkay, now take off that grey panel piece by tilting it up and sliding it off (it has the same mechanism as the other side). Gawk again at the wonders of your printer. This is the high-voltage side. If you didn’t unplug your printer as I told you to, then you will be now convulsing on the floor and sporting a new hairdo.

Step 9:

HP 2605dn: make labels for all the cables to identify their connectorSquint when really close to the circuit board on the back of your printer and you will see that each cable goes into a connector that is labelled something like “J106″. You will soon be taking these cables out and later you will want to put them back in – at the same place! So, print out labels which you can attach to the cables. My label maker let me print out super-small letters and on two lines. You want small labels because the connectors are not that big. Here’s what I printed out (the ? or Enter or Return key is used to tell the label maker to go to the next line): J106 J104 J103 J102 J101? J108 J107 J105 J110 (My label maker wouldn’t let me print out any more than that in one go; so, being lazy, I didn’t bother labeling the very last cable connector). Then, use scissors to cut each connector name out.

Step 10:

HP 2605dn: label each cable connectorNow, pull each cable connector out, one at at time, and put the correct label onto it. Note that the purple cables are attached to a plastic block (some black, some white) which is pushed into a plastic holder, like a small box – think of a baseball with purple strings sitting snugly in a glove. Pull firmly on the purple cables (perhaps wiggling slightly side to side) near to where they go into the plastic block, this should remove the block from its plastic holder. Do not use tools, for fear of pulling out individual cables, or worse, pulling off the outter plastic box, instead of the block in which the purple cables are (as Piper, in the comments below, did).

Step 11:

HP 2605dn: close-up of data cable at top-left of back panel’s circuit boardHP 2605dn: pull off data cables and unscrew the hidden screwCarefully detach the data cables, too, and unthread them from the plastic holder (you will soon be taking off the plastic holders). The data cables to the circuit board on the right side of the back panel also pull out quite easily and reveal a hidden screw! I didn’t bother labelling these as the data cables all stayed in the right order when disconnected.

Step 12:

HP 2605dn: cable tray at top of back panelGently pull out all the cables from the two black cable trays. You’ll see that there are three layers of cables: thicker power cables in their own clips, and two bunches of thinner purple cables with some zip fasteners around them every so often. Its a bit of a (un-)weaving exercise…

Step 13:

HP 2605dn: pull out the cable trays at top of back panelPull the empty trays to the side to unfasten them and then take them out completely – be sure no stray wire gets snagged by them!

Step 14:

HP 2605dn: unscrew at left side of back panelHP 2605dn: unscrew at bottom of back panelUnscrew the back panel – no need to undo the two circuit boards themselves – they are both attached to a larger metal panel. Note that there is one screw that is in horizontally on the top-left (this is why you took off the side panel!). Note that your printer may not have the extra memory card inserted as I have in mine (see picture).

Step 15:

HP 2605dn: pull out the back panel with the circuit boardsPull out the back panel with the two circuit boards on it. Be sure that no cable is snagged, or left attached.

Step 16:

HP 2605dn: optical box behind the back panel circuit boardsAh-ha! There it is! That is the optical box we’ve been working so hard to find! Three more screws and we’ll have it…

Step 17:

HP 2605dn: shinny metal screw covers on bottom of printerHP 2605dn: screw reveal beneath shinny metal cover on bottomOkay, you found the two screws holding the optical box at the top; but where is the third screw that I mentioned? Tip: tip the printer so you look at the bottom of it, where the paper tray usually goes. See them? Two shinny plates. They bend when you pinch them with your fingers. Now, on my printer there was a screw beneath just one of them. Feel lucky? Which one will you take off? Were you lucky? Or maybe your printer has a screw underneath both… The screw holds the bottom part of the optical box. Take out the third (and maybe forth) screw.

Step 18:

HP 2605dn: remove data cables from optical boxGently lift up the optical box and remove the pair of data cables that go to it. Again, I didn’t bother labeling these as they stayed in the same position/order and wouldn’t get muddled up when I reassembled everything.

Step 19:

HP 2605dn: unscrew optical box coverPull out the optical box and undo the screw that is in the middle of it. Be careful – there’s a spring in the box. Take off the cover and…

Step 20:

HP 2605dn: inside the optical boxHP 2605dn: close-up of one of the mirrors inside the optical boxHP 2605dn: clean the mirrorsAt last! There are the filthy mirrors that are the cause of this nightmare. If only HP has seen fit to seal this optical box then none of this would have been necessary… Okay, that wasn’t really a step, it was just some soap-boxing. Here is the real step 20: Clean the mirrors using dry cotton swabs!

Step 21:

HP 2605dn: optical box showing circuit boards (back of lasers)HP 2605dn: lasers inside optical boxHP 2605dn: look, clean mirrorsGawk at the wizardry of the optical box, its lasers and your nice shiny mirrors. Play with the flaps that cover the laser openings — don’t loose that spring which is between the flap mechanism that covers the laser diodes and the optical box.

Step 22:

HP 2605dn: close-up of reassembled cable trays with cablesReverse everything and put it all back together again. Simple. Ha! Be sure that you seat the optical box back exactly right – ie. don’t leave it loose! HP 2605dn: reassembled back panel and cablesPutting those cables back in the plastic trays is the most challenging. Just remember to put the two bundles of purple wires in first (the largest bunch, which splits at the right side to go up and down, should be at the very back of the tray; the other bunch on top of it; and finally the power cables should fit into their special holders at the very edge of the trays). HP 2605dn: close-up of reassembled data cable at top-left of back panel’s circuit boardNote carefully how to feed the data cable around the tray at the left side. Double check that you haven’t pinched any cables around corners, etc. Did you use up all the screws? I sure hope so, otherwise you’ll have to undo everything to find out where you missed them…

Step 23:

Underside of the printer; note the black grill on top left - that's the air intake for the fan.

Underside of the printer; note the black grill on top left - that's the air intake for the fan.

(optional) On the first anniversary of this page, and my second go at cleaning the mirrors (yup, they got dirty enough in the one year to warrant going through this lot all again), I decided to slap on a homemade air filter to the fan intake. Make sure you don’t have the paper tray installed; and then tip the machine onto its front, so that you are looking at the underside of it. You’ll see a black grill or grate.

Vaccuum cleaner bag cut to fit over the grill, so it acts as an air filter.

Vaccuum cleaner bag cut to fit over the grill, so it acts as an air filter.

Get yourself a vacuum cleaner bag and cut it to fit over that grate. Use some cellotape to stick it in place. You may very well have to do as I did and cut little slits in the bag so it fits over the silly extruding bits of plastic. If I haven’t already said it, I’ll say it now: this printer is over engineered! Now tip the printer back to its normal position and install the paper tray.

Step 24:

HP 2605dn: force a recalibration via printer’s web serverRe-load the ink cartridges; paper and plug everything back in. You must now recalibrate the printer (this aligns all the lasers so the colours match up and don’t give you a blurry photo print). You can navigate your way through the printer’s front panel menu to force a calibration:

  • Press the check mark key (screen shows “Main Menu – Reports”)
  • Press right arrow key (“Main Menu – System Setup” shown)
  • Press the check mark key (“System Setup – Language” is now shown)
  • Press the right arrow key twice (“System Setup – Print Quality” is shown)
  • Press the check mark key twice (“Calibrate Color – Calibrate Now”)
  • Press the check mark key (“Press [v] to calibrate now”)
  • Press the check mark key (calibration begins)

Alternatively, you can use the printer’s built-in web server over the Ethernet port to force an immediate recalibration (sorry, don’t know what you do via USB).

Step 25:

p1680281-large.JPG(optional) Unconnected Connectors and An Interesting Button… HP 2605dn: Output when press Test buttonWhile you had the covers off and the circuit boards exposed, did you notice that there are a few unconnected connectors and a “test” button? One connector is “IOT” and the other is “MCPU Writer”. After I reassembled and plugged everything in, I pressed the “test” button. I got a boring printout of colour lines.

Step 26:

Please leave a comment below to say if this page helped you; or, if any steps were unclear. Happy colour printing!

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1,115 Comments (Open | Close)

1,115 Comments To "HP Colour LaserJet Fading Fix"

#1 Comment By camille On 28 February 2008 @ 14:18

Great instructions!

My problem was that no printing came out on the pages, or only half the sheet, with half tones.

What spring?

Unfortunately, after all that, the optical sensors were already clean (not the problem) and when I got it back together–with all the parts–it didn’t work at all. Yuk!

#2 Comment By camille On 28 February 2008 @ 14:35

Thought I sent this already…

Thank you, your directions are great!

What spring?

The problem I had was that the paper would run through but with only partial print, or none.

Unfortunately, when I got to the optical box, the sensors were clean.

Also unfortunately, when I put it back together (with all parts) it didn’t work. Yuk.

Thanks anyway.

#3 Comment By AndrewRH On 28 February 2008 @ 15:15

I am sorry to hear that your printer isn’t working.

The spring is attached to the inside of the optical box and at the other end to a plastic flap that keeps the laser diodes covered when they are not in use.

Look at this picture from step 20 and you’ll see the removed flap (with spring attached to it) at the top of the picture. The flap was taken off of the optical box; it fits in along the part of the optical box at the bottom of the picture.

I’ve updated the main article to help make this point – thanks!

#4 Comment By Steve On 13 March 2008 @ 20:38

Thank You! I followed your directions and wham bam the printer now prints red again.

You saved me a great deal of time and money. It took me about 2.5 hours but I was going really slow so I didn’t mess anything up.

Thanks again,


#5 Comment By D. Djafri On 18 March 2008 @ 00:04

Hi, thanks for your info,
But did you TEST PRINT(internal printer test print) the printer BEFORE and after it’s washed out?

My printer seems OK if you use the PRINTER internal test print, BUT it seems washed out when I print from photoshop. Is yourproblem like this ??? Thanks..

#6 Comment By AndrewRH On 18 March 2008 @ 01:13

Hi D.Djafri — I tried all test prints. I tried some printouts from various sources and at one point seemed convinced that it was just photos from my camera (it appeared that test prints from dpreview.com, for example, were okay). However, I decided that enough was enough. I had nothing left to loose. There’s just nothing that will clean those internal mirrors, if fading is your problem – especially if it is the magenta colour (since its mirror seems to get the dirtiest). I would recommend you call HP and get them to go through your problem with you and see if they offer to swap out your printer for you.

#7 Comment By Roger On 31 March 2008 @ 05:57

Thanks very much for the help,now my printer is printing great .

#8 Comment By Paul On 3 April 2008 @ 07:25

We have 2 at work that is doing exactly this. One of them does not print Magenta at all!!

I followed your steps exactly and now the Magenta is printing great so thank you for that, but I now have another problem. All the colours – Yellow, Cyan & Magenta are printing slightly out of line compared to the black toner. By this I mean when I print a Supplies Status the Black horizontal line which indicates how much toner is left prints exactly in the box but the other 3 colours are about 5mm to the right and 3mm down. What have I done or what can be done to realign these colours. I have calibrated several times but to no avail. Any help would be much appreciated.

#9 Comment By AndrewRH On 3 April 2008 @ 12:13

Sorry to hear of your problems with alignment, Paul. I would recommend running the realignment…but it sounds like you did that. I suggest you give HP a ring to tell them about your problem with the fading as they do have the free exchange program in place for it.

#10 Comment By Martyn On 7 April 2008 @ 11:01

Fantastic! I have had the faded magenta problem. Printer is out of warrenty. Just spoke to HP and they are sending a courier tomorrow with a replacement printer!. Just make sure you get them to check their support updates. Excellent service HP, thanks to you:)

#11 Comment By Cary On 10 April 2008 @ 09:08

I envy you guys out there. We have a 2605dn in our Shanghai, China office that’s doing the exact same thing.

A trip to HP “Gold” service center says the scanner assy is toast and wants 3710 RMB (about 450 USD) to repair it.

Does anyone have a bulletin from HP about this defect?

#12 Comment By John K On 19 May 2008 @ 02:10

My printer is calibrating as I write this. I was also amazed that there was very little dirt on the mirrors. If I were to do this again, I may try cleaning the windows via the slots at the back of the toner cartridge bay first, as they seemed the dirtiest and they are part of that assembly and I assume the mirrors shoot the image through them.

As the connectors on the board are unique, you don’t really need to label them, you can’t plug the wrong ones back in except for the two ribbon cables on the mirror box.

Now I have an alignment problem that numerous recalibrations does not fix, so it looks like another problem to seek a fix for.

Thanks for the helpful information though.

#13 Comment By Tom On 30 May 2008 @ 16:58

Today is 30th May 2008 and I’ve just called HP. I used the cheaper phone number and asked for printer support. The lady who answered took my serial number and said the machine was out of warranty and it would cost £22 to continue, so I mentioned that I’d read on the Internet that it was a known issue and that HP were dealing with it even outside warranty.

She took my details and created a case for me, then checked for the service note. Sure enough, the printer is being replaced next working day with a refurbished unit (I don’t care, so long as it prints magenta!).

Thank you very much for the extremely helpful information!

#14 Comment By AndrewRH On 31 May 2008 @ 09:46

That is great news , Tom. I am glad to hear that HP finally gave in – too bad you had to hassle them a bit to do it, though. It would be good to hear from you or others on the quality from the refurbished printer that you receive.

#15 Comment By Bronger en Netty On 31 May 2008 @ 18:02

From the Netherlands, Delfzijl, thank you very much for the description en the screens of your site! It’s amazing, it really worked out!

#16 Comment By Tom On 2 June 2008 @ 11:25

Hi Andrew,

The refurbished replacement printer arrived this morning and I immediately loaded it up with my toner cartridges (HP have you remove these and your paper before replacement). Print quality was immediately back to normal! Hopefully the problem is permanently fixed, or HP will be replacing it again a year from now!

Physically, the unit looks in “as new” condition – certainly better than the one it is replacing, which was a little dusty and worn.

#17 Comment By bryus On 16 June 2008 @ 18:28

My wife noticed this issue while printing out fliers for her design company. Their logo is light pink and the magenta issue is more noticeable the lighter the magenta is.

I called HP this morning and they were less than accommodating in helping me out of warranty with this issue. They offered to provide me a list of authorized local repair shops I could have it cleaned at or give me a trade-up credit. Neither is particularly acceptable.

I agree with Andrew’s comment in step 20 that HP should seal the “optical box” to prevent this. It seems like a design defect. I don’t think it’s a simple issue of something that broke before it should have.

I’m going to call back again and see if I have any better luck.

#18 Comment By Frits Jense On 21 June 2008 @ 09:40

We’ve cleaned the printer following the procedure.
We now have the following message in the display: Door Open. We also don’t hear the printer starting up, only a few “ticks” when we power on the printer. where have we got wrong???

#19 Comment By Paula Renouf On 9 July 2008 @ 09:32

Thank you, thank you, thank you. This exact problem started with my printer just past its 1 year warranty. They wanted to charge me for replacement of a refurbished printer so i took no action. Reading this i have just called them again and one is now coming free. I run a charity – i can’t thank you enough!

#20 Comment By Kathie On 14 July 2008 @ 04:16

I thought I was reaching when I did a search for the magenta loss problem. This is so great. I took apart my machine and cleaned all mirrors put it back together and the magenta works but I have the same problems as some of the others that it’s out of calibration. Those that got replacement printers, are any of you from the US?

#21 Comment By RAJEESH On 15 July 2008 @ 12:27

Dear sir,

thanks for great technical support.
this is very vary helpfull & usefull

one more time thanks

G-3 ,B-WING,
ph: +912225298800

#22 Comment By John K On 18 July 2008 @ 19:15

Well, the problem came back again, all the while the calibration was not quite right anyway. I finally got ahold of HP after 3 tries of as many months, and eventually they told me “no service note”, and “no exchange”. So, knowing that when you purchase HP products from Costco it is HP that gets them back when they are returned and Costco does not eat the liability, I’ve ordered another HP from Costco, and will return it before the three month return period expires, which will get me through the bulk of our busy printing season. I will never buy another HP product, our HP Pavillion Notebook suffered the infamous melting hinge problem for which HP would also not accept liability. I know customer service is generally a thing of the past from most large manufacturers these days, and HP certainly does a great job of proving that true. But more importantly both the 2605 and the Pavillion suffered obvious design flaws that became the liability of the consumer rather than HP accepting or admiting to it.

#23 Comment By Elaine Brown On 21 July 2008 @ 14:15

Thanks for proving my suspicion that it is a design flaw causing my faded magenta, and not ‘User Deficiency’ as HP tried to tell me today. Before I found your site, my enquiry call to HP in Australia got routed to a Call Centre in India and it will be 24-28 hours before they can email me the name & address of a service tech who could examine my printer. What special tools do I need to attempt this cleanup myself? Printer is under 2 years old and has done only 691 pages. I’m frigging ROPABLE about the waste of money this lemon represents but if I can have a go at fixing it myself, I’ll give it a try. Also where do I find the mythical ‘Service Note’ that others say they have used as the basis of getting their printer replaced even if out of warranty, and who would I call to start that process? All guidance sincerely appreciated. Elaine in Newhaven, VIC (Phillip Island where the penguins don’t need colour print but the rest of us do!)

#24 Comment By Connie On 22 July 2008 @ 21:17

Thanks for the great instructions! After following the steps you outlined, its printing normally again but now it’s also printing a light greyish background on every print! It covers the entire page and is pretty noticeable. Would you happen to know how to fix this as well? It wasn’t happening before the fix so we’re wondering if it’s because we a) forgot to pull out the toner before the fix or b) messed something else up during the cleaning. Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

#25 Comment By Eric GROSS On 2 August 2008 @ 13:19

Great !!!!
Thanks to your detailed instructions, I have now a brand new printer !!!
Just went perfectly from A to Z and colors are now back to normal.
Thanks again for taking the time to prepare and post these instructions on the web
Smallfield, UK

#26 Comment By Tim On 31 August 2008 @ 00:46

Thank you for the instructions. I was able to go through the whole process in about 2 hours. I did not even have to label the connectors, because they seemed to have different qty’s of pins and wires on each connector. And it worked!
I suggest that you mention the spring also in step #19 (not only step # 21), so that people are aware early on, that they should not lose it. And when putting the optical box back on the printer, a little bit of patience is helpful in trying to get it exactly in place.
One of my minor problems was having an extra screw while reassembling the back panel. The thin white data cable on the left side (from the rear) must have been in front of one of the holes when I first attempted reassembly. On this same side, I had trouble with getting the wires out of the tray that lead from this side to the top. When I reassembled, I did not force them back in, but left them lose. It did not seem to be in the way of anything outside the tray.
Another minor problem was getting the side panels back on. The left side (from the front) does not want to totally engage in the middle front; there is a gap of about 1/16 inch more than there should be, just in the middle.
By the way, what type of memory can be added?
I have some old desktop memory laying around somewhere, is it possible that any of it would work, or that it really makes much difference for a home printer?

Thanks again,
Tim M.
Palmdale, CA USA

#27 Comment By AndrewRH On 31 August 2008 @ 22:16

Thanks Tim M. Glad to hear your printer is all better!

I have updated step 19 as you suggested.

Yes, you can put a DIMM memory stick into the HP (I did): See the manual on page 168 (or page 180 of 228 in the pdf reader). It says, in part, “DIMMs are available in 32, 64, and 128 MB for a maximum of 192 MB”.

That is, put in only 128MB (maximum) DIMM. I have no idea what happens if you put in a bigger one.

#28 Comment By Emmanuel On 1 September 2008 @ 23:41

Hi everyone, I’ve got a printer with the same problem…. I’ll try ringing HP as I don’t want to wreck the printer….. if all else fail though I will have to… what did some of you do differently that caused the printer to no align correctly, as it worked with some and not with others?

#29 Comment By Emmanuel On 6 September 2008 @ 09:59

Followed through with this procedure and everything is now working 100% with beautiful color!!! I think the problem with the alignment could be caused by too vigorously cleaning the mirrors and slightly moving the mirror?? I was very careful not to do this and the alignment did not go out.

#30 Comment By Andy On 18 September 2008 @ 19:43

All I can say is that it works perfect now. It is actually easy if you just go step by step. Nothing missing.

Great Job and Thank You.

#31 Comment By Piper On 5 October 2008 @ 06:13

Thank you for posting your instructions. It would have gone well except I didn’t understand how to unplug the purple cables. It might be helpful to some other person in the future if you add a note in step 10. I was afraid to pull on the wires as I thought it would pull the wires out directly. Instead I used pliers and pulled out the black box that is directly connected to the circuit boards. Big mistake. It made it impossible to get two of them back on later as I had bent the pins taking them off. I would send a picture to you so that you could attach it to this step but I can’t see a place to attach a file. It may be helpful if you attach a picture of what exactly should be left in place and what is unplugged. Obviously this was my first attempt ever of taking apart one of these machines. I will know in the future but if some other unfortunate person that purchased one of these pieces of garbage can be helped by this extra information then at least some good has come out of my mistake. Unfortunately I am now sitting here with over $600 in toner cartridges, a very heavy piece of garbage and a dilemma as to whether or not to buy another one just to use the toner! Thank you for posting the information and trying to help everyone.

#32 Comment By AndrewRH On 6 October 2008 @ 14:58

Sorry to hear about your woes, Piper. I have, at least, updated step 10 as you suggested. Thanks. And let us know how you resolved your unfortunate situation.

#33 Comment By cor On 17 October 2008 @ 21:15

I also had a problem with the magenta
I live in the netherlands
when i phoned hp they gave me a choice and the cheapest one was to phone with a mechanic and if that solved the problem i have to pay 35 euro
I said no thank you i look further and than i founded this webpage
I have done everything the way you said it most be done and i have just printed my first page and the quality is fantastic

thank you

#34 Comment By Luis On 23 October 2008 @ 05:22

Thank you very much for sharing!

i personally own an 2600n and found your article investigating about the error im getting on my printer. Its not a “dusty” matter, more of a malfunctioning cyan toner i believe, but your post might come in handy in the near future… thanks! :)


Luis S.

#35 Comment By Peter On 23 October 2008 @ 16:27

Thanks for your information.

My enquiry call to HP in Australia got routed to a Call Centre in India. Initially hp admitted to a fault in the magenta cartridge and advised me to put new cartridges in, so I spent AUD 500.- for new cartridges. The symptoms persisted after the replacement of the cartridge. After another call explaining the failure of the new cartridges, I got a quote for a replacement printer for AUD 680.-. Case Reference is 2603580420. The printer is approximately 18 months old and has only printed 5000 pages. The printer is rated at 10 pages a minute. So, 5000 pages divided by 10 pages per minute makes a lifetime of 500 minutes or just under 10 hours. What a great product, its is much better than the after sales service HP provides. This is obviously a design fault and I can’t see any reason why I should spend another AUD 680.- for the same piece of crap, which I now know will, in a few months time, have a dirty mirror and the same problem again. I presume that many more people will be experiencing this problem in the near future as their printers approach an age of two years.

I might give hp in Indiastralia another call and mention what I have learned from this article, otherwise I will follow your procedure and try to re-surrect it.

Failing this, anybody interested in the cartridges? one set is new, the other is 15% used, will dispose of them cheaply.



#36 Comment By Dale On 23 October 2008 @ 21:18

A great article on repairing the magenta problem. I had to go through the exercise twice. The first time the magenta was great but I was getting a poor image of the black in the centre of the page.
I figured I didn’t get something positioned right so took it all apart a second time. I also used some compressed air in a can to blow any excess dust from the imaging box. Everything looks great. It needed to be recalibrated in order to re-align the colours but that did the trick.
Thanks for the step by step solution.

#37 Comment By Dale On 23 October 2008 @ 21:21

By the way, in Canada HP doesn’t acknowledge the problem but will give you credit to upgrade printers.

#38 Comment By Angus On 25 October 2008 @ 15:20

Basically Andrew is a minor deity for publishing this on the web. I couldn’t get anywhere with Dabs or HP (the phrase “merchantable quality” does spring to mind).

It took me three hours, but a lot of that was looking for tools misappropriated by my son, kicking doors and muttering expletives. All seems to be working well now.


#39 Comment By Piotr On 26 October 2008 @ 17:49

I now have the following message in the display: Door Open. I also don’t hear the printer starting up, only a few “ticks” when we power on the printer. where have I got wrong??? Can You help me to solve this problem.

#40 Comment By Boos On 27 October 2008 @ 18:50

Thanks for the great info.
I tryed it twice already.
But now I have a other problem. The rightside of the paper dos not calibrate correctly. Do you know how ik can solve this problem?
This problem started after the cleaning of the mirrors. Did I do something wrong?

#41 Comment By Dave On 2 November 2008 @ 03:18

Thanks for the detailed instructions. All seemed to be going well but after I finished I now have a “Jam in tray 2″ error. It seems the paper pickup is not working. I have checked and rechecked the wires and all seem right, but something is not right.
Any ideas will be welcome.

#42 Comment By Dave On 11 November 2008 @ 05:42

Figured out the “Jam in Tray 2″ error – i did not plug in connector 107 completely so the pickup motor was not engaging.

Finally works but I do have the gray haze when printing. Any info on why the haze happens?

#43 Comment By Steve Milner On 12 November 2008 @ 12:59

I’d like to thank Andrew for this page.

My 2605 was suffering the same problems, but the HP number listed above did the job, and now I am waiting for my printer to be replaced with a re-con model. I am an amateur photographer, and I use my printer to get a printed feel for the quality of my work, and this problem was getting me down.

Here are a few tips.

When you contact HP and have given them your serial number, they will tell you the printer (if it is) is out of warranty. Do not worry at this point, simply tell them you know and continue.

When they ask you what is wrong tell them your printouts are FADING. Fading is the key word, because on the HP system, once they put that symptom in, it informs the operator that the problem can be resolved under warranty.

I was then asked to to a configuration print (from the reports menu on the printer) and a check was done on firmware version. I was asked to upgrade to the latest firmware.

I did that, and another configuration printout, and then asked if the problem remained – it did. I was then asked to confirm I had tried to replace the toner (I had) and that I had used genuine HP supplies (I had).

They then organised a replacement for the printer.

Dead easy.

Enjoy your pint Andrew, it was worth every penny.



#44 Comment By AndrewRH On 12 November 2008 @ 15:52

Thanks for the pints everyone!

I have emphasized “Fading” in the instructions, above, now. Thanks Steve.

Please be sure to add comments so everyone can share their success stories on solving this annoying issue! Be sure to mention where in the world you live, in case HP practices differ country-by-country.

There are plenty of other places on my website (like the travel and kids outings sections) which may inspire you, too. And, of course, you can buy me a pint for them, too! :-)


#45 Comment By Karl von Felten On 17 November 2008 @ 22:28

I thank you for your gide how to clean the mirrors. After 2 days of searing Internet in German and French i found your howto. So i followed jour document and 2 hours later i had again photos in good quality on my printer. Sorry for my english.

Thank You

Karl from France

#46 Comment By Robert On 20 November 2008 @ 22:55

Thanks very much for the instructions. It worked perfectly. Two points that my help others:

My first test print (after the cleaning) was clearly not calibrated, so I ran the calibration routine. It was still somewhat off, so I ran it again. It took running calibration three times to get it dead on. The effect of calibration seems to be cumulative, so repeat as needed.

Secondly, I forgot to confirm this before putting it all back together, but it seems to me that the purple wire connectors on the right side circuit board might be left in place if the data connectors are removed, the circuit board dismounted and simply swung up and out of the way. I could be wrong — but it might be worth a try. Those connectors are tough to get out. I used a small flat bladed screwdriver to gently pry them loose, one side at a time. Pulling on the wire bundle seemed risky. Use a strong light and your best reading glasses to see where the male part ends and the (board mounted) female part begins.

Some people have mentioned the light gray background (where white ought to be). This is a known problem with this printer. I forget what they call it at HP. Try running the cleaning routine a couple of times. If that fails, call HP. Ours was replaced out of warranty for this problem.

Again, thanks! I love the web!

#47 Comment By Robert On 20 November 2008 @ 23:01

A note to Piper (above) who pulled out the whole connector. Now that you know how to take the thing apart, why not just order that circuit board from HP and replace it? Much cheaper than a new printer, particularly is you’re sitting on all that toner. Either that, or pull the circuit board, take it to someone who does repairs and see if they can solder the connector back in.

#48 Comment By Simon On 23 November 2008 @ 12:25

Your web information is great, I have suffered this problem for 12 months and just had HP support kick me round the block – it is a progressive failure and the moment i saw your “before and after pictures” i just knew i had found the answer. I’m going to discuss with HP and go for a replacement. Many thanks and i will advise the outcome

#49 Comment By Jens On 26 November 2008 @ 23:34

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
My 2600n is reborn :-)

#50 Comment By Sue On 3 December 2008 @ 14:39

Many, many thanks Robert Andrew for your time and effort to create these instructions to share. All came apart and put back together or so I thought. When I switched the printer back on the door open message came on and no matter what I do, it won’t believe that the door is not open. Has anyone had this problem or does anyone know what the problem is. I have checked that all the cables that I unplugged were plugged back in properly. So I am at a loss to as to what to do next!

#51 Comment By Pete On 14 December 2008 @ 19:03

This worked awesome! Thanks for posting it. It took about two hours, but now the photos in my holiday letters don’t make us all look pukey green.

#52 Comment By Jasper On 15 December 2008 @ 10:53

Thanks for the great documented solution!
We had a fading Magenta problem which would cost us 450 euro to solve. Now it took me just 2 hours. Printer prints all colors correct! First time I had no screws left ;-)

#53 Comment By James On 16 December 2008 @ 10:15

From Canada!
Ditto to all of the thanks and praise — this is better support than HP provides! 1.5 hours or less to do this if you have some experience. Very clear instructions. I have three of these printers because it was cheaper to buy the printer than a set of cartridges. I have done fairly high volumes — 3000 pages in a day at times — printing newsletters. My total page count was over 12,000 when the fading started. I initially thought it was a corona wire problem. I took extra time to swab out the interior of the optic box and blow it out with canned air in hopes it will not recurr as soon. It would be nice to come up with a way to seal the box! It will probably help to keep the area vacuumed regularly and to use good quality paper that has less dust and cleaner cut edges.
HP site states max duty cycle at 35000 (yes 35K) pages per month!!!???, but a recommended volume of 500 to 1500 per month.
Regarding the light gray background this happens with a near empty toner/drum unit.
And I trust everyone knows about the toner override so you don’t have to throw expensive toner cartridges away that are at least half full :-) I routinely get 4000 pages from most cartridges.
You can google this at several sites:
1. press the “check” button (the LCD will read “Main Menu Reports”)
2. press the right arrow (the LCD will read “Main Menu System Setup”)
3. press the “check” button (the LCD will read “System Setup Language”)
4. press the right button twice (the LCD will read “System Setup Print Quality”)
5. press the “check” button (the LCD will read “Print Quality calibrate color”)
6. press the right arrow 3 times (the LCD will read “Print Quality Replace Supplies”)
7. press the “check” button (the LCD will read “Replace Supplies Override Out” or “Replace Supplies Stop at Out”)
8. press the right until you see the LCD screen say “override Out”
9. press the “check” button to accept whichever option you want. The default is that the printer will stop when IT detects that the cartridge is empty, not when the cartridge is actually empty. If you accept the “Override Out” option, the printer will NOT shut down when IT thinks the toner is out, and you can decide for yourself by looking at the printed page when the toner has run out.
Cheers to you Andrew!

#54 Comment By Ken On 17 December 2008 @ 20:54

I too am getting the “Door open” error. Anyone been able to resolve that issue??

#55 Comment By Simon On 22 December 2008 @ 12:08

Hi, just following up on the fading issue with a 2600n. I took your advice and despite it being out of warrantee, HP responded without any arguments -I have a new printer that works perfectly, thank you for your advice

#56 Comment By AndrewRH On 22 December 2008 @ 12:17

Fantastic news, Simon. Glad to hear that HP sorted it out for you in less than a month. And now you just have enough time to print out all your holiday cards and New Year’s invitations! :-)


#57 Comment By Ralph On 24 January 2009 @ 04:48

very nice tutorial. I followed the instructions and the assembly process went well.

However, even several calibrations the black is absent. The other colors appear much more crisp than before the “operation.” Any suggestions?

#58 Comment By Ralph On 24 January 2009 @ 05:15

I replaced the black cartridge and it shows 99% via the web interface. I checked the purple wire harnesses to confirm they weren’t the problem. Still checking…..

#59 Comment By Ralph On 24 January 2009 @ 20:32

Final update (1-24-09), I repeated the process three times, looking for lose connections and researched via Google for the “open door” error. Upon testing the third reassembly, the process worked! After calibration, she prints like new. As for the cause of the “open door” message and lack of black printing, I suspect repeating the process secured the lose connection causing each problem. Thanks again Andrew!

#60 Comment By AndrewRH On 24 January 2009 @ 20:36

Whew, Ralph! I’m so very pleased that you sorted out the problem. Happy printing!


#61 Comment By Philip On 28 January 2009 @ 00:39

My 2605dn is out of warranty by about 8 months. My printouts were unusable because of fading. There seemed to be some success on this blog getting HP to replace the printer so before I tried to fix it myself, I thought I would try my luck. Called HP customer service, told them I had the 265dn with a fading problem. The rep told me that my printer was out of warranty and when I mentioned a service bulletin on the fading issue, he referred me to the Tech representative but told me that there might be a charge for his help. When I got the Tech rep on the line, he did proceeded to run me through the checks and printouts to evaluate the problem, no charge. After he concluded that the problem was indeed a dirty internal optic mirror he told me that because I was out of warranty, he could send me a replacement for 270.00 US (without toner cartridges) or give me the name and numbers of service techs in my area that could possibly fix the machine.

I asked him if he could replace my printer for me and after checking he told me that the service bulletin on this printer had expired and that he could do nothing for me other than what he had already mentioned. I asked him if he had the power to make an exception and replace my printer for me, he told me again that he could not. Then I asked him if there was anything he could do to help me get the printer replaced because we are a small business here in Hawaii and we rely on our HP printer. He told me that I should escalate the case to the complaint department and that they had other remedies available to them that he did not have. He gave me the case number and said he would type a report and sent the case to the Complaint Department and that they would contact me within 2 days.

The next morning, I got an email from the complaint department in broken english with poor grammar, telling me that the printer was out of warranty so there was nothing they could do other than what the Tech rep had offered me. There was also a number to call if I had any questions.

I called the number and spoke to the Complaint department rep who told me again that the printer was out of warranty and we was very sad to tell me that they could do nothing for me. I explained to him that I understood the options that were explained to me…270.00 US for a new printer without cartridges (add in the cartridges 250.00 US and that is 200.00 US more that what I paid for the complete unit at Costco. I told him that did not make any sense. I asked him if he or anyone in his department could make an exception to the situation and replace the printer for me to satisfy an HP customer. After all, they had been replacing the printer for people who asked up until the expired the service bulletin. I told him if I had known about the service bulletin, I would have exchanged the printer but I was not notified. He told me he would check to see if there was anything that they could do for me to help me out, but he told me that he wasn’t going to promise me anything. After one hour he called me back and reminded me that they no longer replace the defective printer that are out of warranty but that he had check with a few other departments and they agreed to send me a refurbished unit at their expense. I am to keep my toner cartridges and cord and return the defective unit to them in the box that the new printer arrives in. He said I should have it the next day.

I was told no and about 10 times during my conversation with the three various reps and then I was told yes.

Don’t give up, be polite and ask them to be reasonable and make an exception. It could happen to you too.

#62 Comment By Philip On 29 January 2009 @ 07:43

Just received printer this evening, One day after speaking with Complaint Department at HP. I have never received a parcel from the Mainland to Hawaii that fast before. Another thing, I opened the package, unpacked the printer, opened it up and what did I see?????…Brand new toner cartridges as well.
I am beside myself…Thank you HP.

I hope this printer does not repeat in 18 months from now. But even if does, I will know how to fix it.

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[…] I cleaned our HP Color LaserJet 2605dn printer. By the way, it is spelled “Color” and not “Colour”, even though it was […]

#64 Comment By Loren On 16 February 2009 @ 20:14

Thanks for the great guide! Being in Canada I figured that rather than spending countless hours on hold with HP and probably getting nowhere, I decided to instead try the fix first. It took me about 45 minutes start to end so that should say something for your guide! It fixed it somewhat but not all the way – until I reread the last part concerning the recalibration. All is good now. I was ready to go postal on the HP headquarters because I just spent more money on the new cartridges than what I spent on the entire printer. Now I can get back to printing up the brochures for our company. My next printer will most likely not be a HP.

On one area of the guide you talk about the extra dimm card. What exactly does this do? I am using my printer on a network – will this speed it up?

#65 Comment By AndrewRH On 16 February 2009 @ 20:59

Hi Loren – glad this helped. BTW, I’m from Toronto! The extra memory helps when you have bigger files (complicated graphics, photos) so that more can be sent down to the printer – meaning faster printing, and fewer “out of memory” pages printed out. I found this website (seems an ad site, but did have some info on it about HP memory: http://www.hpprintermemory.com/)

#66 Comment By Panagiotis On 17 February 2009 @ 21:43

I had the same problem with my 2600n printer. (even worse because I lost magenta and yellow coulours)
Thanks for your instructions they helped repair my printer. There may be some minor differences in the way the side covers are mounted in the 2605 and 2600n. I just had to handle with care.
Unfortunately 2 months after cleanning I start having the same problem (loosing magenta color).
I dont believe that getting the same printer, even a new one, is a satisfactory solution, although I asked for replacement at HP (Greece). I also doubt that getting another (unfiable) HP color laserjet (made in China) has any sense.
Have you any suggestion for a trustworthly network color laserjet at this price range (260,00 € new with 4 cardridges) working for more that 18 months;

#67 Comment By AndrewRH On 18 February 2009 @ 00:36

Hi Panagiotis,
If it makes you feel any better, I must now consider following my own instructions to clean my printer AGAIN. I have not looked into other colour laserjets…perhaps someone else who is reading this can offer advice?


#68 Comment By adam On 20 February 2009 @ 01:32

Hi, I am having the same problem. Mine is with red and yellow. All are new HP toners. I live in the US. Does anyone know if they will replace the printer? Other than the Hawaii fellow getting his replaced. I dont mind doing the work myself, just would like to see if I could get it replaced before I mess it up.


#69 Comment By Anthony On 22 February 2009 @ 05:33

Thanks for the detailed info. Did the steps as laid out and magenta is now OK. Only problem was colours were out of alignment (like Paul in #8). Ran the aligment tool to no avail. Disassembled and reassembled printer and noted laser/scanner unit was not sitting correctly. Fixed it, reassembled printer and now prints like new (printer is almost 3 y.o). Black and cyan quantities went from 47% to 11% though (wtf??!!).

#70 Comment By Ken Morgan On 28 February 2009 @ 00:04

Worked! Two of us with varying degrees of experience with these kinds of things (his better than mine) were able to take apart, clean, button up and test in about two hours. Had to run a color calibration routine, but that was a small aside. We’ve always said between ourselves that this is a poorly designed machine to begin with. But this beats going out and getting a new printer!

By the way, I’m about 95% positive that it was my posting on fixya.com that you found. The bums. They left a half-assed answer to the problem and then charged me $10 for the non-help. They’re refunding the charge, but still.

Congratulations and thanks again.

#71 Comment By AndrewRH On 28 February 2009 @ 19:03

Its been a year…and it was time to clean my own HP printer again!

I added a new bit – the impromptu air filter (see step 23).

Nice to have pretty printouts again…


#72 Comment By Loren On 1 March 2009 @ 16:13

Panagiotis – This is my second 2600 series printer. The first time I ran out of ink that came w/ the printer I went to buy the ink and found that buying a new 2600 was about $100 cheaper than getting the ink carts. The next time I ran out of ink I was sitting on the fence about buying the printer again with the stock cartridges or just getting the carts. Unfortunately, I bought the carts thinking that I was contributing a little less to my local landfill. After I run out of ink this next time I will most likely buy the whole printer again – this way I won’t have to do the whole clean out thing again. I am also hoping that the next printer will have a few more improvements. ie fix the dust problem -hint hint HP or as I had stated earlier – NOT a HP. The only thing that worries me about buying another brand printer is that I may be buying a whole new flaw that I will have to discover and try to repair. At least with HP I know what to expect.

#73 Comment By Uwe On 8 March 2009 @ 15:12

Thanks a lot for the great instructions!

I was able just to follow them step by step and it worked excellent.

The only two tricky parts were pulling the cable connectors out (they were quite a bit “stubborn”) and putting the two cable trays back in place … but those problems were part of the hard to maintain printer and not part of the instructions.

Now my family and I have back a printer that just prints fine again … looks way much better than before … ;-)

Thanks a lot again!

#74 Comment By Patrick On 17 March 2009 @ 00:20

I have also cleaned my printer, only about 3 months ago, (about 9,000 pages), just wondering if your air filter helped with the problem coming back?

#75 Comment By Patrick On 17 March 2009 @ 00:23

Wait, sorry, I see that you had just added that air filter last month, let us know if you have any other tricks for this printer,

#76 Comment By Nick On 21 March 2009 @ 02:58

Thanks for the detailed instructions. I performed the “surgery” today and it worked much better than I imagined. When I opened the optical box, the mirrors didn’t look dirty to me. I cleaned them anyway, put it all back together and calibrated the printer. It’s printing like brand new again. So, it doesn’t take much dust to create the washed out prints.

#77 Comment By Greg On 23 March 2009 @ 23:26

Thank you very much for this web page.
I just finished with mine started at 4:30 pm and was done by 6:05 pm. Amazing how little dust was really there but it made all the difference. Talked with HP on Friday they refunded my $39.00 tech charge after I brought up that some people on this web site had gotten new printers because of this problem. They would not do that for me however. Thanks again. Hope all is well.

#78 Comment By Chris On 25 March 2009 @ 00:03

Great job with instructions. I paid HP tech $39.00 to tell me my problem. Searched the web and your instructions came up. My magenta is looking great, however, I now have no black. So I guess I must of missed a connection. I think I am going to call HP back as welland see if I can get my $39.00 back like Greg.

#79 Comment By Ed Goss On 30 March 2009 @ 01:06

Add me to the list of thankful people for whom your instructions proved helpful in reviving a printer that was one day away from the junkpile. The repair took about an hour, and I was surprised at the difference considering how little dust I could see on the mirrors. Thanks again, Ed.

#80 Comment By Nick On 31 March 2009 @ 18:38

I forgot to mention, I cut out a 3 small rectangle shaped pieces from a dust mask and used electrical tape to adhere them to the vent on the bottom of the printer. Hoping this make-shift filter will prevent the dust from accruing on the mirrors so quickly.

#81 Comment By Arturo On 8 April 2009 @ 03:35

I followed your directions but when i finished the printer send me an error 51.21 what did I do wrong?

#82 Comment By AndrewRH On 13 April 2009 @ 18:46

The HP LaserJet manual says the 51.21 Error is “Cyan laser scanner error”. Perhaps a wire wasn’t plugged in correctly?

#83 Comment By Steve On 14 April 2009 @ 03:11

Incredible. ! I had given up on this printer and stumbled across this. Tried it and it looks good as new! If I hadn’t bought new toners, I’d probably have chucked it before getting this far! Thanks.

#84 Comment By Judy Walker On 21 April 2009 @ 20:50

Thank you for your HP printout fading page – it was exactly what I needed. I was able to speak knowledgeably to the HP tech, and they gave me no argument at all. Immediately offered to send a refurbished unit. Additional information that might be useful to others: the toll free number to call in the US is 800-474-6836. Thanks again from California and have a beer on me! – Judy Walker

#85 Comment By Eric GROSS On 2 May 2009 @ 13:41


Just completed my “second cleaning run” under 75 minutes… getting pro… :)
I did it the first time roughly one year ago… but it was time to “refresh” the printer again.
Back to normal again, thanks for this very useful article.
I am living now in a “dusty” country, I added the optional step 23… we’ll see how it goes. (though I am a bit worried by potential overheating)
Cairo, Egypt

#86 Comment By Tom Sellers On 5 May 2009 @ 18:27

Just an update. Last year, like Eric, I did the above fix after calling HP (Canada) and being told under no cicumstances would they repair the printer in spite of the known fading problem. The fix worked for awhile, and eventually the mirrors got dirty again so I am about to retackel it today because the 3600n I bought to replace it also is faulty now, and I have tons of toner stockpiled for the 2605 that I would like to use up. My problem after I did the above fix was my calibration was out, I found a post that said you need to service the clutch for this problem, so I will try playing with the clutch at the same time.

As I have large seasonal label printing needs coming up and now HP has ‘ripped me off’ on 2 printers, I’m considering purchasing one of the ones that comes with full sized toner cart’s from Costco, printing all my labels for this year, and then returning it with a note enclosed to HP telling them why. I also own an HP Pavillion Notebook computer that has a known hinge cracking flaw with it that HP also will not acknowledge (there is even an entire website dedicated to the problem), so needless to say what me opinion is of HP’s products and their warranty support.

#87 Comment By patrick On 14 May 2009 @ 15:59

tried cleaning , my colours are no longer faded but now are incredibly bright as though the contrast is radically out .
Any ideas ?

#88 Comment By AndrewRH On 14 May 2009 @ 17:21

Hi Patrick,

Perhaps the brightness is due to adjustments you made to programs on your computer to try to boost the printer’s quality before you cleaned it?

Check your software programs, and the HP printer driver program, to see if you can ‘reset’ them to normal output. If its still an issue, then perhaps you are right – a recalibration of the printer is required (step 24).


#89 Comment By Alexander Rudolf On 16 May 2009 @ 19:53

Thank you so much – it´s great to see again realistic color prints. I used round about 1h45min. Your instructions are great.

A few years ago we had a 4600dn with the same problem in office – but we found no solution and we bought a new printer – what a pity that we haven´t had an instruction like this.

For the beer: When you visit next time germany we can take one (ore a few) in the near of Frankfurt/Main.

#90 Comment By Carsten Andersen On 18 June 2009 @ 07:19

T H A N K Y O U ! IT WORKED – and was as simple as descriped. Even though I made as the safety events – like making photos etc. I made it with out any help.
It’s really great that you made this illustrated web-side to make it so easy. My Computer-pusher said he had heard about something like this, but he wouldn’t do it because it would be cheaper to buy a new printer.

Carsten Andersen

#91 Comment By Jan On 19 June 2009 @ 13:37

Dear Andrew,

thanks for the good imagework. The result after cleaning went beyond my expectations.

Kind regards from Germany

#92 Comment By Nick On 20 June 2009 @ 00:25

Hi – I just spent two hours sorting out a HP2600N and a HP2605DN and the results are great on the 2605DN – not 100% but I guess I can take it apart and have another go :-)

The 2600N has a 51.23 error (yellow blah blah) so I think I goofed putting the cables in right. NOthing major as the thing gives very grey backgrounds anyway – but I thought I’d practise on that one before I took my main printer apart. I’ll still the HP fix (ie: come and replace my printer!) but I got my invoices out this month (having a RED ladybird as our company logo is probably a VERY BAD idea with this printer huh).

I emailed you a beer by PayPal a few minutes ago — ENJOY !


PS: Lost a screw from the DC formatter plate somewhere inside but everything works OK even though it rattles a little ….

#93 Comment By Shaun On 25 June 2009 @ 14:05

Mr Reeves-Hall I cannot thank you enough! I found this very helpful!

I thought it would be useful to mention the error 51.22, I got this one myself as well. This came from not plugging the two data cables back into the black optical box. Did it roughly in two hours then realised the error! Only took 45 mins the second time around.


#94 Comment By Chris On 30 June 2009 @ 03:18

We had NO red printing from our 2605. My wife googled up this solution. With absolutely no red to speak of I was sure it must be some other problem. Alas, I could find no other alternative than your fix. I was home sick today and couldn’t do much else. After a couple of hours we have a red and yellow monkey on our demo page. Thanks to Andrew (and my wife).

(The United Socialist States of America)

#95 Comment By Will On 30 June 2009 @ 07:04

Thanks for the website. I went to step 23 and used air can.. it went better.

But I agree, if I went thru all those step, things will probably be perfect.

#96 Comment By Mozes On 2 July 2009 @ 22:06

I have 3 of these type of printers to maintain, two 2600’s and one 2605. All 3 have suffered the fading red issue. Using your article and the one posted on HP’s site now I have been able to get rid of the fading red on all 3 printers. Thank You.

Along the way I did run across a couple issues along the way however. The two errors I had were an “Open Door” error and a “Duplexer Error”. There are 4 data ribbon cables on the right when looking from the backside. On my 2605 they are numbered J112 (the bottom ribbon) through J115 (the top ribbon). I did not confirm the numbering on my 2600’s as I did them 1st and they were already closed up.

On one of the 2600’s, the ribbon 2nd from the top (J114 on my 2605) was disconnected (do to my missing it when putting things back together) and it caused a “Open Door” error.

On the 2605, J112 caused a “Duplexer Error”. I did notice that ribbon J112 went back to the bottom section of the optical box. This is where my connection was loose. So if not that one, be sure to look at the other ribbon that runs back to the top of the optical box as well.

#97 Comment By Uwe Heine On 6 July 2009 @ 12:16

Wonderful clear instructions! My wife found your site and everything was exactly as described and illustrated. The printer now works perfectly! Thanks for putting this out there!

#98 Comment By Tim Bennett On 6 July 2009 @ 19:15

You are my hero. I can’t afford a new printer right now and the images from my HP2600N had been getting more faded by the day, and I use it for my business. You solved my problem in a little over 30 minutes.

Thanks You,
Thanks You,
Thanks You

#99 Comment By Kevin On 7 July 2009 @ 03:13


I just took apart my 2605dn printer and cleaned everything and it now works perfectly again. This is the second 2600 series I have had that has had the same problem with faded or no magenta. The first printer was donated to an elementary school, after which it began working correctly again with the help of a technician. This lead me to think that there must be an easier solution to try first since a technician fixed the first one in about 2 minutes. However, I did not know what that solution was at the time. After disassembling my 2605dn today and seeing exactly how the lasers and optical box work, I discovered that none of my mirrors were dirty. However, the plastic reflectors (or whatever the technical term is) were dirty and most likely preventing the correct amount of light from passing through them, especially the one that sits behind the magenta cartridge. When I put my printer back together and put the toner cartridges back inside, I noticed that the 4 plastic reflectors from the optical box sit directly behind each toner cartridge and are accessible without having to remove the optical box to get to them.


It is very likely that wiping the four thin plastic reflectors behind the toner cartridges with some dry Q-Tips or cotton balls will correct the color issues and save you a lot of time and potential money incase you break something or do not reassemble your printer correctly. But if wiping the reflectors off does not fix your problem, these instructions are good and easy to follow. The pictures also are very helpful. Just be patient while attempting to disassemble your printer. You will find that most things come apart very easy. The hardest part is figuring out which parts slide, swing, or snap off in order to be removed from the printer. And I would like to say thank you very much to the author of this site for taking the time to post excellent instructions with pictures. You just saved me a bunch of money since the people at HP were not willing to offer any help unless I was willing to bring it in to a shop and pay them a minimum of $85 to look at it.

#100 Comment By Wally On 15 July 2009 @ 22:54

I cleaned the mirrors and put everything back together again and I’m getting “Door Open” message. I’ve taken the printer back apart over 7 times trying to figure out what is causing the problem with no luck. I checked all cables and ribbon cables and they are all in the correct spots. I’ve seen other people on here with the same problem. No one seems to respond to them. If anyone has any idea why I’m getting the “Door Open ” message I would really appreciate any input.

#101 Comment By Bernhard On 21 July 2009 @ 22:54

Thanks a lot for this great work. I love your pictured documentation.

Nice Regards from germany

#102 Comment By Jason Smith On 28 July 2009 @ 17:45

Dear Andrew,

Many thanks for this, the old dear is now printing as new. Am a big fan of this printer if it weren’t for the design flaw, but I guess if they tested them in a hermetically sealed lab for the duration of the warranty period they would probably pass… Such is the modern world that warranty periods rarely reflect real ownership I suppose.

I now have a spare Magenta toner as that was my first guess before I found this site.

Does anyone know if the toners “keep” if left out having been used for a bit (mine still 80% full)? I can’t see why not as it isn’t like the new ones are sealed in inert gas or anything silly.

I only had one problem… flicking the spring across the room which took 45 minutes to find (only point where I started sweating).

If you are a religious man I suspect your place in heaven may be secure already!


#103 Comment By Simnon On 29 July 2009 @ 16:33

good work.. just saved a 2605dn and dtn coz of u.. cheers!

#104 Comment By Michael On 30 July 2009 @ 13:53

I was curious to know could the mirrors be cleaning buy blasting them with a dust-off can, so as too avoid major operation? It would be great if I knew where to place tiny hose in or about the correct area to blast internally. What do you think? Thanks.. My unit is in mint condition.

#105 Comment By Eileen On 2 August 2009 @ 03:23

I followed your instructions to the T and now my printer is worse off than ever! Now, instead of not printing red, it is printing “shadows” of all colors and no longer prints out the whole page!! ughhh!! now what?? I took it apart twice just to make sure I did the whole procedure correctly! Now I’m afraid I’m going to have to replace it. When I got to the Optical box, the mirrors were not very dirty at all so maybe it was not the problem to begin with and now, it’s more screwed up than before. Whatever the case, it is useless now.

#106 Comment By Marco Compean On 2 August 2009 @ 20:31

Excellent, you’re the man!!!
1 hour and half with your help…
Impossible without you.


#107 Comment By mariusd On 5 August 2009 @ 08:38

Hi all, good job man,i ve a great problem here,
does anyone known value of resistor R920 on high-voltage board at step 8 ?
After a LSU clean when assembled left cover screw driver slipped out of my hands and broken this resistor.
In service manual is explained just general circuit, if everyone has a broken Dc controller board and can check value of this resistor i appreciate,or, look on board, R920 is printed on board near resistor, and all resistor have printed code value on him surface and this is perfect visible, you can tell me this value and will be ok i can replace him and thats its all.This piece is placed on left-middle of the board near the most little of the IC. I havent another printer of this model and havent any friend to help me here.In my country is 220 V and 50 hz.My board have printed code RM1-3421.Thanks, i appreciate your help,
Regards, Marius

#108 Comment By Ian On 20 August 2009 @ 04:29

Hello & thanks for an excellent well presented practical article!

I took your advice and e-mailed HP (was given the e-mail address from HP’s Customer Complaints Dept. – ukcust.serv@hp.com). Despite the 2605dn being a year out of warranty, HP responded without any arguments with a technician home visit within 2 days of e-mail response to deliver replacement printer & removal of faulty printer.

Once again, many thanks for an excellent article.


ps. I bouight you a barrel of virtual beer :)

#109 Comment By Sabrina On 26 August 2009 @ 14:49

I also have the magenta fading problem. I wish I had found your website before spending $$$ buying all new colors, thinking since I let my printer sit for a month without use, buying a new magenta would solve the problem. I had about 400 pages left each so to “save” money bought them all together instead of just buying the magenta. Obviously replacing the colors did nothing… Since I had already spent $$$ on the toners I felt committed to this printer. I did not want to wait 4-6 weeks so took it to a shop that was not HP authorized and was told a cleaning and alignment would fix the problem. The configuration report printed out with improvement, but the problem was still there. Reading the other posts of how sometimes it took two cleanings, I wonder now if the technician had not done a thorough enough job?

About Hp – I called them and they told me if a cleaning had not fixed the problem then the laser scanner glasses needed to be replaced which was very expensive so offered me a trade-in for a refurbished printer for $182. What a surprise for me when it arrived! My newly refurbished printer arrived in a box I wouldn’t trust to send lightweight clothing let alone a heavy printer. It was falling apart, with holes on every corner, and was packaged with a variety of packaging materials torn to fit. The printer itself looked like it had been dropped from a roof. The front would not close completely on the right side, and below it the paper tray door had a 2″ chunck broken off on the right side, was broken apart from the tray on that side as well, and when I tried to open it, broke off of the left side, and would not open more than an inch. Here’s the worst part: There was a calibration printout in the box and the magenta was faded to a light pink on the right and left sides along the bottom bar! They were sending me a printer in the same situation as mine!!!

I spoke to Hp, they apologized, told me it was very unusual, blamed UPS, and made an order to send out a new one, which arrived two days ago, in a box that was in worse shape than the first printer came in. This time luckily it survived the trip despite it’s packaging, with just a few minor scratches and dents. Inside the printer, however! It was filthy. Toner powder embedded of each color on the wheels or whatever you call the area on both sides that receive the toners. Smeared and rubbed in it almost looked like in places. My printer never looked like that.

I called Hp and they were very nice as before, apologized, said this was very unusual to happen twice, and asked for another chance for them to send me a refurbished printer! No thanks. I spoke to a superviser and he assured me my credit card would be reimbursed and I am back at square one, except that now I am furious for my waste of time, and unprofessionalism of Hp.

#110 Comment By Geoff On 27 August 2009 @ 16:37

Brilliant webpages! – great detail painstakingly put together. fixed the problem Many thanks -Have you a charity you would like a donation towards?

#111 Comment By AndrewRH On 29 August 2009 @ 22:10

My favourite “charity” is my beer fund (see link at end of article). Second to that, a donation to Whitchurch Association could be made (they support activities in the town I live) — registered UK charity no. 1118993.

Thanks, ~Andrew~

#112 Comment By Michael On 4 September 2009 @ 13:22

Could one drill a tiny hole into the unit that housed the mirrors and blact it with wind thereby saving tones of removing parts, etc.etc.?

#113 Comment By AndrewRH On 4 September 2009 @ 14:06

I would have my doubts about the success of this. I did try blowing on the mirrors (not compressed air) but realised that I had to use the Q-Tip to actually wipe them in order to clean them completely. The mirrors are inside a plastic box, which sits behind the metal frame, the other side of where the printer cartridges go. So you would be drilling through metal then thick plastic.

If you do this, then post here to let us know if it was successful or not! Also, a drawing and/or photo of where you drilled the holes would be helpful. Don’t forget to gum-up the holes you drill (3 holes, one for each mirror).


#114 Comment By Mahendra Verma On 7 September 2009 @ 21:12

I have similar problem with my printer Hp2600n. The magenta color is printing fade on the left side. I think I should proceed with the Kevin´s comments “Try cleaning the plastic reflectors behind each toner cartridge first”. Do you have some photos to locate it and its cleaning. Any help is appreciated.


#115 Comment By Rob On 7 September 2009 @ 22:40

Great fix, one thing to note, if you dont ensure the laser box is located exactly on the lugs the printer only prints ghostly ad not the whole page, probably what happened to eileen thanks a lot.

#116 Comment By Eric GROSS On 8 September 2009 @ 07:30

oh oh… second run done in May 2009 and I’ll have to do the third one very soon (Sept 2009, so only 5 months apart?).
Doubts about the additional steps 23 (additional filter) are growing, is not it forcing the air through unwanted channels getting dust more quickly on the mirrors?

#117 Comment By no more surgery On 9 September 2009 @ 06:46

Wally: I am haveing the same door open issues. What did you do to fix them. (I have 2 of the same 2605 printers. After reassembling them they both say door open and o of them also says jam in output bin. Stupid me cleaned both printers at the same time and now I have no printers working. thanks Carol

#118 Comment By David On 9 September 2009 @ 22:32

I too am getting the “door open” message (and I, as far as I know, didn’t do anything to the machine, i.e. didn’t take it apart to clean it or anything like that).

Any helpful very gratefully received!

#119 Comment By Marco On 11 September 2009 @ 11:36

the instructions are quite clear and very helpful. I did it before but I lost the instructions I received fro another source and used yours this time.
Just wanted to let you know that you don’t need to mark the cables, as the connectores are all different and is impossible to mix them up.
Anyway your page along with the pictures is very well done.
Thank you.

#120 Comment By Fugato On 11 September 2009 @ 15:22

I thank the author for showing the step by step dismantling HP26005DN.
It took me abt 2 hours to complete the cleaning of the mirror. I notice, only 2 mirrors are dusty because they are 45degrees facing up (magenta and yellow).. while black and blue face down.

I use cotton bud to clean the dust though i think a bit of water will be a tad helpful.
I notice theres no real need to label the cables like what was suggested as all the connectors are “unique” in the sense that all the cables connectors are of different size. The troublesome part is the wriggling of the wire and the screws.

The sides plastics of the printer is also a handful. I have lots of problem fixing back the left side.

Right after fixing everything back, i ran color calibration once. Print demo page. Voiala! Red not as faded as before! Some sense of satisfaction. But i notice some misalignment with Red and blue. I did 4 color calibration again before noticing almost perfect result.

This unit is already 3 yrs old. This is my first time cleaning it. I hope it can last for another year before I have to do another cleaning.

Im in singapore. Sending to HP will require me to pay ard SGD200 upfront which is ridiculous!!

Thanks Reeve!

#121 Comment By no more surgery On 13 September 2009 @ 14:52

Yeah! I took my 2605 apart again to see if I could find the lose connection that was causing the “door Open” error. I found it. I wasn’t sure if it was those thin white ribbons on center right (J12-J15?) or one of the white connections on the main board. Anyways the printer says ‘ready’ and has a green light.

O N E M O R E P R O B L E M!
NOTHING (NO BLACK OR COLOR) COMES OUT ON THE PAGE AFTER It PRINTS. i calibrated and did cleaning 2-3 times and still nothing. When putting the cover on the 2nd time the yellow powder from the toner cartridge went everywhere. I think that it be defaulty cartridge. It took me longer to clean the yellow off of everything than take it apart and put it back together.
A N Y S U G G E S T I O N S ?

#122 Comment By Zack On 15 September 2009 @ 23:28

Thanks for this very detailed write-up! I’ve been holding off on repairing or replacing the printer…finally had time to work on it. Followed all the steps and it works great…can’t believe the difference! Took about 2 hours total – dusted everything along the way and installed filter before testing. Thanks!

#123 Comment By Arthur Stewartj On 21 September 2009 @ 16:59

Thank you a thousand times. You instructions were perfect. I never would have done it without them. It works perfectly and took about an hour and twenty minutes.

#124 Comment By FB Spector On 21 September 2009 @ 22:02

so I started and realized THIS ISN’T FOR ME! HOLY CRAP I am in over my head.Everything was fine until I got stuck trying to gently take our the cable trays. So I called a proper repair guy and he wants 100 and hour. Looks like I buy a new printer. DAG NAB IT and I have new toner cartridges too! ugh any recommendations? Lost in PA

#125 Comment By Sally On 22 September 2009 @ 11:26

Thank you so much, Kevin, and Andrew for setting up this site! I had a bad registration problem with my magenta on my HP2605 and was in despair as I needed to make up some sample chocolate wrappers for my business. I had got part of the way there by cleaning the sensors just under the roller – see Steve Bywater’s comment on http://forums11.itrc.hp.com/service/forums/questionanswer.do?threadId=1236053. But print quality still wasn’t good enough. So then I did some more searching and came to this site, which I had actually looked at before some months ago. I read Kevin’s suggestion and cleaned the reflector at the back of the magenta slot and now my calibration test page looks perfect!

The reason I came to this site before still is bugging me, though. When I duplex, the second side comes out with a grey sheen. It even happens a little on white gloss paper printed single-sided. I think I will tackle this a bit later in the month – I’ve read you can adjust the toner fixing current…

Anyway, Thank you! Merci beaucoup!

#126 Comment By LR On 26 September 2009 @ 23:30


I did this once before and no problems… it did the trick. I was very impressed. Then time came to have to do it again.

Just tried to do a second cleaning and had errors left and right… finally got all the errors resolved and got it to calibrate (thanks to clues on the board) it was one of the flat wires… a contact on it was bent back.

Everything seems to work, with no error messages… however, nothing will print… not in black only or with color. I see someone here also had that problem recently but no response to that post yet. So any clues as to what to check would be very very much appreciated. I really need to get this printer to work again….can’t afford another one as I am out of work at the moment.

In the meantime, going to try to see if I can order a set of replacement flat wire cables.

#127 Comment By LR On 28 September 2009 @ 00:22


Ok so I figured out what I think is the reason for no printing… the optical box was not seated in the right place. I redid it all again, and made extra sure the box was positioned correctly and made sure all the connectors were well seated…. taking care for the one flat wire with a contact that bends back at little.

All is working now.

Going to try the filter trick too so I can avoid doing this on an annual basis.

#128 Comment By Sally On 7 October 2009 @ 23:14

Hi, I want to add to my previous post of September 22nd, 2009 at 11:26. I had thought my magenta registration problem was fixed when I cleaned the slot behind the toner cartridge, but it got worse again. I therefore followed all the steps here and opened up my printer to clean the mirrors.

The screws were extremely tight and I had to call my husband home as he had the better screwdrivers with him (he is a surveyor). I took loads of photos – thanks to digital technology I could upload them and view them during reassembly. The mirrors didn’t look dirty but I wiped them with dry cotton buds anyway as instructed. Result: registration got worse!

So I did it all again. I’d read you should use a very strong torch (flashlight for US readers) to check the mirrors and I hadn’t done this the first time. Sure enough, under a strong light, I could see little specks of dust. I started to clean with the cotton buds but they were leaving more dust than they were clearing! This won’t do, I thought. I will have to use a cleaning fluid. I decided to try Calotherm spectacle cleaner which says it is anti-static and anti-fog. Wiped all mirrors, clearing all fluff left by cotton buds with a microfibre cloth. Reassembled for 2nd time and tested… Near perfect colour registration! BUT all colours had faded!!!

From this I conclude that if you have registration problem with one colour, it is probably a hair or bit of dust on one mirror. Fading would be a film type of dirt on the mirrors – possibly high humidity or a dirty atmosphere? Or a twit using the wrong cleaning fluid…

More research. I found someone recommending Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) and lens cleaning tissues. [Actually someone else recommended nail varnish remover, but DON’T USE THIS as it is flammable – IPA is much safer!] Apparently you can get both in a kit from CostCo. I am not a member so went to look in local pharmacies and came back with OptiClear lens wipes.

However, I am unsure whether to use these as they do not state what fluid is in them – they could be as bad as the Calotherm. I don’t want to open the printer again until I am sure. I obviously need the right stuff to remove the deposit I left on the mirrors last time! You can get a bottle of IPA from Maplin’s so I may have to do that, although it will be way more than I need.

As for the grey shading I mentioned before, after further research it seems likely to be a problem with remanufactured toners – the black one is more complex inside and parts are more likely to be worn. I did a half-page test and could see loose toner being deposited alongside the printing, and the fuser is merely setting this. I am loth to buy a brand-new HP toner for twice the price of my remans. Does anyone out there know if ‘Re-Gen’ toners are remanufactured or are they new cartridges? They are nearly as cheap as my regular remans.

Sorry this post is so long.

#129 Comment By John W On 9 October 2009 @ 07:37

Worked perfect – took me about 3 hours the first time.
I figure it will only take about a 1-1/2 hours next time.
I had located a NEW in the box 1600 for $45 if it didn’t work as backup.
That way I could still salvage the new cartridges I had.


John W

#130 Comment By Pam On 12 October 2009 @ 06:00

I did all the steps twice but my printer prints NOTHING now. The pages come out completely blank. I went through it all again and made sure everything was snug…still not printing. hmmmm…any ideas? I do not get any error mesages,

#131 Comment By Sally On 14 October 2009 @ 16:50

Hello, here is an update after my 3rd time cleaning the optical mirrors on my HP2605. (1st time I left fluff in there, and the calibration got way worse, 2nd time I used Calotherm spectacle cleaner and it left a film, causing fading.)

This time it took under 2hrs total. I used Isopropyl Alcohol and dry lens tissues (both hard to source!). I made sure the room was well-ventilated and gave the mirrors time to dry off before reassembling.

My first test print (configuration report) was not much improved but, after printing a document, the density was back to normal. [Actually, I just realised I skipped the forced calibration stage!] Colour registration now 95% perfect, which will do for me.

I have got hold of a Xerox black toner which is new and compatible with, but cheaper than, HP and am about to install this to try and cure the grey background I’m getting on glossy paper. I reckon this is caused by excess loose black toner from my remanufactured cartridge. Am letting it get to room temperature for a while first. Will post again.

#132 Comment By Sally On 14 October 2009 @ 23:13

Yes, a new ‘Xerox for HP’ black toner has cured my grey problem! (Sounds like an ad for hair colour…) Look for product ref 003R99768 – it’s cheaper than a new HP cartridge but better quality (in my case anyway) than a remanufactured one.

#133 Comment By ameriguat On 22 October 2009 @ 17:44

I had the same problem except I can’t print reds. EVERYTHING has a yellow overcast. I changed the magenta and the directions were marvelous but my mirrors were NOT dusty! I have no idea what it wrong with it. I took it to a technician and they also said that they don’t know what is wrong with it. AGHAHHH They don’t even sell these printers from HP and the customer service wasn’t helpful at ALL. I still have no idea what is wrong. I guess I need to buy a new printer.

#134 Comment By Jason On 24 October 2009 @ 05:22

I have been frustrated for over a month trying anything and everything to NOT have to take the printer apart. Finally I broke down this evening and printed your instructions, grabbed my camera, label maker, scissors, and screwdriver. I started at 20:30 and finished assembly at 22:45, the next few minutes waiting for the first test print to complete felt like forever… The anticipation was killing me and finally a perfect crisp print came out. I had forgotten how nice my prints were before those mirrors got dirty.
Your instructions were very clear and made the process as painless as possible. I also used snack size Ziplock bags for each set of screws and wrote what they were for on the bag with a Sharpee so that there was no confusion of how many screws or which ones when reassembling.

#135 Comment By Aaron On 25 October 2009 @ 02:16

I am experiencing the same issue. I completed the above once, and tried printing which resulting in a page half blank and half fading monochrome. I repeated the steps and now I get no print out at all.


#136 Comment By Aaron On 25 October 2009 @ 03:38

Problem solved, the problem with the pages coming out blank, or half images, is that the optical box is not seated properly.

#137 Comment By brano – SK On 27 October 2009 @ 03:18


#138 Comment By Moe On 27 October 2009 @ 23:46

There really is no need to mark the connectors. They are all different and will only go back into their respective connectors on the board. I just yank them all off and make sure that all the connectors are filled before closing it up. Most important thing is to make sure they are all firmly seated. If they are up the slightest bit, they won’t make contact and you’ll have problems with whatever it goes to. If you have an extra screw left over, don’t sweat it. I certainly wouldn’t dismantle the printer again to find it. Just toss it as there are more screws than necessary holding it together.
Otherwise, good job on the post.

#139 Comment By Jon On 2 November 2009 @ 20:13

Where in PA? I’m in PA as well, and about to do this trick when I get home. If near-by, maybe I can help out.

#140 Comment By Matt On 2 November 2009 @ 23:29

Excellent walk thru. Concerning the Wiring. Note that the wires can only go into their perspective spot. In the good old days they didn’t do this.

#141 Comment By ed hall On 3 November 2009 @ 19:40

Well worth the beer. Worked first time out of the hat. Besides sharing a beer we must share an ancestor from a long long time ago.
ed hall

#142 Comment By Randy On 6 November 2009 @ 15:40

Is this procedure also designed to fix color registration/alignment issues? I don’t have fading (that I’m aware of), but my CYM colors are all misaligned. If I do a supplies report, the color bars are shifted about a quarter-inch to the right. After over an hour on the phone with HP support, they concluded that I have “a hardware problem.” Oh.

#143 Comment By Stephen Sharp On 12 November 2009 @ 17:51

Thanks, with no help from HP. I took the unit apart and clened the mirrors,

Works fine now.

Thanks again

#144 Comment By Ricardo On 13 November 2009 @ 09:43

You are the man!
I had realized that after having my HP 2600n for almost 2 years on it’s original ink cartridges suddenly the colors started to fade even though the report indicated that I had at least 200 pages left on all cartridges before a replacement was due. Not feeling happy with the printed results I went out and purchased ney cartridges and to my surprise the results were the same “faded” I assued that I probably had a faulty set of ink cartridges and i went on to buy another set which did nothing for me at the time and I realized that I could have bought a brand new printer with a color catridges for the amount already spent. To my frustration I started looking on line and searching for a solution to the problem when I fortunatly found the answer in your article. I followed your steps to the letter and the result was immediately noticeable, perfect, outstanding, glorious.. well you got the point. I used lence ZEISS Lens Cloths (pre moistened) Q-tips were too big to fit in between the slots to reach the lens in the black box properly. I just knew that I had to clean it righ the moment I laid eyes on the mirrors. it took me 3 hrs for start to finish and everything checked out as you indicted. Thanks for a job well done. :)

#145 Comment By Ken Browne On 18 November 2009 @ 04:34

The author is not from the U.S. As you may or may not know, color in the U.S. is colour in the U.K. Ah, Britain and America…two great nations divided by a common language.

All spelling and grammar errors are intentional. Grammar Nazis’ need entertainment
* TagZilla 0.066 * http://tagzilla.mozdev.org

#146 Comment By Ken Browne On 18 November 2009 @ 04:44

I was searching for a solution to the “door open” problem and found this because someone evidently didn’t plug something in completely. Anyway, my wife had to clear a paper jam earlier and it turns out she’d not completely closed the top cover. That problem is gone, but as I read this cleanup I think I need to do this. My original HP toner carts lasted a couple of years or so and I bought aftermarker replacements. I’ve had the CYAN replaced twice already because of leakage and it’s still a bit messy but before the originals ran out I’d noticed an orangy quality where there should have been red. I think I’ll do the cleanup and next time stick with HP toner even though the eBay stuff was less than half the cost of HP.

#147 Comment By pauline On 19 November 2009 @ 17:44

I have a document that HAS to have red kind of warning lines down the side of it and they have to be red, its extremely important. I had the fading problem and tried this procedure now it prints red vividly except one side is red and one is yellow! Help, I really don’t think i screwed anything up when I did it, I did it step by step.

#148 Comment By Toby T On 23 November 2009 @ 22:39

thank you! worked first time. I HATE HP and will NEVER buy another printer from them after that!

#149 Comment By Patrick Beeson On 24 November 2009 @ 21:30

Brilliant!! A little bit intimidating but the worth the effort. Saved more electronic junk in the landfill and I don’t need to buy another printer for a while. Thanks a million.

#150 Comment By Sally On 24 November 2009 @ 21:47

Have cleaned the mirrors my HP2605 again last night (4th time) and this morning would not calibrate – 51.22 error. Took apart again just now and realised I’d put the lower J401 flat ribbon cable back in upside down on the laser optical box. The blue bits go facing down, and I’d just been lucky last few times I didn’t get that wrong! Had thought it looked wrong but couldn’t figure out why. I am so sick of cleaning this printer that I have ordered a new Dell 1320CN from Amazon – hope it arrives soon as I need to print loads before this weekend!

#151 Comment By Sally On 24 November 2009 @ 23:27

It will now calibrate but still rubbish. (Not your fault, Andrew!) Error 54.1000 despite several full calibrations. All colours seem out of line!

#152 Comment By AndrewRH On 24 November 2009 @ 23:42

I do read all your comments – thank you for the thank you’s :-)

I’m sorry if you’ve asked questions that have not been answered by myself or other careful readers – perhaps its just too difficult to debug something without seeing it first hand? And some people have found that biting the bullet and redoing the whole exercise turns up a loose wire, or mis-connected cable.

Thank you, too, for all the beers. I put the latest donation towards my membership in CAMRA (the campaign for real ale)!

During ‘Movember’, I’m raising money for research into curing Prostate Cancer. Please consider a donation to my Movember mustache campaign!

p.s. feel free to explore the rest of our family’s website…Some of you might find that you need a European holiday after doing the repair!

#153 Comment By Connie On 25 November 2009 @ 01:34

I am now on Step 12 and cannot get the black trays out. What am I doing wrong?

#154 Comment By AndrewRH On 25 November 2009 @ 10:05

In step 13 I mention about moving them to the side; they slide slideways into/out-of place rather than push/pull in/out.
I recall that the wires might get in the way; I think if you just have them hanging loose, rather than pulled all the way off, you should be okay.

#155 Comment By Patrick Beeson On 25 November 2009 @ 14:18

On Connie’s question. The Black L shaped tray has two clips that fasten it to the frame. They need to be pressed in to release the tray-I had the same problem. Both clips are on the horizontal part of the tray. In the picture showing the removal of the L shaped tray one clip is right were the person’s fingers can be seen and the other is on the opposite side to close to the bend. Once the L shaped tray is removed the other tray will slide right out. Hope this helps.

#156 Comment By Brendy On 26 November 2009 @ 16:30

Asolutely fantastic, cheers matey. 2 hours and had a printer in the office like nw (plus a spare screw, but a jobs not a good’un without the odd spare left at the end! haha.

#157 Comment By Maggie On 27 November 2009 @ 21:54

HELP PLEASE!! I have a problem with the magenta toner, It give a line in the LEFT part of the paper, around 1/5 bigger of the Paper
I follow all the steps,-thinking that the problem were the dust in the mirror, but I saw the mirror but was clean, regular- but when I try to turn on, the menu show me and error message!!
the error 51.21 IS “Error Turn off then on. The device has experienced an internal hardware error. Description Cyan laser scanner error”

So, I think that I had a cable no correctly connected, but the question is where??can I fixed? or my printer absolutely DIEE!!!.. PLEASE!!! Help.

#158 Comment By Maggie On 28 November 2009 @ 00:34

I fix the problem about error 51.21, but…
Now it doesn’t print nothing.. I put one cable from the Mirror panel bad, It was on the wrong site of the data. i mean in the INVERSE position..
What I need to do to fix the problem..??
Thanks for any comments…

#159 Comment By Leif On 11 December 2009 @ 01:24

OK, took the whole thing apart, everything went smoothly. Put it all back together – calibrated and went through a cleaning cycle – everything looks awful. Now, instead of that simple color fade (as depicted by the photos at the top of this online article) the ENTIRE PAGE is faded and of poor print quality. I don’t know if I should try one more time and use a cleaning solution as mentioned by someone, or just buy a new printer. Why would the whole page now be of really poor print quality? No change in print settings.

Thanks for any help.

#160 Comment By Andrew Reeves-Hall On 11 December 2009 @ 10:15

Did you use a cleaner on the mirrors? Maybe it left behind some residue or a milky coating? Double-check that your toner cartridges have enough toner in them. Perhaps others reading this might have other ideas?


#161 Comment By Marco On 14 December 2009 @ 08:08

He Andrew,
thanks for your site. But I got the same problem. First everything went well. But my “Key” faded very strongly. I looked at the mirrors again and there was some stuff on the mirror (no wonder). I put it all together again: the page was blank. Again the same procedure: the whole page ist faded (like Leif).
I’m not sure where to look for the problem. Maybee the optical box is not fit correctly. Could you discribe a little bit, how it is placed correctly? I think its hung up at the upper thing and these 3 short sticks on the right have to be in the 3 holes?
I’ll try it again tonight.

#162 Comment By Carey On 14 December 2009 @ 22:03

Thanks for the great instructions. I went through the whole process without a hitch and the magenta is working perfectly. However, now the black is only printing on the left half of the page; the right half prints colors but not black. Based on the other comments here I’m assuming that the cause is the optical box is not aligned correctly. I’ll take it apart again to adjust the optical box’s position, but does anybody have a suggestion on how to properly position it? I thought putting the screws in the right screw holes would be enough but I guess not. Any suggestions would be appreciated because the thought of having to try multiple times to get it right is painful.

One other comment. After going through this, I’m not sure it is necessary to take off the left side panel. I don’t recall doing anything on that side where the panel was in the way. Maybe just to get the wire trays out. Next time I may try to leave that panel on.

#163 Comment By Marco On 15 December 2009 @ 09:18

Hi Andrew,
I got it. It was the optical box. It wasn’t seated properly. Now I have the problem with Cyan which is decalibrated. Does anyone have experience with this?
Cheers and thanks!

#164 Comment By Volker On 15 December 2009 @ 19:50

it really works!
I`m glad again. You really did a great Job. Thank you from Germany!
Ich habe alles Schritt für schritt verfolgt und bin Überwältigt vom Ergebniss.

#165 Comment By Carey On 16 December 2009 @ 05:34

Just finished putting it back together and the black is now working again. Yeah!! Went way faster the second time…I’m getting good at this.

Printed out the basic color sheet and everything looks like it is working. The only issue is on the Plum, Violet, Brown and Dark Red I can see that it is not quite aligned (but all the other colors look good). I ran the calibration twice. Anybody have a suggestion on how to get it to calibrate? I guess I’ll leave it powered on for a while and then run the calibration again. But if anyone knows what else to try to get it to calibrate better, I’d be grateful for the help. Thanks.

#166 Comment By paul On 16 December 2009 @ 06:18

Great instructions, ours has been printing like pooh for a year now but no one really cared to do anything, its more than 3 years out of warranty, one mistake i made, i used some rubbing alcohol on the sensor.. we’ll it took a bit of the cover on the laser off with it.. dont do this, the mirrors came out clean as, now i have ghosting and 1/3rd of the page doesn’t print magenta.. we only really need black to be honest which prints out great!

so lessons learned.. don’t use alcohol on the laser ;)

#167 Comment By rahul On 16 December 2009 @ 12:52

hi mr andrews
i did fix my printer as you said and thanks it did help me. but now i have another problem in my 2600n and that is the color alingment problem please help
waiting for your reply.

#168 Comment By David On 16 December 2009 @ 16:31

I have to thank you for your hard work and detailed description. I followed your instructions exactly (except labeling cables). Each can only fit in one spot so it was common sense. I took about 1 1/2 hours to do but it was successful.

#169 Comment By Christine On 20 December 2009 @ 20:36

Thanks so much!! The hardest part for me was getting the cable trays out. I ended up snapping off all the tabs on the long one across the top. When I got to the optical box and cleaned it up. I didn’t seem too dirty, so I was afraid it wouldn’t work. After putting it together, all is like new. Thanks again.

#170 Comment By Peter On 22 December 2009 @ 20:38

Hey Andrew-
thanks a lot for your instructions. The steps are quite easy to follow. I just found it difficult to get off that long black cable tray – I broke off the notches, but it was no problem to reattach it since the cables hold it in place anyway.
When I opened the optical box I was disappointed how little dust there was on the mirrors. I thought all the troble was for nothing… still I wiped everything with a q-tip. I really didn’t expect much improvement. You can imagine how surprised I was after I printed the configuration page. Magenta is back to normal. Wow!
Merry Christmas!

#171 Comment By Andy McKay On 22 December 2009 @ 22:55

Hi I just followed all your instructions and got my magenta back but lost the right side printing of the black.

After reading down the comments I found that it was a problem with locating the optical box correctly so I dismantled the printer again and reseated the optical box taking lots of time to make sure it was sitting correctly and put it all back together and it now prints great.

I thank you for your great instructions on how to do this as I already had the printer replaced under warranty for the exact same problem, but since it is now long out of warranty my only solution would have been to replace it.

#172 Comment By Marlin Schell On 24 December 2009 @ 20:13


I have been fighting this problem of a green cast for probably a year. I found you instructions and decided to give it a try. It worked perfectly. What I found on the mirror was more like a haze like what forms on the inside of your car windows from the out gassing of the upholstery. Here in Hawaii we have a lot of black soot from all the diesel buses running around. I did not find paper dust. Printer is used very little, 7500 pages on counter.
I cleaned the mirrors, did the air filter thing, put it together, reset to factory defaults, calibrated and printed the test page. What a wonderful surprise, I didn’t realize I had lost purple and orange tones.

A question: are the mirrors glass? and why not use Windex to clean them? It sounds from others having to go back on a more frequent basis the residue is attracting more contaminates. Thoughts?

Many Thanks again

#173 Comment By Paul Ellison On 26 December 2009 @ 01:01

Hello from Milwaukee, Wisconsin!
Fantastic pictorial. My 2600n has been doing this for months. I followed this tutorial and it works great now. Thanks a bunch!

#174 Comment By Joep Cuppens On 27 December 2009 @ 04:08

I just want to thank you for the detailed instructions, it solved all the color fading problems.
Our printer (2605DN) works like new again.

Thanks again.


#175 Comment By Michel Py On 28 December 2009 @ 05:34


And enjoy the beer!

I have a 2600n; it started with color registration issues and light fading; after recalibration it became worse.

I had it for some time, but this is a very low use printer; I’m still using the original cartridge set and there is some left in them: 2px on the black and 3 px on the other colors on the front panel (780 (35%) and 1010 (49%) pages left).

As everyone else, I read about it, flashed the firmware and reset to factory. No help. Fortunately I did not but a new set of toner cartridges.

People, don’t believe a thing about what the ape at HP tech support tells you. He has never opened a printer in his life.

When I put it back together a got a 51.20 error; it was my fault; one of the data cables on the optical box had slipped in the battle. Opened it again and now it works like a charm.

You don’t need a PhD to do this, but you need to be focused and mechanically enabled. A flash light is useful. A couple of hours is about it, especially when you don’t put it back together right the first time ;-)

This is shitty design; HP has been making laser printers for long enough to know that mirrors get dirty and that they have to seal the optical box. This printer is at my home, not any more dusty than another home. They sell us a printer designed to fail just after the warranty expires.

My next printer is NOT an HP….I have some customers in very dirty environments with Lexmark, I think I’ll give them a try next time.

#176 Comment By Blake McAnerin On 28 December 2009 @ 22:20

Hey worked like a charm. Good instructions. Thanks you just made me a hero with my boss, my wife, and my kid. Thanks for doing the hard work documenting it all.

#177 Comment By Louisa Ngum On 1 January 2010 @ 10:13

What a wonderful favor you’ve done for all of us that own HP Color LaserJet 2605dn printers! I just found your website moments ago, I plan on doing the fix tomorrow, New Years day. I really depend on my color Laserjet to print my catalolgs and have not been able to print a nicely colored catalog for over 8 months. After reading the comments I was amazed to see how many had the same problem. I’ve tried calling HP a few times only to get the run around. My problem started happening about 18 months after I bought it, too, and out of the warranty period.

My laserjet just started doing something new this week….when I try to print a shipping label on label paper it tries to grab the page and can’t and says I have a paper jam. The temporary fix is bending the top and bottom edge a little upwards so it has an easier time grabbing it. Do you know anything about this?

#178 Comment By Louisa Ngum On 2 January 2010 @ 00:33

Thanks so much! It took me 2 hours and 15 minutes with my husband’s help, and my catalog printed with great color. Awesome pictures and step by step guide, HP could not have done it better. This is good to know for every owner of the HP Color LaserJet 2605dn (and other similar models) because it seems to happen after the warranty period expires.

I didn’t see too much film on the mirrors, just the first one had a little bit, but it made a big difference in cleaning them.

Happy New Year and enjoy the beer!

#179 Comment By Andrew Cook On 3 January 2010 @ 23:06

Just did a successful cleaning. I was a bit concerned because it seemed that I had absolutely *zero* magenta hitting the page, and when I opened the optical box there did not seem to be much dust. I cleaned every possible surface, put it all back together, and printing is great again. All told, about 2 hours. Thanks for the excellent guide!

#180 Comment By Peter McKay On 4 January 2010 @ 04:07

I just followed your instructions – they were great and solved my problem.
thanks so much,

#181 Comment By JANEK On 4 January 2010 @ 15:20

@Eileen: You must have forgotten attaching back some spring, or the box is not properly fitted.

My printer worked fine for about 1.5 year. I did simmilar procedure to the one above but twice. Cleaned all mirrors, lenses, and laser guns. Magenta and cyan seem to be faded, it is better than before but when the kolor is very light it is not reproduced at all. No matter how precise and thorough the cleaning process is. Different colors like gold, light green, light violet are not printed correctly. I start to think, that maybe the laser guns are still diry or point (by microns) into another direction.

Please, do you have any suggestions? What is wrong?

> Best regards from Nowy SÄ…cz, Poland.

#182 Comment By Cristian Copcea On 5 January 2010 @ 16:10

I have followed your tutorial after having my 2605 nearly disassembled.
The mirrors didin’t look so dirty, I thing the were in fact dirty enough for the laser beams not to function properly anymore.
I have also removed the laser diodes with their electronic assembly and cleaned the tiny glass caps. Also cleaned the lens in front of the diodes.
The result: my printer is like new.

Thanks so much for the effort of having this tutorial published. Can’t give a beer, I don’t drink. I can however pick you in a little ride on my Burgman 650 if you happen to come to Romania in search of Dracula, just hope you’ll be luckier than me, I didn’t find him in 42 years of riding and hiking :)

#183 Comment By Josef On 5 January 2010 @ 21:25

Greetings from Germany,

thanks for your instructions.

After 3 hours work, my printer is doing his work well again.

Great job your instructions.

Many Thanks,

#184 Comment By Mindless On 6 January 2010 @ 17:26

Thanks for posting a detailed guide. I had followed the same fix from a different set of instructions but what lead me here was the “Door Open” error which I got – and I’ve found some other people experianced it after trying this too.

Well, it turns out it my Door Open error was because of my own stupidity – I had bent a pin on one of the connectors and that stopped the door from registering as closed! Here is a annotated picture of the culprit:

If you are having the door open error, double check the marked connector for any bent pins. Also, just to be sure, check the door switch is functioning correctly – this marks where it is:

Check that it is fully released when the door is open and that it pushes in by sticking a pen in it. It should click as it goes in – if it seems stuck then pry it out slowly.

My printer is now up and running fine. On a side note, my problem originally started from crappy refilled cartridges from ebay which ended up leaking magenta over the course of the last 2 years. The magenta became faded and disaligned and i’d occasionally get magenta or cyan depoists on the belt. The scanner unit itself wasnt dirty – the mirrors seemed quite shiny when I opened it, but I did pick up a few bits of toner/dirt from using some cotton tips. I also blasted compressed air all over to clear the excess toner elsewhere in the printer and then installed original HP cartidges – it now prints like new again!

#185 Comment By Naresh On 7 January 2010 @ 17:35

1hr 28m with the Mrs. reading out the instructions and holding the torch. 20 minutes of it was spent getting the fiddly cable holders back into place, but other than that hiccup it went smoothly sorting the problem right out. Fantastic and invaluable instructions, many thanks indeed, you saved a lot of head scratching and support calls, sir!

#186 Comment By Warren On 8 January 2010 @ 22:32

I followed your instructions and my printer is like new. The sweat started to pour down my head when I tried to unplug the cables. Once I got one cable out I noticed how secure the wires are. From there it was easy. Got it all put back together and, although there was a difference in the printout, it was still bad. This took about 2 hours. So, I decided to bite the bullet and give it another cleaning. After just 30 minutes I had it apart and back together again. Once again the printout was not perfect. The right side of the printout was faded. Then I went to another site where I it was suggested that I take off the back panel and adjust the mirror box by only loosening the three screws (1 at the bottom and 2 at the top) and then tightening the screws after I force the mirror box to its highest point and holding it while I tighten the screws. That did it! The printout is the best it has ever been. Thanks for all of your help. While your pictures are helpful, expecially being in color, I might suggest the following PDF file that also lists the details for this cleaning and documents where every screw goes. (http://forums11.itrc.hp.com/service/forums/bizsupport/getattachment.do?attachmentId=349322&ext=.pdf)

#187 Comment By Warren On 8 January 2010 @ 22:46

Sorry for the broken link in the previous post. Just go to this forum http://forums11.itrc.hp.com/service/forums/bizsupport/questionanswer.do?admit=109447626+1262990498932+28353475&threadId=1349422 and halfway down the page you will see a paperclip on a post by “PCH Crusin”. Just click on the paperclip and it will bring up a PDF file with the same procedure as Andrew’s but with different pictures. The extra documentation may help you.

#188 Comment By AndrewRH On 8 January 2010 @ 23:47

Glad to hear your printer is working well again. I linked to Don Thompson’s pdf file through his posting on the HP forum, just look under my heading “Some Background and The Usual Warnings” above. I have emailed him to ask if I might include the pdf directly here – stay tuned.


#189 Comment By Richard Paul-Jones On 11 January 2010 @ 15:42

Many thanks Andrew, problem sorted.

On starting the printer I got ’57 Fan Error’. HP says this may be solved by turning off for 30 secs and turning on again, otherwise they recommend it is sent to an HP technician. It didn’t do it for me so I checked all the board plug-in connectors (for the second time) and found one was not pushed in properly. Now all is fine.

Pity HP don’t just log the issue and point us at your site. I can’t believe you can get a pint in Hampshire (I think) for £2.50. Time to increase the donation. Cheers!

#190 Comment By AndrewRH On 11 January 2010 @ 17:38

Great to hear its working again. Thanks for the (cheap) beer. I’ve updated the form so people can choose their own donation amount (current pint price is about £3.20 or US$5.50; juice slightly cheaper).

#191 Comment By Robert Garrett On 13 January 2010 @ 22:02

Here’s one more very happy visitor to your site, after following your directions for cleaning the mirrors. Despite my best efforts, I was left with two extra screws after putting it all back together. But the printer still works like new, for the first time in six months. Thanks a million. No, make that a gazillion!!!

#192 Comment By Kevin On 16 January 2010 @ 14:50

Thank You so much! This site does a wonderful job explaining everything. Next problem, any idea why my printer won’t duplex print? I keep getting a paper jam when it occurs? any thoughts or ideas?

#193 Comment By Howard Huntley On 17 January 2010 @ 04:45

I followed some other simular procedure I found on line to resolve the green tent I was getting on my color prints. I cleaned the mirrors in the printer, Upon reassembling the printer I received a 51.22 error message(turn printer off then back on). the printer will not calibrate or print any thing except a cleaning print with a black stripe on it. can any one help me with this.

#194 Comment By Douglas Rees On 17 January 2010 @ 21:34

What a great help, I almost trashed this Printer when it started acting up. This fix worked perfect…..THANKS AGAIN

#195 Comment By Nancy Keech and Glen Anderson On 21 January 2010 @ 03:07

You, sir, are a genius! Thanks so much for these tremendously clear and helpful instructions. We followed them to the letter, and our printer is now back in commission- particularly helpful, since we didn’t discover the problem till we had laid out big bucks to replace empty colour cartridges. Thanks so much for taking the time to do this!

#196 Comment By Stanley On 22 January 2010 @ 13:07

Great information and thanks a lot for the best step by step magenta problem solution!

Stanley The Netherlands

#197 Comment By Srdjan On 23 January 2010 @ 14:01

Hi everybody,

I have the same problem with my hp laserjer cp1215. I can not calibrate my printer at all. I have tried several times to calibrate it through the HP ToolBox but unsuccessfuly. After a thorough cleaning of the lenses and the mirrors, nothing has changed. Frankly, the print is getting worse. Please, any help????

#198 Comment By Scott Loretto On 24 January 2010 @ 17:10

Hey Andrew, just followed your instructions to the letter and have, seconds ago, successfully printed a 2nd level test page and printed a test document (which showed the problem in the first place) and all is fantastic now – just like new !!!

Great instructions and thank you !!

Scott (Canada)

#199 Comment By Ian Flack On 26 January 2010 @ 14:32

Just brought a 2600n cheap off ebay stated magenta tonner empty did a status report magenta 16% well magenta definatly not working so changed toner no different did some research found this tutorial and now i have a fully working printer cost me next to nothing thank you so much

#200 Comment By Sean St. On 29 January 2010 @ 19:46

I followed the instructions and everything seemed to go just fine, but when I tried to print something, all Ive been getting is a full page of blury picutres. Here’s a photo of what I get: http://www.flickr.com/photos/74414424@N00/4314541660/

Any ideas or suggestions?

#201 Comment By David Coplowe On 30 January 2010 @ 17:28

1st had the same problem as Howard (51.22), took it apart again, made sure all the connectors were in properly, tried again and its now perfect
2nd Although dust could not be seen it was obviously there, used a camera lens brush to clean the lenses, mirrors and lasers as safest option
3rd if you are careful you can try the printer on a supplies page from the menu before you put it all back together again (did this 2nd time!)
4th beer via Paypal Andrew thanks

#202 Comment By Louise On 30 January 2010 @ 21:30

Woo hoo!! It’s fixed! Thank-you!! We used masking tape to label the wires. I wondered about leaving the labels on for next time. Our mirrors were really dirty. 19,000 pages and counting!

#203 Comment By C. J. Hess On 1 February 2010 @ 07:09

Did the job here in San Diego, Jan. 2010 on my $75 used unit. Had no Magenta and just a little Yellow. Finished the job and ran the supply status page. Voila! It works. Thanks for the help. Spent $140 on toner. Glad I don’t have to trash it. The monkey on the demo page now has red hair!

#204 Comment By Aldus Manutius On 2 February 2010 @ 20:57

Great instructions! The best part is that I was able to build a second printer with all the parts I had left over! :)

#205 Comment By RobT On 3 February 2010 @ 11:32

Thanks for the instructions! I just took a ‘broken’ one of these from work that was being thrown away. I followed your guide, swapping spray-duster for cotten-buds, and hey-presto – as good as new! Great work!

#206 Comment By Alexey On 4 February 2010 @ 15:13

Thank You, Andrew!
I am very happy – all works!

#207 Comment By Warren On 4 February 2010 @ 20:53

Andrew, I wrote to you back on Jan. 8 with my tremendous success in cleaning my mirrors. Since then, however, about every 10 days the mirrors and the 4 compensating lenses for the cartridges get a slight film on them both inside and out and it degrades my printouts. I have taken my HP apart and cleaned these items 4 times, but the film/dust keeps coming back. It is almost like something inside the mirror box is creating this film, but the only moving parts are the two square polygon mirrors. I am not in a dusty area (it’s a home office). Has anyone else encountered this? Andrew, have you ever heard anything like this?

#208 Comment By AndrewRH On 5 February 2010 @ 15:01

Sorry to hear of the problems, Warren. I haven’t had that specific issue (mind you, the loss of colour is so gradual for me that I might not have noticed that – I clean mine once a year now). I won’t know until my next cleaning if the home-made filter I put on helped or not. Did you try that?


#209 Comment By Warren On 5 February 2010 @ 16:26

I installed the filter just prior to writing you. I will wait to see if this makes any difference. I read another blog where it was suggested to cover all openings to the mirror box. That would be my next step if the filter does not work. I’m not sure if there is a great deal of heat generated inside the mirror box. However, I have to assume that the openings are there for a reason. I will proceed with caution. However, the current situation will not work.

#210 Comment By JonAppleton On 6 February 2010 @ 01:04

Thank you for your instructions. The operation went well and the patient had an immediate recovery. The hardest bit was getting the outside covers off and then back on, lots of jiggling. Also lots of jiggling when putting the optical box back into place, it can be slightly askew and still be scewed back, but that could be the cause of a lot of the previous commented problems. The optical box must be perfectly seated. Also when initially looking at the mirrors they all looked squeaky clean, until a few firmish strokes with cue buds on that bottom mirror showed a slight fog or haze was present. It doesnt take much on those mirrors to cause problems. My suggestion is to stroke away for a 10 minutes, then have a cup of tea, then come back for more cleaning. Asolutely critical that not a speck of haze or dust is on those ruby toned four mirrors.

#211 Comment By Stuart Lawrence On 6 February 2010 @ 13:12

I have just cleaned my 2605 and it now prints properly again. The correct fitting of the laser unit is essential – it’s easy to fit it so that it’s not flat against the panel and that’s when you get only a half page of black or no black at all.

#212 Comment By Larry Liu On 8 February 2010 @ 00:19

Bravo … excellent instructions! We just went through a major home remodel and I knew that the sheet rock dust was probably causing my problems. Your instructions were spot on and everything went flawlessly. Thank you for saving my fairly new 2600n.

#213 Comment By Steve Feldman On 9 February 2010 @ 06:09

Between Don Thompson’s pdf and your instructions I have resurrected my printer. The magenta was just about gone and now it is beautiful again. The optical box had to be re-mounted because after the cleaning the black was absent on the right side. However, opening the printer the 2nd time to adjust the box was so much easier!! I taped a piece of vacuum bag to the outside (right) printer where the fan draws its air from. Let’s see if that *brilliant* idea works!

I’d send you some beer but I’m afraid California is known not for beer but for wine :-).

Thanks so much!!!

#214 Comment By Robert Hackenburg On 10 February 2010 @ 23:40

Thanks for the very detailed procedure! It exactly describes the problem I have. Unfortunately, and I knew right away when I saw those mirrors weren’t very dusty, it didn’t fix it. But I didn’t break anything! It still works, as before. I ran across something on the web (Fixya, I think it was), that described something else as the culprit, but the cure was to get HP to give one a new printer. Alas, my warranty has expired. Cheers!

#215 Comment By Greg On 12 February 2010 @ 15:50

Thank you Andrew. Your instructions worked perfect. My CLJ 2605dtn
has great colors once again. My boss was very happy that I got it
working again, but he said that I was not allowed to buy you a beer
with company money or on company time.

Thanks again,

#216 Comment By AndrewRH On 12 February 2010 @ 16:20

I accept payment for non-alcoholic drinks, too! :-)

#217 Comment By Bill S On 14 February 2010 @ 17:21

I just followed your procedure with an HP CM1017 and now my printer prints magenta perfectly again! The instructions are almost identical for the CM1017 (as are the photos). The only difference was that the circuit board on the left-hand side had to be removed to allow access to one other screw to allow removal of the back panel.

Thank you for posting this excellent writeup!

#218 Comment By Robert Hackenburg On 15 February 2010 @ 03:13

Correction from a few days ago, the 10th. My printer is now printing magenta. I’m not sure why it didn’t work right away, or if maybe I just goofed, but it’s working now, and I credit your procedure. Sure, I’ll buy you a beer! Cheers!

#219 Comment By Randy Fujan On 16 February 2010 @ 18:19

I used your directions and cleaned the printer but have a problem with an open door. I have check the switch and the plug and pins but no luck is there anything else we can do to fix problem?

#220 Comment By Randy Fujan On 16 February 2010 @ 18:24

we have used your directions on cleaning the mirrors but have an open door error can you help with that?

#221 Comment By Tony On 17 February 2010 @ 03:37

Thank you for this page! I took it all apart and it looked as clean as a whistle, but I still did the q-tip thing. The color came out much better.

#222 Comment By Pass On 17 February 2010 @ 22:26

YOU ARE THE MAN !!! Took me a little under 1 hour and my printer is back to brand new !!!

HP should pay you for this !

Thanks a lot !!!!!!!!

#223 Comment By Pass On 17 February 2010 @ 22:29

@ Randy Fujan

It happened to me too (Door Open) but I had forgotten to connect the four connectors on the right back panel…

#224 Comment By Pass On 17 February 2010 @ 22:32

@ Randy Fujan

It happened to me too (Door Open) but I had forgotten to connect the four connectors on the right back panel…

#225 Comment By Giovanni On 18 February 2010 @ 13:12

Dear Sir, thank you so much for this greatly helpful web page. In our company we have a HP 2605 color laserjet which was believed to be doomed, owing to the “fading red” problem. I spent around one morning to fix the problem, including the time needed to go out and buy the cotton swabs. I also had to re-position the optical box once, owing to the same problem often mentioned above (no black on the right side of the printed pages). But now it’s fine, and I even feel a little proud for what I did. All the credit goes to you. Thank you immensely.

#226 Comment By Kevin Millican On 21 February 2010 @ 14:16

Many thanks for this – I’ve acknowledged your contribution on my own site, and I can confirm that this fix worked for me.
It is surprising how little dust can actually cause a great deal of fading.

#227 Comment By Mike On 23 February 2010 @ 11:13


Followed your instructions to the letter took less than 2 hours – was skeptical but amazed by the results. All 3 colours are now brilliant and pictures are even and consistent in hue.

We have another 6 of these printers all of which are currently OK but I wont be worried if any of them do exhibit this problem – well worth the time spent.


#228 Comment By Michelle Seibel On 25 February 2010 @ 18:50

I followed your instructions but the same problem still exsists. blurry color print do you have anyother suggestions?



#229 Comment By MichaelG On 26 February 2010 @ 14:12

Thank you very much.

With the help of your instructions I saved about 230,- Euro. That is what HP wants for cleaning. It only took me about an hour to clean the mirrors and the lenses. I cleaned all mirrors even though the magenta was the most dirty one. Now the other colours are more brilliant, too.

Greetings from Germany… Michael :)

#230 Comment By Victor Lee On 27 February 2010 @ 23:47

I can’t thank you enough!

I followed the instructions very carefully. The end result is amazing. The color was back and the pictures are clear and brilliant. Since I am an amateur at this kind of thing, it took me about 3 hours but the end result was worth the work.

#231 Comment By Sam5886 On 28 February 2010 @ 15:27

Worked perfectly…….. and has saved me having to buy a new machine.

Excellent instructions. x

#232 Comment By Federico On 1 March 2010 @ 18:13

Hi, fantastic, can i use this article in my forum?


#233 Comment By Russell Domingue On 1 March 2010 @ 21:18


We tried it and it worked. Thanks for what you did, save some people from buying another one. The pics were needed. You da man.


#234 Comment By Eric On 2 March 2010 @ 05:09

Wow! I thought I was on my way to buying another printer, now it’s as good as the day i bought it. I’ve had my printer for 3.5 years and this is the first i’ve had to do anything.

Thanx! Greetings from Canada

#235 Comment By Andrew Reeves-Hall On 2 March 2010 @ 14:54

Feel free to link to this page, but don’t cut & paste, please. Thanks.


#236 Comment By Brian On 3 March 2010 @ 03:41

Followed the instructions and it worked brillantly. I had a problem in which if I printed a full page of magenta (MS Paint) it would be faint and fade dramatically from the edge to the center of the page. Took the optics box out and the mirrors didn’t look all that dirty – so I was kind of disappointed.

Cleaned the mirrors and the plastic lenses (both sides!), reprinted the magenta page and my problem was solved! Even denisty and deep color.

Thanks for taking the time to take pictures and put step by step directions up!

#237 Comment By David On 3 March 2010 @ 09:42

Followed instructions and would not print on one side (colors looked good), took it apart and did not have the optics in tight on one side. Put it back together, prints colors, but faded, all colors. Took it apart again cleaned mirrors and lenses, still faded colors. Any ideas? Does this printer have a toolbox, I downloaded the drivers, but where is the toolbox?

I also have an older 1500L, and it leaves a yellow streak once in awhile, sounds like the yellow binds, any ideas?

THANKS for the tips on the 2605dn


#238 Comment By Nigel Quelch On 4 March 2010 @ 10:21

Thank you for taking so much time to help others who experienced HP Laserprinter problems. I followed your instructions and it has worked brilliantly. You’ve saved me having to buy a new printer and with the money saved I can buy my daughter a new wardrobe for her bedroom – she says thank you as well.

#239 Comment By Tobias Layer On 4 March 2010 @ 21:49

Habe Ihre Anweisungen genau befolgt. Ihr Englisch ist auch sehr gut verständlich. Alles funktioniert wieder, obwohl zwei Schrauben übrig geblieben sind ;-) Super! Vielen Dank aus Deutschland von Tobias und Max Layer.

#240 Comment By Konstantinos Ioannidis On 9 March 2010 @ 08:13

Bloody hell!
This really works! It took me about 1:40 h (scratching my head and double checking included) and everything is good as new! I still can’t believe it!
Congratulations mate! You are just great! Period!

#241 Comment By Kerry On 9 March 2010 @ 23:11

You’re a true gentleman for taking the time to document and share the cleaning instructions. Your instructions performed flawlessly. God bless you and Google search.

#242 Comment By Fiona On 10 March 2010 @ 01:09


Thanks for such a helpful guide!

My 2605dn is only about 18months old and I unfortunately just fitted it with re-filled cartridges I have purchased. This is when I started to experience the colour fading of the yellow & magenta. Is it worth replacing the toners with true HP toners, or is the sensor definitely dirty. (It is highly likely that it would be dirty as there has been a building site next to us for the past year!)

Would cleaning the sensor restore the colour back to normal? Or am I further damaging it by keeping in the re-filled toners?

#243 Comment By Fiona On 10 March 2010 @ 05:00

Hi Again,

Please ignore comment below. I followed you fantastic instructions, pulled it all apart and ta-daaar! All fixed. It seems that the re-fills were not the problem at all.

Thanks so much!!!

Cheers from Brisbane Australia!

#244 Comment By Erik On 15 March 2010 @ 00:22

Thank you for giving me the confidence to take this printer apart.
After 2 hours the printer was back to it’s original colors.
I did add the vacuum-bag-filter just to be sure.
The only thing I did different was use masking tape, cut to small strips, and a felt pen to mark the cables.

The whole family is very grateful to you.


#245 Comment By Jeremiah On 21 March 2010 @ 02:05

How well has the custom made air filter worked? Has it prevented the mirrors from getting dirty as well as you expected it to? Does it get clogged? Does it cause the machine to heat up?
Thank you for the fix with great pictures. I am going to be opening mine up pretty soon and am really interested in the filter to prevent having to do this often.

#246 Comment By Kerem ERSOY On 22 March 2010 @ 00:06


I’ve recently followed the instructions and cleaned my printer mirrors. At first I’ve noticed that all the color were there but they were all very pale. Then removed the lens box, pushed it at place firmly before screwing and I re-screwed and bingo.

Thanks for the detailed information. The were very helpful.

One more thing I’ve noticed that you’ve covered one of the fans with vacuum cleaner paper bag. But as you already know there are two fans mounted in the printer one is at the bottom and the other at the right which is under the right side lid.

I’ve used antistatic sponge like material. First I’ve cut a piece of it from antistatic motherboard sponge and placed it inside the Fan mounting space. Then I’ve cut another piece similar to the size of yours and covered the first fan as you’ve shown.

Best Regards,


#247 Comment By Wendell On 22 March 2010 @ 15:50

Unbelievable! HP’s design simply overlooked that fact that normal life span usage would result in dirty optics if they are exposed. I successfully completed all of the steps, and could not believe such a simple problem almost cost me a new printer. Sir, someone should cut you a check for what you have detailed here.

#248 Comment By R. Wolf On 23 March 2010 @ 22:31

Your instructions worked fine for me. The result is incredible. Thank you very much!

#249 Comment By Juan Perez On 24 March 2010 @ 06:35

Thank you sir! Great guide.

You just have to be careful when you are screwing the optical box (the black box with the mirrors and lenses), IT MUST BE TIGHT , because if you dont, youll have 1/2 good printings and the other half faded.. i learned the hard way!
Dont Forget to use de the test button in the control card to print the line-pattern page and to check if the optical box is seated well, and 1 or 2 calibration runs before you print the “monkey” test image.

#250 Comment By Richard Walker On 24 March 2010 @ 20:46

Thank you for your excellent how-to tutorial. After about three hours of working slowly and methodically following your instructions, print quality has been fully restored.

A) After futilely struggling with the long black cable tray by trying to remove it gently, I read comments where others had the same problem and had simply snapped off the plastic tabs. So I did the same thing. Flops around a little after being re-installed, but still functions.

B) Proper screwdriver tip shape is important to not damage the screw heads. Use a blunt-tip Phillips. A sharp-tip will bottom out inside the slot and not fit tightly, causing the bit to slip and possibly mangle the screw head when it slips without turning the screw.

C) My mirrors did not look obviously dirty, although by sighting along the surfaces at a low angle I could see a faint dust deposit. To reach the lower portion of the mirrors, I bent the cotton swab wooden handle slightly to make access easier.

Thanks again and please enjoy the “beer” I will shortly be sending you!


#251 Comment By Jason On 25 March 2010 @ 16:40

Well, I got to the optical box and the one mirror was quite filthy.. and then… the spring was shot in the blink of an eye and I never was able to find it. I’m quite sure this would’ve fixed my problem being that mirror was so filthy.

#252 Comment By David Colling On 27 March 2010 @ 22:52

Took under 2hours, great instrutions. Don’t remember the printer printing this clear. Dave from Ontario, Canada

#253 Comment By eva On 28 March 2010 @ 03:59

thanks alot for great instructions. at least now i have consistent colors but have to do again because printing is faint and blurry.

#254 Comment By eva On 28 March 2010 @ 08:42

re-did process now getting door open- L2600n. can you help please? i’ve checked connectors and latch

#255 Comment By Richard Paul-Jones On 28 March 2010 @ 18:35

Hi Andrew, want to earn another pint? Having fixed the magenta problem, I now have grey smears up the side of just about every page. They sometimes stop for a single printed page after going through the cleaning routine, but that’s as good as it gets. The smears correspond to heavy marking on the transfer belt. I have tried cleaning the belt by rubbing off what looks like excess toner with a clean cloth, but the problem persists. I have probably printed fewer than a thousand pages. This printer is a complete waste of time and money, but I am determined to try and get some resdiual value out of it, maybe as a doorstop… Any ideas about the smears?

All best.


#256 Comment By Josh On 31 March 2010 @ 08:11

Went through your very nice directions to fix the magenta issue. Everything went smoothly, had none of the problems that others have commented about. Everything went back together just as easily. No error messages on the front panel read-out. But….now I have no color at all!!! That’s right no magenta, cyan or yellow! The black isn’t even covering the whole page. It only shows up in the bottom right quarter of the page and it is very faded and streaky.

I’m am not a newbie at electronics. I have been building, taking apart, fixing and upgrading computers for 10 years. I know my way around a circuit board and all of the things that are associated with electronics. I know I put everything back in the proper location when I reassembled the printer. Any idea what could be causing this?

#257 Comment By Martin On 31 March 2010 @ 20:56


Great work! Thanks a lot for this “service manual”! Whithout your site the printer would go to the garbagebox. Printer is working fine again. Your site ist THE alternative for the “sharksites” who want money for the original S.M. from HP.

Greetings from Germany!!!

#258 Comment By Andreas On 2 April 2010 @ 21:39

Brilliant ! Thank you very much !

#259 Comment By Oliver Stöcker On 9 April 2010 @ 18:31

Supergeile Beschreibung!
Vielen Dank dafür.

Mein Drucker druckt nun wieder wie am ersten Tag! Were die Beschreibung auf Deutsch braucht kann sich an mich wenden (ohne Fotos). (oli.stoecker at googlemail.com)

*** cool description. Thank you for that very much. My printer works like he did on first day. If someone needs the description in german, feel free to contact me (without pictures). (oli.stoecker at googlemail.com)


#260 Comment By Scottesh On 11 April 2010 @ 16:04

Thanks for the info and tips. I followed the steps and I have a fully functioning printer. I now can add this to my arsenal of tools and knowledge at work.

#261 Comment By Malcolm Beasley On 11 April 2010 @ 18:35

It Worked. Thanks, I would have never tried it without your detailed instruction. It took me 3.5 Hours I had to go back and take the plate off to rerun wire J105 through the opening and it caused at least 45 minutes. Thanks again glad to save this old printer it had printer a lots of personal books, photo’s of grandkids and my 1970VW.

#262 Comment By Greg On 12 April 2010 @ 18:03

Very helpful article! I followed step by step and my printer works like new! I really appreciate your time writing this article. Cheers to you!

#263 Comment By Ian On 24 April 2010 @ 01:03

Thanks for the instructions.
I followed the steps very carefully.
I now have the red back but the colours are out of alignment.
I have tried to calibrate twice but to no avail.
Have also lost a bit of black on the right hand side.
I was very careful and gentle when wiping the optical mirrors and such.
Is this likely to be the cause of my problem.
If anyone can help would be very grateful as have 2 of these printers to fix for our local school.

#264 Comment By Adam On 25 April 2010 @ 11:40

Followed the instructions, and the colour works brilliantly, however there is a black shading across the whole sheet of paper, even when it should just be printing white.
Any ideas of why it could be doing this?

#265 Comment By Greenacres On 25 April 2010 @ 12:22

I can’t thank you enough for identifying the issue and the clarity of your instructions. My 2-yr old 2605DN is now working perfectly again – no thanks to HP, who were completely devoid of any help at all.
It took about an hour and a half altogether, I also didn’t feed J105 back through properly first time!
Printing-off the instructions saved my bacon because when I came to do the job a couple of days later, your site was “down” (moving hosts), so I didn’t get to use the detailed photos, but the text was enough – a good test!
Thanks again

#266 Comment By Jane Doe On 4 May 2010 @ 16:26

Took me just under two hours to finish the project. I am a girl with very limited experience with electrical things, but I was desperate and frustrated with HP’s horrendous customer service and tired of arguing with the people at the 800 number. After following your instructions, I now have a fully functional printer. YOU ROCK!!!!

#267 Comment By SteelToad On 6 May 2010 @ 12:47

Add one more for the chorus of thank-you’s for this article. I couldn’t find my label maker so I took some small band-aids and cut them in half lengthwise, wrapped the adhesive strip around each set of wires, and labeled it with a pen on the gauze pad section. My magenta fade was pretty bad, and when I wiped off the mirror it didn’t seem to pick up all that much dust. It apparently only takes a little dust to cause the problem because when I got it all put back together it was printing sharp as day one. Thanks again.

#268 Comment By Thank You On 6 May 2010 @ 14:42

Thanks a million for the detailed photos and instructions. It took a couple hours but it works 100% now!

There’s an amazing amount of technology behind those plastic covers! I felt like I was disassembling the Space Shuttle.

My son saw the pictures and said “that is crazy.”

#269 Comment By Bob Moss On 8 May 2010 @ 17:55

Many thanks for these instructions. I followed them to the letter (except for labelling the connectors) and now have a printer printing like new!

Just one question, what do I do with the one spare screw I have left over???? Perhaps when I take it apart again next year to clean it I’ll find where it is supposed to go.


#270 Comment By KennethK On 24 May 2010 @ 18:48

Andrew, Thanks for posting your repair solution. Now have a color printer that prints like it was new. Was surprised that the optical box looked relatively clean except for slight dusting on the mirrors (was expecting to find dust bunnies inside).


#271 Comment By Ellen Stevens On 24 May 2010 @ 18:57

No problem dismantling and reassembling the printer however everything it prints appears “washed” out or faded. Have made sure the optical box was not lose any other ideas appreciated.

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#273 Comment By franc On 27 May 2010 @ 19:25

Thank you for this great explanation.
Unfortunately the print of red is after the cleaning still not red, but rose.

It took me about two hours to open everything and the mirror for the red was indeedly dusty. I cleaned it, but red is still to shy.

Thank you anyway, franc

#274 Comment By franc On 28 May 2010 @ 12:21

Thank you.
Did it all like in the description, the red mirror was indeed dusty, but after the red was still weak.

#275 Comment By Reinhard On 28 May 2010 @ 21:24

Thanks for this great, detailed description. Done all in one and a half hours and now I am happy to say that I own a new printer!!!
What I have done additionally to your description: Cleaned the plastic transparency in front of the toner cartridges with a very smooth textile. It seemed to me that this transparency was much more dusty than the mirrors.


#276 Comment By Devere On 30 May 2010 @ 15:50

Thanks Andrew,you made it quite easy to follow and carry out this cleaning procedure.
Now prints perfect.

#277 Comment By Ellen Stevens On 1 June 2010 @ 04:45

Took apart completely for a fourth time…apparently the shutter to the optical box was seating just right…reassembled ran through 3 calibrations and looks great now! My printer is in a sheltered environment so if it makes it 3 more years that would be great. Many thanks!

#278 Comment By Steve On 3 June 2010 @ 22:30

This is a known problem as well. There are several things to try. I did a google on “hp 2605 color alignment” and was able to fix the problem. In my case it was simply forcing the printer to recalibrate.

#279 Comment By Erika On 11 June 2010 @ 00:46

I’m getting this too.. any ideas?

#280 Comment By Erika On 11 June 2010 @ 01:03

Nevermind, all fixed.. Thanks for the tutorial!

#281 Comment By Wayne On 11 June 2010 @ 16:00

I have contact HP on the new number 0845 1610030
The free fix from Hp ended in 2009.

There is a new part for this problem which you can purchase as it prevents the toner from the others falling down to the Magenta area.
I have asked for a fix quote just to see. What this space

#282 Comment By Nick On 15 June 2010 @ 22:40

I last posted in March of 2009. I had to do the process again… this is my third time in 14 months, but as long as it keeps working, I’ll keep doing it. I feel covering the vent on the bottom doesn’t do a thing to protect from dust. I covered it the first time with a square I cut from a dust mask. The second time I did the fix, I actually taped the vent shut completely and it lasted about 6 months – same as the first time. As a matter of fact, I found that I’ll be printing and the images will turn out fine, then all of a sudden, as if someone flipped a switch, the quality goes and the images are faded.

I just thought I’d give an update.

#283 Comment By Greg Facer On 18 June 2010 @ 14:01

This is incredible, I did this in about 45 minutes following your step by step guide. The difference is un explainable.

Make sure you calibrate 3 times after pulling it apart, then do a cleaning 3 times, seems excessive, but feels, and looks brand new. Thankyou so so much for this guide it is really fantastic.


Greg from Sydney

#284 Comment By karin On 18 June 2010 @ 20:29

Yes yes yes!
In two hours my husband (who didn´t believe it would work) and I followed your guide. The mirrors didn´t look very filthy, but we used the cotton swabs and put everyting back together not sure if it would help. Then we connected the printer and without any calibrating or whatsoever it printed as good as new!
Thank you!
Greetings from the Netherlands,

#285 Comment By Mario On 19 June 2010 @ 17:31

I cannot say thank you enough. I had the full blown magenta fade problem. HP offered to repair it for £170 so I thought I’d have a go. I’m not a complete novice but without your instructions I would not have had the courage to dismantle the printer that far.

The mirrors didn’t actually look that dirty but I used a soft brush first then a cotton bud to remove what might have been an extremely fine layer of “dust”. Reassembly was not as difficult as I’d anticipated and I was almost shocked (relieved) when the printer worked normally on switching on!

The first test run showed excellent colours but the blue print was slightly malaligned on the left of the page. Then I remembered calibration and the next print was perfect.

Thank you. Very much obliged.

#286 Comment By Patrick On 20 June 2010 @ 01:38

Wow, I can’t believe how well that worked!!!! Thank you so much!!!
I had done the Supplies status page from the printer and everything looked fine except for Magenta which was a light pink. Pictures looked terrible.. As everyone else said, my mirrors did not look very dirty.. There was just a touch of dirt on the cotton swabs, but I guess that was enough..
Again.. Thanks!!!
Enjoy your beer on me…
(Oh yeah, took about 1.5 hours including adding bag filter..)

#287 Comment By Ian On 20 June 2010 @ 05:22

I wrote on this blog approx. 18 months ago thanking you for the advice given re reporting the fault to HP & obtaining a replacement – which I did.

18 months later with magenta fading tried your hands on approach & dismantleted the printer to observe ‘dusty’ mirror. I also noted that the yellow mirror was slightly dusty – these are the 2 mirrors that are angled upwards where the other 2 are angled downwards – of course, Newton’s law of gravity works in HP printers as well as apple trees!

Unfortunately, When reassembled & multiple calibrations print was significantly worse (would only print on left hand half of page for both magenta & yellow, other colours ok, plus misaligned). Anyway, repeated all steps again (dismantled & reassembled) carried out a single calibration & hey presto – perfect printing. Don’t know what the issue was first time round.

Big thank you


ps. to my mind as HP have in effect admitted to a design fault, ie. optical box not sealed, then surely they can’t (legally) withdraw their offer to replace a faulty printer?!. Any legal experts out there?

#288 Comment By Rafaqat On 20 June 2010 @ 10:55

Incredible. Followed the instructions and have a fully functional printer again. Thank you so much. :)

I had to take it apart three times and recheck cables before I got it right.
I was getting the 51.22 error after I had put it back together. Turns out I had somehow managed to get two of the data cables mixed up.

Now I just need to figure out how I’ve managed to put it back together but left a slight gap on one side of the door. I may have slightly knocked something out of shape when I was tilting it to one side etc.

But still. Printer is working again. Kudos for putting this info up.

#289 Comment By Ken On 21 June 2010 @ 02:59

Just finished up with the maintenance, absolutely outstanding. Like the rest, the magenta mirror was dusty and the printer required calibration when finished.

One thing I’ve seen mentioned several times is the use of Isopropyl Alcohol. This is a big NO. It will leave a film on the mirrors. It is only dust and a cotton swab and air should be enough. These are first surface mirrors (the reflective coating is on the outside so there is no distortion) so do not use any kind of paper product (toilet paper, etc) as they are a wood product and will scratch the mirrors. If you do need to clean with a liquid use a 10 to 1 mix of ammonia and water with the cotton swab.


#290 Comment By Nathan On 21 June 2010 @ 03:57

I had a client with the exact described problem, I wrote my initials in the dust on the magenta mirror with a q-tip. After putting it all back together (halfway I realized I forgot the last, black screw on the optical box LOL frustrating) the magenta was AMAZING but yellow was still messed up. (Yes I cleaned it’s mirror too)

I think I overlooked the plastic thing before the mirror, after taking it apart again I found some dust on it, I went ahead and cleaned it all up, took a break to pray about it, and put it all back together. IT WORKS AMAZING. I calibrated once after that.

1. The termination on the purple cables is strong, you won’t strip them out by pulling *evenly* across the termination, this is pretty general in computer technology (just don’t jerk them, apply a constant force)
2. The data cables are fragile, the type of cable they are is not meant for kinking and twisting, be careful.
3. The main back panel can be removed without unweaving the cables, this is extremely complicated but can speed things up if you’ve already taken it apart once.
4. If you absolutely lose the spring this isn’t the end of the world. It just keeps the door covering the lasers to pop back into a closed position, something gravity does well by itself. Just don’t push your luck, take a good hard look for it.

I think the “not calibrating” problems is due to one of the colors (yellow) still being dirty. Make sure you clean everything in the box, I assume if just one color doesn’t work right it wont be able to calibrate all four.

Network / Computer consultant

#291 Comment By Curtis Kline On 22 June 2010 @ 21:44

Thank you so much for this walkthrough.

Just wanted to share in my experience. In putting the printer back together again, I missed one of the many connections to the DC board, and when I fired up the printer, the display kept saying “Jam in Output Bin”. Hope this helps anyone else attempting this in the future.

#292 Comment By TomB On 23 June 2010 @ 06:19

Thank you! Worked beautifully! Wish the clowns at HP could just say: Hey, your warranty is expired, but go to this URL and you can solve your problems in 2 hours or less.

#293 Comment By rtkane On 30 June 2010 @ 23:25

Thanks a ton. I’ve been trying to figure this out for the past few months and just happened upon this page. Worked like a charm. Well, the second time anyway. I didn’t have the optical box positioned quite right so my colors were faded. Took it apart again and fixed it in about 20 minutes (much quicker the second time!).

Putting it back together, I also had the “open door” error–turns out one of the data cables had the silver contact peeling up a bit and smoothing it back down worked. I’m so happy that I don’t have to run out and buy an new printer!

#294 Comment By Mark On 7 July 2010 @ 11:03

Just wanted to say a big thanks for this walk-through Andrew. I bought a second hand HP2600n from ebay for $65 and when i got it home I started printing and the magenta toner was terrible. I stumbled across your website and thought that I would give it a try considering I paid so little for a printer(guess that’s why the other guy got rid of it). The printer now prints like new. Thanks you once again for such thorough, yet simple instructions.

#295 Comment By Lyndsay @ Picture Proud On 8 July 2010 @ 13:17

Thank you so much for this – saved my bacon!!! There was hardly any dirt on my mirrors but still did the trick – even removing the tiny bit that was there. I use the printer in my photography studio for day to day printing and was in a desperate panic to get it sorted – thankyou thankyou thankyou!!

#296 Comment By Brad Townshend On 8 July 2010 @ 22:07

Thankyou very much. I was given a quote by a laser printer repair company of several $100. With this set of instruction, I was fearless and got right to the heart of the problem. The instructions were precise, and completely fixed the problem I was having.

Thanx alot

#297 Comment By Jan Mieziewski On 10 July 2010 @ 14:00

Thank you for the easyfollowed instructions that made this task easy. Was going to buy a new printer but decided to try to find some info on what could be wrong and came across this page and it made my day.

After having calibrtated and cleaned it it works like it did when I bought it.

Thanks again
Jan in Lund, Sweden

#298 Comment By kevin On 15 July 2010 @ 02:01

Thanks this worked very well and only took 1 hour i think it would have taken less if i could have gotten the wire tray off faster….

#299 Comment By Tom On 16 July 2010 @ 13:16

Again, another happy customer – many thanks!

#300 Comment By Ahmed Abdulla On 17 July 2010 @ 04:10

Thanks a lot for this guide. I was able to finish it in 45 minutes. The guide is very detailed and explains every detail.

I was about to throw the printer away after all the trouble and changing cartridges. I was actually about to go get a new printer, when I found this page and thought I’d give it a try. Now this is on my favorites.

Thank YOU !

#301 Comment By Dan On 20 July 2010 @ 14:04

hey thank you very much for the detailed instructions worked like a charm :)

#302 Comment By Alan On 20 July 2010 @ 18:11

I followed these instructions, but after I reassembled it, it prints blanks. The paper feeds through, but nothing is on it. Maybe I damaged a cable? Any idea which one? Suggestions?

#303 Comment By Alan On 20 July 2010 @ 22:22

I got it fixed! I took it all apart & put it back together again…3 times. Now it works! And yes, the reds print well now.

#304 Comment By diane On 20 July 2010 @ 23:56

color jet 2605, had magenta fade. did the take apart cleaned dirty mirrors, reassembled got a door open error, reseated all cables, door open error still there. saw somewhere the hvps was prob. replaced, no help…..any suggestions

#305 Comment By Martin On 21 July 2010 @ 14:45

Thank you for this great tutorial!

I have followed your instructions and the washed out red tone problem is solved, but now every of the 4 tones is very light and not bright.
Have I done something wrong? Is there any idea what I could do?

Thanks, greetings from Germany!

#306 Comment By Rob Hurle On 22 July 2010 @ 05:44

Excellent instructions. But make sure that the black scanner box is back correctly. Tip: reinstall it with the front door open. This has two advantages (1) you can see much more clearly what you are doing, (2) it puts the laser block-out interlock into the correct position (closed) for installing the black box.

#307 Comment By diane On 23 July 2010 @ 00:30

my door open error was caused by the lvps, once i changed that my unit comes ready. YAY

#308 Comment By Marc On 24 July 2010 @ 18:11

May I call you magnificent! (and myself for doing it anyway and the thought to be crazy to
perform 26 steps to repair a printer)
Remarks, please find the right screw driver for an incredable amount of srews which wo’nt surrender easily.
I did’nt bother to put al te screws back of step 11 (how many srews do you need to nail it?), in case a second cleanup is needed (next year?) But without this instruction it would have been impossible where to look for. I think this is the reason why HP isn’t selling printers anymore with q600x cerdtridges? (in the Netherlands)
Stupid to hide such an important peace that can become full of dust.
Anyway, I am very happy that the 2 hour effort resulted in nice red colors on my paper.
So thank you very very much for sharing this information.

#309 Comment By Raymond Kreiser On 25 July 2010 @ 07:07

It took me about 1 hour to complete the process partially due to cleaning every part that was removed. The difference is ten times greater than the photos at the top of this page. I followed the detailed directions and had success the very first time. This is an excellent site with a great solution to the printer problem than many will develop over the years. The difference in the printing is absolutely amazing! Thank you!

#310 Comment By Scott On 26 July 2010 @ 21:14

Thank you so much for this guide. I was ready to order a refurbished printer today but ran across this guide and it seems to have fixed the prob. Magenta was practically not printing at all. Seems to be good as new on test page. I did go one step further in that the mirrors appears to still be a littel dirty after using a dry Q-tip. I dampened one in isopropyls alcohol, removed the excess from q-tip with a paper towel, cleaned mirror with damp swab then cleaned and polished with dry one. This seemed to remove even more “dirt” than just a dry one and alcohol evaporated very quickly leaving no appearant haze of film. Thanks again. Saved me the cost of a replacement printer!!!


#311 Comment By Michael Greis On 28 July 2010 @ 22:53

Great instructions – thanks for making them available. I happened on them after using Don Thompson’s 2007 instructions.

In case anyone else runs into a problem when restarting their printer – when I put the machine back together, I got a 51-23 error (Yellow laser scanner error). A bit of ferreting around uncovers the suggestion that one of the wires may not be reseated problem (rather than an actual hardware failure). When I disassembled the machine again and reseated everything, I got a 51-22 error (magenta scanner). Heartened, because I figured I was on the right track (and this time I didn’t put the machine back together), I rechecked everything and this time the errors went away.

However, I now have two large horizontal bars across each page – the first is cyan and magenta is a bit further down. It looks rather like there’s an upside-down Dutch flag overlayed at the top of the page. I’ve calibrated the color three times with no effect. Has anyone else run into something like this?

#312 Comment By Pierrick On 29 July 2010 @ 02:43

Thank you! This is the second time I’ve had to do this, and I am extremely grateful for people like you for taking the time to create invaluable tutorials such as yours. Great job!

#313 Comment By Wendell On 30 July 2010 @ 23:47

It worked. I have an HP Color LaserJet 2600n. Thank you for sharing your knowledge (and detailed instructions) with us.

#314 Comment By Bill On 2 August 2010 @ 03:07

Step 12 was challenging to remove the black cable tray. You need a small tool (like a small flat head screwdriver with a diameter of like 1-2mm) to poke into one of the spaces to release a clip so that the cable tray pops out. Then you can remove the cable tray in step 13. You must remove the cable tray in step 12 first. Also, the screws holding the optical box strip very easily, don’t over tighten them when you put them back in and be careful when removing them. Take careful notice of when you remove the lid of the optical box in step 19. It says there is a spring, but notice how to put the top back on as you have to push that piece with the spring back into box with the other end with the spring is on the other end of the box.

#315 Comment By Kathy On 2 August 2010 @ 22:20

We did your fix and it helped the magenta. Now we are having a lack of black on one side with streaks. Any ideas?

#316 Comment By Chris On 3 August 2010 @ 14:11

I had this Fading majenta problem on a company Printer, I was about to forward a purchase order for a completely different new printer which going to cost £500,
I thought i’d have a last bash at trying to fix it. came across this website, Found the Precise Instructions, Dis-assembled it right to the core, found no visible dirt on the mirrors and laser lens but the swab said it all when it went very dark upon cleaning the mirrors, i cleaned all 4 mirrors and the laser lens which was also dirty.
and carefully re-assemnled it all and did this all in 1hour.
The printer is now working like its new again. You must calibrate on switch on.

Many Thanks for the step by step instructions.


Chris from U.K
I.T Engineer

#317 Comment By Konstantinos On 5 August 2010 @ 23:49

Oh! sorry but I forgot to say:
I’ ll buy you a beer for sure!!!!

#318 Comment By Klaas On 7 August 2010 @ 13:02

Some more advice.
You can throw away the black cable housings and used cable ties instead. So much easier. When I did the cleaning for the second time, I just cut the plastic ties and renewed them when I put everything together.
In addition to the seal on the intake fan, I put some foam strips on the sides of the front plastic reflectors behind each toner cartridge so it closes the gap.
Thanks for the great article.
New Zealand

#319 Comment By Maglor On 11 August 2010 @ 01:11

I did your step by step procedure, i reassembly the printer (hp 2605), but now i have the 54.15 error (yellow sensor level error); there is a solution?

#320 Comment By Chris On 13 August 2010 @ 03:57

Unbelievable!!!!!!!!! Same problem as everyone else…..Magenta fade. Used your instructions, followed them step by step and voila, its fixed. Works like brand new, I can’t believe it. Thank you…….you saved us the cost of a new printer!

Chris from Almost Heaven, West Virginia USA

#321 Comment By kazie On 13 August 2010 @ 23:57

Wow! Awesome sauce! I had to take it apart twice, but I just printed a perfect demo page! Thank you!

#322 Comment By John L. On 14 August 2010 @ 17:24

Just wanted to take the time to say – WOW! Thanks for such a comprehensive guide. I have a three year old HP 2605dtn and have just performed the mirror cleaning and, no surprises, my prints are back to their old vibrant colours!

Also – I noticed that it only seems to be the Cyan / Yellow mirrors that get dusty as they are the two that face up – the others (Magenta and Black) don’t seem so affected as they point down…

Good luck to anyone else about to attempt the fix – it is well worth doing!

Many thanks,

John from England

#323 Comment By Jeff On 17 August 2010 @ 20:59

I’ve had this problem with the printer for over a year now, and this fixed it. Thanks! After putting the printer back together, I got a “door open” error. I opened everything back up, unseated and reseated all of the cables, and it went away. Not sure which one was responsible for the error. Thanks again for posting this, it was a huge help!

#324 Comment By Dong On 20 August 2010 @ 21:19

OMG, getting the screws out is insane! They are so tightly screwed in place, especially in the obscure places where a power tool can’t reach.

#325 Comment By Dong On 20 August 2010 @ 23:05

Wow, after spending 2 hours removing 30 insanely tight screws, the very last one was the one I couldn’t remove at all. In fact, I ran the drill over it so hard that the ridges to grab onto had turned into a circle. Ugh. And now there is no way to remove that 1 fucking last screw.

#326 Comment By Dong On 23 August 2010 @ 23:27

hehe, with some drilling I managed to fix my screw and printer problem! Thanks for this amazing guide. It actually worked, even though I didn’t see much dust on the mirrors.

#327 Comment By Danpara On 24 August 2010 @ 15:31

Many thanks for this clear explanation. Enjoyed the experience of accomplishment. When I finally oepned the black box of mirrors, I found that they were clear. Yet, when I printed off a document, my faded colours no longer exist. The print is excellent.

#328 Comment By Michael On 26 August 2010 @ 23:56

You are much more help than HP, thank you for the detailed insite for this fix. Hamburgers and drinks for you my friend. It worked, no problems. Even cleaned a few extra things along the way. Thank you from outside Philadelphia PA

#329 Comment By KOzOK On 30 August 2010 @ 21:01

Thanks for this. Tanking this thing apart is fairly easy, just make sure you use right size screw drivers! Main issue I had was washed out black text around the edges of the page. Cleaning mirrors fixed her right up, thank you again for the idea to clean the mirrors.

#330 Comment By Lloyd On 31 August 2010 @ 00:15

I need to print FAA documents covering signage for air field surfaces as well as upright signs. Red is a must! 2605dn worked fine a month or so ago, but red turned to orange pretty quickly. I will begin disassembly tomorrow (US East Coast).

Unfortunately, I just replaced all four toner carts. Would have been cheaper to simply donate the current printer to charity and buy another printer. Matter of fact, considering the toner costs as well as some of the ink cart. costs for my HP inkjet printers, seems like a plan for the future.

I’ll be back with a fail-no fail report. Thanks for the great post. So sad that HP takes no responsibility for poor engineering.


#331 Comment By Lloyd On 2 September 2010 @ 00:47

Day Two

I did a lot of research for replacement printers (I, for one, don’t consider spending hours of my time tearing down a printer to clean mirrors a worthwhile endeavor) and came across the “linked” replacement: model CP2025dn


Went to Office Max to check one out and was terribly disappointed at the quality. Very flimsy.

Started with a small vacuum on the inside of the cart. slots. Then compressed “air.” Reset all the carts. Cyan and Magenta way off. Ran all the service functions. Both still out of alignment. Went back to Office Max and purchased one of their Magenta carts. Inserted and let the self-align run. Now prints BRIGHT RED like it used to. Properly aligned. But Cyan is still out of alignment. Will purchase and install a new Cyan cart. tomorrow. Hope it works as well as the Magenta. Considering the quality of this printer and the flimsy build of the newer printer, … well.

And who is Emeline Lukaskiewicz who is placing a commercial on this valuable site? Another con on the loose.

#332 Comment By Lloyd On 2 September 2010 @ 21:38

Day Three:

No need to purchase a new Cyan cart. Cleaning and alignment and all is well. Thinking back to day one, I recall there being a large amount of Magenta “dust” around the cart. slot and on the cart itself. Seems as though the toner just got old and the cart housing wasn’t right. If the user plans on keeping the printer (which I am, now that things are back to normal), I suggest a careful cleaning and possibly a new cart before spending hours taking the device apart because surely, it doth has to be assembled and if some folks are seeing a return to the issue after a year, I’d try a less intensive process.

Thanks to all who contributed to this forum… and to the host (particularly for letting out Emeline Lukaskiewicz.)

#333 Comment By Ivan On 2 September 2010 @ 22:06

This worked great in correcting color fade!!! Took about 2 1/2 hours on my first attempt and thats with a 1/2 hr lunch break. Only difficulty was that I left one data cable “buried” behind the panel… so had to take panel back off to retrieve. Took about 10-15 minutes to repeat step.

Colors are great again— BUT I am getting some very muted vertical lines through printed photo’s. Lines appear to be grayish. Wanted to see if anyone had any ideas what is causing this. I have tried multiple cleaning and calibration cycles. (It is multiple lines through the entire picture- at first I thought it was the pattern in the wallpaper in the picture but it is not).

#334 Comment By margaret On 3 September 2010 @ 14:53

Did you find an answer to your blank page printing, the same has happened to me?

#335 Comment By Ivan On 3 September 2010 @ 15:24

a couple of things:

I replaced the black cable holders and rewove the wires as per instructions- but why bother? why not just leave black holders off and leave the cables tied together but hanging loose? Once the printer back panel is on nothing can bother them- curious as to if anyone is letting them just “hang around”. I didn’t- but it would speed up a second “repair” if I did.

another thingie- I didn’t have a vacuum cleaner bag around to filter the fan input… so I used a coffee machine round basket coffee filter (usually get 500 of them in a plastic bag). Cut it to size and voila- a fan filter. You can even double it up if you feel you want a sturdier paper filter but so far a one-ply filter is working perfectly.

Lastly- I used address labels to label the cables. One label cut into tiny rectangles and write the numbers on it. Stick the label onto the plastic cable plug and leave on when you plug cable back in. Doesn’t get in the way of the connectors and cables are now pre-wired when and if you need to re-clean.

#336 Comment By Dave Watts On 3 September 2010 @ 15:55

And another yes from me. I also had the total magenta fade problem and this on my third machine from HP, the other two being repaired/replaced under warranty. It took me about three hours, the first time, from start to finish. However something wasn’t right as the fonts were fuzzy and the print failed on the RHS about 3/4 across the page. Re-calibration didn’t solve the problem. So I dismantled it all again – I think the issue was that I hadn’t tightened up the third screw properly at the bottom of the light box and the alignment was slightly out. But now it is perfect and it only took 45 minutes the second time. Thank you very much for putting these excellent instructions together. I’ll also try your suggestion about the filter over the fan.



#337 Comment By margaret On 4 September 2010 @ 12:11

Thank you so much, it worked perfectly the second time round. Pages printing blank due to not aligning the optical box correctly the first time. Excellent detailed instructions. I managed it even though I have never done anything like this before.

#338 Comment By Chris M On 5 September 2010 @ 02:33

Thank you for this tutorial. It worked perfectly! I didn’t see any dust on the mirrors…they looked really clean, but I followed your instructions and the printout came out just like new. You just saved me the cost of a new printer.

Thank you so much.


#339 Comment By Soo On 5 September 2010 @ 03:03

It worked! Our mirrors weren’t dirty, though — dustless and spotless apparently! We thought we wasted our 2.5 hours. Because they were clean, I didn’t carefully clean them. It is amazing how invisible dust or whatever could cause that. For us, the last three screws and a couple of small pieces to put it back together almost made us give up. It definately needs patience. Thanks so much for this detail step-by-step manual!

#340 Comment By Ed, Texas On 6 September 2010 @ 00:00

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

#341 Comment By gabriel On 6 September 2010 @ 15:14

Thank You!

#342 Comment By Ulrich, Switzerland On 11 September 2010 @ 22:12

Thank you very much, excellent guide through the private parts of my printer – and it works again.

#343 Comment By David On 12 September 2010 @ 19:57

Thank you! Detailed, concise, and well written (with photos and witty comments as well)! I really appreciate that you took the time to create and share this guide.

This being said, I vow to never, ever, ever, EVER purchase another HP printer. I also own an HP Photosmart 8750 (wide-format inkjet) — the 8750 does not properly print borderless pages under Vista — even though HP were claiming “Vista compatible” until they were able to push out a replacement printer and retire the 8750. The fault? A simple defective driver that HP both refused to fix or even acknowledge. My next planned color laser will be a Brother and my next inkjet will be Epson or Canon. Shame on you, HP! (I bring up the 8750 issue because the design of the 2605DN appears to be “flawed” — could they not have designed the optical box as closed/sealed? They could even have offered a replacement part to customers for purchase… Nope — just retire this design and pop out another.)

Enough of my ranting at HP… thank you again SO much for creating and providing this guide!! :-)

#344 Comment By hdt On 13 September 2010 @ 00:24

Very nice instructions. Had to do it twice: First time, fixed it, but only cleaned the magenta mirror. After a week, black started to fade off to one side. So, did it again… Second time, after re-assembly, the printer just printed blank paper, so I removed the laser shutter piece. (I don’t feel bad about removing a safety interlock, as the assembly is all contained in the printer). Works great. (Of course, second re-assembly printing blank paper might have been pilot error with pushing the connectors all the way in…)

One hint: Removing the left-hand-side (high voltage) cover takes some convincing, as does re-assembling that cover. I found the best way is to hang the printer off the side of a desk, just the side with the tricky cover. Then, open the front door (where the toner goes in), assemble the side cover, then, come in from below with the off-white foot piece.

Anyway, thanks lots!!!

#345 Comment By Adrian UK On 14 September 2010 @ 09:17

Another Yes and thank you. One comment regarding the printing of blank pages,I had the same problem and found that the mirror box was not relocated in the exact position. I slackened the 3 screws without removing the back panel and realigned the box in place and everything is now just perfect! A great tutorial and instruction manual, thank you. By the way hp were about as useful as something smelly in a space suit!

#346 Comment By David On 14 September 2010 @ 22:54

Great Guide. Took me about 1.5 hours total. I was amazed at how much dust was on the bottom mirror. The others looked clean but I cleaned them anyway.

Thanks. Follow the directions and make sure the cables connectors are snug into the receptacles.

#347 Comment By Lloyd On 16 September 2010 @ 22:52

I created a number of squares in Photoshop, filling each with a pastel from a standard set of Pantone colors. Light blue and shades of green exhibited white areas.

A new Cyan cart. solved the problem.

Never had to take the machine apart. Soft cloth and easy but thorough application of canned air took care of my problems. The printer was purchased in the Spring of 2008. Just for luck, I have printed to a PDF the main page, containing the instructions, and downloaded the photos to back up the instructions. Just in case…

#348 Comment By Lloyd On 16 September 2010 @ 22:55

Add… Sorry. Forgot to mention I had posted earlier. ‘Bout one page back. This closes my issue with the printer. For now.

Thanks to all.

#349 Comment By Bobby On 19 September 2010 @ 07:05

I teach music lessons for disadvantaged children. I depend on my printer to create teaching materials for my students. Ever since the magenta issue started, I have been printing in grayscale, but it takes a lot of the magic out of the lessons. We missed our bright, colorful prints, but there’s no way we could afford to buy a new printer right now.

When the magenta issue started, I called HP. No help whatsoever. I replaced the cartridge. Still nothing.

Yesterday, I finally searched for “hp2605dn magenta problem” and found this page. Just a while ago, my wife and I dissected the printer and followed your instructions exactly. It took about two hours altogether to get the optical box opened, clean the mirrors (didn’t look like there was anything on them, but we did it anyway) and put it back together. We have never attempted a repair so complicated, but the way you wrote your instructions gave us courage to give it a shot.

The printer is now printing like it’s brand new! We are astonished: Here is a photo of our print results before and after: http://imgur.com/umXHU

I can’t thank you enough. By posting these photos and instructions, it’s really the same to us as if you had bought our music students a brand new printer. I know that on the one hand it’s just a blog post, but on the other hand, without your post it’s extremely likely that our students would have missed out on their colorful, fun music lessons for the rest of this school year. Thank you so very much for taking the time to post this! You made a huge difference for some kids who needed it! Thank you again!

#350 Comment By Fugato F On 20 September 2010 @ 02:12

Thanks you so much for this guide. I’ve done this thing a couple of times that i do not need to refer to it anymore. LOL
It seems like I have to clean the optical box every 8mths!! thats quite tedious =(

The 2nd time I clean the optical box, I have to not only clean the mirrors, but also all other plastic thingies that are glued in the optical box. Like margaret, I didnt install the optical box properly and got a blank page. I thought i spoilt the printer. I had to open up once more and refix it.

Now its printing wonderful. Another 8 more months, I have to clean it again =(

#351 Comment By Thuan Nguyen On 20 September 2010 @ 05:49

Thank you so much. BTW, please don’t ever delete this post! :)

#352 Comment By David On 20 September 2010 @ 16:32

Brilliant. Made the big mistake like Piper of pulling off the whole of the connector. Realised my mistake after the first one and fortunately got it back on OK. Phew. Then, when finshed, forgot to recalibrate and all colours out of alignment. OK now. SO DONT FORGET TO CALIBRATE. Shame on HP for doing nothing to help people out with this.

#353 Comment By Alain On 21 September 2010 @ 19:57

Thank you!

#354 Comment By Bob H On 22 September 2010 @ 22:26

Took me two attempts (I think that I did not have one of the ribbon cables seated properly first time) – but the results are fantastic! Like one of the earlier posts – I could not see any residue on the mirrors but cleaning them restored the magenta to full power. First time this happened – HP replaced the printer even though it was just outside warranty – this time they were not interested – but with your help we have avoided a costly replacement. Pint on its way…

#355 Comment By Sven On 24 September 2010 @ 18:16

Worked out fine! Prints red like new again. Thanks so much for working out this detailed guide!

#356 Comment By Marshall McCloskey On 25 September 2010 @ 13:52

I’ve taken my hp2605dn apart and put it (almost) back together. I’m concerned about how the optical box shutter and spring get reassembled. When I took the box apart, I held my finger on the spring, and didn’t take any notice of how it was attached or how the shutter goes in the box. Of course, the spring came off while I was handling things. There seems to be only one logical way to put it back together, however the long arm on the shutter adjacent to the nub where the spring attaches then gets pressed against the back of the mirror windows panel when screwing the optical box back into place. This doesn’t seem reasonable. The shutter obviously can’t move in this situation. What’s the purpose of the spring then? Any help? assembly diagrams, etc.? I’m a little reluctant to try my printer unless I’m sure I have it right.
Marshall M.

#357 Comment By Scott Quinn On 26 September 2010 @ 04:18

The bad news on the “door open” and other sensor problems –

It appears that there is a power supply module to some of the optical sensors (including the sensor for the top door and yellow toner) that is very fragile – to the extent that doing something (yet unknown) causes it to fail and not properly drive the sensor light source. After carefully labeling all the connectors and carefully plugging them back in there was the dreaded “hot electronics” smell in mine followed by the “door open” error. Tracing sensors I found that the slotted optocoupler on the top did not appear to have any voltage driving it (the sensor side did have voltage). Temporarily jumping the sensor (to give an “always closed” condition lead to the 54.15 error. Sigh. Back to tracing wires to find out where the power comes from – either that or loading the printer into the trebuchet.

#358 Comment By Chris W On 26 September 2010 @ 19:59

I can not begin to tell you how much I appreciate your site. I was so frustrated with HP’s support I decided NEVER to by HP again.
But thanks to you, my 2605dn is working just like new again.
Certainly an engineering goof with the optical box, or a ploy to make you buy another printer.

Thanks Again.


#359 Comment By E screeners Caribbean On 27 September 2010 @ 02:54

Worked like a charm!!!!

Thanks guys

#360 Comment By Marshall McCloskey On 27 September 2010 @ 16:31

re: post 9/25, I put everything back together anyway, and the printer works just fine. (What about that optical shutter and spring? Couldn’t find anything on the web about it, and don’t have the model/serial numbers to get on the HP web site. And I’ll be darned if I can find it on the printer.) Color back, etc. without even recalibrating. Took me at least double the estimated 2 hours, though, cause I’m not used to tackling what looked to me like a fairly daunting task, so I was being *extremely* careful.

#361 Comment By Raphael On 30 September 2010 @ 00:05

I tried to get some help from HP, and found the service manual to be useless. POWER to the internet… Thanks so much. I have some experience in dealing with electronics, so I mostly scanned the instructions for the details. The printer works perfectly. again Thanks

#362 Comment By John L, UK On 7 October 2010 @ 16:58

I really appreciate you taking the time to post these instructions. This is the most comprehensive set of instructions I’ve found. My printer was fading fast until this fix. Many thanks. :-)

#363 Comment By pamella On 13 October 2010 @ 20:47

help < I am stuck on step 12- unable to get the black trays loose- is there a way to enlarge the photo- or is there something I need to release? thanks

#364 Comment By pamella On 13 October 2010 @ 21:31

Going crazy with these black trays!!!- sliding to the left- right-left – right- only a slight move. Should one tray be removed before the other?- or do they slide in opposite directions???? All instructions have been really easy until this point- I am trying not to snap the plastic….. help please I have read all of the post on this subject but…..-Mixed up here in Los Angeles

#365 Comment By Stranded in Iowa On 14 October 2010 @ 19:00

Just fixed mine last night.

The black rail across the top slides to the left just a bit and then comes out.

#366 Comment By pamella On 14 October 2010 @ 20:31

Finally Finished!! Ok, the problem of the little black trays. The small one, I removed first, by sliding first vertical gently to release the top, then I wiggled to the left the bottom of the small tray. Once this one was finally out the longer one with a tug to the left allowed it to just slide out with ease. The rest of the job was a piece of chocolate cake- sweet and easy- My copies? Beautiful! Thank you!!

#367 Comment By Tina On 16 October 2010 @ 14:31

Thank you so much. Got through it thanks to the detailed instructions.

#368 Comment By Stephane On 17 October 2010 @ 18:10

We helpfull and well explained. Photos are great, unfortunately, lightbox not working today when I attempted to dot it (working the other day though when I first read the article). I managed to pull apart everything, clean the mirrors, re-assemble the all thing and… 57, fan error! I opened it again, checked the connectors, especially those to the fan but no way… I still get this error and can’t print.
Thanks so much anyway.

#369 Comment By Joe On 17 October 2010 @ 20:58

I followed all the procedures but now am getting a “50.7 Fuser Error, Turn off then on”. All wire connections seem to be fine. Has anyone seen this error and know how to fix it? Thanks.

#370 Comment By Charlie Schorner On 17 October 2010 @ 23:00

Thank you so much for this great guide! The process was quick and easy and results are PERFECT! I’m gonna buy you a beer!

#371 Comment By Mike On 18 October 2010 @ 12:42

Fantastic it works! – shame to HP for spending all that effort on making a good printer but letting everybody down on a design fault – a simple filter would cure this dust problem.
I fitted a square microfilter from a vacuum cleaner just behind the lower fan outlet. It slid in to the left of optical box.

I think the small spring and arm forms an optical spring shutter – closes lasers if box removed.

Tip: leave screw out behind smaller cable tray – you don’t have to remove trays each time.
tape white ribbon from top display module so it won’t fall out – check its fitted round the right way.

Thanks very much for instructions

#372 Comment By Todd On 20 October 2010 @ 22:50

Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You! I got this printer as a freebee with three sets of new cartridges. Unfortunately, the print-outs were somewhat washed out. Specifically, the brilliant reds were orange so I thought it was the cartridges. After replacing, it didn’t improve. I followed your instructions but was disappointed when I opened the optical box and the mirrors looked clean. I swabbed them, put it all back together and PERFECT!! Thanks again for such a great site.

Todd – Madison, CT

#373 Comment By Simon On 21 October 2010 @ 14:50

Awesome guide, thank you very much!

There are 3 things I’d like to point out for others in the same situation:
1. Remove the small cable tray before the long one, they are connected
2. Even if the mirrors look clean to your eyes, they might have some fine dust on them
3. Be sure the optical box fits perfectly and the plastic plugs sink into the holes before screwing it tight. This might sound trivial, but it’s easier to get wrong than you think. The result would be a page that fades to the right side (or similar).

#374 Comment By Diego On 22 October 2010 @ 13:54

No way!!!!!
After having carefully followed the procedure, I switched on the device and…. “open door” error.
I tried all the workaround I coud find, including the accurate check of all pins of J101 connector and no cable pinching, including dismantling and reassembly of the High Voltage unit with all possible checks of the top left door switch (mechanical and electical).
Every attempt ended with a “door open” error.
Is there any other sensors that could be stuck somewhere ?
Any suggestions (a part from replacing the printer) ?

#375 Comment By LW On 23 October 2010 @ 20:54

Have yet to tackle this problem. However like everyone else I having fading magenta. Have to convince the wife to let me attempt to fix, she would rather turn it in for servicing. Instructions are concise and after reading all the postings, seems rather cut and dried. Will post my success/failure after completion. Thx for info.

#376 Comment By LW On 24 October 2010 @ 20:11

Well I took it apart, followed the instructions to the tee, worked slowly and got it all back together, however I now get a 51.22 error (turn off/on) and nothing seems to correct. Does anyone know what I may have done wrong or if its even possible to correct this problem? Any info would surely be appreciated.


#377 Comment By LW On 24 October 2010 @ 21:33

Just to let you all know, I took the dang thing apart again, and as one would probably guess there was a lose data wire connected to the optical box, put it all back together and it runs like a champ. Thx for a wonderful web site and some oh so very useful imformation. I salute you. Thx again.

#378 Comment By Chris On 26 October 2010 @ 22:40

Thank you so much. After months of frustration with the color, I did a search and found your instructions. I actually found them months ago and just put it off because I didn’t want to pull apart the printer. BUT, it got so bad that I called HP and guess what? They said (basically), “Tough s*+_)” So, I pulled out your instructions, cleared the dining room table, and worked for 2 hours. And, it works!!


#379 Comment By a On 4 November 2010 @ 13:51

Thanks all good

#380 Comment By Menno On 11 November 2010 @ 20:39

Thanks, thanks and more thanks …… finally managed to solve my printing problems!!

Best regards from Ireland,

#381 Comment By Sandra On 12 November 2010 @ 16:58

Oh well, worth a try as I was just going to throw out. Put everything back together but nothing will print. A bit sad over the two new cartridges I just put in but I will try and sell those. Thanks for info. Excellent instructions (other than those nasty little black plastic guide – broke the tabs on the one). HP certainly has gone downhill from the ‘old days’. HP laptop quit just after a year, printer did last a couple of years.

#382 Comment By Chris On 16 November 2010 @ 15:59

Brilliant. I can’t believe HP got away with this, but your fix is magic!

#383 Comment By GavinC On 17 November 2010 @ 20:53

Followed the steps to a tee and getting 51.22 error now. What did I do wrong? I really don’t want to have to take it apart again if I dont have to.

#384 Comment By Jeff Pearson On 19 November 2010 @ 20:22

AWESOME!!!! A little elbow work and it worked like a champ. Just remember to label those cables. Took about 30 minutes to disassemble, clean, then reassemble. One note… When removing the cables (and you are looking at the back of the machine) be careful with the cables to the upper left. There is a black/red/white connector that you may need to disconnect and then reconnect when removing cables from black cable shield. The cables are also tight in upper left so be careful and very gentle. Once finished it started printing like it was BRAND NEW! GREAT JOB GUYS!!!! PEACE

#385 Comment By Paul Billy On 19 November 2010 @ 23:58

HI. Just cleaned the whole system (thanks for the help!) but I have one issue now: I can print but it prints nothing. All the pages are blank. Maybe I missed a wire? Anyone else have this issue? I might just redo the whole project.

Any info will help!



#386 Comment By incoremedia On 20 November 2010 @ 14:42

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??? ??? ? ?????? ??? ?? ???? ??????? ?? ?????? ?? ? ????.

#387 Comment By Stephen On 20 November 2010 @ 19:53

Thanks for this. My parents bought a new printer thinking this one was broken and I asked for it. When i googled the problem this came up. Thanks again from Canada.

#388 Comment By Kathryn On 21 November 2010 @ 20:29

Thank you! This took me about an hour. I followed the direction specifically (which are perfect) and like magic my printer is printing in vibrant color again. Thanks so much

#389 Comment By Edward Dumont On 24 November 2010 @ 14:31

You have provided a wonderful service to those of us who love to tinker. I had it apart and back together and working like new right off. You successfully guided me through my first computer related repair/maintenance experience and, thanks to you, I look forward to future challenges and explorations. Thank you , again.

I would like to hear from you if you are still out there! Ed, Pittsburgh, PA USA

#390 Comment By AndrewRH On 24 November 2010 @ 14:36

Hi Ed, Yes, still hovering around; and it is just about time that I clean my very own printer for the third time!

Cheers to everyone who has bought me a beer (or beverage), too!!


#391 Comment By AL On 25 November 2010 @ 12:28

Great instructions. Followed it step and step and solved my problems! Great job!

#392 Comment By xserret On 30 November 2010 @ 07:47

Be careful.

YES, It does work great, but initially I made a mistake that had me re-do everything.

When cleaning the mirrors, make sure that you use a DRY cotton stick.
Initially I used a cotton stick impregnated in optical-lenses cleaning solution. The outcome at naked eye was spot-less, so I felt I improved that step. Nevertheless the results where WORSE than before. Upon dis-assembly I noticed that where severally dusty again, which means it has quickly re-attached to them.

Conclusion, as the optical box itself is very dirty, any surface charged or somewhat not completely dry will quickly get dirty again.

This is clearly a design mistake of HP, an a RECALL would be the best way forward… unfortunately the product is not high-profile enough to attract media attention. If only it was from Apple… ;-)

#393 Comment By Ed On 2 December 2010 @ 18:12

Thanks for the step by step. It Worked!! It took 1:40 because I am used to unscrew everything, and no parts left over.
thanks, God bless.

#394 Comment By Bertie Jackson On 3 December 2010 @ 20:46

Thanks for this post. I completed in an hour – with the help of an electric screwdriver. Your instructions were perfect. Many thanks from Namibia.

#395 Comment By emily On 3 December 2010 @ 21:07

THANK YOU! It worked. I thought maybe the printer would ignite after I started it up again, but so far, so good.

#396 Comment By Byni01 On 4 December 2010 @ 10:59

Thank’s a lot – It works very well…….
It’s Christmas 20 days before…….
Hi from Switzerland….

#397 Comment By Oktexan On 9 December 2010 @ 18:08

Thank You so much for the great directions! I was soooo glad to come across your instructions on fixing the HP. I was beginning to think I would have to buy a new printer. Everything is working perfectly again. Thanks again.

#398 Comment By JasonG On 10 December 2010 @ 07:46

You saved the day for my 8 year old’s school project! Took me just over an hour. Great instructions!! Magenta is printing perfectly now! Cheers!

#399 Comment By Livio On 11 December 2010 @ 14:24

Thanks a lot ! It worked for me and I forgot where to assemble only 1 screw !!! But it worked!

#400 Comment By Lisa On 11 December 2010 @ 23:28

I’m wondering if you had this problem only with photos or images. When I print docs from Word, etc. my pages look normal. I printed out a color page from HP Toolbox and it looks normal. However when I print anything from jpg, tif, etc., I get a green tint. Should I do your trick?

#401 Comment By Kate Boothroyd On 13 December 2010 @ 21:30

Well, I did what you said, and it took me just over an hour. I thought it wasn’t going to work as the mirrors didn’t seem dirty, but it worked a treat. Thank you so much.

#402 Comment By Boeing 727 Pilot On 18 December 2010 @ 02:24

Thank you so much for publishing it. I had my first 2605DN replaced under warranty for this problem. The 2nd one starting acting up right after the warranty expired. I though I out of luck until I found this site. I can’t thank you enough for researching the issue and postng a solution. The repair took me about 2 hours since some of the connectors wouldn’t come off the boards at first. It works almost as good as new

#403 Comment By Karl On 18 December 2010 @ 16:22

Well afer taking apart 4 times its working fine (after 2hrs first pass, I’m now down to completing these steps in 20-30mins). Feedback: 1-Thank you. 2-Compressed air if avail, and then rubbing ALCOHOL on Qtip needed to clean my mirrors. 2-Poss soln to the dreaded DOOR OPEN problems I’ve read about lingering after these steps. If other suggestions do not work try this it was cause for door open problem on mine. If the 4 edge connectors appear to be connected, all pins on all connectors still may not be making contact correctly. Under mag glass I found a short on 3rd connector down I think it was, two silver tin-looking ‘pins’ had been connected together, these are made of soft metal surface strips not metal completely through. Damaging them can happen easily inserting/removing the ‘data’ edge connectors, best use for these in EE design is for once on/not many if any remove/replace cycles. Appeared on mine some of the tin/connector stuck to the board socket connector causing less contact avail for next insertion. I used an exacto/box knife to run down middle of these two pins to remove the metal chafing that was causing the short.

#404 Comment By Christian On 18 December 2010 @ 20:13

Perfect instruction to repair my perfect (?) laserprinter. Thank you very much!

#405 Comment By August golds On 20 December 2010 @ 09:12

Thank you this is perfect. So send this do HP this poble are not able do to such a great instruction

#406 Comment By John On 22 December 2010 @ 03:58

Took about an hour to take apart, then a week later, another 2 hours to clean and put back together. Just printed first sheet — problem solved :) Next time will be much faster, I’m sure. Thank you so much for sharing this vital information. HP owes you big time!

#407 Comment By Brian On 22 December 2010 @ 21:14

Excellent steps!! Thank you so much… this worked perfectly. I was able to do all of it in under 2 hours.
Thank you so much!!

#408 Comment By Dennis Reinhardt On 23 December 2010 @ 04:08

My elapsed time was about 8 hours with an hour or two for breaks and lunch. I spent about an hour or two just reading every comment here before starting.

I fixed my colors … first time!

Pulling the black trays in step 13 was surprisingly difficult. See Don Thompson at this step for helpful photos. Also the Thompson article is good for counting the screws in and out> I ended up with two extra screws.

I did not put the black trays back in. I just taped the cables, saving myself a lot of agravation the next time around.

The next time I go in, I am going to investigate sealing the optical box either partially or wholly. Actually fixing this problem once and for all with duct tape seems like an appropriate slam on HP for causing this in the first place.

As satisfying as it is to think of using duct tape, I worry about particulate matter from whatever tape I use getting into the optics. That is a worry for later and I offer the idea for others to work with in the meantime.

#409 Comment By Bryan On 23 December 2010 @ 13:24

Thank you, I did not get my optical box seated correctly (needed to follow instructions better) fortunately it was the bottom that was out of wack. I went in through the little steel covers and pressed it up tight and tightened the single screw. I think it really needs two. The symptom was that the print faded and wiggled toward the side that was not flat against the frame. Anyway all is well in our home and my wife was able to get her Christmas calender project completed this year and the pictures are alive once again. Thanks

#410 Comment By Bill On 27 December 2010 @ 19:30

Thank you. This was a huge problem solved.

To your readers. The process sounds more complex and difficult than it truned out to be. Took me about 1hr for total success. It is better with 4 hands, a good diode flash light, and a magnifying glass to read the connection numbers. I did take some of my own pictures for assembly purposes and i did use them – Hint-Hint. I wrote the connection numbers on a piece of masking tape and taped them to each bundle. I left the taped numbers attached for future use. Releasing the bundles of purple wires from their black plastic harnesses was the tricky part – be patient and slide / pull the small black plastic harness on the far left out first then rock / pull the long slim harness side-to-side and it will release. Removing the wire bundles from the black harness takes a bit of patients also they are captured in the harness real well. I did not reuse the 2 harnesses upon reassembly as i bet i will be back at this again. Just a couple of zip ties to get them out of the way and secure them is all that is necessary. I did tape (seal) a coffee filer to the input side of the fan (on the righthand side as you look at the front of the printer you will see the opening slots). I live in Southern CA and the dust here is a real problem – no rain.

Best of wishes, Merry Christmas, and Thank you again.

#411 Comment By AdamO On 28 December 2010 @ 15:36

Did it. Love the results. Colors like new. Thanks.

#412 Comment By David P On 28 December 2010 @ 15:40

No red after installing Windows 7 and new drivers and new colour cartridges (two magenta I thought I had bought a “bad” one!). Followed your instructions. There was a little magenta powder on the plastic inside the optical box but the mirrors appeared to be pristine. However, having got so far I wiped all with cotton buds (dry), reassembled with the older, magenta cartridge and tried the test button – 4 lines! Colour photo’s back to normal!! Many thanks it took two and a half hours. David P

#413 Comment By Jon On 29 December 2010 @ 02:22

Thanks so much for your guide! I still took pictures, but thanks to your pictures, I didn’t need to. Everything went smoothly, just as described. One note to others, you may need to calibrate multiple times. I had to calibrate four times before everything lined up again. Thanks again for the guide!

#414 Comment By Chad USA Idaho On 1 January 2011 @ 00:15

Most Excellent. Fixed my problem perfectly. FYI – Make triple certain that you get the laser housing set correcly and without error. I was slightly off (one screw not tight enough) and this cost me some time. My problem went from red not printing to black not printing. I tightened the screw and now my machine is brand spanking new.


#415 Comment By John On 2 January 2011 @ 06:22

I installed a new set of HP toners after not using the printer for about a year. It printed nicely except there was NO magenta toner printing on the page. After troubleshooting a bit, I found the mirror-cleaning fix and did it. Now the page is COMPLETELY covered with magenta, while the other colors still print normally. No matter what I print, the page is 100% covered with magenta. Do I clean it again?

#416 Comment By Gerard from The Netherlands On 2 January 2011 @ 14:04

Thanks for the perfect guide. It gave us back a perfect printer

#417 Comment By Bodo On 2 January 2011 @ 19:26


did this the second time now, works!
Just a few comments:
a) labeling the cables is not really necessary – they only fit at one place each, so when
careful it is hard to mix them up
b) make sure the optical box is _really_ in the correct position. I just repeated the procedure
three times until I got this right. I also used the alternate position (I have only 3 out of four
screws fastened) on the bottom, below the metal plates, to get this right.
An easy way to check is to look into the printer from the front, open the cartridge container and
make sure the optical box, which can be seen through the four ‘slits’, is level (from left to right)

I am only writing the last part because the first time(s) I only got (almost) white pages when printing,
because I did not quite fasten the optical box correctly.
Thanks again for the excellent instructions on how to get this fixed.

#418 Comment By Oliver Blatchford On 3 January 2011 @ 18:00

Thanks – this has rescued my three year old printer. The printer was fine until 6 weeks ago. I reckon that what set this off was that 3 months ago, we had lots of electrical work done in the house (holes in walls everywhere) and then lots of plaster work to repair the mess. The house was full of dust then and we are still cleaning up!

A few comments:
– I used a power screwdriver (Bosch PSR10,8 Li with torque clutch set to position 2). This speeded things up quite a bit
– the screws are Phillips size no 2. Don’t use pozidriv tools for this job. The screwdriver bit will only “cam out” and burr the screws (i.e. ruin them)
– useful to have a container to put the screws into as you go (I used a plain white saucer)

finally, there is another website that has a printable PDF of instructions to do the same task. Google for it. it was useful to be able to read both sets of instructions together. This was really reassuring. the other site has an explanation on why this problem arises (and why magenta is worst affected).

Thanks, This was really brilliant!

#419 Comment By Karsten On 7 January 2011 @ 19:48

Dear Andrew,
thanks a lot for the excellent instruction. The first try worked! Without your article I would not have dared the repair neither known what to repair ;-)
Greetings from Germany,

#420 Comment By Norman On 10 January 2011 @ 04:21

Thanks for the concise instructions. I would have dug in on my own but these made it that much easier. I had a couple tries to get the box mounted square but now I get a good clean print, where I think the balance is right EXCEPT it is REALLY light. It looks like everything is well registered, appropriate color balance, and full width of the page but justnot usable due to lightness. It looks like very faded page.
Any ideas?
Norman, Seattle

#421 Comment By Oliver Blatchford On 13 January 2011 @ 17:17

A follow-up to my earlier posting:

I have installed the air inlet filter modification described above. I had a few filters to fit a long-since deceased Dyson DC01 cleaner. It was easy to cut a piece from one of these to fit (they are flat, nice and thick and obviously designed for a high air flow). Fingers crossed that this mod lasts for a good while!

I took this opportunity to expand the RAM with a 128MB DIMM module. This has sorted out the postscript errors I had been getting on bigger documents and it has really speeded up postscript printing. Recommended. (I got 128MB rather than 256 MB as there seems to be some confusion in the HP2506 specs and some sources indicate that it will support 256MB while others say 128MB is the limit.)

Finally, I upgraded the firmware in the printer to the most recent version (20071108). The firmware was not obvious on the HP site; I found it by Googling:
“HP Color LaserJet 2605 Printer Firmware”

My printer had been hanging up and becoming invisible to my network once or twice a month. I am hoping that the fixes for network stability and DHCP stack will fix this. I have already checked that the fix to dark blues is what I would expect (it is now much the same as the other colour printers I use at work).


PS to Norman, below: sounds like something is still absorbing the laser light: try cleaning the mirrors (and lenses, carefully, dry swabs) again.

#422 Comment By Tony On 14 January 2011 @ 14:43

Hey there,

Great fix, done it for a second time now – silly HP!

Anyway, this time round everything worked OK. However, after completely packing the entire printer back up, the Cyan will no longer print anything. As the cartridge is showing up as 51% ink I doubt it is “empty”. I cannot understand what has gone wrong. I assumed I may have missed a cable or something, but I’ve been completely back in and even cleaned the mirrors etc. again.

Still, no cyan. It is not faint/faded, but completely dead. Does anyone have any idea why I may have completely lost cyan?

Thank you :)

#423 Comment By mike leonard On 15 January 2011 @ 15:08

Have just followed your instructions on a very faded and washed out HP – and as the back first came off I thought it was a step far too far but it was brilliant – the primate on the demo page is all nicely ginger!!!
Has even all worked perfectly first time putting everything back but never want to see a bundle of purple cables for the next year.

#424 Comment By Bill Kroshl On 17 January 2011 @ 00:46

I tried this and things worked pretty well. However, upon reassembly I found that the black (which was working before) is now not printing for the last inch or so of the page. I will try to readjust the location of the optical box and see if that helps. Does anyone else have another idea?

Thanks for the detailed directions: I had no problem with the actual work.


#425 Comment By roy H (Canada) On 17 January 2011 @ 16:05

My wife says, when everything else fails read and FOLLOW the instructions..thank you sir!
the magenta lens was filthy
we have ‘door open’ on the display, is this a connection problem? where.
we installed a transfer belt, thinking this was the problem-it wasnt.

#426 Comment By Philippe Mignard On 18 January 2011 @ 12:07

Wonderful instructions!! I followed them today and had no problem to clean the printer. My 2605dtn is back!

#427 Comment By Bill Kroshl On 18 January 2011 @ 21:19

I tried again this morning while I was waiting for the ice storm to finish. It worked perfectly! I think I either missed a spot on the lens or mirror, or what is more likely did not correctly reinstall the optical box. Thanks for your great detailed directions: you saved me from buying a new printer.

Bill Kroshl

#428 Comment By Richard On 19 January 2011 @ 18:10

This article is just the best!!!
Magenta not printing… followed the very clear instructions and took it all apart.
The mirrors didn’t seem to be dirty but I gave them a rub over with cotton buds. [I thought that they were filthy at first because they were magenta but then realised that they were actually that colour].
Put it all back together and hey presto a working full colour printer.
I too had trouble with step 13, getting the cable trays out, I just couldn’t do it and ended up breaking a couple of the lugs. I was a bit panicked but when you put it back together the cables tend to hold it all in.

As a little aside… Under Windows 7 the drivers don’t work properly and the printer will only print in B & W.

The solution is…
1 – Plug in the printer and let it auto install.
2 – Go to the devices and printers folder
3 – Selecting add a new printer
4 – Select the 2605dn in the HP list if it is there. (If it is not there go to stage 5 anyway)
5 – Rather than click next click the Windows update button. The installer will go off and get the latest list of printers (this takes a few minutes.)
6 – Select the 2605 in the printers list and install.
7 – When asked if you want to replace the driver or keep existing chose replace.
8 – Hooray it now prints in colour

However, to get duplex printing to work I had to right click the printer and select Printer Properties, then Device settings and installable options, then select duplex unit installed.

#429 Comment By roy hanson On 20 January 2011 @ 01:18

we have a problem after following your excellent instructions and enlarging the photo’s.
Door Open when printer turned on!
had to install a new transfer belt, cam’s are a pain in the butt to re-install.
after this complete…turned on printer..Door Open displayed and nothing else after that/
any ideas to clear this?
thanks again for the clear instructions.

#430 Comment By Chris On 20 January 2011 @ 11:09

I had the “door open” message aswell. Check the switch on the top at the left hand side. To do this, open the front door, looking at the left side, at the top of the opening is the switch. You may need to remove the left panel. My switch was just jammed so this might resolve your problem.

#431 Comment By Eric On 23 January 2011 @ 23:48

Thanks for providing such great procedures. After following your excellent instructions, cleaning the mirror and putting all back together, the printer no longer powers up. I have double and triple check all connections and all seem to be secure and correct. During the disassemble and reassemble process I was very careful with the connectors. I definitely can’t guarantee I didn’t break a wire but, I thought maybe you might come up with some other possible issues.

Thanks Again

#432 Comment By Eric On 24 January 2011 @ 02:41

Update to previous post.
It appears my power problem is not related to the printer. Like a dummy I didn’t confirm I was getting poweer to the printer. It appears the problem is in the extension cord I used. My problem now is the EVRYTHING is priunt very faint. I have run the calibration which had no effect. Could this be a problem of not having the optical boxes installed correctly?

#433 Comment By Vince On 24 January 2011 @ 15:51

What a great article, followed easily, though I thought I would be clever and change the ETB next, when finally came to shutting the door, the door won’t close?

Have you any photos how it is seated correctly?


#434 Comment By Erin Raatjes On 26 January 2011 @ 03:43

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Amazing! STUPID printer… seriously…
Thanks so much for all the time you spent with this – I thought I was going crazy CMYK issues or who knows… found this fix and realized my issue… appreciate your help! Certainly bookmarking this for the “next” time it happens. :)

#435 Comment By Glen On 26 January 2011 @ 04:10

Great! Thanks, this did work for me as well.

The only slight confusion I had was with where all the connectors and ribbon
cables separate.

FYI, the purple wires connect to small back connectors, which plug into
larger black connectors on the circuit boards (step 10).


#436 Comment By Robert Sullivan On 26 January 2011 @ 20:11

Called HP support today and they told me that there is no service bulliten on “faded print” for this printer.

They have exchanged no printers for this issue. “Obviously, you must be mistaken – you have bad information.”

Basically, they told me to go take a flying leap….

Not exactly rude about it, but close. Guess who I won’t be buying my next printer from? Too bad, because the 2605 is very nice when it prints correctly.

I’ll attempt to tear-into this printer this weekend and see if I can follow the excellent directions and comments on this site.

#437 Comment By Zan On 29 January 2011 @ 08:49

I had the problem of the color being uniformly light (on ALL colors) after cleaning the mirrors and putting everything back together. Was worried that I had broken something. But I was able to resolve it:

I removed the paper tray, and took off the first back plate and the little metal shields under the printer, so I could get access to the optical box screws. (You don’t have to go through the whole disassembly process!)

Then I unscrewed all the screws for the optical box and wiggled the box until it felt like it was seated in the proper position.

Then I fastened the upper right screw very tightly.

Then I fastened the upper left screw just until it was snug. (Not too tight.)
Did the same for the lower left screw (underneath).

I did a test print of four pages of each solid color, and they are dense and vibrant again!
Hope this helps someone else!

#438 Comment By Rod On 29 January 2011 @ 15:54

As a few people have mentioned around the place, I got Fan Error 57 when I first switched it on again. Found the fan (at the top on the right-hand side as viewed from the front) had simply disconnected from an adjacent plug. Dead simple – pushed it back in and it worked.

I’d guess that this had become disconnected accidentally while removing the side panel or, possibly, when pushing the wire retaining thing out of the way.

And as for so many others, it worked. Just a light coating of dust needed to be removed. The mirror unit needs to be sealed or made accessible – and instructions provided. Clearly a fundamental design fault.


#439 Comment By Fabio On 2 February 2011 @ 17:36

Thank you so much!
I followed your detailed steps and solved the problem! Worked as magic! Thank’s again.

#440 Comment By George Futter On 4 February 2011 @ 15:45

Thankyou so much for this excellent guide to doing this tricky job. I am a school technician, and we had one of these printers in our Art department with this fault. Following your excellent pictorial guide I took the job on. It took me about 6 hours in total, but the job was an unqualified success. Printed perfectly first time after re-assembly! Thereby saving our school a few hundred desperately needed pounds. Thanks again for providing this excellent public service!

Best Regards,


#441 Comment By Joel Sundquist On 4 February 2011 @ 21:58

I appreciate your step by step instructions. I have completed step 12. I am having a difficult time with step 13. I can wiggle the black trays a bit but cannot seem to get them out. I don’t want to break whatever is keeping them in place.

Do you have any more details for my predicament?


Tehachapi, CA

1-502-759-0931 (cell)

#442 Comment By Hasler Wolfgang On 6 February 2011 @ 16:57

There were no remains of screws or cables. ;)
Everything works again for the best satisfaction.
Thank you for the excellent aid in image and text.

#443 Comment By David On 6 February 2011 @ 18:46

The step by step with pictures worked great. 2 hours and the color is back.

#444 Comment By Stanley On 6 February 2011 @ 19:49

The instructions are great. The mirror for the magenta had an obvious layer of dust over it. Just over two hours to complete and the colours are back.

Many thanks, Stanley

#445 Comment By Ross and Sandy Milks On 6 February 2011 @ 21:05

These were exactly the instructions we needed: step by step with pictures. We added a filter too. THANK YOU! Hopefully we won’t have to do this twice. God bless you for taking the time to put this out there!!

#446 Comment By Kelly On 9 February 2011 @ 06:48

THANK YOU!!!! I put the kids to bed. Husband put on a movie and I was done by the time the movie was! I also was too timid with the black trays but once I got tired of no progress, I man handled them a little and out they came. I found your pictures essential and your instructions perfect and amusing. I took your advice to be confident and no screws left and a perfect print. After all it was pretty much a very large paper weight before I dove in!

Thanks again,


#447 Comment By peng xu On 10 February 2011 @ 06:28

so wonderful, thanks

#448 Comment By Chris On 10 February 2011 @ 15:22

You’re an HP Legend! The fix worked a treat despite some hairy moments trying to disconnect the ribbon cables off the printed circuit boards (they were tight to say the least). Plugged it all back in and fired a couple of photos to it, suffice to say, Vincent van Gough couldn’t have faulted the colours that came first shot out of the bag…Anytime you’re in Worcester (Midlands U.K) I’ll buy you a pint. Have re-gained an old friend.

#449 Comment By Danny Verhaege On 11 February 2011 @ 20:51

My company printer is working again. My supplier told me that the problem could be solved by cleaning the mirrors. Cost +-70€ and that it was not easy to do this yourself. After some “googling” and 2 hours screwing my printer is new. Many thanks, Danny (from Belgium).

#450 Comment By Jaime On 11 February 2011 @ 22:29

Thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks. Hey you are good on this. Thanks again. The most difficlut step for me has been disassemble the first of the black cable trays on step 12 but I got it.

#451 Comment By Harmen On 12 February 2011 @ 19:49

Wow, it took me a little over an hour and its working fine again. Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!

#452 Comment By troy On 13 February 2011 @ 01:18

this worked I think but now I have an door open panel error
any thoughts?

#453 Comment By Mike On 13 February 2011 @ 15:42

I got to the last point of getting things apart and then found that two of the 3 screws holding the optical box would not undo. The tops are now worn and the screws will probably never come out again (I hate philips screws). I have had to give up and put the thing back together. It looks like a new printer (not HP) is needed.

#454 Comment By Alessandro Kraus On 13 February 2011 @ 18:52

Once more,
thanks a lot for your excellent guide to fixing such the mageta issue!
Never thought a printer has so many cables around!

my best regards and a tasty glass of wine – hmm… cold beer, if u prefer – when you travel to tuscany, italy!

#455 Comment By Joel On 14 February 2011 @ 09:30

It’s ALIVE! thanks for posting this with pictures. I got the “Door Open” error and after retracing my steps, I realized the front had popped open while removing the left panel and the sensor switch had unseated. Make sure it’s unplugged, then remove the top by lifting the grey paper release and remove the 4 screws. Be careful of the thin ribbon connector that’s on the right side. Once the top is removed, remove the 4 screws holding the circuit board on the left. there are 3 small tabs that hold it in place towards the front, they don’t require much pressure to release them. once released gently and carefully lift the board just slightly – Do Not Take It Off! – if you look down from the top you should see a thin silver metal tab- that’s the door switch. open the door, replace the circuit board and make sure the switch looks seated, make sure the hold tabs on the board are in place, replace the 4 screws then close the door. listening carefully, I could hear the switch close. replace the top, attach the ribbon back in it’s place and test. If you hear the printer start, “Door Open” is no longer a problem. Hope this helps.

#456 Comment By reza On 15 February 2011 @ 07:31

please send me optic box diagram or an44010a IC datasheet

#457 Comment By Tiziano On 16 February 2011 @ 14:13

This page is great! You solved my problem!!

#458 Comment By Wolfgang On 20 February 2011 @ 14:41

My dear Reeves-Hall Family
Andrew, Katya, Tolii, Tosha,

since a few month i was trieing to find a solution for the missing RED (magenta)on my HP 2605dn, three weeks ago i opens the printer half and stops befor removing the printed circuits. Today i finds your great help and starts again. With the best results. All colours are back as three years ago, nearly a new printer, sorry for my english, i’m german.
Many thanks for your posting and if i receive an answer from you with adress,
i will find something in Hamburg for you.
With best regards

#459 Comment By ThomThumb On 20 February 2011 @ 15:54

I have had this printer for over 2 years, but have only printed 1,672 pages. I put in a new magenta cartridge and now I get images with blurry magenta and cyan colors. I replaced the cartridges and nothing changed. I tried realignment 3 or 4 times with no improvement. I called HP and they basically denied any problems with this model (HP 2605DN). They transferred my calls to just about everywhere in the company, except someplace that could help me resolve this issue. I was accused of “abusing” my printer and trying to get a new one free. I will never by an HP product again!!!! What happened to this company? It was once a flagship company for the U.S. and now it has become the K-mart of technology companies!

#460 Comment By Phil On 22 February 2011 @ 19:26

Many thanks for this page. Worked like a charm.

#461 Comment By David Walker On 22 February 2011 @ 22:01

I have used your excellent instructions to repair the fading red colours. It started to fade again so I followed the instructions again. Everything went well again and when I went to print a document, the paper picked up and delivered but there was no print at all. I have now taken the optical box out three times and checked the connections which all appear firmly in place but no print appears on the paper. Any suggestions please.

#462 Comment By Gus Mabelson On 23 February 2011 @ 16:47

From Ireland
Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. Our printer had been giving us faded reds for some time now and in spite of a couple of ‘inspections’ from a technician at our local office supplier (€40 each time!), we had no joy. After cleaning the mirrors in the optical box it now prints like a new machine. Wouldn’t have dared do it without your clear encouraging instructions and the fact I have just read Matthew Crawford’s brilliant book ‘The Case for Working with Your Hands’. We owe you a pint of Guinness!

#463 Comment By Mark Hooper On 24 February 2011 @ 16:43

Thanks for these well detailed instructions, without these this would have been an impossible task. Although it’s a fiddly job this made it a dam site easier. The hardest part was finding the cotton buds in the cupboard (trip to town followed) wife put her hand on them instantly.

Thanks for this the thoughts of buying a new printer have now gone.

Hooper Graphics

#464 Comment By Luciano Di Prima On 26 February 2011 @ 16:51

Dear Andrew, Thanks a lot for your “support” in this issue with your “fading fix” explanation! Now it works again with all colors, specially “magenta”!
I got this 2605dn from my brother ’cause it didn’t work in his network at his company. After a few hours spend to fix the problem, only the USB Port was working. So he decided 1½ year ago to buy a new printer (he needs it to work daily). The 2605dn was standing almost this time not be used.
I installed the printer at home hoping it will work in my net at home, but with no positive result. I attached the Printer via USB and upgrade the firmware and then … guess what… YES, it was regognized in the net.
Today i cleaned the lenses … uuff… it takes me almost two hours… but it was worth it!

Enjoy a pint and best regards from Switzerland

#465 Comment By steve iverson On 26 February 2011 @ 23:09

Thanks for the wonderful, step by step process. Made a HUGE improvement!


#466 Comment By Jeff Lenning On 27 February 2011 @ 04:07

Two comments.
Comment number 1: THANK YOU. Thank you so much for taking the time to post this.
Comment number 2: I did the full procedure, and then the magenta was back (yeah) but the right side of the printed pages no longer had black ink (argh). So, after a quick google search, I saw that someone recommended ensuring that the laser assembly is properly seated before screwing it back in place. That is, you can screw in the screws even if it isn’t properly seated. So, I opened her back up, took my time to properly seat the assembly. I also ensured that the two flat cables were inserted all the way and straight, ensuring they were not inserted at a an angle. Just ran my demo page, and we are back in business baby.
Also, the second time around I used a cordless driver drill with magnetic screw tip, and wow, that is a much faster process.

#467 Comment By Mark On 1 March 2011 @ 14:13

Great job, been suffering with the faded red colour for months, having tried the obvious solutions several times! For the cost of 2 earbuds and a bit of time, prints are now back to top quality. Thanks for taking the time to post this great guide.

#468 Comment By Adrian Anzulovich On 1 March 2011 @ 18:11


Thank you very much for the detailed instruction guide! All went well except for Step 19. Gotta watch out for that pesky little spring. After some searching I found the spring on the other side of the room. Anyhow thanks again!


#469 Comment By Peter Ingles On 2 March 2011 @ 09:09

I’ve tried re-callibrating, cleaning the reflectors behind the roller and behind the toner.
Kids have gone to school, radio 4 is on, all equipment ready…
Wish me luck everybody, I’m going in!

#470 Comment By Peter Ingles On 2 March 2011 @ 10:37

Woo Hoo Perfect!
Thankyou so much. Brilliant.
Those non-techies out there, follow the instructions and don’t loose your nerve.
Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!!!!!!!

#471 Comment By joaquin On 3 March 2011 @ 10:18

Thank you very much.
This information is very good.
Berst regards, Joaquin

#472 Comment By Lawry TD On 3 March 2011 @ 13:44

After sitting idle for 2 years – it finally works again (damn magenta!). Took just over an hour.

#473 Comment By Rose On 5 March 2011 @ 04:24

Thanks for the information. Today I returned the 3 genuine HP color cartrides to Office Depot. I took in copies of the faded print and they did not have a problem giving me replacements. Now it looks like I’ll need to pay for a repair, since I am mechanically challenged and may have a bigger mess if I try to do this myself. My print just turned 3 years old in February and my usage history is a total of 7485 pages (5036 color). Depending on the repair cost, I may just buy another printer. Likely not an HP.

#474 Comment By wottenad On 5 March 2011 @ 05:53

Absolutely amazing difference! Less than an hour and it’s like a brand-new printer again. Thanks for the awesome instructions!

#475 Comment By Steve in Texas On 6 March 2011 @ 04:16

Wonderful instructions. Worked for me also about a year ago–but took me about three hours. (I move cautiously.) Time to do it again. Every time I think about this problem, I come to this site and review things, and renew my vow to never buy another HP product of any type. If HP had the honesty to say something like, “Sorry, it’s was an engineering problem from the start and we can’t spend any money to help all you 2605 owners because our quarterly earnings may show a drop,” I’d respect their honesty. But HP faded out, too. (Pardon the pun.) I recommend Epson.

#476 Comment By Michael On 6 March 2011 @ 08:38

Thankyou so much. My printer is around 3-4 years but only printer around 3500 pages. I had no idea why red wasn’t printing correctly and thanks to you I now know and have fixed the problem. Instructions were great and easy to follow and the pictures made it relatively painless.

#477 Comment By John Best On 7 March 2011 @ 02:46

The is the best explanation for doing a complicated task I have ever seen on the web. It took about 3 hours, and, it completely fixed my problem.

A couple additional hints for others doing this precedure: I did need to choose my screwdriver bit very carefully for the 3 screws holding the optical box in place — the heads want to strip out. The right side took a fair amount of fiddling with to get it off and back on again — take your time and don’t force it so you don’t break one of the plastic tabs.

Thank you!

#478 Comment By Mike On 8 March 2011 @ 10:31

I tried again with the 2605 and got the screws out. I had to use different screws to put the optical box back but it was certainly well worth it as the results are remarkable. The screws that I used to put the box back should be easier to get out in future.

#479 Comment By Richard On 8 March 2011 @ 22:58

You’re a superstar. First class instructions which worked perfectly. The amount of dirt on the mirrors was not a lot. Just fine dust. Although giving them a good clean we were sceptical that we’d found the cause of the problem. We were wrong. Just that fine layer of dust had removed almost all the magenta.

Beer on me.

#480 Comment By Scott On 9 March 2011 @ 00:42

My question is about ‘sealing’ that area. Is it possible to seal it to keep that dust OUT? What is the purpose of that vacuum bag material crafted as an air filter over the black grille area? Does that help to keep the internal fan clean, to last longer?

Please advise!

bone2046 on freenode on IRC

#481 Comment By Sam On 9 March 2011 @ 13:29

And from Germany a big “Thank You for this great guide”, too!

Best Regards


#482 Comment By Carole On 9 March 2011 @ 16:33

This worked great for us! Took about an hour, not bad! Any chance you have a fix for color alignment issues? Would love to hear if you do. I work at a school and we have about 30 of these printers and several have magenta issues that the mirror fix helped, but most are having color alignment issues. Black printing works great.

#483 Comment By Jaap Kroesschell On 9 March 2011 @ 20:13

Brilliant. Thank you, my 2605dn is as new again.
One question, I have also considered adding a memory module, can you indicate where I will gain improvements (PS/PCL text graphics photos).

#484 Comment By simon wright On 11 March 2011 @ 14:00

Many thanks – you saved my printer from the scrap heap – you are saving the environment single handed!

#485 Comment By Tony Moore On 15 March 2011 @ 16:29

Thank you for your very well documented and ilustrated Repair guide worked a charm was done in an hour. The light box was tricky to reinstall. Got it in properly on second go. Would recomend a brand new philips scredriver if attempting this the first time as screws are very tight.

#486 Comment By Samson On 16 March 2011 @ 04:16

Picked up my printer from Laser printer repair shop with an estimate of $319CDN – $380CDN to replace the “failed scanner assembly”. Printer is 3yrs old with 3650 pages printed on second set of Toner. Did your procedure, more straight forward than it seems in the online photos. It took about an hour and a half, from tear down to putting the toner back in.

Thanks!! for this fantastic post.


#487 Comment By Reinhard On 18 March 2011 @ 13:34

Not a year after cleaning this damned thing I did it again and I am happy to say that your description helped me through another “cleaning process”. This time I followed your additional instructions and “added” a fan filter. ;-)

#488 Comment By Eric On 18 March 2011 @ 23:20

Worked like a charm. I would suggest gently cleaning every clear lens you can find int he lazer box! You will be surprised how many clear plastic parts are hazy in there!
Easy job if your are good with your hand.

#489 Comment By daniele On 22 March 2011 @ 11:22

hi! great fix about this problem, i was not sure if i had this problem but i noticed a great improvement in printing magenta so i think this was the thing to do, but now i have an issue: everything i prit it comes with an almost imperceptible black shade on all the paper, but it’s really a light thing, looks like something is dirty on the fuser or maybe some light gets in the laser box after reassembling, what do you think about it?
thanks again for this guide and for helping on my issue!!

#490 Comment By Thomas On 22 March 2011 @ 14:03

Thanks for this great tutorial! You solved my problems (though unfortunately a new printer was already bought)!

#491 Comment By Kyo Kusanagi On 22 March 2011 @ 15:37

This procedure is awesome. I did all the steps and i test the prints is ok..Thanks a lot…

#492 Comment By Jeff On 26 March 2011 @ 22:06

Thanks for the great post and instructions. We just finished and it worked! The mirrors did not appear to be very dirty – so we cleaned everything in the optics box with q-tips. It worked. One thing our printer had was 2 cable connectors labeled J106 – one on the top row, one on the bottom row. We noted it when we removed it and putting it back went fine. Thanks again!

#493 Comment By Jae On 29 March 2011 @ 05:13

Yes this worked for me too. The only problem is that I ‘ve done this three times now. The color seems to fade after only a few weeks in my house. I am tempted to try the filter.

#494 Comment By Vern On 29 March 2011 @ 07:06

You’re the man!
Unfortunately, I had to repeat the procedure to get it working right.
I followed the steps (well written and easy to follow) but when I got to the dirty mirrors everything looked quite clean. So, I gave everything a swabbing, put it all back together, and ran a test print. Bummer. The fading all moved to one side of the page. I assumed I must have just pushed the dust to one side. Disappointed, I let it sit for a week before trying again, this time armed with a newly purchased can of canned air. Ba da boom, ba da bing, the printer is working great. Thx Andrew!

#495 Comment By Big Rob On 31 March 2011 @ 07:35

The detail of your service of the printer was premium, and high quality. I thank you for your effort, cause it helped me in mine. There is nothing like the feeling that you have spent so much for something that doesn’t work. And there is nothing like knowing you got it working the way it was meant to once again. THANK YOU!!

#496 Comment By Dick H On 31 March 2011 @ 16:38

I have read this article several times and finally plucked up the courage to give it a go. Well your spot on! Took me all afternoon but well worth it. It’s just like it’s come out of the box again. The only thing I did different was once I cleaned the mirrors, I then attacked all the clear perspex bits I could find and was also shocked to see how much dust was encrusted on them as well! I also made a home made filter as per your instructions. Thanks once again for a very detailed guide.

#497 Comment By Thanks for the wonderful step by step On 31 March 2011 @ 22:09

Hi, I having the same issue with my printer right now. Color is fading. I will be going through this step by step as you have listed here. Thank you very much for taking the time to document the step by step instructions. I will post the results later. Thanks again!

#498 Comment By Macielle On 3 April 2011 @ 12:53

i have cleaned three times the mirrors. Before that i had almost no magenta and Yellow printing. Now i have a good amount of all colors. And the black is perfect (always was). But still i cannot print the magenta,cyan and Yellow at 100%. And the the printing of this colors is not gradual, has darker and lighter spots if i print a box of each this colors. Any help?

#499 Comment By Adrian On 3 April 2011 @ 17:35

In 1 Hour it’s all DONE

#500 Comment By Macielle On 4 April 2011 @ 14:26

Any help here?
still faded a bit already cleaned 4 times. Any other solutions?

#501 Comment By Macielle On 9 April 2011 @ 14:06

just cleaned again and i still get this:

Please check the image:

what can i do?

#502 Comment By K McCarthy On 17 April 2011 @ 12:49

This was a fantastic fix! Printer’s back to brand new!

However, I’d like to share my experience and a few tips that I learned along the way:

When I first got down to the mirrors, I indeed used cotton swabs. However, after getting it all back together, it was still not quite right, and now I’d introduced a streaking down the left side of the print that was not there prior to me taking it all apart. So, back in for a second go the next day.

The second time through, I used a very clean lens cleaning cloth (thin and supple), and not only used it to clean the mirrors again (using a swab to assist by taking a swipe across the mirror with the cloth sort of pushed down in there between the lens and the mirror), but

I then used it to clean both the clear lenses in the laser path (the short ones near the mirrors, as well as the large arched ones)the smaller ones in the same fashion as the mirrors outline above, and the larger ones in the way one would clean an eyeglass lens, sort of gently pinched on both sides while wiping across.

I’m not really sure if the additional lens cleaning helped, but I’d noted that using a flashlight at the right angle, all surfaces of all lenses had a “film” of dust on them that didn’t look like I’d gotten it all the first time.

**IMPORTANT** When putting the laser box back onto its mounts, I found that pushing it up there and letting the tabs sort of “lock” into place, but then continuing to use gentle pressure, sort of move it around and make sure that it’s seated all the way, and continuing to hold it in this position, attached the two top screws, then the bottom one.

**IMPORTANT** Make sure when putting the light box back on, triple check that you’ve got both data ribbons seated firmly. The second time through I noted that one had sort of come loose on one side, so I re-seated it before proceeding.

The reason for the **IMPORTANT** items is that I’m certain one of those two items caused me to have to go back in a second time, or it would have worked the first time through just fine, and either are what seems an easy oversight based on experience, so take your time on the light box reassembly and reattachment to printer.

Otherwise, this worked flawlessly, eternal thanks to the original poster for making such a great walkthrough, and for hosting it for the rest of us!!!

You save me a bundle, so a few cold ones will arrive shortly via PayPal, THANKS!

#503 Comment By Big D On 19 April 2011 @ 04:23

Fantastic Post and great instructions. My 2605dn works good as new again. The instructions were easy to follow and it took me about an hour.

Tip for cleaning: 3 step process.
1. Use cotton swab to dust of mirror. Also dust of the lens. (not sure if this did anything, but it couldn’t hurt.)

2. Use baby-wipes. You can wrap the cotton swab with it, or on a plastic cocktail stirrer. Wipe down the mirrors and really clean them well. With the plastic drink stirrer, I would reach the center lower portion of the mirror that the cotton swab could not reach.

I also cleaned the clear plastic shields, the big ones that can be seen from the toner trays and the small concave ones fronting the mirrors.

3. Go over the mirrors again with a clean/dry cotton swab ensuring to wipe off any hazing left by the baby-wipes. Look at the mirrors from various angles an make sure they are completely clean.

That’s it. Works like a charm.

#504 Comment By John On 20 April 2011 @ 21:09

Hi all,

Tried doing this today. The first time it went ok, but the majenta was still rubbish (all toners at 90%), but sfter doing it a second time, the colours seemed faded (worse than before starting), and the majenta didnt work at all. I cleaned the mirrors and plastic things around them with cotton buds and lens cleaner (i used a dry one after each & there were no smears at all when id finished).

Have I done something wrong? What should I do now?

Cheers in advance,

#505 Comment By Gabe On 21 April 2011 @ 16:41

Great instructions; it worked for me also! Thanks!

#506 Comment By Wil On 22 April 2011 @ 10:37

Perfect instructions, very clear! This can be done by every nono.

It worked for me, took 1 hour to finish.
Again thanks!

#507 Comment By James Shumate On 24 April 2011 @ 23:24

Just looked at your latest instruction for where the vent is.

Thanks, Did it once, this is the second time, did not add the filter last time will this time.

See you in three hours.


#508 Comment By caerbannog On 7 May 2011 @ 18:33

There’s a frightful number of steps; and i am always wary of going into some devices, for fear i will never come back. but i followed each step carefully, all the way in, and (mostly) all the way out. powered up the printer, ran a test – and it worked. amazing!

thank you

#509 Comment By Anthony On 8 May 2011 @ 10:23

Great procedure. Followed to the letter. Couldn’t get the cable arms back in and had a couple of screws left over… but job done! Awesome!

Thanks for sharing!

#510 Comment By Thrust On 8 May 2011 @ 19:42

Thanks alot für this instruction. It was very helpful and it works perfectly for me.

#511 Comment By Dr. Nabil On 10 May 2011 @ 23:27

Thanks a lot
your step by step guide is wonderful !
my printer is back on with a perfect picture
Thanks again

#512 Comment By Jon P On 12 May 2011 @ 11:41


#513 Comment By Andy On 14 May 2011 @ 10:09

Excellent easy to follow article. Worked perfectly taking me only 45 minutes.

#514 Comment By Sean On 15 May 2011 @ 07:34

Thanks for the great write-up! Went much faster than I thought it would–about an hour, total, including one mix-up. Enjoy your beer!

Note to others: if you get a 51.22 error after buttoning it all back up, try switching the two data cables that come from the optics box (they’re the two lower flat ribbon cables, same size connectors). It’s easy to mix them up if you unclipped them from the chassis when reinserting the optics box (which makes it easier to plug them in at the box). It’s a quick fix to just switch them around on the main board, rather than taking everything back apart.

#515 Comment By David Millward On 17 May 2011 @ 18:14

I too think the instructions were very clear UNTIL it got to the cleaning bit [most important] – what exactly should be cleaned? The RED mirrors AND the revolving mirrored squares? The clear plastic arcs adjacent to the mirrors? The 4 little circular lenses behind the hinged flap?

However, despite following them 3 times now, the print is no better with absolutely minimal Magenta printing.

I suppose I am going to have to do it again and clean absolutely everything.

Cotton-bud tips are fiddly – difficult to access all the face of the mirrors [red ones].

If anyone can help, please do…..

#516 Comment By David Millward On 17 May 2011 @ 18:18

Have you had any contact or help?

I have the same issue after 3 attempts

#517 Comment By TFeb On 18 May 2011 @ 20:59

This worked well for me, so thanks. One thing I wondered is the dust coming into the printer (2605) must be reduced by making a filter for the bottom but what about the other fan on the right hand side behind the plastic cover, is that also sucking dusty air in through the side cover vents?

#518 Comment By Brandon N. On 20 May 2011 @ 16:42

Thank you thank you thank you! Works like a charm! Color is bautiful like day one! Cheers!

#519 Comment By Fred On 24 May 2011 @ 01:18

Thank you very much. Our Laserjet 2600n is working perfectly once again, thanks to your excellent instructions. We’ve saved money, and our landfill is not going to be clogged with what turns out to still be a perfectly good laser printer!

#520 Comment By Mike Smith On 31 May 2011 @ 14:14

Your instructions were very clear, and I went from no magenta at all to bright colors. Unfortunately, nothing prints on the right half of the page now. I guess I’ll go back in and try reseating everything. Not really sure where I could have gone wrong.

Thanks for taking the time to write this up. Anybody got suggestions on what might have caused by issue?

#521 Comment By Rolf Hansen On 4 June 2011 @ 13:07

Hi there. From Denmark. SUCCESS!!!!!!

My 2600 had faded a long time ago. I swapped the cartridges without luck.

To day i took the upportunity to follow this procedure. I got a new printer. Clear and full vivid colors now!!

I noticed that the mirrors had a dull surface even after wiping the dust away. I used som solvent for glasses on the cottonswabs. Just alittle and replaced the swap frequently. I managed to polish the mirrors to high glossy surface. A bright tablelamp and twisting back and forth the assembly helps to determine this.

My printer is 4 years old, and i suspect tobacho is a reason. It has been placed in an small office together with a heavy smoker. Yearrk.

#522 Comment By Jeremy A On 4 June 2011 @ 16:59

Hi this information is spot on much respect on this page i fixed three color laserjet 2605dn with your advice i would love some more printer advice from you

#523 Comment By K W On 4 June 2011 @ 22:19

These instructions are the best. Looks like new again. Thank you. Thank you.

#524 Comment By mike krieger On 11 June 2011 @ 16:49

OK, I just wanted to add my thanks to the list of hundreds before me. Our five year old 2600n is printing like new after the procedure. Took us just over an hour.

THanks again!

#525 Comment By Terry Yoo On 11 June 2011 @ 21:08

You are my hero. You saved me from buying a new printer. You saved a product that I like (except for this problem). You saved a small piece of the environment, and you made me look awesome to my kids (“Dad’s a genius!”). Thank you.

#526 Comment By Janhai from Germany On 14 June 2011 @ 18:44

It is great to find people, who share problems and take small steps for the environment. My colour jet 2600 (red was fading) was saved by a printer repair guy, who after a while of negotications (buy a new one- its cheaper) was convinced by the perfect instructions of reeves -hall. Half ways he phoned me, that he takes it as a challenge now and spents a few houtrs of his weekend!!! He spent 4 hours (a propfessional) and had done it. Printing as new! His bill was 150 Euro for 2 hours, but I gave him 200 Euro for a night out with friends and because he had understood, why I wanted the printer be cleaned and not destroyed. The 2600 printer is a good one and there is no need, to throw it away, just because some people did not think about where to place thw laser mirrors. Go for small offfices, show them the print outs and they will understand. Thanks again Mr. Reeves Hall family

#527 Comment By AndrewRH On 14 June 2011 @ 19:20

What!?? So-called professional takes four times as long as typical then charges you for my free instructions and you pay him a bonus!?? He needs to buy me a barrel of beer !

#528 Comment By BillW On 18 June 2011 @ 07:39

Worked great on my 2605dn. I guess it’s a long time later, but one thing that would be helpful in the instructions is a “screw count” for each step. Also, the screws holding the optic box in are a different length than all the other screws, do don’t mix them up.

#529 Comment By ChrisH On 25 June 2011 @ 13:16

Thanks again for your excellent instructions (I already PP’d you a beer). I did several printrs with no problem, taking less than an hour each and now they print like new.

CAUTION: I followed your suggestion about adding filter over the fan inlet. Now on long print jobs the printers overheat (message on LCD screen “Pausing to cool down”). So printing 1500 copies 2-sides takes about twice as long. Not a great problem, just thought I’d mention it.

#530 Comment By ChrisH On 25 June 2011 @ 13:31

Reply to David Millward

Clean EVERYTHING. I used a soft paintbrush to lightly brush everything, with a vacuum cleaner sucking and held just above the area. I think the red mirrors are likely the most important things.

#531 Comment By labatt On 26 June 2011 @ 22:40

CASE : Things went from faded prints to extremely faded prints (invisible) after cleaning the lenses. :( and how it was resolved :)

1. Yes i had cleaned all my lenses and mirrors, basically everything that looked like glass or clear plastic inside the lens box with cotton buds.

2.Closed the lens box perfectly and did all the rewiring neatly as described.

3. Powered the printer and the test page that came out was 1000% poorer than what was printing earlier.

4. Reopened the printer but since I was sure the lenses/mirror were very very very clean . I readjusted the lens box by removing all the 2 top screws & the bottom screw.

5. I notice a small piece of broken plastic that was wedged between the lens box and metal base of where it is supposed to sit/fit nicely. This is is reason my printer produced the extra faded prints. Technically , it was not fitted accordingly due to the plastic wedge

*****If your printer is old like mine before returning the closed lens box, wipe or blow its housing where it is supposed to attach to the printer; thereby removing all possible stuff that might prevent the lens box from adequately staying in position.

6. The printer is now working wonderfully, just like new, all colours are perfect – I always refill my cartridges :)

#532 Comment By labatt On 27 June 2011 @ 13:20

john and david millward.

1. Always use a pen light /torch to inspect whether the lenses are truely clean, shine the light at angle of 45 and check the glare on it.

2.Clean every thing that looks like glass/mirror on both surfaces, top & bottom or left @ right side, note that this lenses are optics that convey light from one point to the next so cleaning only one side is like having a water pipe that is blocked at the other end :)

3: How to clean the center part, the one with a square rotating thing.

– This thing is a 4 sided square mirror, cleaning the top where you see a nut/bolt/screw at the centre is useless :)
-U need to clean the four sides
– Hold its centre to keep it from rotating, then with a cotton bud clean one side,….do this for all the four sides.

-Remember to clean all two sides of the

1. lenses that look like contact lenses (4 of them)
2. all lenses that are semicircle (clean inside and outside the curve)
3. the red this is the main mirror, it only has one side for you to clean :)

Return the spring , if you forget, you gonna get clean white prints :(

Let the closed lens box fit comfortably on its own, never force.

now your printer must be working….:) :)

#533 Comment By Paul On 28 June 2011 @ 20:34

I’m a computer tech & these are some of the best instructions I’ve seen. Took me about 1.5 hours “cover to cover”. Works great. Thanks!

#534 Comment By Slyspark On 29 June 2011 @ 05:45

Worked just like you said it would! HP wanted over £200 to ‘service’ the printer, your fix cost me a bit of air duster and a few cotton buds. Print quality is now sharp and clear and all colours are vivid once again!

Thanks a lot, was beginning to think I’d have to replace the printer! Just a shame HP were so useless!

#535 Comment By Dimoni On 29 June 2011 @ 22:02


lo he hecho en una hora y poco mas
el resultado es im-presionante
de verdad, es de no creertelo

muchas gracias

#536 Comment By geitmonster On 30 June 2011 @ 18:45

Please make a “buy us a beer”- button in Euro! Don´t know what a beer in GBP cost.

Or give me hint!

Thank you for the inctruction. It works fine.

One Note:
Instead of dry cotton-wipes, you can use wipes with pure alcohol – It works better.

#537 Comment By Wim On 2 July 2011 @ 16:08

Thanks man,

Your procedure works like a charm.
My “broken” printer is now working like new.
Like geitmonster says, add a button for euros.

#538 Comment By AMM On 2 July 2011 @ 22:19

I have followed your step-by-step procedure. The steps are right on! And the printer now works like new! Great job on sharing this procedure.


#539 Comment By Hawaii Doug On 4 July 2011 @ 04:09

Although petrified, I stumbled through the fix and then when I printed a white sheet, I went back in and did it all again. Still printing a white sheet. I feel somehow the flap mechanism that covers the laser diodes and the optical box (Step 21) is the culprit, but the spring is in place and the flap mechanism goes back and forth easily. I just feel that it’s not engaging – and I don’t know how to check on that. Any suggestions out there?

Two comments: Step 12. On HP2600n, you just need to remove the top right cable tray (2 places to squeeze to release the friction hooks) and then the horizontal tray will slide to the left without having to remove any cables. Step 18: disconnect top data cable first and ease box out to more easily disconnect the bottom data cable. For re-installation, slip box into cavity, connect bottom data cable, lower box further into the cavity and install top data cable. Keep box away from back wall to flapper arm will fit into the groove.

USD50 on way via PayPal. The instructions were well done and I greatly appreciate the guidance. Note that with the decline in the USD, $50 will probably only buy you one beer, but at least the intent is there. Aloha

#540 Comment By Markus Steinkellner On 4 July 2011 @ 09:10

Hi after this Toturial i Have a Problem i cleant all but after i a hve a problem turn on hp fan error 57 how i can fix this or what i have make rong ??

#541 Comment By Markus Steinkellner On 4 July 2011 @ 09:39

i have found the problem with fan error it was a cabel but i have one more problem i dont have any color on my printer oh help pleas no colors on it ??

#542 Comment By geizmonster On 4 July 2011 @ 13:44

Überprüfe die beiden Kabel zur Optikbox. Diese müssen komplett drin stecken. Ma

#543 Comment By Joe On 4 July 2011 @ 16:35

thanks for your hard work in putting these instructions together. After I completed the steps all printouts all colors were more faded. Performing all steps again now. Any comments welcome.

#544 Comment By Joe On 4 July 2011 @ 17:19

Just finished going through a second time, because all colors faded with success. Still don’t know what cause trouble the first time

#545 Comment By rabsurfer On 4 July 2011 @ 18:33

Vielen Dank für die Anleitung. Obwohl in englisch, habe ich es geschafft. Mein Drucker druckt wieder prima.
Aber wohin soll ich das Bier schicken?

#546 Comment By Prinx On 6 July 2011 @ 08:50

Hi to all,
i’ve tryed to follow this guide, i clean all lens ecc, but now it doesn’t work :-(
the printer don’t print correctly, all the colors now are fade..

#547 Comment By Service Tech On 7 July 2011 @ 23:42

Thank you so much for posting this tutorial. I bought this printer used at a yard sale for $40. Test print revealed the magenta problem. I googled solutions and found yours. I took my time and did it in about 2 hours. Magenta mirror had a light film of dust over it. Reassembled and printer now has vibrant color. Better than a newer Brother unit we have. Wow. Thanks for a $40 color laser with Post Script and networking. You are a lifesaver!

#548 Comment By chris On 13 July 2011 @ 03:40

Thank you very much, our printer did not have yellow or red working at all. After i followed your steps the printer works fine now!! saved us a bunch of money.

#549 Comment By Peter Roe On 19 July 2011 @ 00:39

Thanks for the procedure. Worked like a charm though I am a bit slower – took me a bit more than 2 hours.

#550 Comment By Larry Mossing On 19 July 2011 @ 14:54

Thank you very much for the instructions. Worked like a charm. I was in a bind because I didn’t want to drop 80 bucks on a red cartridge not knowing if that was the problem or not. Taking it to the shop was out as well as the cost would have been the same as the damn printer itself.

The scary part was that the bottom mirror wasn’t even all that dirty, just a light coating of dust. What a crappy design by HP.

#551 Comment By Larry Mossing On 19 July 2011 @ 15:07

Judging by the number of comments I see Andrew I estimate you have cost HP probably around half a million in new printer sales. I would advise staying away from dark alleys for a while.

Thanks again.

#552 Comment By Tom On 22 July 2011 @ 00:22

I haven’t viewed all of the comments.

It appears to me that all of the screws on the interior plate are accessible without removing the wiring chases.

Also, no two connectors are the same, so marking may not be required.

Question: Because my 2600n wasn’t putting any magenta on the page, is there any way to reset a magenta cartridge that the machine thinks is is empty, but is virtually full of toner?

#553 Comment By Kai Dupke On 26 July 2011 @ 13:18

Thank you – the printer works well again!

Don’t need to label the connectors, they are all different plus be nearly in the right location by the cable trunk.

Took me 2 hours including a quick lunch.

#554 Comment By Michael On 1 August 2011 @ 06:45

I just started having this problem with my 5 year old 2600n. It sounds like this is the problem and solution. Don’t look forward to taking it apart, but excited that this will fix it. I found one other article like this but without color photos. Thanks.

#555 Comment By Ivan On 1 August 2011 @ 22:17

Many thanks – this was very useful. One thing to note is that mirrors are not visibly dusty .. When I got to them they were shining as new. I cleaned all mirrors and lens including the circle ones around the lasers. I was disappointed that I did not see the dirt. So when I was putting all together I did not expect it to run – but hey – it now works as new. So do not give up – do clean everything inside the optical box even if it does not seem filthy. Mine does not have the LAN option, so connector J108 was empty. This did make me think a little when I was putting all back, as I though I have missed a wire, but it all works fine!

Many thanks!

#556 Comment By Uwe On 5 August 2011 @ 20:26

You did a great job with this instructions.
Thanks a lot.
Your descriptions are very detailed and easy to understand, added with this brilliant fotos.
It took me less than two hours, to have it completly finished.
Again, thank you


#557 Comment By Bonnie On 5 August 2011 @ 20:57

Thanks for the instructions and pictures. When I wasn’t sure how the cable holders were to come out I looked at the picture online as the printed page has a small picture that is not easy to see.

I will agree with others that the labeling is not required but it is very helpful for someone with tri-focals. I did have to replace the fan board (the board everything plugs into) because it shorted out…I think one of the labels touched the board and caught on fire. So be careful with the labeling.

Anyway, I ordered the board, installed it, and the printer is now working fine. I have calibrated several times and the colors are not quite in line yet…but definitely better than before and I now have magenta printing on the paper. I will also agree the lens’ did not look dirty so I was surprised when I put it back together and it printed the magenta.

I had one extra screw at one point in the process. I discovered that the metal panel the two boards are attached to has a screw at the top of the panel close to the black plastic holder on the right side. So while I had the printer apart for the second time I put the screw in before putting the black plastic holder back in place. You don’t have to move the plastic piece it was just easier for me to make sure that screw was in before re-attaching the plastic holders.

So Andrew again, thank you so much. I am glad you took the time to make this process as painless as possible. It did take me longer than two hours the first time through. But by the third time I had a much shorter time in terms of tear down and reconstruction.

#558 Comment By Rich On 6 August 2011 @ 20:58

The fix worked perfectly on (2) printers, thanks.

#559 Comment By Laura On 7 August 2011 @ 17:31

I can’t believe I actually did it — with your help! You have given me a whole new sense of what I can do. You’re the best!! I followed the instructions, and it worked perfectly — the first time.

#560 Comment By Scott Kayser On 10 August 2011 @ 04:39

I have been looking at increasingly faded colors for almost a year now. Since I’m a teacher and have several months off in the summer, I decided to see if I could isolate the problem. As all of your readers know, HP is no help at all (they could at least acknowledge the problem and send people to this site). I’m not happy with them anyway because I just bought a new computer with Windows 7 and my HP scanner could not be made to work with it. I replaced it with an Epson.

Thank you for these detailed directions. The procedure took me about two and a half hours, and everything was exactly as described in the directions. They were very clear and the pictures helped tremendously. The printer now prints all colors much more vividly — the mirrors were, in fact, very dirty.

As I investigated this problem I skimmed through a blog that suggesting putting a filter over the fan to prevent or at least extend a recurrence of this problem. Unfortunately that was before I came across this procedure, and I don’t recall where I saw that recommendation.

Again, thanks a million for taking the time to do this. Now I’m happy with my color printer again.

#561 Comment By Colin On 10 August 2011 @ 18:09

Thank you very much for this information. I couldn’t figure out what was causing my prints to look so bad – quality had deteriorated steadily for months. It took me a bit more than an hour to go through the whole project, and now my 2605dtn is printing like new after one calibration.

I also found this pdf from hp, describing the same cleaning process. It’s useful to have this, as it identifies precise locations of screws and other helpful tidbits:

I found a couple of things – it’s not really necessary to unsnake all the purple DC wires from the black plastic cable channels (step 8), as long as you jiggle the holders loose so you can use your screwdriver around them. (hp pdf shows how to untab and move the holders to get them off.)

There’s no need to remove the left hand side (seen from front of printer) panel. (step 11)

When replacing the optical box (step 18 in reverse), you might try reattaching the data cables before popping the box back in. I did it after and found it very fiddly to reach in and maneouver the cables.

A hint about the white data cables – if they are lined up correctly they are quite easy to push back in. If they feel like they don’t want to go back, check they are aligned correctly.

So thanks again – a very valuable page you have here. Boo to HP for their useless support and highly mediocre design.

#562 Comment By Robert On 11 August 2011 @ 23:22


wow, didnt expect the result to be so amazing.

Thanks a lot for the tutorial :)

#563 Comment By Fernando Klein Bley On 12 August 2011 @ 21:15

Your guide is very important!
I went a little further to try to solve the problem permanently and never need to open the printer. When you disassemble it clearly you can see that the cooler itself plays toner powder in front of the printer into the holes in the optical box in it, especially the two holes that are wire-side cooler, I closed all the holes of the optical box with silicone, all the holes in all sides of the optical box, and still spent silicone around the part that is inside the printer, so sticking to the metal box of the optical printer, so I think that the problem will never occur because where dust has come, the box is now sealed.

#564 Comment By Louise On 13 August 2011 @ 18:44

Hey, thanks a million for taking the time to upload these instructions. Got to the mirrors and they didn’t really seem to have much dust on them, so I wasn’t too optimistic, however on re-assembling, bright vivid red back! Hurrah!
Again, and many times over thanks so much. x

#565 Comment By Peter Cross On 27 August 2011 @ 14:24

Brilliant! Worked like a charm. Couldn’t see much dirt on the mirrors but a wipe over them with a cotton bud did the trick. Only found your site whilst looking for the best deal for a new one! You’ve saved me the cost of a new printer. Thanks!

#566 Comment By McBart On 28 August 2011 @ 00:39

And again and other one 2605DN working fine :-)

Tip let light shine light of a lamp on the flat mirror’s and turn them the box in a way, so you can actually seen the reflection. This way you can check if you missed a spot. I was amazed how much dirt the mirror had collected and gave a second rub. My machine is now working as new and all colors are shine again :-)

Thanks, Bart

#567 Comment By Sue Hyde On 28 August 2011 @ 07:12

Awesome! It worked! Thank you so much for posting this. Every other color was printing fine, except red. So, I bought a new magenta cartridge, even though the status saidl 64%, to no avail. Before I junked the printer, I thougth I’d search the web to see if other users were having similar problems. The instructions were great. I was very sceptical after an hours work taking the printer and cables apart. It didn’t look like any dirt was coming off the mirrors once I got to the critical step. However, upon putting everything back together, voila, it works great! The red prints perfectly! Thanks again for taking the time to publish this.

#568 Comment By Michael On 28 August 2011 @ 22:43

If you find yourself getting “Printer comm. error” followed by “49 turn off and on” take the back off, and check the seating of all the cables. In my case I had almost, but not quite, seated all of the connectors. Save one. That moved about 1mm deeper in the socket. Problem cleared. You also want to clean the square mirrors on the motors, and the inside and outside of all the plastic lenses. Don’t rub hard, as those first surface mirrors scratch very easily.

#569 Comment By Chuck Cadwallader On 1 September 2011 @ 18:37

Our HP 2605dn color printer has been quite a workhorse for our office. We have printed 29,500 sheets based on the usage report but we noticed that our company Logo, which is deep Red, began fading over the past 3 months. I performed an internet search and found your procedure, and it worked! I examined the cotton swabs that I wiped the mirrors with and could hardly see any debris. I was expecting to see toner all over the place, but that wasn’t the case. The job took me about an hour and 45 minutes including a cup of coffee, and this was well worth the effort. The printer is like a brand new machine! Thanks so much for taking the effort to document and post this procedure!

#570 Comment By Chris On 2 September 2011 @ 12:21

I try your instruction today. I need 3 hours. The HP Lj 2605 works very fine now. Thank you very much!!


#571 Comment By Scott On 5 September 2011 @ 04:13

I followed your instructions to a tee and it worked out fantastic thanks for the posting

#572 Comment By Richard W. On 6 September 2011 @ 14:47

Thank you! After about 3 years, my 2605dn started to print with faded colours about 6 months ago. At first, I thought it was either a cartridge problem or a software problem.

Finally, tired of having a colour printer that could not print colours properly, I spent over 2 hours last night following this procedure, and now the printer prints perfectly again!

Any thoughts on Fernando Klein Bley’s comment below concerning sealing the optical box (with silicone or something) as a more permanent fix? (I really dread the thought of having to do this again on an annual basis!!)

#573 Comment By Mike Leroux On 7 September 2011 @ 19:21

Incredible, the reds are back! Actually all the colors look brighter too! Thanks a lot. I am no technician and it took me 1.5 hours. Every step is accurate and the pictures helped, especially when reassembling.

#574 Comment By David On 9 September 2011 @ 06:40

Beautiful job. Didn’t really realize how much loss until I looked at the before and after self-test page. I have almost 95K pages on my unit and this is the first time I had to do this. I don’t think sealing the holes will help as the beam guides have to be open and clear. The filter in front of the fan seems like a good idea. Glad I never had to do this on my LJ4500… that beast weighed a ton, although it got a lot more color pages per cartridge slowly.

#575 Comment By Cookie Dough On 10 September 2011 @ 18:33

I’m so glad I found these instructions. I had called HP and they suggested all the cleaning/calibration cycles but that had no effect. Since the printer (HP Laserjet 2600n) was out of warranty, my only other choice was an expensive repair shop. But after following these directions, I’ve got the colors looking as vibrant as the first day, and no repair bill. Magenta and yellow are back and I now see purple and orange too (which looked like blue and pale orange before the cleaning).

In addition to the instructions above, I used the PDF link below. There were several diagrams relating to the exact screw placement as well instructions on carefully cleaning of the rotating mirror, the lenses and the angled mirrors that really helped.

My hints for the best results:
1) Keep each removed part separate with its screws.
2) Take pictures as you go. I especially found it helpful to take pictures of the wires in the black channels since that can be tricky to figure out that the purple data cables should go on the bottom and the thicker power cables on the top in a separate set of plastic prongs.
3) Don’t worry about the labeling so much but pay attention to the size and location of each connector; and yes, pull carefully by the purple wires to remove them from the rectangular block. Unlike PC connectors, the wires fit into the block rather than the block fitting over pins on the board.
4) When cleaning the optical parts, use a very bright light to see the dust/particles that need removing. Like others, I expected to see visible toner and was surprised that it just seemed to be a light coating of dust. Watch out for cotton fibers from your Q-tips getting snagged and deposited on a surface you just cleaned.
5) Be gentle when pulling/replacing panels and parts. They go together again without needing a lot of force, if you line things up and do it gently.

If you are interested in how the optical components work and the exact reason why magenta and yellow appear to have the worst fading, read the PDF linked above. (Hint: The respective mirrors for magenta and yellow are angled upward and capture the dust first).

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to document and explain the steps. Not only do I have a working printer again without having paid a huge repair bill, but I have a total sense of accomplishment!

#576 Comment By Mark On 16 September 2011 @ 09:23

Thank you very much, spent the wee hours (2 hours) getting my 2600 printer working properly.
Amazing the difference all from the removal of a fine layer of dust.. Great design HP….
And to say I threw away the old toner cartridges thinking they were problem..

Thanks again!!!

#577 Comment By Chrissy On 16 September 2011 @ 14:45

having at least 20 of these printers in our school and two of them printing absolutly no magenta, I thought what the heck i’ll give it a go. I have to admit that I was dubious and when I got to the optical box there was hardly any dust in it. I followed the instructions to the letter, put all my little lables on, put it all back together and hey presto, What a Result. respect man, First one took me about 3hrs during call outs and the next one took me an hour.

From one very hassled and frazzled IT Engineer my deepest thanks.

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#579 Comment By Jack Gray Jr On 18 September 2011 @ 03:46

Many thanks! It did correct the magenta issue.

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#581 Comment By Contempre B On 20 September 2011 @ 09:24

Great work, very helpful, Thank-You.

It took you time to put all this together. It works!
There is no equivalent in professional support.

Sad enough, this print seems indeed to have been contrived to fail miserably after a while.

Though the solution is obvious, it does not come from HP. Neither an explanation, nor a print improvement.

Might it be possible that you cut the grass under HP”s feet?
You did not only help us, Thank-You again for that, but it is sad to think that You perhaps en-lighted what could be a deliberate obsolescence policy.

You propose additional solution like a filter for the fan, thank-you.

#582 Comment By Roger On 21 September 2011 @ 11:39

Hi, I followed all of the instructions and put everything back together and when I try to print a page it comes out blank. I took it apart and checked all of the connections and they are all seated but still printing blank pages. This happens when I print a test page from the printer itself or try to print a document via the pc connected to the printer. It gives no errors and behaves as it always has, just no ink whatsoever on the page when it exits the printer. Any ideas?

#583 Comment By Roger On 21 September 2011 @ 13:07

I figured it out! The ribbon cable that connects the two boards had a pin that got smashed when I reseated the cable. I straightened out the pin and viola! It works! Thanks for the great guide – it’s like I have a brand new printer!

#584 Comment By Paul Belanger On 22 September 2011 @ 16:27

I did the cleaning of the mirrors of the laser assembly in my HP 2600n ColorJet printer in just 1½ hour.
I have bought on internet the repair kit from fixyourownprinter.com.
The video was showing the complete procedure for dismantling the HP 2600n ColorJet printer.
It was very interesting to see and was also very usefull.
I just did use the same procedure and it as worked pretty well.
I did clean all the 4 fixed mirrors, the 2 rotating mirrors and all of the lens with a dry Q-tips and blow all the dirth that was around with compressed air.
Tank you for all the informations that was on the WEB for this problem of colors fading on my Color LaserJet 2600n Printer.


#585 Comment By Doug On 24 September 2011 @ 19:14

Last night I spent a few hours following your well-written instructions and was able to fix my 5 year old printer! Thank you so very much for taking the time to figure this out and then to document it for the rest of us to have. Whatever possessed your to do this in the first place? Anyway, thank you, thank you, thank you!

#586 Comment By Skrymta On 24 September 2011 @ 21:53

Just went through this on a hp cm1015 mfp, (didn’t actually have to take the top off). Took me about three hours after I put the children to bed. Seems lite a success so far, saved me alot of money. Thanks.

#587 Comment By Charlie Roberts On 25 September 2011 @ 23:06

Thank you!!! This worked perfectly and the photos you provided were very helpful.

#588 Comment By John G On 25 September 2011 @ 23:23

Many thanks to everyone here, I’m well on the way to making every mistake that anyone else has made.

Roger, I’m having the same problem you had. When you talk about the ribbon cable that connects the two boards, can you be more specific about which cable/which boards?

#589 Comment By John G On 25 September 2011 @ 23:46

Colin, helpful tips throughout, thanks. Though I’m not sure how you could get the 3-4 screws on the right side of the back panel off, if you haven’t removed the left side panel.

#590 Comment By John G On 26 September 2011 @ 00:44

Sean, brilliant suggestion, hadn’t realized they went there! This fixed my 51.22 problem, though I still have no data making it onto paper. (Presumably not related…? I checked those cables about 3 more times on all fronts.) Anyway, thanks for the tip.

#591 Comment By Robert Rackl On 27 September 2011 @ 00:36

Thanks, that worked for me!
I did, however, forget to plug back in one of the data cables (the single one in the center) which resulted in “engine communication error”. I fixed that fairly quickly. And, I did buy you a beer … :) – enjoy!


#592 Comment By Andrew Reeves-Hall On 27 September 2011 @ 00:47

Cheers for the beers! Glad you got your printer cleaned and working again. A mini-heatwave is breaking out this week here in southern England – so your donation will be well drunk (and probably me to).

#593 Comment By empiwifo On 29 September 2011 @ 14:59

we also had the problem of white/ blank pages. the trick was: the front-panel must be open when moving the optical box back into the printer. (otherwise the laser is always covered)

#594 Comment By Ken On 30 September 2011 @ 03:39

Excellent job documenting the process. It was easy to follow and corrected my “fading” problem in a little over an hour. Was about to bring it to a tech and probably pay $150 – $200 to have it fixed. Thanks for a job well done.

#595 Comment By Igor Jakubowicz On 2 October 2011 @ 13:23

Thanks for doing this – took 2½ hours for my CM1015 HP MFP but works as new now. Selectively leaving out a few screws (this printer has a screw under main PC board which was hard to remove and another under one of the small boards (ditto) will make any future repair quicker & easier. The time taken was cheaper than a new colour laser (relatively cheap though they are these days). Thanks again.

#596 Comment By Bas van de Pavert On 2 October 2011 @ 21:49

Hi, I have a cm1017. I followed your instructions to the letter! Yes, the lenses were dirty. Reassembled and guess what? mfp won’t initialize. gives me the 49 service error. I triple checked every step, dis-assembled/re-assembled several times, checked all connectors for damaged pins, but still the same problem: 49 service error.

Any suggestions or just say goodbye to HP?

(In the mean time I bought an Epson inkjet mfp BX525WD (EUR 66) that does everything the HP was doing, the show must go on!)

#597 Comment By Rashid On 6 October 2011 @ 06:42

I had no idea what the “Plastic Reflectors” you were referring to – so I just applied isoprobyl alchohol to anything & everything that looked plastic. I think it was those “windows” in the back that you meant? Anyway – it seemed to work ! Saving me bunches of money and TIME!!!!!! Thanks again for documenting this fix.

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#599 Comment By Sam D. On 9 October 2011 @ 00:30

Another happy customer. After 14,340 pages (9,950 of which were color) reds were almost gone (on the config printout blue and purple looked almost identical). Total time from unplugging the printer to perfect printouts was under 2 hrs. Cheers, enjoy the beer.

#600 Comment By Bart On 10 October 2011 @ 20:23

This procedure worked like a charm to restore the Magenta. However, the colors were out of alignment after completing it, and the result was almost as bad as before (just more colorful). Fortunately, a series of Super NVRAM initializations and repeated color callibrations sufficed to restore the printer to its origianl print quality. Each initialization and callibration changed the alignment (sometimes better, sometimes worse), and it took 5 or 6 before everything fell into line correctly. So if it isn’t right after one, keep trying. Eventually everything will line up.

#601 Comment By Shane On 11 October 2011 @ 04:44

Thank you so much! The quality is great now! When we first put it back together it was giving me a paper jam error… We opened it back up and one of the connectors wasn’t plugged in all the way. Now it’s perfect!

Thanks =)


#602 Comment By John On 12 October 2011 @ 21:30

Getting 2605dn second hand found that it wasn’t printing colour at all. Did the task and now we have colour – thanks.
Still some issues with colour balance especially on blue, and have inherited a non HP yellow so work still to do. Thanks again for your very comprehensive and straightforward instructions.

#603 Comment By Camin Doro On 17 October 2011 @ 09:08

Thank you for this site! I’m one of those who rarely use a color printer (still with the original toners with slight less than half full), so it was only after four years that I suddenly noticed magenta fading, and found this site. There was practically no dust except for the bottom mirror.

The wires and trays were the most difficult, followed by the screw at the bottom of the laser box.

As for contacting HP, I never tried, since I’m guessing I would have to clean it again in another 4 years, so better learn to do it, and it probably takes more time calling, shipping, etc. than disassembling. I also had an issue with a top-loading HP printer where dust would settle on the rubber roller and cause lots of misfeeds, and all HP told me was to purchase some padding, which didn’t help much.

I also had experience completely disassembling HP laptops to dust off fans and internals so it wasn’t too daunting. I still run my 6-year old HP laptop with fancy 3D compiz desktop in Linux with just a memory upgrade, after a major dust cleanup.

Dust is the most probable cause of all computer component malfunctions, and I’m glad I didn’t have to spend a dime, except losing 3 hours of my time.

#604 Comment By Somi On 18 October 2011 @ 20:28

great descriptions… Just rescued a HP 2605dn with your help!

Greetings from Germany and cheers

#605 Comment By Graham On 21 October 2011 @ 14:52

Many thanks. Red and yellow were very weak. Back to original brightness now. Both the red and yellow mirrors were dusty. Recommend cleaning optic box on a very sunny day with the light behind you.

Three points,

1. Look for the quick release cable clip that hold the two optic box data cables to the side wall. Saves disconnecting the cables from the optic box, provide you are careful.

2. Run a sharp pencil around the optic box before removing, to mark exact position. I managed to get very good colour alignment without calibration.

3. Remove the spring before the centre screw in the optic box.


#606 Comment By Tony On 22 October 2011 @ 10:39

A pint of beer? You should get an OBE for outstanding services to the printing public!!! Have a pint on me – it’s a great feeling to repair a piece of malfunctioning kit (and saves me getting a replacement printer).

#607 Comment By Justin Lauer On 22 October 2011 @ 15:47

Great instructions… I don’t look forward to doing hardware work at home; do enough at the office. But my 2605dn is showing the same issues described here.

#608 Comment By Andrew Reeves-Hall On 22 October 2011 @ 16:25

Order of the Beer Enthusiast? Gladly received! I’ll have a T.E.A.

#609 Comment By Anthony P Warchal On 22 October 2011 @ 22:25

Thank you for this. I was afraid I was going to fork out a couple hundred $$$ to replace or repair this beast. Mine actually lasted about 4 years before I had to do this. I’m going to print out this and shove it in with the other printer documentation I have. Have a beer on me!!!

#610 Comment By Gordon On 23 October 2011 @ 23:01

The instructions were great. I think that I did not do something right though. I am not getting any color now at all.

#611 Comment By John G On 30 October 2011 @ 01:52

Heh. 3 weeks later I tried it again and it worked. Go figure. Definitely still some other issue with right side of prints fading, we’ll get there, maybe.

#612 Comment By Mike On 1 November 2011 @ 19:01

Thanks for this writeup!!! I had a magenta cartridge go bad, dump a bunch of toner into the printer & start printing magenta down 1/2 the page. I replaced the cartridge but magenta wouldn’t print at all. These directions were easy to follow & after cleaning the optical box & reassembling…printing works better than ever!!!

#613 Comment By John G On 2 November 2011 @ 02:49

I think it is not just left-right level that counts. Mine was pretty much level left-right, but with only 3 screws in, one side was further back than the other. My printouts were good on the left side and fading to white on the right side.

Nice that this could be fixed without actually removing anything besides the back cover and bottom aluminum flaps. *Finally* all working nicely again.

#614 Comment By John G On 2 November 2011 @ 02:51

Could be the optical box not securely fastened in the right position. (Other posts have mentioned that.) Or could be that the transparent plastic strip got clouded up (condensation?) then was clear again.

#615 Comment By John G On 2 November 2011 @ 02:52

I found this was fixed when I put the 4th screw in to hold my optical box in place. With 3 screws in it wasn’t being held flush against the internal frame.

#616 Comment By John G On 2 November 2011 @ 02:54

Optical box adjustment/adding 4th screw took care of this. Finally works like everyone else’s.

#617 Comment By Rodney On 2 November 2011 @ 13:52

my 2605DN for over 4 years now. I have cleaned the mirrors and lenses annually. Everytime I have had stellar results. I have had over 26,000 copies through this unit. I have succumbed to using aftermarket toner. It has been printing perfectly until now. I am showing over 25% toner left on only one cyan all other more in varying amounts. I have noticed by reviewing the cleaning procedures I seems I may have missed the square rotating mirrors. Am I going to have to tear it appart and clean those? Am I ready for a new fuser? This old girl has treated me well and had made me some money I hate to see her go.

#618 Comment By ELL02 On 2 November 2011 @ 17:40

Thanks, the door switch had over traveled and jammed. I looked all over for it but was unable to find until I saw your picture.

#619 Comment By Tobi On 3 November 2011 @ 12:07


thank you for that incredible description. With it, it was easy to repair the printer. Now my printer works perfect!

#620 Comment By Luis Matias On 5 November 2011 @ 20:56

great descriptions… Just rescued a HP 2600n with your help!

greats from Portugal

#621 Comment By Ken H. On 6 November 2011 @ 07:07

Wow! I was scared to attempt this, but after just buying new toner, thinking that might solve my fading magenta problem (which it didn’t), I just had to try. I did end up with an extra screw, and cannot figure out where it came from, but my father always fixed his own washing machines, and had a LOT of screws left over.

I worked in replicated optics for years, and think the quality of those red mirrors is wonderful. I suspect they have a vacuum coating of quartz to protect the surface. Yes, the cyan and magenta mirrors, facing up, were dirty, and the black and yellow mirrors were very clean. I just cleaned the dirty ones, and removed all the dust I could from the optical section. Scariest part was pulling out the wiring from the circuit board connectors. Such fine wires, but looking at the way the wires are crimped to the contacts, I was confident. On those data ribbon cables, one conductor on one ribbon had a metal pad folded back – I believe from the factory. I had to carefully bend it back down and hope for the best. I believe enough of the healthy part of the pad made contact, and the printer works, so it must be a good connection

Thank you everyone for your comments and corrections over the past years. And thank you Andrew. I hope you enjoy the beer.

Ken Hecker

#622 Comment By Ian On 6 November 2011 @ 13:05

Please add another fixed printer to your list and enjoy your beer. Our printer is a Canon LBP 5000, but the differences were minor and mainly related to the outer cover. Once inside, everything matched and the job was easy. I spent a couple of hours on it, gave the printer a good clean as I worked, and it’s now running very nicely with excellent print quality. I used a bit of cheap dust mask to cover that pesky vent, so hopefully we should be good for a few more years.

Thanks again for saving us from chucking out a perfectly good printer, and also wasting the full set of new toner we bought to try and solve the problem.

Keywords for anyone else searching on this – canon i-sensys lbp5000 lbp5001 lbp 5000 5001 magenta fade uneven side

#623 Comment By tpr On 14 November 2011 @ 11:33

Brilliant instructions Andrew, thanks very much. Like Bill, I have done this on my CM1017 MFP (which looks like almost exactly the same printer, but with a scanner sellotaped on top). As Bill says, on the CM1017 you have to remove one of the circuit boards to get at one screw. I left that screw out when reassembling, to make it easier next time.

As for the results, my magenta is almost perfect, but my cyan is still faded and streaky. So I probably didn’t clean that one well enough. Also the colours are a bit out of alignment now, even after a couple of calibration runs, so perhaps I didn’t quite seat the box correctly. I’ll go back and try it all again soon!

My printer has only light use — 5000 pages in 4 years — so I’m wondering if the deposits on the mirrors come from the cheapo refilled cartridges I have in at the moment.

#624 Comment By Shehzad On 15 November 2011 @ 19:52

OMG I can’t believe it, the difference is amazing. This was actually much simpler than I had expected. I was thinking to buy another printer but now my HP Color Laserjet 1600 prints like when it was new!

There is a lot of wiring but all of it fairly obvious when you reassemble it again. The most difficult part for me was putting the plastic panels back on.

Thank you very much.

#625 Comment By SK On 17 November 2011 @ 00:37

Awesome help and fun too.
The color improved tremendously even though not much dust showed up on the q-tips.
Many, many thanks.

#626 Comment By Sally On 17 November 2011 @ 00:38

Thanks Andrew! I found this website over a year ago and it saved me trashing my HP Color Laserjet CM1017 MFP. Almost exactly 1 year to the day it needs to be cleaned again. I don’t remember step 23 last time. Did it help in delaying the inevitable at all?

#627 Comment By Steve On 17 November 2011 @ 03:01

Thanks for your detail instruction. After spending hours of work, I am able to clean mirrors within optical box. However, after assembly back the printer, the printer always echoes with “Jam in output bin” & “Open Door to clear jam” error. Actually, there’s no paper in the printing path. I have browsed through previous comments, but can’t find a solution. Can any one give me hints to fix this problem. Thanks

#628 Comment By Steve On 18 November 2011 @ 01:00

Huh…The reported problem “Paper Jam at output bin” was gone dis-assembly and assembly the printer again.

#629 Comment By Paul On 18 November 2011 @ 13:54

Well having changed my toner catridges (was using compatibles) I of course found the problem was not the toner and was the mirrors as you described. The layer of dust on two of the mirrors was clear to the naked eye, no torch needed here. Task took 2 hours (15 minutes of which was removing that pesky cable guide, felt quite foolish when I found that small lug and depressed it). I was prepared to ignore the fact that I forgot to replace the small cable guide (found it on the kitchen table) but of course once printer was connected it came up with error 51.22 and then error 51.23 which are internal error messages for magenta and yellow lasers. Diagnosis – I hadn’t seated the ribbon cables properly from the mirror cage, at one end or the other. Time to disassemble and reassemble 45 minutes (with test print with all components exposed!). So VMT thanks for your comprehensive guide. Now I just need to recover those part used toner catridges from the bin.

#630 Comment By Debbie On 19 November 2011 @ 21:25

I just cleaned the mirrors because the magenta wasn’t working correctly and now I get the error message 51.23. I opened it back up to make sure I had all the connections correct and pushed in properly. Put it all back together and it still says Error 51.23. I don’t know what to do now. Any suggestions?

#631 Comment By Robert On 20 November 2011 @ 08:27

You have saved yet another printer!

I too had the problem where after doing the cleaning it would only print half way across the page.
I left all the panels off the machine, hooked up the power (being VERY careful not to touch anything in the open panels) and pressed the test button (approx 1 sec press) and got it to print out those lines which were only reaching half way across the page on cyan and black!

Read a bit more… Aha…. optic box not seated correctly – removed all, re-seated optic box, re-installed back tray – re connected and test button again – Viola! Perfect lines across the page!

Re-fitted all the panels and Viola! Like a new one! only…. better! :)
Many thanks!

#632 Comment By Paul Morton On 20 November 2011 @ 10:10

Thanks, I bought my 2605DN was the demo unit and it never really printed color well. Had if for a 2 years or so, replaced the HP carts with off-Brand and it got even worse. Put in new carts from HP (expensive) and it did not fix anything. Did the mirror cleaning bit, sure enough the mirrors were coated with dost and probably toner from the cheat carts. Now it works great, thanks for the info.

#633 Comment By Thom McKiernan (@thommck) On 22 November 2011 @ 15:26

Another happy customer!

You’ve done a great job of breaking down the steps and the photos are invaluable!

#634 Comment By David Marchant On 23 November 2011 @ 02:41

Like many of the others, I thought I would have to junk my printer. I was a bit intimidated to take it all apart, but thanks to your instructions, I did it and had only 3 screws left over at the end of the process. I was a bit disappointed when I cleaned the mirrors. It seemed like nothing came off, so as I put it back together I didn’t have much faith that I had accomplished anything, but when I tried it out the Laserjet 2605dn performed like new. I am very appreciative of you taking the time to set up the directions. Thanks.

#635 Comment By Colin On 25 November 2011 @ 22:13

I had to do this clean about a year ago, with unbeleivable results, but used a different set of instuctions from elsewhere
They were not as clear as yours
Your instructions are excellent, but this time i managed to do the job without removing all the cables from the black plastic holder that runs below the top cover, which saves a lot of time, it just needs juggling down a little to expose the hidden screws.. There is a clip on the cable tray on the left hand side (from the back) which needs removing and replacing once the back PCB metal plate is re-installed
The multiway plugs are all different sizes so only go back in one way, so dont need to be labelled.
If your doing this for the first time you will be being really careful anyway, so there really is nothing to be scared of
Unless you are like a bull in a china shop there is little that can go wrong
Hope this helps others

#636 Comment By Peggy Zuckerman On 26 November 2011 @ 01:58

Before putting the sides back on, I have tried to test the unit, and have the following problem. Error 57 re the fan (the one on the side or the one in the optic unt?)

The paper seems to enter the uptake unit above the cartridges, about 1/2 inch, and then stalls. I can force paper through, so that is not the source of the problem. Any suggestions is much appreciated.
Peggy z

#637 Comment By Anna On 26 November 2011 @ 16:31

Thank you so much!! We’ve been fighting with the bad magenta for over a year, and came across your site. Once I finally got down to the mirrors, they didn’t look dirty at all. A couple swipes with the Q-tips, and reassembly later, the printer works again (slight calibration issue, but better than no red at all!)! And, just in time for Christmas letters! Thank you!

#638 Comment By Pete On 27 November 2011 @ 03:24

That’s been frustrating me for ages. I had no trouble with your instructions. My mirrors didn’t look very dirty either, but it’s all looking good again now.

Thanks for your comprehensive instructions.

And yep, just in time for the Christmas letter! :)

#639 Comment By Frans On 27 November 2011 @ 21:12

Thanks for the detailed instructions! The colors of my 2605dn have improved tremendously after cleaning the mirrors. What appeared to be critical in my printer is the positioning of the optical box. After the first try, the black color was not printed at one third of the paper; later on, after repositioning, all colors were very pale.

I think that a control or check step can be added to the reassembling procedure. I.e.: before replacing the back panel, the printer must be switched on. Two test prints must be made: the first one using the “test button” on the circuit board (the right one with connectors for most of the cables): this check provides information whether all 4 colors are printed over the whole paper; second, the “test monkey page” using the main menu, which provides information on color density. If these prints are not OK, the position of the optical box can be adjusted by unscrewing the three screws of this box a bit. All other parts, such as the circuit boards and side panels can remain in place ! Thereafter, these two print tests and, if necessary further adjustments of the optical box, can be repeated until the desired result has been achieved.

Not earlier than both prints are correct, the back panel must be replaced.

Greetings from the Netherlands !

#640 Comment By murat On 28 November 2011 @ 14:33

Thank you my friend , it is awsome solution that worked perfect and saved us to pay 100USD to HP.

#641 Comment By Bryan On 29 November 2011 @ 19:20

You’ve saved my printer! Thanks.

I assumed that the cleaning will also have to be done in the future, so I eliminated a few screws and wire guides to make the process a little faster next time. Also, I had someone help to hold the back plate out of the way so I didn’t have to remove 70% of the wire connections. I’m lazy, but I cleaned it in an hour. One bit of advice I would give is to make sure the mirror box is straight when you reattach it. You can view the magnifiers through the front of the printer by openning the door and removing all the print cartridges. Mine was a little off after reassembly and the black wasn’t printing correctly. I just had to loosen the 3 screw that held the mirror box and move it straight again. Problem solved. Thanks again!

#642 Comment By Mike On 29 November 2011 @ 22:46

Did it in under an hour! Whewww… You shave alot of time off by instead of pulling all the cables out and labeling them. Just disconnect the 4 Ribbon cables on the side that stay in place for easy identification, the 1 purple wires connector going to the optical box and both power cables which are really easy to remember. then just lift the panel and leave it hanging off to the side. Not a very impressive and tech procedure but saved ALOT of time.

#643 Comment By Phill On 30 November 2011 @ 15:11

I paid someone to do this for me and it improved big time. A year or so later (having been off line for a few months) I tried out your solution. Cleaned the mirrors but I must have done something wrong as I dont get anything printing now!!! Help anyone!!!

#644 Comment By Phill On 30 November 2011 @ 19:48

Took it all apart again and redid the whole thing…. Result!!! Wont think twice about doing this again!

#645 Comment By Frank On 6 December 2011 @ 07:10

Just fix my CM1017mfp. Works like new. I deliberately left out the screw behind the board with the ethernet port and memory slot on it so that I do not need to remove the board next time. I use a whitepaper pen and thin permanent marker to mark the connectors. Thank you.

#646 Comment By Labu On 7 December 2011 @ 14:04

I cant locate the flaps of the laser however, I did take it all apart as you advised and cleaned the four mirror’s and thats all I did and put it all back together again. The print out is still the same, ‘fading from left to right of the paper’ and thats just with the black colour. With all the other colours, I dont see a hint of red ‘magenta. The remaining two colours of Cyan and Yellow seem to be printing good without any fading. By the way, all the toners are brand new.

#647 Comment By Thomas On 10 December 2011 @ 18:43

Vielen Dank für die Anleitung. Sie hat toll geholfen.
Das schweierigste dabei war, die Anleitung auf Deutsch zu übersetzen.
Ich habe den Lüfter mit dem Sauger vor dem Zusammenbau noch gesäubert
und die Lasereinheit mit Druckluft zusätzlich gereinigt.

#648 Comment By Andrew Reeves-Hall On 11 December 2011 @ 00:41

Happy holidays to all my cleaning fans! :-)
If you feel particularly generous for this help, then I also like Glenfiddich and Bowmore whisky :-)


#649 Comment By Jarrod On 11 December 2011 @ 02:35

Another satisfied customer here. I’m thrilled! The whole thing took me about two hours but it will go much faster if there is a next time.

I found removal of the cable trays to be tricky and in fact I broke one of the attachment posts off the smaller L-shaped one. But I was still able to get everything back where it goes.

After messing with the optical box, the color alignment was a couple mm off, but after a calibration it looks good. A HUGE thanks for posting this – it definitely saved me from having to dump a couple hundred bucks worth of toner for pennies on the dollar on craigslist, not to mention the purchase price of another printer.

#650 Comment By Tony Mountifield On 11 December 2011 @ 18:46

Thank you so much for these detailed instructions! Just spent three hours this afternoon following them, having put the job off for over a year. No problems encountered, and now enjoying crisp solid colour in all parts of the page again. Just in time for the Cristmas newsletters.. Andrew, I see you are in Whitchurch; I’m just down the road in Winchester. Thanks again!

#651 Comment By Julie On 12 December 2011 @ 05:22

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Sadly, I had to go through everything twice to get it right. (The first time the optical box must not have been in straight because I was getting the same half-page prints as some of the others here. Pay attention to step 22!) Anyway, all is now good and I can get to work on my Christmas letter without having green-tinted faces!

NOTE TO OTHERS TRYING THIS: Definitely run a test-print before you put it completely back together. Also, I’m glad I took the time to label the cables since I did end up doing it twice. Next year (or whenever I have to do this again) it will be much simpler. So glad I don’t have to buy yet another color laser printer!


#652 Comment By Jon On 12 December 2011 @ 18:05

Thank you, thank you! Your instructions worked a treat and I am so happy. I’m now going to buy you a beer!
xx Jon

#653 Comment By Walleye John On 13 December 2011 @ 14:53

We have a Color Laser Jet 1600 that started exhibiting the problems above. I took it apart last night spent about 2 hours total. I cleaned the primary rotating mirrors, the secondary mirrors and all the plastic optics. The Cyan was nearly white on the sides for the test print before and now is completely uniform. I did break some plastic tabs on the wire router, but isn’t that what wire ties are made for…. Thank you so very much for this detailed description of the problem and how to fix it. Merry Christmas!
Walleye John

#654 Comment By Mikael On 15 December 2011 @ 12:24

Thanks a lot, very useful. Saved the day.

#655 Comment By Jeff Potter On 16 December 2011 @ 18:48

My problem was bad color (mostly magenta) and then NO magenta AT ALL. But it still seems like the fix is this mirror-dusting. So I did everything. My mirrors appeared quite clean — the lower one — seems like it might be the magenta — was LIGHTLY dusty. There was a bit of red toner sprinkled. I cleaned everything, blasted with compressed air. Reassembled. Everything went smooth and easy.

I now have a 51.22 error.

Googled that and it’s the magenta scanner. What’s it mean? I’ll go back in and redo everything now…

Thanks everyone! JP

#656 Comment By Jeff Potter On 16 December 2011 @ 20:03

Houston, we have lift-off! :)


Thank you!

I’m buying you a beer.

(I’ve heard of this fix in two other places, but this is the one place that I could actually FIND it.)

PS: To update the fix to my 51.22 error that I posted about a while ago: I forgot to reattach the two white tapes to the underside of the optics box upon reinstalling it. I also almost forgot to reattach the black clip on the top of the optic box. I focused too much on getting the box to settle into place then jumped into the circuit-board panel. So: don’t forget the optic box connections!

PPS: I found the whole process to be very easy, interesting and nice. :) I’m impressed that the tiny amount of dust in that laser box was enough to mess things up so completely — I had ZERO magenta. The mirror did have a light coating on it — that was enough to shut it down, apparently. I would also like to see what those lasers look like in action sometime! It’s pretty in there! I didn’t have a vaccuum cleaner bag to cut up but I want to do this asap to prevent further dust.

#657 Comment By Bill On 17 December 2011 @ 08:53

HI Phil
Didnt follow the thread to see if you had a reply, but might be able to help.
Two reasons why you have not printout. 1 – one or more connecters are not connected or inserted properly. 2 – The optical box is not positioned correctly. Try loosening its screws and forcing the box up to its highest position as allowed by the screws. It will only be a tiny amount but if the miniscule laser beam does not shine through the correct aperture, no light will fall on the paper, therefore no tner will stick. If this doesn’t work, try it in various other positions, e.g. fully left, fully right, fully down, central. But I bet the first one works. Good luck.

#658 Comment By Jeff Potter On 17 December 2011 @ 17:15

Now I have a 1-millimeter-thick vertical blue line on the rightside of the page, 1.75″ from right edge of page.

#659 Comment By Bill On 18 December 2011 @ 12:17

I can’t believe that no-one has challenged HP on this issue. I have owned several lasers (and inkjets) and worked with many more. They all have their quirks but they have given good and reliable service. The mirror dusting issue on the 2605 is clearly a design fault – users should not have to dismantle a machine to this extent in order to fix it. HP will say that they should get a professional to do it – but that simply replaces the bother of doing it with a heavy fee, and in this day and age, no real guarantee that the job will be done well.
No HP, this is a ‘poor design’ issue.
I rang their technical helpline and spoke to a ‘technician’ in India who told me (I think!) that I could not get help without paying for it as the guarantee had expired. But he also told me that there was nothing in the HP database regarding this issue, therefore there was NO SUCH COMMON FAULT! I told him that I had raised this issue when it was in guarantee and that they couldn’t help me then either.
I asked him to escalate my complaint to the Customer Relations Dept. I await a response.
Perhaps more users should complain to HP about this.
I will keep you informed.

#660 Comment By SG On 19 December 2011 @ 05:58

I have the 2600n, and cyan does not print at all; have done all the cleaning but there’s still no cyan!! Any idea what else could be wrong?

#661 Comment By Ross On 22 December 2011 @ 02:23

Annoyingly hard to take apart, but works great now — thanks!
By the way, where does the last screw go?!


#662 Comment By brian bamberger On 22 December 2011 @ 17:09

Instructions were just perfect. Looking at the mirrors I didn’t see much dirt. Put it all back together and had the same issue as Ross… where does that last screw go???

Recalibrated and printed to poor quality. Recalibrated 5 more times in a row and PERFECT!!!! Great job.

#663 Comment By Steve Kemp On 24 December 2011 @ 11:25

Instructions were spot on. The mirrors didn’t look very dusty but the transformation in the print colour was stunning. Thanks for revealing this fix as achievable at home. I also found the connectors did not need to be labelled as they were all different no of ways. Made a filter from a dustmask as suggested in another post here – let’s hope that staves off the next clean! Just going to buy you a beer.

#664 Comment By Clyde On 29 December 2011 @ 03:53

I have a CM1015 MFP that is close enough to this printer that these instructions, and the linked instructions helped me to get into and clean the magenta mirror that was obviously dusty. I found it unnecessary to mark the cables as they all have different ends making it impossible to mix up in the putting back together stage. Seems to me removing the right side panel wasn’t necessary.

Love the internet. After putting back together (all screws accounted for) and calibrating, works great.

#665 Comment By Jlarovere On 1 January 2012 @ 20:00

Awesome. Restored to like new. Many thanks!

#666 Comment By Julia Waring On 3 January 2012 @ 21:12

Any chance of you cleaning my 2600 printer??? Cheeky, I know – I thought that by changing the cartridges, the problem would be fixed, and bought four new ones from Currys yesterday, unwrapped and replaced the old ones (you can imagine how much that cost!) and then no difference. Then I called hp this morning; a) they don’t make that printer any more, and b) they said that it’d be cheaper to buy a new printer… I can’t bear to dispose of something which is mendable – plus the terrific amount of money that I spent on new toner…. I don’t think I dare follow your instructions… I’m a computer moron! Can you help?

I completely understand if not… I live in London and could drive it down to you!


#667 Comment By Bill On 4 January 2012 @ 10:07

Hi Julia.
Having cleaned my optics three times now, I rang HP and told them it was a design fault as the optics are underneath the toner and stray dust falls straight in. No matter which bits you replace, the problem comes back. They told me that there had been a ‘Service Note’ issued for this printer but this has now expired. While they could not offer any kind of solution other than charge me for a ‘repair’, this would only have provided a temporary respite as it is a recurring problem.
‘Which Legal Service’ told me to contact the vendor (PC World) as the printer was not ‘fit for purpose’ under the Sale of Goods Act 1979.
I did and last night, PC World offered me £120 (it was £320 when new) in exchange for my printer and as it is four years old and I could not bear the idea of having to do this fix forever, I accepted. They agreed to my removing the toner and selling it separately as the cost of this came to more than the offer. I hope to recover another £60 in this way and the money will go towards a more reliable printer.
I used to deal in second hand printers and some of HP’s old machines are still giving good service 20 years on. This model has a major design flaw that HP are ignoring, leaving their customers high and dry with this recurring problem. Not very good HP!!

#668 Comment By Julia Waring On 5 January 2012 @ 08:08

Thanks for this advice Bill… I’ll call HP and try and do battle with them on the phone. – the printer came directly with them….. and then try and sell the cartridges. Julia

#669 Comment By CP On 6 January 2012 @ 16:07

Funny how old this is yet so relevant. This is my second time cleaning mirrors. Once on an hp 2600 and this time on a 2605 hp color laser. I had forgotten the process so thank you. After cleaning the mirrors, I put it all back together only to get a door open error. I could not for the life of me figure why it happened. All wires were connected, the door was closed and everything was in place, so I disassembled it and then reassembled partially(good move) and tested it. Finally the error went away, possibly from checking all the wire connections, but then it only printed on half the page so fortunately, not being put back together all the way, I could reach the mirror box screws and adjust the it. I pushed it all the way up as far as the screws would let it go and then tightened it down. Tested again with excellent results. Thanks again to the author and all who commented on this site.

#670 Comment By Dave Sellers On 7 January 2012 @ 17:58

Worked like a charm, a foaming ale is winging its way down the wire. Cheers.

#671 Comment By robb On 11 January 2012 @ 03:34

I did all as stated and when I printed the first pages I have no black printing. Prior the problem was the red, now the 3 colors print perfect, but there is no black at all. Does anyone know what I can do to fix?

#672 Comment By robb On 11 January 2012 @ 04:45

I took everything apart again and put it back together just in case of a loose connection. Presto! Awesome prints and the printer is working just like new!!! Thanks for all of your help Bill, these were great step by step notes and pictures, you saved me $500. Thanks!!!!

#673 Comment By John V On 11 January 2012 @ 14:33

Thanks! Another 2605dtn gets it’s life back from the faded depths of despair!

#674 Comment By John V On 11 January 2012 @ 14:35

BTW – I also got the dreaded “error 51.22″

In my haste one of the cables at the optics box was not fully inserted. It looked fine untill I used a mirror and light to see it cocked in the connector. Straighted it out and all is great.

#675 Comment By Abdul On 12 January 2012 @ 23:53

Thank you very much for the colourful guide. I found it very helpful in solving the problem of fading red and yellow. By the way, I don’t understand why blue color does not fade like other colours. Another problem is that the printer does not serve long before starting to fade again. This really is killing me and makes me thinking to buy another one. I went to the HP Service Center here and they recommended HP CP1515. They said that its ink is oily and gives more vivid colours. They said also that this oily issue was to solve the problem of our model (2605) and similar.
Your comment or recommendations are ever appreciated.

Best regards,


#676 Comment By Getafix The Druid On 14 January 2012 @ 09:14

Great instructions. Replaced the magenta cartridge on my 2600n to no avail. Then found your page ! First attempt only took about an hour. Magenta problem cured – only printed on left hand side of page though – oops ! Quick 20 minute strip down and realised the light box hadn’t seated correctly – it went in with a definite click second time round. Back together and printing perfectly. Nice one – thanks. I would be interested to know the break down of cartridge sales from HP – I bet magenta is higher than the rest !

#677 Comment By monster truck monkey On 14 January 2012 @ 11:21

HI There,
this is really helpful and i wish I’d found it before I’d started i’ve done everything as described but when reassembled keep getting a door open error have taken it apart again and checked the relay for the switch at the top but thats working fine any other advice about what could be causing the door open read out.
PS wish I’d known about that HP knew about this fault earlier

#678 Comment By Adam Comben On 15 January 2012 @ 15:29

Andrew, I have just done 3 (Yes, THREE) of these printers this afternoon!

I noticed a few people are having problems dismantling themselves and/or just aren’t competent or confident enough. I operate a PC Repair shop down in the South-West of england, and was wondering if people would be interested in sending their printers to us for this repair? I won’t post my email address or URL on here, but if you’re happy to – I’d like to discuss maybe placing an advert on the page? Pop me an email! :-) – Thanks! – Adam

#679 Comment By Vanessa On 16 January 2012 @ 00:11

Well, the instructions were perfect and entertaining! I had no trouble pulling it apart, did not have much in the way of dust on the mirrors, but I cleaned them anyway. I put it all back together and…alas…still no magenta. I’m thinking it’s time to trade in for something a little smaller. Think anyone will take it with one screw missing?

#680 Comment By Jeff Potter On 16 January 2012 @ 13:28

Hi… Fellow tip-user, here. There’s a how-to elsewhere on the web that you have to purchase. But the author, Moe, provides many tips on his forum, fixyourownprinter.com (for many printers). He insists that you need to use compressed air to clean the mirrors. And not just canned air, but a compressor. I don’t know how DIYers would have access to that. So I just bought a can. My mirrors didn’t really look dusty either, but I cleaned everything and blasted it all with the air. I got immediate improvement. (I also now have two vertical 1mm dark lines.) Anyway, if other folks think compressed air is critical, maybe it should be added to the how-to info. ? Thanks again! JP

#681 Comment By Paul On 16 January 2012 @ 13:32

Thanks for that step by step guide. All done in two hours and works like a dream.

When I got to cleaning the optics there was only a little dust on it and I thought that the dust alone was not the problem BUT IT WAS.

Surprising how little dust messed it up.

Thanks again – I was going to chuck it out and get a new one

#682 Comment By Adam Comben On 16 January 2012 @ 15:00

RE: Compressed air – I strongly recommend NOT using it, as there are spinning/movable parts in that area, and causing them to spin by using compressed air is very dangerous. I had barely any magenta visible at all, and after using nothing but cotton buds I had quality that would match the printer in it’s brand new state.. so I don’t think compressed air is necessary to be honest :-)

#683 Comment By Rick On 16 January 2012 @ 19:08

Instructions worked GREAT for us about 2 years ago, Now we need to do it again.
I have to ask you; does the vacuum filter seem to work in keeping the dust off the mirrors
for a longer period? I’m thinking of adding that this time?

#684 Comment By Willy On 17 January 2012 @ 06:36

I don’t quite understand step 11. How do you detach the 4 sets of data cables on the right side of the circuit board. Do you just pull on the flat surface of the connected wire sheet?

#685 Comment By KeithC On 19 January 2012 @ 23:25

just finished using the guide. worked perfectly. thanks for the info. don’t have money for a new printer so finding this detailed instruction was a life saver.

#686 Comment By KeithC On 19 January 2012 @ 23:27

you’ve probably done it by now but just in case: just tug the wire sheet and it will eventually pop out.

#687 Comment By Tim On 22 January 2012 @ 08:10

Did the whole process in about an hour. I found one mirror quite dirty. After reassembly, the magenta was fine, but the yellow is not showing up, there is a shadow like one image is being printed offset from the others, and the whole page looks dirty. Back to the drawing board.

#688 Comment By Francis C On 23 January 2012 @ 22:29

I too want to express my thanks for this “How-To” on fixing my printer. I also had the problem with the “Door Open” message that came up as soon as I turned it on. Guys… Here is the Fix. The door open sensor is in the upper left front side of the printer as you look at it from the front. Now, when you took that big circuit board off on the left side, did you notice the micro switch in the front of it (inside). Well, you probably forced that board back on and may have bent it, or in some what prevented it from functioning properly… Don’t freak out you probably did not break it and even if you did, it is a $6 part from Radio Shack, and about ten minutes soldering. OK here is how to avoid the pin getting bent (and your having to straighten it). OPEN THE FRONT DOOR BEFORE YOU TAKE THE THE BIG CIRCUIT BOARD OFF, AND LEAVE IT OPEN WHEN YOU REATTACH THE CIRCUIT BOARD (note for reattaching…the board rest on the pegs at the bottom and then swings up). After you attach the board and before you put on the left side cover, test it by opening and closing the door. You should hear the micro switch click is it is in right.

#689 Comment By Stewart On 24 January 2012 @ 15:46

I have a CM1015 thats 4 years old and started producing a fading red. I nearly brought a new cassette because – whilst it was still half full- I thought that must be the reason. I then read the above. HP wanted £190 to replace mine with onditioned unit…could get new one for that!So I followed the above and it now works perfect.
You do need to take off the left hand circuit board on mine and make sure you clean all lenses, even the small ones to the left.
It took a few hours but saved me £190 and I could do it in half the time now.

Thank you verymuch.

#690 Comment By James On 26 January 2012 @ 13:35

Had next to no Magenta despite almost new laser cartridge. Worked great, thank you. Hardly any dust on mirrors so really suprised how much difference it made.

I also had the dreaded 51.22 error after reassembly so had to strip it down again. I had managed to replace one of the ribbon connectors on the black box the wrong way round. It’s easy to do as the cables don’t naturally fall into the right position. Worth checking the copper connectors on the ribbon cable face the copper connectors on the socket before refitting box.

#691 Comment By Tricia On 26 January 2012 @ 20:23

So my company was going to throw this printer away due to the magenta issue. After a long process of dis-assembly (hardest part is taking it all apart) I was able to get to the optical box and one of the mirrors was noticeably dirtier than the others. My printer is a cm1017 so it was a different process but this guide gave me the knowledge of what to look for/clean.

I put it all back to discover I had the “door open” error. After careful and painstaking inspection I figured out that I had one of the little sensors in the wrong place and it was causing the door sensor not to make contact. Got it put back together AGAIN and turned it on and this time it kicked up a 51.21 error…UUGGHH!

Well after much research and inspection turns out that the lower cable on the optical box wasn’t connected all the way. This cable was a pain to get to so it all had to come apart again just to connect the cable properly. After pretty much an entire day of dis-assembly/reassembly I FINALLY have a printer that works like new. I didn’t use this guide per Se but this comments section was a life saver. Hope my knowledge makes someone else’s process go a little smoother. Good luck.

#692 Comment By Mike On 27 January 2012 @ 13:15

Thanks for all your help in fixing HP LaserJet. This is the 2nd time I’ve cleaned it and it works a treat!
This time I used a air duster in the optic block and lint free cotton buds.
Viewing on a 5″ magnifyer lens you could see the dirt on mirrors before cleaning.
The fan blows dust into the optic area so I used a vacuum filter wedged between the fan and chassie.


#693 Comment By John On 28 January 2012 @ 17:43

A couple of small points:

Don’t just clean the mirrors, (both the rotating ones and the static ones), but clean all of the lenses as well on both sides, (they get dirty too) – clean the whole optical path from the laser diode to the toner cartridge.

Use a second cotton bud to stop the rotating mirrors from moving whilst you clean them.

There are some of the cables in the cable tray that don’t get disconnected – they come out from one side of the printer, pass along the tray and disappear in the other side. In my case, these cables were so tight that it was impossible to remove them from the cable tray with it secured in position. I had to release the tray, (slide to the left), and then turn it so the open part faces upwards to get the wires out. Putting them back in was a nightmare.

Overall a successful morning’s work – now printing in full crisp colour instead of washed-out greenish tint. Many thanks for this most helpful guide.

The design really annoys me. It would have been so simple to make the optics box easily accessible – a removable panel behind the toner cartridges. Also, the box should be properly sealed against dust. No thought to maintainability.

I tried to get a memory expansion card, but with no success. Any suggestions?


#694 Comment By Randall On 29 January 2012 @ 00:57

Wow. I have spent so many hours trouble-shooting my printer drivers, turning ICM on, turning it off, replacing the printer drivers. This week I replaced all of my toner cartridges. I had high expectations that my print issue would be corrected. But alas, no improvement.

I happened upon your web site once I googled “windows 7 print hp 2605 colors bad”. (Who would have thought that this was a 2605 hardware problem and not a driver issue at all?)

Thank you ever so much for helping me restore my 2605 back to its former glory. I spent most of my time on step 13. I just could seem to figure how those plastic pieces came out. Thanks so much for the descriptive photos.

Edmonton, AB, Canada

#695 Comment By Willy On 29 January 2012 @ 01:26

I recently did my HP2605 dn as well. Beautiful colors come back like a miracle. At first tugging off the connectors are scary, but after a few times you will not worry about it. The screw at the bottom of the optical box is so hard to find. At first I cannot see it, but I finally found it by feeling it with my finger and it is hidden so deep. HP makes it so hard. I am glad that we have a club just to do this.

#696 Comment By Stephen On 30 January 2012 @ 09:28


Apparantly all “service notes have been cleared”, guess it was costing them too much to fix their design flaw.

#697 Comment By Stephen On 30 January 2012 @ 09:29


Apparently all “service notes have been cleared”, guess it was costing them too much to fix their design flaw.

#698 Comment By Vanloffeld Marc On 31 January 2012 @ 10:11

Hi Mr Reeves

I had the same problem whit one of ouwer printers in the company.
Mirrors where looking very dirty, cleand them assembled the ols chap and it worken just perfeckt.

Many thanks from BELGIUM

#699 Comment By brfisher On 1 February 2012 @ 20:16

I have an interesting problem. I had the magenta problem described above. I disassembled, cleaned the mirrors, reassembled, and then calibrated. Now, the colors are misaligned. I’ve reset factory defaults, did a nvram and a super nvram reset, swapped the current cartridges out for old ones I still had (I had to force print to do this – surprised that there was still ink in all the cartridges), and all while doing multiple calibrations in between. Still, I have misaligned colors (It looks like a 3D image without glasses). Any help would be appreciated.

#700 Comment By Brian Bamberger On 1 February 2012 @ 22:10

I had to recalibrate a number of times (8 or 9) before it was right. Second problem… My fix only lasted a few weeks. I think I have toner in the printer causing the problem. I wish I put a makeshift filter in before I reassembled. It might also help to do all I could to clean out the case.

#701 Comment By Ray Grosser On 3 February 2012 @ 12:45

I managed to get my machine apart and put back together–well after the dreaded 51.22 error due to having the black box ribbon in backwards, but now I am getting FAN error. I have been all through this a third time without success.

Any help is appreciated….and thank you for this thread. I just bought $300 worth of new cartridges and I would hate to scrap this machine even if it is less than the advertised.

#702 Comment By Nancy On 4 February 2012 @ 13:31

Got it back together but now I get a clear paper jam error so now. I’m about to take it all apart it see if there is a connector not quite on or a pinched. Wish I knew where a wiring diagram was.

#703 Comment By Simon On 4 February 2012 @ 14:12

Thanks, very good instructions.
Took it apart, clean all optics.
Pick up very little dirt on the optics,
so I was doubtful that would fix the problem !
Put it back together and Voilà, it works perfectly now.
I guess it does not take much dirt, to fade the printing.

Thanks again,

#704 Comment By Nancy Fleurat On 4 February 2012 @ 21:07

It didn’t take to long I found 2 connectors that needed to be tightened & my printer is back to printing all the colors again Thanks much

#705 Comment By Haider Kazmi On 5 February 2012 @ 18:16

Any one interested in exploring Class Action Lawsuit options against HP. There are like 700+ comments, goes to say this is a major design flaw. Anyone know about this stuff?

#706 Comment By Nancy Fleurat On 5 February 2012 @ 18:22

Don’t know how to go about a suit, but I’d be in for signing on.

#707 Comment By Haider Kazmi On 5 February 2012 @ 19:49

Weird, Did anyone face a worsening problem..

After cleanup, its become worst. Now all the colors are faded, earlier it was just Magenta. I cannot visually see any problem in the optics, all clean and good.

Could it be a misplaced light box, it looks to be in place.

Did anyone experience this?

#708 Comment By Claude On 5 February 2012 @ 20:16

Wow, works great, I thought it was a problem with the magenta toner (showed 14%) but it was dust on the mirrors. It does not take a lot a dust (2 out of 4 mirrors) to create the problem.

thanks for taking the time to create such procedure!


#709 Comment By Jeremy On 7 February 2012 @ 18:58

actually. I just worked on one of these and have another one today to do this same thing to. I noticed the same with the last one. all colors except red were printing nice dark and just plain good. now all the colors are in proportion but they are all faded. any news?

#710 Comment By Jeremy On 7 February 2012 @ 19:00

I had this problem at first as well. I fixed mine by making sure the laser assembly was properly seated in it spot, seems mine was just a hair of barely noticeable but made a difference.

#711 Comment By CPO On 8 February 2012 @ 22:59

I too noticed the weird colors on the right side of the paper. When I opened (for what must have been the 2nd time) the front to inspect the cartridges I noticed that the blue and yellow were kind of broken. The little black platic pin which hold a spring was almost broken off. The spring closes the lid as you pull out cartridge.

Blue and Yellow are also the colors which play havoc with my colorprints on the right side. Coincidence or ??

I have an CP3505X which printed just over 1000 pages (70% black 79% colors) and it is 26 months old. With the service manual I found on internet I disassembled and assembled the printer in 2 1/2 hours. Two mirror were indeed a bit dirty little particles of dust. I cleaned all of them and also the lenses. But it did NOT fix the problem, it isn’t worse it isn’t better.

Any suggestions? I really think a 750 euro printer should last more than 1000 pages and my next printer certainly will not be an HP. I contacted, prior to the whole (dis)assembly, HP and they could clean it for 350 euro’s within 3 working days. Needless to say I thanked the guy but no thanks.

#712 Comment By Chris On 9 February 2012 @ 06:11

Well, I followed the instructions exactly and turned it all back on, but now I get no ink on the paper at all. It acts like it is printing, but nothing goes on the page. Any ideas? I calibrated so I’m not sure what’s going on.

#713 Comment By J Edison On 9 February 2012 @ 17:17

Excellent!!!!!!! I was having a problem with the red only printing though the middle and generally washed-out color. I followed the instrucions here and BAM, worked like a charm. I did have to press a few of the purple cables in further with a mini screw driver as they didn’t want to seat all the way into the sockets as easily as I thought they would. A little gentle push on the outside edge of the clips and they were seated all the way into the terminal. Thank you for superb how-to documentation. Whole process took about 1.5 hours and finished with no extra parts ;) Thank you, thank you, thank you!

#714 Comment By Robert On 10 February 2012 @ 18:58

THANK YOU!!!!! That was perfect. I just repaired my CM1015 and noticed: many screws are not needed anymore :-)

#715 Comment By John On 12 February 2012 @ 17:11

Just wanted to say thank you for the great detail you took in your repair procedure. Everything went excellent I was at first not sure if it would fix the problem because the mirrors were not very dirty. But when I reassembled it and ran a few test color pages they were perfect. PS My printer is a 2605dn that is about three years old. We have printed over 52,000 pages and of those 43,000 were color. Again thanks for your help!!!!!!!

#716 Comment By Dennis DesRosiers On 12 February 2012 @ 20:48

Just finished…first time I didn’t have to fly by the seat of the pants doing “some” repair. Printer works perfectly…cleaned all the optics in there…the “red” mirror was filthy. If it hadn’t been for your excellent document I would have spent many hours spinning my wheels and would probably have replaced a perfectly good printer. Thank you!!!

#717 Comment By Josh On 14 February 2012 @ 19:04

Thank you so very much for the detailed instructions and pictures! Reds are once again looking red instead of orange-yellow. If anyone else is having problems with the reds/magentas starting to fade from their HP 2605dn, here is a great place to find the answer to the problem!

#718 Comment By Paul Korzeniowski On 18 February 2012 @ 03:07

Thanks for taking your time to provide such thorough info that gave me the confidence to fix to my printer that was driving me crazy, it works like brand new after following your instructions. I bought you a few beers to show my appreciation. I’m ready for one now myself, Your the Best !

#719 Comment By Trevor D On 20 February 2012 @ 03:53

Followed the steps, with fantastic results. I was very dissapointed initially with new toners, but this guide fixed it all. I found the wiring harnesses easier to put back in.


#720 Comment By Mikael Fröberg On 20 February 2012 @ 12:16

It worked great, thanks.

#721 Comment By John On 24 February 2012 @ 17:52

Praise the Lord! This was the most helpful document I’ve found. I’m sortof a technical guy, but I would not have attempted anything this deep without your guidance and pictures. Thank you so much!

I ended up with one leftover screw. Ha ha.

#722 Comment By Rol On 28 February 2012 @ 14:38

I think that I did something wrong but I still don’t know what.
The fading problem is now gone… All 3 colors are now working perfectly well, but black is no longer printing at all. Any idea ?

#723 Comment By Jim Coggan On 3 March 2012 @ 18:46

This is a fantastic set of instructions. Thank you very much. This has rejuvenated my printer. Many many thanks. The instructions are clear and plain and very easy to follow. I was though surprised by the stiffness in getting the cable plugs out of the circuit board. I was initially in fear of breaking them. But all worked out well. Have a beer or two on me. Very much deserved.

#724 Comment By Ed A On 5 March 2012 @ 01:55

Thank you , thank you, thank you. This fixed our printer problem 100%. We had been very happy with our 2605dn printer and then the quality deteriorated pretty quickly to faded, greenish/yellow and uneven prints (like the ones on your web site). I came across your web site fix in May of 2011, but didn’t muster up the courage to take it all apart until today, March 5, 2012. It took about 4 to 4 1/2 hours with extra time making sure that everything in the optical box was clean. Your step-by-step directions were clear and the only time I started doing something wrong (pulling out the cable connectors incorrectly) was when I failed to read your directions fully. Your suggestion to take digital photos of the circuit board and the back of the printer was very helpful. I was able to refer to the photos on my computer screen during re-assembly. Labeling the wires was also a must. I used masking tape to label each of the wire sets.

#725 Comment By chris walker On 5 March 2012 @ 21:28

I am so glad i stumbled on to this forum. thank you very much. followed instructions and voila! It saved me the expense and the hassle of buying another color laser printer. thank you for your in depth instructions.

#726 Comment By Hannibal Brennum On 5 March 2012 @ 23:00

To quote Ron Weasley: “That was bloody brilliant!!”

#727 Comment By Brad H On 9 March 2012 @ 11:20

I’ve now followed the instructions to the letter twice and each time the printer starts initializing and then shows 50.2 Fuser Error. Before it worked fine except for no magenta. Any suggestions what I’ve done wrong?

#728 Comment By PaulQ On 9 March 2012 @ 22:41

Brilliant! Many thanks!

#729 Comment By W David Woods On 10 March 2012 @ 15:43

A very successful fix today. Excellent instructions and I’m a very happy bunny. I have one suggestion for your instructions. Step 13 proved tricky (which concerns removal of the cable trays). I think it would be worth pointing out that the right-hand L-shaped tray should be removed first. A couple of plastic clips need to be disengaged for this. Then the long tray can easily be slid sideways and it comes right out no problem. I scratched my head for 20 minutes over that one. One other note: On each pair of mirrors, one was very clean and the other dirty. I cleaned both dirty mirrors as recommended and though I got most of the contamination off, I could not make them look as clean as their partner. I presume that the dirty ones are the up-facing mirrors.

#730 Comment By Johannes On 10 March 2012 @ 18:28

Thank You very match, your manual ist brilliant.
My printer has such nice colors ;)

#731 Comment By Rosemary Walton On 11 March 2012 @ 20:41

Saw your instructions last year but didn’t have the courage to try them out but my husband is now printing off a lot of colour journals of our various trips and they were looking flat and colourless, so had to take the plunge. Printed off your excellent instructions and photos and the job took me about three hours this afternoon and WHAT A DIFFERENCE!! When printing the ‘Supplies status page’ before doing ‘your fix’, the magenta was showing as a pale pastel pink. Now, after the ‘fix’, it is printing a deep solid colour, just like the other colours – same cartridge, but now with a clean mirror!! Thank you so much for making it possible.

#732 Comment By Colleen King On 14 March 2012 @ 03:48

I have just found your article on cleaning the HP2605dn and am doing flips over it even though we haven’t started cleaning ours yet. We’ve owned ours for ages and always just thought that the HP colour quality was bad and regretted buying it. I disliked it so much that we left it unused for months after it ran out of toner. I replaced the very expensive toner a couple of weeks ago and cursed myself for doing so. Will post an update if your solution works on ours. The suspense is killing me.

#733 Comment By John Chrenek On 14 March 2012 @ 16:04

Thanks for the excellent detailed description. Easy to follow! From a previous life I still have a Spudder Probe for assistance moving the wire forms around. See link: http://parts.digikey.com/1/parts/995598-tool-pick-probe-nylon-yellow-7-jic-22035.html . Everyone should have 1 or 2 of these kicking around. I think a dental pick would also work, but be gentle. Also if I have to do it again I will carefully cut off the tie wraps and replace them with a good quality heavy thread. Thanks again!

#734 Comment By Lori On 14 March 2012 @ 17:56

O…M…G…You are a genius!! I was just able to fix my building superintendents printer with this. He’s very very happy and his jaw hit the floor when I brought it back with printouts from the now fixed printer. Very detailed and the photos helped TREMENDOUSLY!!! Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOO much for taking the time to post this how to. :-D

#735 Comment By Colleen King On 15 March 2012 @ 03:07

Update: Our printer is now printing beautiful colours. I am over the moon. We have calibtrated several times and it is still a bit off but will forsake perfection for colour. The colour is better now than when we first purchased. If only we’d known then.

#736 Comment By Paul On 17 March 2012 @ 16:37

Really grateful for this. I had downloaded an article on this before but lost it. I finally made sometime to do this and it was so easy.

I found that the engineers I had paid to do this task for me over a year ago had lost 6 screws from the circuit board panel. I hadn’t recalled them because it stopped printing red shortly after their last visit, which had been to repair the drum and belt that was destroyed by one of the lost screws on the first visit.

Thanks again

#737 Comment By Claire L On 18 March 2012 @ 15:49

I have my printer since almost 4 years. Always did a great job until 6 months ago although the toners are 80% full. I found the solution here but still made a few phone calls to technicians since I have limited time to do this task. It was clear that I could end up with a very pricy repair or even a strong suggestion to buy a new one. Yesterday evening I printed your instructions and got to the task. Started at 8pm; some of the setting appart was tricky and had to be done with patience. I was very happy to observe that the lowest mirror facing upwards was effectively very dusty compared to the others. I then knew that all this work was the solution to the fading magenta. Putting it back together was very easy. No left over screws. Plugged it back and calibrated it. Printed the demo page. Working like a brand new printer!!! I could repeat this job in half the time now. Thank you so much for the instructions. Please note that I am a nurse, not a technician.

#738 Comment By Laura from Düsseldorf On 19 March 2012 @ 14:19

YES! Brilliant again :D Thanks a lot!

It took me 4 hours in the first go and 2 hours in the second. (The first go had very tight screws. Mind to take a thin screw driver with at least 10 cm shaft, a cheap bit set is not particularly helpful.)

ATTENTION 1: Be careful with the cotton, or some tiny fluff might remain in the opt. box, which means that you get lighter or white streaks on your prints and that you have to open it all over again!—I used a dry cotton cloth and a lot of (dry) breath in the second go.

ATTENTION 2: Don’t forget to clean the small lenses just behind the LEDs! I had seamingly clean mirrors, but wiped some dust off a lens, which resulted in a much more brilliant red afterwards.

– Tools: Don’t forget your digital camera and a thin, dry cotton cloth. And compressed air, if possible.

– steps 6 – 8: evtl. loosen the screws of the top cover a little. Leave the front hatch open.
– step 9: Think of how to get the back off the labels before cutting.
– step13: Take off two trays and loosen one.
– step 20: see Attention 1

Btw: The involved printer is approx. 5 years old.

#739 Comment By Erik from Holland On 19 March 2012 @ 21:04

Cleaned my printer for the third time now.

Thanks again !

#740 Comment By Colleen King On 20 March 2012 @ 04:30

Sad news, the black started fading on the RHS. Can’t imagine what happened to cause it. Have shaken the brand new toner but no change. Have to start over again :-(

#741 Comment By Laura from Düsseldorf On 20 March 2012 @ 08:45

Hi Colleen!
Are you talking of the right hand side in portrait mode? Does the fading involve straight upright lines?? Then it seems very much like what I tried to describe just below, due to some fluff remaining in the optical box and unfortunately: yes, you do have to do it again (see my ATTENTION 1 & 2). Good luck!

#742 Comment By Matt On 21 March 2012 @ 12:09

Many thanks for the guide, it was clear to follow and bought our 2605 back to life. At some point in its life a magenta toner leaked everywhere and got inside the optical box.

To save cutting tiny labels I just wrapped them around the wire instead.


#743 Comment By Mike F On 21 March 2012 @ 18:49

Excellent document, there are a lot of screws. This equally applies to the Canon LBP 5100 colour laser as it uses the same print engine. I lost the spring from the laser shutter but Halfords sell a spring pack that has a suitable replacement. I used surgical spirit to clean the mirrors and lenses with cotton buds. I had several attempts to get it fully clean. It is possible to remove the metal panel with the circuit boards without stripping the wiring out of the top cable ducts. The L shaped cable duct can be unclipped then the long top duct can be released (slid to the left) and lowered enough to remove the fixing screws. The left side cable duct can be unclipped then it slides down and out to assist removal of the metal panel.

#744 Comment By Nick Parr On 28 March 2012 @ 22:01

Hi Guys – Thanks for the tutorial – I had done it already using another one but a fresh slant is always useful. What I found really food were these comments as the 1st time I did it the Magenta came back but black was washed out on the RHS. Then 2nd time the situation was resolved with the leach out on the RHS but all colours were very faint. I was about to give up at this point until I chanced upon all the comments on here from peeps who had taken several goes to get it. So the 3rd time I took my time cleaning the mirrors with the Q tip – I used my compressed air can liberally and I was less tentative cleaning both the mirrors and the spinny round silver things. I used a dry microfibre cloth to buff up and clean the upper and undersides of the four big lenses. Then finally (and I think this may have made the difference – but it probably didn’t) I used the vacuum cleaner all round the inside of the optical box to suck out any stray motes lurking. I know some people might suck their teeth in disapproval but I thought what the heck – nothing to lose and there was nothing that could get sucked up in error – I did use the open end of the nozzle (about 1+1/2″ diameter)as using a tool with a narrower one might have been too strong a suction. I didn’t put it too close to anything just let it hover about 1/2″ above the spinny round things. Anyway printers working great now.

#745 Comment By Colleen King On 28 March 2012 @ 22:20

I forgot to report back that ours worked perfectly again after the second opening and recleaning. There was no dirt but we did reclean and it is still working okay. My go to guy that cleaned it, noted that the optical box does not have a precision alignment method and it may not be going back perfectly in place (although it did work okay the first day). I noticed that the magenta toner cover had fallen off at one end so maybe that is another possible cause of the problem but we also had a paper jam and don’t know which came first. Not enough of a control situation to say one thing or the other. Just do it again, cos it works.

#746 Comment By manel On 30 March 2012 @ 15:20

Fiz isso tudo agora dá o erro 51.22

#747 Comment By jan On 2 April 2012 @ 12:05

Agora deixei de ver o preto e o azul

#748 Comment By Nick Parr On 2 April 2012 @ 12:24

Você apenas tem que continuar tentando – certifique-se de limpar todas as lentes, assim como espelhos. Os quatro grandes na parte superior, os quatro pequenos redondos que estão fora para o lado e as quatro pequenas as curvas posicionadas de cada lado dos quadrados de prata girando. Se você pode usar um pano de microfibra pequena em vez de um Q-Tip – q-tips deixar fios de fibras de trás. Então, finalmente, antes de terminar a usar um bico de aspirador realizada 2-3cm longe dos componentes para remover qualquer poeira último da caixa. Ao remontar garantir que os localiza caixa óptica positiva de volta para o corpo da impressora, como então ele será alinhado corretamente.
ter sorte
Considera Nick

#749 Comment By jan On 2 April 2012 @ 17:53

nao vejo o volume do torner preto/azul mas funciona

#750 Comment By Anne Dmitriev On 5 April 2012 @ 07:14

I called local technicians recommended by the HP website and they were ready to charge me $80 per hour to fix my printer. I started to fish around online to see if I could fix the problem myself. I am an artist, so naturally I was scared to even touch the printer, yet I still wanted to fix it for free! I cannot thank you enough for taking the time and effort to patiently and simply explain how to do this process. It took me two hours and my printer is back to normal again! I have had it for seven years now and I am happy to say that I will have it for seven more. Thank you, cheers! Anne.

#751 Comment By Rene On 7 April 2012 @ 03:12

Immensely helpful instructions. The cleaning worked beautifully. Many thanks.
However, I also experienced a missing strip of (black) printing that ran approximately 3 cm down the RHS of the page all the way down, which seems to be what the comment by Colleen King (20 March 2012) also described. On a different web site, another user posted a comment about something like this and mentioned the importance of properly aligning the optical box upon re-installation. This can be done with the (three) screws that hold it in place, two of which are reached above the circuit boards, the other one under the flexi-plates on the base, and the adjustment can be made without removing the circuit board cage or the wires. I laid the printer down on its rounded front, loosened the screws, and then pried the optical box up as high as possible – there was an audible snapping sound. Then fastened the screws down tightly. That did it! Put the paper tray back, printed test page and the full black range is back. However, it was necessary to once again force a colour alignment as described in Andrew’s step 24.

#752 Comment By Hans Röcklinger On 7 April 2012 @ 18:44

Excelent! Worked straight away! I have donated 10EUR via Paypal.
I have some extra fotos on the spring in the laserbox if you want them.


#753 Comment By Frank On 8 April 2012 @ 11:56

I performed the entire operation in about 5 hours. The only issue was putting the mirror box into place and securing it with the (3) screws. Had to perform 2 color calibrations before the machine came back into alighnment. The red is still a little toned down but at least I have it back. Printed out a high res color chart from the web but the color is still a little weak, primarily due to red. What to do, the cleaning again? The dust is so slight but easily seen as I cleaned the mirrors.

#754 Comment By Nick Parr On 8 April 2012 @ 12:46

Frank do it again. It will be a lot quicker second time around. Make sure you clean not only the four mirrors but the under sides and top of the 4 big perspex lenses , the four smaller perspex lenses that surround the spinny round mirror thing and the 4 approx 8mm diameter circular lenses that are off to the side of the laserbox. I used a clean dry microfibre cloth wherever I could rather than a q tip as I found the qtip left little strands of cotton around and I didn’t know whether they would affect laser activity. A final thing I did was to hold the open nozzle of a vacuum cleaner and pass it over the entire box about 20mm above everything – I figured there was nothing loose to get sucked up so I had nothing to lose. The important thing to make sure is that you have the laserbox positively aligned and in place when you reassemble. Also before you put the rear plate and sides back on, plug it in and print a config or demo page from the menu – this will tell you if you still have your problem and have to disassemble again or whether you can reassemble to finish – obviously while you have it plugged in with the circuitry exposed don’t touch the circuitry

#755 Comment By Steve On 9 April 2012 @ 02:06

I thought I followed all the steps in re-assembly, but the paper comes out totally blank. There are no error messages. The printer sounds like it is printing. I ran the calibration and clean modes, but still totally blank paper comes out. Any ideas on what I did wrong? Thank you!

#756 Comment By Steve On 9 April 2012 @ 02:25

I just tried pushing the test button on the circuit board. That does print out a page with the colored lines on it. So my problem isn’t mechanical. No options on the menu structure print – only blank pages. I tried restoring the defaults that didn’t do anything either. I must have messed up something along the way, but I don’t know what.

#757 Comment By FCovington On 9 April 2012 @ 14:59

I hate to say this but there is either a connector not connected, or put in backwards. I would tear it down to the mirror box again, and check each connector three times. Also look at both side of the big circuit board, and make certain that all of the back connectors are connected. The ribbon connectors are the hardest… Make sue that they are seated well.

#758 Comment By Greg Lucot On 9 April 2012 @ 20:01

Just finished cleaning the mirrors and assembling the print enough to recalibrate and print a test page. The difference is amazing! The print quality looks like it did the 1st time I used the printer. Thanks for taking the time to document this procedure, Andrew. Thanks everyone else for their hints. Especially, W David Woods on removing the trays. I have a squeaking noise to take care of before I close it all back up.

#759 Comment By Gary Bainbridge On 9 April 2012 @ 23:35

Thanks very much for that. My printer has only been used as a monochrme printer for over a year thanks to this problem. I even bought another printer on Ebay, only for it to have the same problem. I’ve just completed the cleaning and the difference is staggering. I had problems removing the cable trunking (and indeed I broke a wire doing so). I’ve reassmbled it without the trunking so that it’s easier to do next time I need to clean the mirrors again. Thanks again, Gary.

#760 Comment By Steffen Germany On 11 April 2012 @ 15:49

Great manual – work first go;
A warning to smokers – I used my printer in a small room where I was smoking. Cleaning the mirrors with a dry cloth did not do the job. I had to use a liquid household glass cleaner and then dry up with a cotton cloth.

Thanks for this great tutorial

#761 Comment By Ivan Moret On 15 April 2012 @ 14:14

GREAT! My printers works perfectly again.

Thanks a lot!

#762 Comment By Duncan Elsey On 17 April 2012 @ 17:49

Great instructions – this is the second time I have had to do this to my wifes laser. First time was using the original instructions referenced in this post- this write up makes it even easier. Once recommendation – if you can – add a power driver and magnetic bit holder to the toolkit. I had the printer back together within an hour – oh and those ribbon cables on the right hand side CAN change position – I ended up with the bottom two on top of each other and had to guess (incorrectly as it turned out – got a fatal error on power up with the printer still open – but a quick swap over had it all working).


#763 Comment By mao On 18 April 2012 @ 23:58

I followede very carefully the instructions…. but, got into an “open door” error…

I tried checking
– the door switch
– the 4 cables in the bottom right (as well all the others but for the two connecting the lenses..)

but the error doest go away…

When I power it on you heard it “clickes” a couple of times… and immediatedly goes into error…


#764 Comment By FCovington On 19 April 2012 @ 01:13

I published a overview of the “Door Open” Problem a few months ago… It should be still on the forum. You may have bent the micro switch contact… With the left door off (Circuit board side), the micro switch contact is on the upper right corner, while looking at the the big circuit board. Open the front door, next, install the circuit board, and then close the front door. Listen for a “click” as the door makes contact. If no click, open the front door, loosen the circuit board, and bend the micro switch contact SLIGHTLY. Repeat the process until you hear the click. Worst case, you broke the micro switch… Then go to your local electronics store and buy a new one, and solder it on. Voila… It should work. Always remember to open the front door first prior to installing the circuit board.

#765 Comment By mao On 19 April 2012 @ 10:04

thanks… so… I’m tring to follow your instructiions:

>With the left door off (Circuit board side), the micro switch contact is on the upper right corner, –> I think I’ve seen the black plastic switch on the top left side.

>while looking at the the big circuit board. Open the front door, next, install the circuit board, –>You mean the board which is in the back, right? not the big one on the left side (the one which stays under the left panel… according to the instructions this one I didnt removed at all…)

and then close the front door. Listen for a “click” as the door makes contact.–> if I press manually the black plastic switch, I heard a “soft click” is this a good signal?


#766 Comment By mao On 19 April 2012 @ 10:50

Well, i also did this…I’ve opened the top of the printer (as shown here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RV7FJiBHj5w&feature=related) and removed completely the leftside board to check the switch… it seems ok, according to the white line on the green board the lever is exactly where it should be and it clicks

I remounted the top, as well as the left side board….and tried powering up the printer (without the left and the right cover, do I have to reassemlbe it completely?) and it keeps saying error “door open”.

could it be some issue with some cable? but where??

thanks in advance

#767 Comment By Gary Bainbridge On 19 April 2012 @ 11:28

I had a similar problem when I cleaned my printer.
Make sure that the small connectors on the end of the purple cables are fully pushed into their sockets.
It’s easy to leave one slightly out. You can hardly see the difference but unless they are fully home they don’t make contact.


#768 Comment By FCovington On 19 April 2012 @ 14:56

Mao… Yes, If you hear the click, that is a good sign… It has been a while since I did mine, and I am giving you instructions from memory…. That being said, just make sure it clicks when you close the front cover. You can watch (with the side off) the front activator come in contact with the micro switch. Make certain that it activates the micro switch (i.e. it clicks). I don’t think you have to have the left cover on to make it to work…. but BE CAREFUL! There is voltage running through that circuit board. In regards to cables, YES! I agonized for two day over this, and finally cleaned all of the cable contacts (lightly with an eraser), and checked all of the cables on the big circuit board especially.

#769 Comment By Steve Elliott On 20 April 2012 @ 00:37

If only I had done more research before buying a printer with such a design defect!
My red mirror was filthy and the other three mirrors left visible dirt on a Q-tip.
Removing the 4 screws in the top panel allows the side panels to be removed much easier.
Also the third black cable tray (on the left side of the rear panel) needed to be removed in order to take the rear panel off.
End result is a fully functioning colour laser printer!
Many thanks for documenting this process and publishing these instructions!!!!

#770 Comment By mao On 20 April 2012 @ 18:04

thanks to all for the comments and suggestion

but still doesn’t work… i cleaned all contact with the spray… and unmonuted and remounted everythig serveral times… so…i’m giving up

any suggestions about buing a new laser (multifuntional this time) for my soho?

#771 Comment By baz On 20 April 2012 @ 22:31

Many thanks for guide, it has worked a treat. amazed at difference. Mao i would try to check the switch with a test meter.

#772 Comment By M@rk On 22 April 2012 @ 00:24

Oh my god, it worked! I read up on the process here and started around 1pm today. By 4pm I had it all back together and completed a test print. Wow, red is back in a big way!

Taking it apart wasn’t too bad. I laid out the screws apart from each other by each step as I took them out. As for the mirrors, the bottom one, red, and the second one up from it were dirty. I was expecting to see red dust as if the toner cartridge had leaked. Instead what I saw was a very light white haze on the mirror. I used the q-tip to wipe the haze off, and put it all back together. I paid attention to the cables and made sure all were plugged back in and seated well. I did not label any of them and used the length of the cables to find their proper socket.

The only thing to give me difficulites was the left panel re-attachment. It did not seem to want to lay down flush. Eventually I figured out the front of both panels have hooks on them so you need to slightly push them forward until they snap in.

Now that I’ve been through the entire process I’m sure anyone could do it a “second” time in a hour or so.

I’ve had my 2600n for 5 years at least. I think I’ll still have it another 5 from now!


#773 Comment By Scott On 25 April 2012 @ 19:22

Thank you so much. I have tinkered with many devices in my years with NASA and thanks to your instructions performing this was a snap! A pint is on the way…

#774 Comment By Rev Bear On 26 April 2012 @ 02:53

Yea… Easy to follow instructions. Just a couple of notes if doing with a 2600N. Slightly different jumper numbers not big deal make extra labels. Not Silver panel covering 3 screw on optics box. Not problems just differences.

#775 Comment By Dave On 28 April 2012 @ 01:24

THANK YOU. Took about 2 hours. Enjoy the pint!

#776 Comment By Peter On 28 April 2012 @ 23:06


My Brother’s school were getting rid of some Printers. One of which was a HP 2605n.
There were just going to scrap them as they were no longer working. Fortunately I managed
To “salvage” it from the scrap heap…

After following your tutorial, All now working as new.

Much appreciated & Many Thanks

#777 Comment By Mark G On 1 May 2012 @ 14:02

Excellent posting. Great directions on fixing the problem. I must admit I was skeptical when I finally reached the optical box because there was barely any dust on the mirror. But after putting it back together I was surprised by the difference – the reds are back in full brilliance. I’ll definitely “buy you a beer” as soon as I find my PayPal password! Cheers!

#778 Comment By Andie On 2 May 2012 @ 18:13

Thank you so much! A beer is heading through cyber-space and should land in your account shortly!
What a useful (and very appreciated) post you published. I could hardly see any dust on the mirrors – so put it back together expecting either nothing to have changed or that I may have clumsily made it worse! However it worked!! – I have a printer again :-)

#779 Comment By J. Wolfe On 3 May 2012 @ 01:39

Following the destruction on this page, I took apart my 2605dn and cleaned the laser mirrors. I was astounded that, that little amount of dust on the mirror could cause that much grief. Printing looks brand new again.

Great service tip…will pass it along to my service contract company. (I repair printers for them, in the field.) I hat working on my own printer…I don’t get paid! LOL.

#780 Comment By fm conte On 4 May 2012 @ 02:56

i am wondering if anyone can tell me if this would fix the problem i am having, all my docs come out looking dirty, black and white as well as color. can anyone tell me if this would work on that issue as well. thanks and great article.

#781 Comment By John On 4 May 2012 @ 13:05

Two possible reasons for documents coming out dirty all over. One is dirt on the various elements in the light path. Make sure to clean all mirrors including the rotating mirror and all lenses on both sides. Any light scatter can cause darkening on other parts of the document.

The other possible cause is toner on the transporter belt. In this case the problem mostly occurs with double-sided prints, and more so with card-stock. This belt can be cleaned very easily with a dry cloth. Just open the front cover and the transporter belt is now facing upwards on the inside of the cover. A small knob at the front right hand side allows you to rotate the belt right round. Just clean the whole surface carefully with the cloth.

#782 Comment By Salvatore On 5 May 2012 @ 22:08

Instructions are excellent but i have a problem:
Before starting I had a fading magenta (like most of us).
When I reached the mirrors, the lower one was very dirthy; good sign I tought! Cleaned everything, re-mounted my 2605dn but….
Opened again, checked all again, tested again… ONLY BLACK (after calibration, obviously)…
Someone could help me with some hint?

#783 Comment By Pat On 6 May 2012 @ 23:24

Thanks a bunch for posting this! Excellent instructions, excellent pics, lots of information.

I picked up a used HP2605dn last week on Craigslist. It had been dropped once, and the printer tray had broken. After getting a new tray on eBay, I did a test page and got a cyan monkey and black blurbs.

I got to your site eventually, after doing all the normal updates (firmware, NVRAM, color calibration, etc.). After an afternoon of disassembly, I opened the optical box and saw that two of the plastic reflectors were just loose in the box (must have gotten jarred loose when the printer was dropped). I cleaned the mirrors, crazy-glued the reflectors back on and reassembled.

I got good color, but bad alignment, so after more calibrations and whatnot, I disassembled again and repositioned the reflectors just slightly. This time I got better alignment, but no magenta at all for some reason. A third teardown and reassembly fixed that (not sure why), and a couple test pages and color calibrations later, it’s good to go. For good measure cut a patch out of a coffee filter and taped it over that open slot on the bottom, like you said.

There’s $10.00 in beer money coming your way, and I’m ordering a stick of memory off eBay. After it’s all said and done, I’ll have paid about $110.00 for a color laser printer. If this thing lasts long enough to print the Christmas letter this year, it will have been worth it. Thanks again!

#784 Comment By Markus On 11 May 2012 @ 14:11

Thank you so very much.
It worked and was quite easy to do, following your step-by-step instructions.
You really saved me buying a new printer.

Thanks. Just thanks.

#785 Comment By Malcolm Beasley On 14 May 2012 @ 20:45

Worked Again. Thanks Very Much for Your Detailed Instruction. It was back in April of 2010 that I cleaned the mirrors the last time and just completed cleaning them again May 2012. About 4 1/2 Hours the first time and about 2 1/2 Hours this time. I have printed a lots of books on my restoration of my 1970 VW that I bought new. Thanks goodness the printing was great for the books but soon afterwards you could tell the printer needed cleaning again. These detail instruction made me want to make detailed instruction of my VW restoration which can be found at http://home.comcast.net/~clublava/1970VW% Long live the Printer, Also may my Grandchildrens take good care of the VW.
Malcolm Beasley

#786 Comment By Steve On 18 May 2012 @ 00:20

Thanks! This worked great. Took me about an hour and a half with interuptions.

#787 Comment By Jason B On 21 May 2012 @ 00:51

Hey Steve, I had the exact same problem with the printer coming up with no errors and but still printing blank pages. I figured out that the problem that the end of the top ribbon cable going to the optical box was slightly crunched. One of the tiny metal contacts at the end of the ribbon got pushed to the side and was shorting out with a neighboring metal contact.

I used a small flat head screwdriver and a magnifying glass to push the metal contact to straighten it out. After fixing that connection everything printed out fine. I recommend looking very closely at the end of all the ribbon cables to make sure you don’t have the same issue.

Also, I recommend to anyone else performing this fix, make sure you plug in the ribbon cables very carefully, and that you line them up perfectly with the connector. For the optical box, plug the 2 ribbon cables into it before you screw it in place so that you have easier access.

#788 Comment By Denys On 22 May 2012 @ 22:43

Thank you!

#789 Comment By Duncan On 28 May 2012 @ 16:39

Thank you, this worked beautifully. We have several of these at work (all with the same problem) and would not usually attempt such repairs as it isn’t cost effective, but at 90 minutes start to finish (hopefully quicker next time) it is well worth it. Apart from saving us money you’ve saved all our 2605 printers from ended up in the recycling prematurely.

Magenta was about a mm out of alignment afterwards but running the calibration routine sorted that no problem at all.

#790 Comment By Frank On 2 June 2012 @ 16:28

Thanks for the excellent information. You couldn’t have made it easier.

#791 Comment By Tait On 3 June 2012 @ 22:55

Worked like a charm. Took about an hour total. It is like having a new printer! Thanks.

#792 Comment By Jeff Roberts On 5 June 2012 @ 20:30

I followed the instructions to clean the 2605dn when the red alone was not printing. The cleaning was very well written out and went well, I thought. Then when I got everything back together, I now have a very faded red and all other colors are faded as well. The only other thing I did with the unit was to blow out the entire unit with compressed air. Could this be an issue? Does it matter which cables are back in the holder first or second if they all fit?

Thanks in advance.

#793 Comment By Wim On 8 June 2012 @ 20:18

Great procedure. Took me the best part of 3 hours first time. Much better print quality, but still some fading. So I opened the box again the next evening. Performed a more detailed clean, but after assembly all colors came out faded. Thought I misaligned the entire optical box, but repeating the whole thing again (practice helps: it now takes less than an hour :-) does not yield any improvement.

#794 Comment By Werner Roedl On 9 June 2012 @ 21:17

Thanks a lot for the precise instructions.
I found it easier to leave the two data cables connected to the optical box and just open the clamp holding them to the right metal wall…
So I could remove the box with the cables still connected but more importantly could re install the optical box without need for dealing with reattaching the cables in the narrow space available… After many months again red printout….thanks!

#795 Comment By John On 10 June 2012 @ 17:17

Incredibly detailed instructions and photos made this job quite easy!!! Thank you for helping me rejuvenate my 2605dn.

#796 Comment By Blair On 11 June 2012 @ 04:51

Outstanding directions, thank you!!!
Just sent you some $$$ for beer, you more than deserve it. You saved my printer from becoming a boat anchor.

British Columbia, Canada

#797 Comment By Waldemar Woschek On 15 June 2012 @ 22:45

Unbelievably, it works! Great description! I have my printer completely fine again!

#798 Comment By Jim Pridemore On 21 June 2012 @ 23:55

Your beer money is on it’s way via Paypal. All worked fine for me except getting the data trays out. It took about 30 minutes to find the secret. I cleaned the mirrors and did get my magenta to work. However, all colors are slightly faded. There are no bright colors :{. I installed all 4 brand new HP cartridges. My printer has only printed about 3000 pages total. If anyone has a solution for an overall faded printout, I would appreciate a shout.

Thank you!

#799 Comment By Jon On 4 July 2012 @ 10:17

Printer works again as a new one now!
I’ve cleaned all optical things inside the box (without any products); not only the purple mirrors, but also all curved lenses (inner and outer side!) Make sure you don’t leave any hairs coming off the cotton sticks.

#800 Comment By rs On 7 July 2012 @ 07:20

Worked great! I didn’t bother putting all the purple wires back in the black plastic harness. I just took 2 zip ties , bound them together, and called it good. Saved me a ton of time, and if I have to crack her open again, I wont have to mess around with that step again.

#801 Comment By David On 15 July 2012 @ 05:25

Another satisfied customer! More importantly, your satisfied customer has a very satisfied Wife who is a power user and power printer user. I am a hero and it is thanks to your well done web instructions. My only complaint is that the link to Paypal for US dollars did not work.

#802 Comment By Jette Brix On 21 July 2012 @ 15:05

Thank You, this was very helpful. After following the tutorial, my 2605dn is now printing red color again.

#803 Comment By Mike in Arvada, CO On 22 July 2012 @ 19:39

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I purchased an HP 2605dn second-hand and thought I had bought a bad printer when I discovered that replacing the magenta toner had no effect on the fact that it wouldn’t print anything in magenta at all. It worked fine otherwise, I assumed something in the internal electronics was bad until I Googled the web and found your post.

The pictures and descriptions you posted were very helpful, as were the comments from others who said they had to use forceful compressed air to clean the optics box before it made a difference. I removed the optics box following your instructions, took off the small spring and flap, cleaned the mirrors and both sides of the clear plastic lenses with soft tissues, and then blasted the heck out of the box using 100psi compressed air from a rubber-tipped air gun hooked up to my compressor. I did this for about 30 seconds or more. Put it all back together, and to my amazement, it works like a champ! Makes beautiful prints.

Thanks again for the post, it was most helpful. I love this printer and the auto-duplexing feature, that will save a ton of paper by printing two-sided. I appreciate the time you spent on this post, it will help a lot of people.

#804 Comment By David Cox On 24 July 2012 @ 04:17

Thanks for this post. The pictures made the instructions easy to follow. Hardest part was winding all of the cables back together. I didn’t think it would work since I didn’t have much dust on mine, but it really made a huge difference with the red colors.

#805 Comment By Serge Pageau On 25 July 2012 @ 16:37

Merci beaucoup!
Vos instructions m’ont étés très utiles. Tout fonctionne très bien.

#806 Comment By Richard Yerbury On 26 July 2012 @ 09:12

Awesome guide…..

Was gonna sell the toners and throw this 20 quid printer away…..

Very little visible dirt but a massive difference. Beer money on its way (on pay day :( )

#807 Comment By Geoff and Kate On 27 July 2012 @ 16:13

Thank you for providing the confidence to take it apart – that proved the easy part. A slight mis-alignment of the inner boards meant hours of struggle with the cable plastic holder and the left side cover – when the problem was realised, it went back easily.

But no detectable difference in the printout – I’m looking for other solutions to brighten the red.

And amazingly, a DIY job shared, with no row! Many thanks.

#808 Comment By Mike On 2 August 2012 @ 18:02

Wow! It worked for me too, despite there being what looked like very little dust on the mirrors. (HP 2605 with USB only). Thanks for posting this up.

#809 Comment By TIP On 10 August 2012 @ 21:52

Thanks very much for the detailed guide! Just went through the instructions without a hitch (with my 2600n) and have clean colors and a crisp printout again
A kind person at HP actually pointed me here. They saved a printer from the trash heap – that’s what I call green computing!

#810 Comment By Karen On 11 August 2012 @ 18:44

Oh dear. I got it apart, reassembled it and it says ‘Engine Comm. error’. With the kids and all, I’ve been working on it for 4 hours. Guess I have to start all over…

#811 Comment By Karen On 11 August 2012 @ 20:44

Taken it apart and put it back together. Still getting the same error message. I guess I ruined my computer:(

#812 Comment By Karen On 11 August 2012 @ 20:44

I mean printer. I ruined my printer, not computer.

#813 Comment By Karen On 11 August 2012 @ 22:16

Just did it a third time. I put everything back where it goes. I used the tip of a retracted pen to ensure everything was pushed in. I’m so, so upset. Ugh. At least I could print black. No I can’t print anything:( Does anyone have any ideas?

#814 Comment By Gerald On 12 August 2012 @ 15:15

Following the Instructions step by Step were dead easy.
It took ms roughly one Hour, and my Printer was working like new.
I am very glad, seeing my Printer fully viable.
I hope, You are happy when receiving my Donation.

Kind regards from Germany


#815 Comment By Gerald On 12 August 2012 @ 16:12

To save Time, leave Step 9, if You have a few Paint-Markers of different Colours, like the Edding 750.
Mark each Plug and Socket with a different Colour (or Pattern in Case You have just one Colour at Hand).

#816 Comment By Glenn D. Griffin On 12 August 2012 @ 21:53

Sure didn’t look very dirty when I got into the Optical Block, but by golly when I cleaned everything in there and gently blew it all out with canned-air, reassembled it, (ok, one screw left – sue me…it was silver so no harm there either as it’s just sheet metal, folks) and printed a test page, it came out beautifully for the first time in over 4 years. No noticable traces of dirt or dust on any of the cotton swaps either – that seems rather strange; but it works so no argument from me!


#817 Comment By Geoff On 13 August 2012 @ 19:58

Decided to have a second go before giving up on the otherwise perfect printer. My letterheads are a red/brown, so the fade ruined the company image as well as making rooftiles yellow and losing the bright red spots which I label maps with.

This time I worked alone – apart from my embroidering partner weaving the cables – and used a few squirts of compressed gas cleaner all over the interior of the hidden black box. Still no obvious signs of dirt.

After screwing it back together, the printer seemed to work but kept abruptly ending its sequence, eventually giving the 51.22 error code (switch off then back on) repeatedly. Another repeat of the process, taking closer care to align the black box, and it’s now working fine and printing rooftiles which are red!

#818 Comment By leroy rodgers On 16 August 2012 @ 22:31

Thanks Man! I happened on your link by luck. I had just purchased a pack of toners. AI was ready to junk the whole printer. Don’t depend on HP for help. Worked on HP CM1015MPP printer. Thanks Man!!

#819 Comment By Davidn Craig On 22 August 2012 @ 20:11

Took my time. When through the steps one by one. First run through it gave a comm error. Took the back off and saw one ribbon wire not connected. Reconnected and works great. Thank You. I did have a problem putting the left bottom on after I had put the left side on. I finally got them the lined up and it popped back on.

#820 Comment By Matt On 25 August 2012 @ 09:53

Great fix – thanks – printer all good now!

#821 Comment By jsdidier On 25 August 2012 @ 19:06

Great job.
Took me 2 attempts as after the first one, the printer was only printing one side of the page in black).
Changed the toners to real HP, and this does make a huge difference as well.

Thanks for this.

#822 Comment By Sibelius On 26 August 2012 @ 21:34


Thanks very well for this blog. I saved a laserjet 2605.

Now I need help for print my photo with my printer. I’m under mac os x 10.5.8 Ibook G4 PPC and I have no idea how to where and how to chose the properties for photo paper and print photo quality. I try to print with the defaut properties and the resul is pretty bad. So I need help because there are nothing on Intertnet the printer is too old I Guess…

Thank you.

P.S. Sorry for my english I’m not an english people.

#823 Comment By grosminetiti On 6 September 2012 @ 22:57

Thanks for this the color is ok but I have now a problem…
The right part oh the sheet is not print correctly… I re-open all and re-fixed all correctly with screws but same result…
Have you an idea ?
Thanks for al and sorry for my bad english but I speak french ;-)

#824 Comment By Colleen King On 6 September 2012 @ 23:47

We also had that problem. Needed to make sure the mirrors were really clean (even thought they looked clean) and recalibrated a few times.

#825 Comment By Martin Labbe On 8 September 2012 @ 21:12

Thank you for this tutorial. My printer looks like a new one now.

#826 Comment By Clarence Wigsmoen On 9 September 2012 @ 00:11

I did not get your instructions site until after the job was done. I used instructions I found on Utube. I have good results and am very happy with the outcome. Would have much rather
used your instructions. Will make a donation to your site because I am going to bookmark it for future use and to pass on to others. Biggest problem I had was replacing the side panels.

#827 Comment By Ken On 9 September 2012 @ 20:50

Thank you! Once I got into it, I thought, “What the hell did I get myself into”? I justified the process by telling myself that it wasn’t working properly, so what have I got to lose? Like the others, I took my time and labeled and photographed everything. It took me a total of 3 hours and it works like new! This is a great use of the web! Thanks!

#828 Comment By Paul On 12 September 2012 @ 23:37

Hey there, I’m hoping you can help. Assuming my mirrors were dirty, I ‘ve gone through the procedure of pulling apart my HP 2605dn. Successfully apart. Mirros didn’t really look dirty, but I Qtipped them however, I can’t figure out where that damn spring goes…the only part I can’t remember is how that optical box goes back together! Any chance you have an image or link that would help me out? Much appreciated. Paul from Santa Fe.

#829 Comment By inkprods On 13 September 2012 @ 13:31

With the scan unit with the boards on left hand side – put the lever unit in at a 45% angle. It can only fit the slot one way – it should free to move. Replace the cover – slot into left hand side – replace screw. Spring fits just above lever between lever rod and cover

#830 Comment By Paul On 13 September 2012 @ 22:22

I did the entire thing and now it says DOOR OPEN. Gonna try looking inside again

#831 Comment By Trevor On 16 September 2012 @ 09:13

Absolutely fantastic! Took me less than an hour to complete the whole job and, thanks to your superb guide, my 2600N is now printing crisp and vibrant colours again. Thank you very much!

#832 Comment By Massey On 20 September 2012 @ 09:29

Great stuff, was about to scrap the printer,
I have really appreciated your blog.


#833 Comment By Lissajous On 22 September 2012 @ 07:30

In case you’re wondering why HP don’t document this job, I think I can guess. Their own service manual states that total repair time (diagnose, disassemble, repair, reassemble) is to be limited to 30 minutes. If this cannot be achieved then their policy is to recommend replacement. I suspect that rules out any work inside the optics module!

#834 Comment By Ben Abbott On 23 September 2012 @ 21:48

For those using USB to print, the calibration can be done using the instructions given by HP at the link below.


#835 Comment By Rischi Paul On 25 September 2012 @ 02:10

brilliant. ..worked. . thanks for your time and effort. you have revived my belief in the internet and people

#836 Comment By Daniel On 26 September 2012 @ 17:14

Great! Now my printer works like a new one. Greetings from Germany, Daniel

#837 Comment By George Karavokiros On 2 October 2012 @ 11:16

It took me three hours, but it was worth it. My 2600 prints now as new. Thank you! My impressions: This printer is overengineered and still not capable to keep those mirrors clean for long time. As we know from other printers and demonstrated by our host (vacuum cleaner bag) this shouldn’t be a great problem.

#838 Comment By Geert On 11 October 2012 @ 12:52

Thanks for the detailed explanation! It takes some time but the result is great.

#839 Comment By Lionel du Bois On 11 October 2012 @ 17:04

What a great set of instructions. Thanks.
Did all that was required including photos.
Did my 1st print with test button at back. As paper was moving up the printer, I heard a scraping noise and immediately opened the front flap.
Saw a set of vertical color lines, as paper had not yet passed thru the fuser. Color could be scraped off.
Well I removed the paper and closed door. Since then the display stays on “Initializing” and nothing further happens.
I noticed a relay on the power supply now clicks in after a few seconds after power is switched on and the 24V is disabled.
Has anybody got an idea as to why the printer is going into a protection mode?

#840 Comment By Klaas On 13 October 2012 @ 13:30

A message from the Netherlands.
It took me 2 hours to fix the problem. And the color of 2600n prints are as new.
Thanks very much.

#841 Comment By J. Diaz On 13 October 2012 @ 21:10

I just completed the entire procedure, and although mirrors did not “appear” dirty, I thoroughly cleaned all mirror plates with Q-tips. Your step-by-step instructions and illustrations were critical and extremely helpful to successfully complete the entire procedure. I think next time (if needed) it may take me about 1-hour instead of the 2-3 hours it took me this first time. Thank you and very much appreciate your posting on fixing my 4-year old HP 2605dn printer. I just calibrated and printed a picture I took recently, and all the correct colors are now showing up (instead of the previously washed-out colors).

#842 Comment By Lissajous On 14 October 2012 @ 07:13

I did my second 2600n using the Don Thompson PDF linked up the top. It is essentially the same procedure but I found it quicker. Yes, I know it was my second time around. But Don skips the tedious labelling of all those connectors. If you look closely, they are all either different shapes, sizes or spatially separated so there is no confusion on reassembly. Be warned that both Don and Andrew miss a couple of those pesky clips you need to disengage when removing panels so take your time and if something seems stuck and explore just where it is stuck. Another trick is the little lever on the laser optics box that has the spring on it. This lever drops a shutter over the lasers when the front door is opened as an extra safety measure. When you’re reinstalling the optics box you may find that lever fighting your attempts to seat it properly. Simply open the printer front door first. Too easy!

#843 Comment By Anne On 20 October 2012 @ 23:30

So got it all back together and voila!!!! There was the magenta…magically appearing on the paper after months awol!!!! Only problem was that the black was completely gone. Tears…hair pulling….depression sets in…..
Removed the back panel again and wiggled/pushed everything and everything worked!!!! Going to nominate Andrew as head of HP’s environmental committee…your instructions saved another one from the landfill! Thank you!!!!

#844 Comment By Shelley On 21 October 2012 @ 15:28

My printer now prints worse than before. Prints black only. and toner is brand new…. HELP!!

#845 Comment By John hung On 27 October 2012 @ 21:36

Thank you for your instructions. I used my iPad to take pictures as I went along which helped when it was time to put things back together. Even though there wasn’t too much dirt on the mirrors the procedure did make enough of a difference that my wife decided to keep this printer a little longer (we’ve had it for over six years as a small business printer). Another piece of equipment saved from landfill. Much appreciated.

#846 Comment By Derek On 29 October 2012 @ 13:52

Thanks man. Works perfectly now.

#847 Comment By Tony Batt On 29 October 2012 @ 20:31

Thanks a lot, another 2605 back on track!

#848 Comment By Nathalie Caron On 4 November 2012 @ 18:58

Merci, j’ai enfin de belles couleurs à l’impression grâce à vous et à Google traduction. Merci, merci et merci encore.

Thank you, I finally have reals and nices colors using my printer. Thanks to you and Google translation.

#849 Comment By Hard money loans in california On 5 November 2012 @ 11:17

There have been a number of problems with HP printers lately. They need to look at the problem areas and sort them out accordingly.

#850 Comment By Ian Rotheram On 6 November 2012 @ 08:44

Whayhay fixed first time, thanks for publishing this another printer saved. the only thing I didnt need to do was label up the connectors as each one is a different size.

Thanks again saved me a wad of money for a new printer and only cost me a hour of my time

#851 Comment By Jim Buchan On 8 November 2012 @ 21:46

Great article and your procedure worked for me first time. And not extra screws or other parts at the end of the process. So impressed with the quality of your instructions that I just had to blog the experience. See here http://www.ruachonline.org.uk/blog/?p=807 Thanks for taking the time to make this post.

#852 Comment By Terje Andersen On 11 November 2012 @ 20:52

Thanx a lot!

My HP 2605DN had been missing the red color for a long time. As a matter of fact, I considered buying a new printer, and hit your page when searching for “HP” and “problems” – did not wanna buy another HP with problems :-) Your description of the problem was convincing, and I followed the procedure, solving the problem:-) Not without pain though, I met the “open door” problem, also the printer seems to have a problem reporting the correct level of toner, but for first time in a couple of years, the printout is now like the day the printer was brand new.

On the plus side, your description is by far better than any technical manual I have ever seen. In the future, you might add a few words, due to the not-so-good engineering inside the printer, especially the not-so-good data cables and their connectors, the do-it-yourself-guy should be very, very careful, especially when putting them back: as written in another comment, these cables very easily have one or more of the metal conductors shorted. I also cleaned the plastic “lenses” facing towards the toner compartment when the “magic box” was in my hands. BTW, you are absolutely right: my mirrors was virtually FILLED by dust! A small wonder the printer was working at all. Also I followed your advice on a filter in the air duct in the paper tray.

As you may understand, I had to make the procedure a couple of times due to some small problems – among other the open-door issue. First time, the procedure was done in about two hours, second time it was a 30-minutes affair :-)

Apart from this, I think this might be my last HP – HP Lasers is not what it was once upon a time :-)

#853 Comment By Stephen Cavender On 17 November 2012 @ 12:05

Thank you for your excellent, comprehensive instructions and accompanying photographs. Some months ago I asked HP about the fading red problem with my 2605dn. They did not allude to this fix or acknowledge the known problem and quoted nearly the price of a new printer for a repair. I had decided to ditch the printer so used it until the black toner emptied.
I then stumbled across your instructions and decided to go for it. After two hours (and a new black cartridge) it was all back together and working. The red took a little while to come back, presumably because it had not been used for months, so a little shaking of the magenta cartridge and some repeated printing of red-intensive pages has brought it back. Repeated calibration seemed to help, too, even thought the first page after repair was pin-sharp.
Thank you for your effort and generosity in posting this stuff – HP should take lessons from you!

#854 Comment By Rem On 19 November 2012 @ 08:49

After three attempts, finally I made it work. After first (3 hours ) – BLANK PAGE. After another (no longer scared but slightly mad – 0.5 h) – RIGHT SIDE OF THE PAGE FADING COLORS. So I found and read lot of comments here. After third attempt (frustrated – 15 min.) – YEAH!
Now I know – THE KEY is proper fixing of optical box. You must fix it in maximum up position, and screw it very strong. Check it twice before adding next parts. All the rest is piece of cake – there is no problem with connecting all wires, just no way to make mistake.

Thank you!

#855 Comment By steve cusworth On 27 November 2012 @ 14:53

Hi Just sent you ten pounds for a beer, Bought a 2600 second hand and was never impressed with the colours, after carrying out your instructions its just AWESOME. It does not do your nerves much good when you take the back off though, its scary in there !
Thanks very much,

#856 Comment By welschriesling On 30 November 2012 @ 19:00

Vielen Dank!
Nun druckt er wieder super tolle Seiten.

#857 Comment By Syed Zubair On 2 December 2012 @ 14:25

“Wonderfull” you are a life saver, it took around 2.5 hours and voila done in 1 try. Thanks a lot for the TIP.

#858 Comment By Gordon Graham On 3 December 2012 @ 15:14

Thank you for such amazing instructions! I have one question, please: Does using the vacuum cleaner bag mean we never have to do this again? I’m not keen to do this all over again every 6 months or so… just to make up for a design flaw by HP. Thank you.

#859 Comment By Martin On 7 December 2012 @ 13:34

Thanks for the info. Now have two of these printers. A few extra tips:

1. Only use water to clean off stubborn marks on the mirrors!!!
2. I have discarded the cable trays completely. This will save you valuable time when next cleaning!
3. I had some black and yellow cartridges (but not all) that would not print on around 20% of the left hand side of the page. This bugged me for over 12 months until I read one of the posts about realigning the mirror box. I also added the screw that was missing to make 4 in total and hey presto the cartridges then worked fine!

#860 Comment By David Keeble On 9 December 2012 @ 20:01

Thanks so much for keeping this posted, and thanks to the orignator and all the contributors too. I was intimidated by the number of steps and the idea of pulling wires loose, but I couldn’t stand the idea of dumping the printer, so I went at it today and it worked like a charm.

All it really took was patience, and the wires, being loccked together, were no problem at all – though very stiff and hard to get loose, as were the cable guides, for no reason I can figure out. And of course the sides took a while to decide it was ok to go back together. Altogether a good experience and I’m glad I did it.

Of course, it’s been pointed out to me at Business Depot that the economically rational decision would have been to keep buying then dumping remaindered laser printers at $60 each, since that’s less than the cost of their ink cartridges, but I can’t bring myself to do that either. Landfill hell.

So thanks again for helping us keep a good machine in operation.

#861 Comment By Freezer On 10 December 2012 @ 15:31

Thank you very much for the Guid, i followed it step by step and could solve the Problem. Took about 2,5 for the first time. The second time took 30 min…

I guess i did the same mistake like grosminetiti, i didnt screwed the optical box strong enough so the right side didnt printed correctly. I had to reopen it and fix it, than it worked like a new printer.

Thank you again.

Greetings from Germany

#862 Comment By John Batty On 11 December 2012 @ 14:56

An excellent step-by-step explanation. The second one only took me 50 minutes and I found working with the printer front-down on a cushion the easiest. I enjoyed MY beer with your quiet friend, but he seems a little unwell now. Hope he gets better soon.

#863 Comment By Grega On 13 December 2012 @ 20:09

Thank you very much for this diagnosis and easy to follow instructions. My printer is now working a treat, however, upon cleaning the mirrors, I steamed one up by breathing on it and the cotton bud just smeared it everywhere. I couldn’t really get to it with anything else so I decided to take the small curved lens out and only broke one of the tabs holding it in! Arrrgghh I was thinking… So, I got the mirror clean enough and used Araldite to fix the broken side of the lens in. Now it works like a charm. Also I left the cable trays out as per Martins suggestion above. It took and hour from start to finish.

Many thanks again.
Greg from Norwich, UK.

#864 Comment By Andrei R?ducanu On 16 December 2012 @ 12:40

Hi! Thank You for the tutorial, i did clean the lenses and now the monkey on the demo page definitely has a better orange, the problem is, it won’t print cyan any more but It doesn’t give any errors. I switched the cartridges and used the test button in the back, and it did print cyan (and didn’t print magenta, which was in the problematic spot). When i say it doesn’t print, i mean it only prints an extremely faded and spotty layer (almost non-existent, but it is something there). I re-cleaned the mirrors twice, but no improvement. I did not use any solvents when cleaning, just q-tips with water. Any idea what might have caused this? Input would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you!

#865 Comment By Sachin On 16 December 2012 @ 20:33

Thank you so much for writing procedure so well. I saved my HP2605. I had this problem for last 2 yrs,, color being faded Despite new color cartridge. I just google the net and found your blog. In fact I never did any technical repair in life. But somehow after reading all these details I thought to give a shot. Any way I already decided to buy a new color printer. So I had nothing to loose. I followed your instruction word by word and took almost 2 hrs to completely finish the job . Amazing!! the printer started working as if it was new 4 yrs back. All real color came back. I also got confidence in getting minor repair from now onwards. Thank you Sir !!!!!!!

#866 Comment By olaf On 16 December 2012 @ 22:36

this has plagued me for at least a year now and i started printing grey tones rather than color just to get anything printing. following your instructions were two hours worth spending, the beast is not printing vivid colors again!
quite annoying to see that hp is selling such flawed hardware though. it certainly wasn’t expensive to buy but the issue started appearing while i was still on my original set of cartridges….

so thanks a lot and enjoy that pint!!!

olaf from france

#867 Comment By Gordon Graham On 17 December 2012 @ 04:03

I did this procedure twice on the weekend, second time much faster. Same results both times: every page prints solid cyan (blue). Anyone have a hint why this might be?

I believe I’ve read through all the comments without finding this symptom.
Doesn’t sound like positioning of the optics box?
All visible connectors seem seated properly.
Are there data connectors on the backside of the circuit boards? That’s the one thing I didn’t check.

Thank you for any hints, right now I have a boat anchor for a printer, can’t even use it for text.

#868 Comment By Christian Magnusson On 25 December 2012 @ 22:56

Thanks for the guide. I bought new color for my printer since red was not working at all.
After following your instructions, I found lots of dust on 2 mirrors, and it was good as new after cleaning them.

#869 Comment By CarolJ On 28 December 2012 @ 08:06

I’m a 72 year old woman. If I can do this so can you! This fix worked like a charm. I had been using refilled cartridges for years so that probably caused the problems. Now after cleaning the mirrors and installing new cartridges all colors are perfect and clear. I printed out the step by step manual (2007 Don Thompson’s Service Seminars Fading Red Tones on Color Laserjet 2600s) PDF file, all 6 pages. All connectors went back perfectly so this was a great experiment, cost nothing and now my printer is good for another few years.

#870 Comment By Jason On 28 December 2012 @ 23:05


Thanks for this additional advice. I was having problems with my black toner after the fix too- and your suggestion to lift the optical box worked very well.

Thank you , thank you…

#871 Comment By Jason On 29 December 2012 @ 15:27

Thanks for the clear concise fix and all of the helpful comments from others.

Beer money on the way. Cheers from Delray Beach Florida. Wishing you and the family a wonderful 2013!

#872 Comment By Jason Burke On 30 December 2012 @ 00:16

While I appreciate the detailed directions, I ended up making my printer worse, where I could no longer get the colors to align anymore, so I ended up throwing the printer out (after working on it multiple times over 3 weekends I gave up). If anyone is interested, I have a set of 4 almost empty toner cartridges and 4 barely used full toner cartridges that I’m willing to sell altogether for $50 if you live in the Orange County, California, USA area (I would just send them to the Reeves-Hall family for creating this page, but sending them to England would be too expensive!).

#873 Comment By Thomas Eshraghi On 31 December 2012 @ 07:45

Excellent fix. Thanks so much. Worked like a charm. Start to finish in a little over an hour.

#874 Comment By Jay J. On 2 January 2013 @ 03:21

It’s funny…I thought I was pretty “tech” minded. But your 2 hours took me 5 hours. I’ve never been inside anything with so many tiny wires all over the place, so I was very careful and labeled everything! When I finally got into the mirror box my heart dropped, as I didn’t initially see anything terrible. but when I turned the mirrors to the light it was obvious they were clouded. 2 were clouded and the center 2 looked Ok. But I cleaned them with the cotton ear swabs and then went about trying to put it all together again and WOW, it works like should! I half way expected I’d need to toss the whole thing in the garbage and consider the new toners I bought just the cost of learning what to keep my nose out of in the future. But “YOU” can certainly do this. Truly all you need is a screw driver and some duct tape. The duct tape holds tight to the wires you need to mark. Different than the instructions though….you can draw a sketch of the ciruit board and where the connections are for wires and just mark them 1,2,3,4 etc, and show on your sketch where they route to and how deep that particular group of wires sits in the wire-way. So instead of all the tiny numbers the author described, just any numbers you can keep track of to make sure you put the connectors back where they go.

Thanks, to all and especially the authors. But truly, what a pain. HP makes good stuff, but these mirrors IF they needed to ever be services should have come out the side through a single drawer and a single screw keeping the thing in place. It’s a terrible industrial design. Or it’s planned that way, so you have to first buy new toners which won’t work but you’ve opened them so they’re not returnable, then you have to buy a new printer or take it to a service center and pay more than a new printer costs. Best, Jay

#875 Comment By Dave On 4 January 2013 @ 21:45

I started this procedure but decided after the panels were off to KISS (Keep Is Simple Stupid). If you remove the toner cartridge you will see a slot at the back. Behind this slot is the mirror for that toner. Just point the tip of a can of air with nozzle into it and blow. You may need to move the nozzle around a little but it will work. The first time I did not get it all so I had some faded red on one side. A lot less then I did before but after a few more time it worked. No disassembly required. Hope this helps.

#876 Comment By Johnny Bjoern Rasmussen On 11 January 2013 @ 10:45

I consider my self a routined printer repairman but with out this guide I had thrown my 2605 for recycling. Really outstanding indeed. Thanks for the great work.

#877 Comment By Hartmut On 12 January 2013 @ 22:01

@ Dave. Yes KISS worked too for me. I purchased a bottle of compressed air and applied liberally to all of the four slots.
That froze u all four lenses ! Ice everywhere I applied. ! I was worried that I did not achieve my goal blowing off the dust and second maybe created a new problem of having melted water drops making its mark.
Not so. All worked out fine. The mirror seems to have been cleaned and relative normal printing has resumed.
However. I urge everyone to fiddle with the printer settings. Printing out from Photoshop leaves you many options with a different result. Try and error is here the game, but may be worth it.


#878 Comment By Mike D. On 13 January 2013 @ 23:27

Great instructions.
Worked well for me.
Just take your time and follow to the letter.

#879 Comment By zivag On 21 January 2013 @ 00:29

Thanks a bundle, Jan 2013, followed the procedure, completed till correct test page in 1:46 min.
Have three extra pieces left now! :-))) I guess, since the thing works – they weren’t necessary :-)))
If you are ever in Montreal – drop me a line – beer’s on me.

#880 Comment By Paul On 21 January 2013 @ 15:18

Happy to purchase all for $50.00 + USPS Flat Rate Priority Box shipping fee to 00820 (VI)
Please advise the details for payment via my website http://www.housevi.com

#881 Comment By Erin On 21 January 2013 @ 20:55

5 years later this is still an excellent solution! Great job!

#882 Comment By Sander On 22 January 2013 @ 10:52

Hi Andrew,

I have an inherited (yes they do exist) 2605 printer which has the infamous magenta failure problem…
A problem which reared it’s head only and suddenly after changing the tomer cartridges…

I will attempt at using your highly recommended instructions this week.
But for the sake argument: Can you shed some light on (or explain) the relationship between birty lenses/refelctors and changing any toners ?? And does you vaccuum bag filter solution help at this??

Best of regards, Sander Tel.

#883 Comment By David On 26 January 2013 @ 20:20

Jason: I live nearby in Huntington Bach, and would be happy to pick up your cartridges…. I can be reached at David at dcbarry dot com

#884 Comment By Wayne On 27 January 2013 @ 16:52

Just followed these instructions after replacing a magenta cartridge to find the colours still wrong.

Took about 1 hour 45 to do, and printer fixed!

Thanks for the good instructions, saved me buying a new printer after just spending a fortune on new cartridges.

#885 Comment By Joe Gagliano On 30 January 2013 @ 14:13

What happens if you lose the spring from the optical box?

#886 Comment By Paul H On 31 January 2013 @ 21:53

Andrew…..Your article was a Godsend. I had given up on finding a cost-effective way to fix my printer and had just purchased a new HP LaserJet Pro 400 ($$) to replace it. When it arrived it was totally dead (no power). HP offered to replace it with a re-manufactured one (not happy). So I decided to search for DIY repairs and found your article. I tried the air spray of the plastic lens and saw almost no change. I wasn’t sure I wanted to get into the guts, but decided I had little to lose (especially since, like others, I had bought new ink cartridges). Everything went great (except I forgot to reinsert the smaller L-shaped wire guide – now a souvenir). After calibration it works almost like new. I managed to talk Staples into taking the new printer back with a full refund, so I’m really happy.

Thanks for the great instructions. You are clearly my hero!!!

#887 Comment By Gene On 2 February 2013 @ 03:20

Thank you for excellent instructions! I followed the prescribed steps and now have a fully functional printer again. Total time was right around 2 hours. The only change I made was to use a lens cleaning cloth instead of cotton swabs. I also added the home-brew filter hoping it will keep the dust down. Only time will tell. Again, thank you!

#888 Comment By Don On 5 February 2013 @ 04:26

Awesome!!! It works. I called HP and wouldn’t help unless I paid $40.00 for support. Which I don’t understand I mean toner x4= $400, you would think they would like to keep sell toner. Thank for the direction and picture.

#889 Comment By Norman On 5 February 2013 @ 07:32


I just followed the cleaning instructions for the 2nd time & have a problem. 1st time (year ago?) got it working great. Tonight it was open, cleaned & back together in an hour but…. When I did a test print I have almost no image of any color! Before I had good solid blacks but funky colors. Now I have just a ghost of an image across the whole page. As I know what it is supposed to be I can see most of it, just barely.

I have rechecked my connections, screws are snug on the optical chamber & I am at a loss.

Does one of the cables control density? Which one?

Any other ideas welcome.



#890 Comment By olaf On 5 February 2013 @ 08:02


did you recalibrate as per step 24? i do see the very same quite frequently but running a manual recalibration via the printers front panel menu options fixes it all the time for me.

#891 Comment By Norman On 5 February 2013 @ 17:10

As soon as I put power to it it ran a recalibration on its own.
I just ran a manual recalibration and anopther test print with the exact same results.

Any other ideas out there?
The optical box is snug (& seems to be in the right place).


#892 Comment By Norman On 5 February 2013 @ 20:37

I have now:
– Printed a demo page before doing anything for comparison.
– Done the original cleaning per the instructions.
– Recalibrated & printed demo page (virtually no image – just a ghost)
– Loosened, wiggled around, & retightened the optical box (without full disassembly)
– Recalibrated & printed demo page
The last demo page is better than immediately after cleaning, I have text & a yellow monkey – BUT – the entire page is lighter than the demo page I printed prior to starting any of this! Before I had nice dark blacks, now I just have light to medium gray & lighter yellow & blues (maybe no magenta).

#893 Comment By Richard On 6 February 2013 @ 08:03

Thanks Andrew for a great post. Very clear and concise. I have a 2600 and a 1600 both with the same problem. Also “cleaned” it many times , replaced toners before finished etc. Was about to look at purchasing 2 new printers (1 home 1 office)when I found this post and started stripping. Took a photo of the wires but did not bother marking them as they could only realy fit in the correct places because of size of plugs and the way they were bundled together. Cleaned and put back together in about 2 hours but had a door not shut error. Restripped and reassembled making sure all cables securely and snugly back in their place (1 hour) works perfectly!! Did the same to the 1600 all done and working within 45 mins. Thanks again for the input!!!

#894 Comment By Mike On 9 February 2013 @ 20:43

This is my 2nd time cleaning these. When I got to the mirrors, they weren’t that dirty, ugh. I hope it cleans up the color anyway. As my last comment, like 2 yrs. ago, just be careful not to strip the screws on the mirror assembly (use a hand screw driver.) Also, you can use a small, flathead to help loosen those black wire harness things. Thanks for the original post!!!

#895 Comment By Peter On 13 February 2013 @ 14:01


many thanks for your great guide to fix the color fading problem.
I´ve spent about 2-3 hours and the printer is like a new one.

Best regards


#896 Comment By Trevor W On 18 February 2013 @ 06:44

Thanks for the second time for this step-by-step guide. Nice to have the refresher on which screws to undo first. :-)

I found out the first time doing this that’s it’s very important to push the TEST button on the circuit board on the back of the machine before you put in all of the screws and covers. Nothing’s more frustrating than putting it all together then finding out the optical box is misaligned, even printing worse than it was before. Here’s how I do it:

*With the toner cartridges out, manipulate the optical box with one hand while looking through to it from the front side of the printer. When it looks about right, with your one hand holding the optical box firmly into place, use your other hand to put in the two top screws. That should hold the box in place. Put in the third screw.

*Put the shield plate in place, and screw in TWO screws only – one in the top left, the other in the bottom right. This will hold the plate in place. Plug in all the data cords.

*Plug the printer in to the electrical source.

*Find the TEST button on the circuit board. You’ll find it toward the upper left corner, just near the J108 socket.

Pushing the TEST button will print a page with horizontal lines. If all four colours are clear, you’re good to go. If not, you’ll need to run a calibration OR realign the optical box. To put things into perspective, tonight (and I think the last time I did it, too) it was the on the third attempt that all four colours came out crisp.

*Once you’re happy with the test page, TURN OFF THE PRINTER AND PULL OUT THE POWER CORD.

*Follow the procedures to put the printer back together. You’ll have to pull out the data cords in order to replace the cable harnesses and put in all the screws.


http://www.conquercancer.ca/goto/donate – Please donate to juvenile cancer research.

#897 Comment By Trevor W On 18 February 2013 @ 06:48

Hey, Mike!

I found that although the mirrors don’t appear dirty, it seems that dusting them off can help. I was amazed just today when I compared the ‘before’ and after demo and configuration pages.

#898 Comment By Trevor W On 19 February 2013 @ 05:30

I had a similar situation the second time around. I pulled out the optical box and made sure the flap was in correct. Replacing the box and using the test button, I found an improvement, but it took a couple of goes with the box to get it perfect.

#899 Comment By Zair On 22 February 2013 @ 01:26

Thank you so much for the detailed intructions! Ended up with two of these that the other half’s dad had aquired, both with the fault. Your instructions gave me confidence that this really was an easy fix and indeed it was. Now all I need is to learn how to say, “No, I will not fix your printers…”

#900 Pingback By The Dreaded HP LaserJet 2605 Fading Color Issue | Sybok Digital On 26 February 2013 @ 16:59

#901 Comment By Jon Appleton On 2 March 2013 @ 01:44

I’m a slow learner, it’s the second time I’ve needed to fix the fading (lasted about 18 months) and everytime I’ve grumbled to myself; there aint no dust on these mirrors, but spent 10 minutes with the cotton bud anyway, and Voilà !! Magically it all prints like new. Thank you (again)

#902 Comment By lance On 3 March 2013 @ 05:57

after cleaning i am getting “door open” error, anybody have any ideas where to start looking.

#903 Comment By Colin McCormick On 9 March 2013 @ 21:31

I had done this twice, and though I was happily using the printer for about a year since the last clean-out, I had a suspicion that something was wrong. Images were on the dark side and sometimes with a slight red fringing. With the toner carts out, I could see the block wasn’t sat quite right, so I dismantled again, reseated it, checked it looked straight and level from the front, recalibrated, and the results are now brilliant.

I found that on this third go around, I only had to release the longer cable guide, not pull all the cables out of it. That saved a heap of time.

I do wish there was illumination behind the LCD. Maybe one day I will find a way to add that, since I can’t always see the display clearly in low light.

Unfortunately along the way I did the NVR reset, since I thought that might have been the cause. I wish now I hadn’t because the page count has been reset from about 4k to zero. I wonder if I can roughly correct that somehow.

#904 Comment By Isaac Francisco On 10 March 2013 @ 22:54

This is my second time around cleaning the lasers, and when re-installing the parts, I first had the error of “Door Open”, and it was caused by forgetting to plug in the white ribbon cables on the far right, after installing the screw behind the cables, in particular, the top two of the four.

After that, the “door open” error went away, and I had the error of “Jam in output bin”. That was also caused by an unplugged cable, the purple one that plugs into J104, the top row, second from the left. It was hidden behind the other cables, so be sure to double-check when you install it.

#905 Comment By Malcolm On 11 March 2013 @ 01:12

Great instructions, saved my HP 2600n. Only problem I had was that the alignment was out after cleaning the optic box. Tried a calibration, several times, but it was still out. In the end I resorted to a “Super NVRAM reset” hold left and right arrows down whilst turning on. That did the trick! I didn’t lose my page count either. I wonder how many printers you have saved from the dump?

#906 Comment By lance On 11 March 2013 @ 15:12

thanks will take it apart and look for loose cables.

#907 Comment By Patrick On 12 March 2013 @ 20:47

I want to thank you for the great procedure to fix this issue. But now that I have it all back together. The paper does not feed at all to test a demo page. I get a 15.23 Error to turn it on and off again and still after I do that no luck. Any ideas?? I have a full set of new cartridges that I want to be able to use. Thanks.

#908 Comment By Joe Dason On 13 March 2013 @ 01:53

Thank you a thousand times over. Procedure worked great. The only difficult part was getting the left side cover on and off. I live in Toronto. In appreciation, I would like to make a donation on behalf of your late father so please let me know which was favorite charity. Cheers.

#909 Comment By Trevor W On 13 March 2013 @ 02:17

G’day, Patrick. Silly question, but have you double-checked that all the data cables were plugged in all nice and snug? I did a search for that error and nothing came up under 15.23. However, 51.23 did come up as an internal hardware error. Best case scenario, there’s something loose. Worst case, possible something was shorted (such as if you weren’t wearing a static strap, or you touched something with a screw or tool at the same time you touched something else.

Good luck.

http://www.conquercancer.ca/goto/donate – Please donate to juvenile cancer research.

#910 Comment By AndrewRH On 13 March 2013 @ 09:06

Hi Joe, Glad the instructions helped. A donation would be great too – my dad said thanks to the Salvation Army for sometimes being the only folks around in times of need, ones who would always be there even just to make you a cup of tea!

#911 Comment By Linda On 13 March 2013 @ 22:53

Thank you so much for taking the time to publish this tutorial as I have just completed doing this to my 2605dtn and it has worked a treat 1st time!! My husband is an electrical engineer and has been in computers since they filled rooms. Normally he would do any service or repairs on our computer equipment but I had given up waiting and decided to have a go myself.

I worked through your instructions and not having a label machine, made small paper labels and used cello (scotch) tape to attach them to the various connectors. I was worried about re-seating the optical box correctly and did not do a test before I put it all back together again. Putting it back together was almost as challenging as taking it apart as some of the casing was a bit fiddly to get back but it does go back together. I was just pleased when I switched it on and it came to life again and I had not broken it completely!

I re-calibrated it and then did a test page print which appeared to show the colors were now back to where they should have been. I also printed a photograph and was very pleasantly surprised when the colors were bright and true. As others have said, the various mirrors & lenses were not obviously dirty and I did not feel that I was clearing much off of them, but they obviously were and I must have because it has really made a huge difference!

Just to say that I am a 60 year old woman (who I have to admit will have a go at most things) so if I can do it I would suggest most people can, so don’t be put off if this isn’t the type of thing you would normally do. It does take time and you do need to be organised. Keeping all the screws for each section together as you take it apart & be methodical e.g. keeping all the various parts you remove together and have a way of setting them out in the order you took them off will make things much easier when you go to reassemble.

Anyway – thanks again for this tutorial and if you have a spare day to dedicate to doing this yourself, not only is it a lot cheaper than sending it out for repair, it is very satisfying too!! Good Luck

#912 Comment By Julie On 14 March 2013 @ 15:41

Hi Andrew

Great instructions and they worked a treat until……I got to the optical box and the last screws were impossible to undo (sigh). So close and yet so far!! Many thanks for inspiring me to have a go…..the whole office was watching me!

#913 Comment By Julie On 15 March 2013 @ 12:59

Hi Andrew

Well, after having my little problem with the last three screws that were holding in the optical box yesterday (and refusing to budge), I came back into work this morning armed with a ratchet screwdriver and some WD40. It did the trick and the mirrors have now all been cleaned! My boss (and the rest of the office) were most impressed! The printer is still working (amazingly) and the colours are much better. I’m a non-tech type of gal so, if I can do it, anyone can! A donation to the Sally Army will be done asap!

#914 Comment By Alison On 15 March 2013 @ 13:06

It was with a feeling of resignation that I attempted this fix, after replacing a magenta cartridge that said it was full and yet failed to print at all – only to discover that the new one failed to print too!

It took my most of yesterday to attempt this, and to my horror when I got it back together I found it was worse than when I started. I calibrated it about 5 times, put it in cleaning mode, twiddled with things, but to no avail.

The magenta was now printing fine, but only half the blue was appearing (the right side half) and no black at all! And the calibration couldn’t get any of the colours that WERE printing into any kind of alignment.

I decided to give it a second try, to make sure that the optical box really was correctly seated (I found that hard to get right the first time) and all cables correctly placed. None of them appeared to be lose or incorrectly placed though. Luckily it was quicker to do because everything was already labelled, and I knew what I needed to do.

I didn’t remove the top cable guide, just slid it out of the slots leaving the cables in it hanging. It was still possible to get the optical box out. And the optical box seemed to seat easier this time once I was done.

This time I didn’t put all the covers back on side or back before plugging it in and hitting the test button – but I kept my hands clear of the high voltage bit! The lines printed out – ALL FOUR OF THEM! I was literally squealing.

I disconnected the power and put all the covers on, calibrated, and then printed out the demo. And now my printer works 100% again!

And here are my three demo pages – the first is my original problem, then the one after my first dismantling, and the final one after my second attempt.

Well worth the effort, and thank you for the instructions!

#915 Comment By John Shushereba On 17 March 2013 @ 00:42


Thanks for the great direction. I was able to repair my printer in 3 hrs time…. your instruction was great! You must a teacher. Sorry to hear about your Dad… I can empathize somewhat as my dad passed away 2 years ago. By the looks of it your father left a beautiful legacy. Your have a great looking family and I wish you all the best… your beer is already in the bank!

Thanks again,

#916 Comment By Gabriele On 22 March 2013 @ 11:18

Thank’s a lot mate, i’ve repaired 2 printers and now i’m happy!

#917 Comment By Jim Wells On 23 March 2013 @ 06:26

Thanks for the great solution! I accomplished the repair tonight and it worked perfectly. It took a little over 2 hours and my 2605dn is as good as new. Thanks for sharing.

#918 Comment By Ross On 23 March 2013 @ 13:23

Thanks, you have provided a clear and methodical help guide which has restored my printer. Now to do the office one that they want to throw away!

#919 Comment By George S Forsyth On 28 March 2013 @ 00:32

Greetings from across the pond.
Your step by step instructions were spot on. I spend a few hours, taking my time and everything worked as it should. First time I have had red on a page in over a year. To bad I didn’t read this before I purchased a new toner belt assembly. Oh well, at least I have a back up in case it goes bad. Many thanks for very informative instructions. When I get a few coins in the bucket, I’ll send you a beer.

#920 Comment By dimarkes On 28 March 2013 @ 14:40

Hi Andrew,
Thanks a lot for this clear and HELPFUL guide to solve my several-years-old problem of fading colors. Some years ago I contacted HP (by chat service) and they advised me to bring my 2605dn printer to an HP service centre, which I didn’t do (because of expected high costs). But now, after performing your cleaning procedure, it works again as new !

#921 Comment By Olivier On 30 March 2013 @ 09:50


i have the same problem

on power on the printer said 54.15 error

i dont know where locate the problem …

this error are normally ” yellow toner sensor ”

thanks in advance

#922 Comment By Joel On 6 April 2013 @ 05:45

This is a great fix. I still need a new cyan cartridge, but the print quality is like new.
I forgot to put in one of the wire guides but it works like a dream.
Beer funds donated. Enjoy the drink as I enjoy my like new printer.

#923 Comment By DrumsBob On 8 April 2013 @ 20:12

Thanks, fixed the problem! My mirrors weren’t filthy, just had a very thin layer of dust, but the printing was still way off. All good now!

#924 Comment By Dave In NYC On 11 April 2013 @ 04:15

This is fabulous! I’m very surprised that so little information is available at the HP site, but thanks so much for the time and diligence you put into this instruction set.

#925 Comment By Geoff Tann On 11 April 2013 @ 07:48

My third mirrors clean in 8 months (I was trying using air to get a brighter red) was not a success and ended up with a doors open error which I cannot correct. I wonder if I brushed against the main circuit board – or that the strip connectors have deteriorated. It’s time for the HP 2605dn to go! Does anyone in the Lincoln UK area have room, time, and technical ability to resurrect it?

#926 Comment By Tom On 13 April 2013 @ 14:32

Great solution!

Took me about an hour to get it all done.
I was a bit sceptical because the mirrors weren’t very dirty (only a little bit of black dust came off), but the result was unexpectedly good.
My prints are now back to full quality.

Thanks again,

#927 Comment By Dave Jarvis On 19 April 2013 @ 18:17

I had almost no magenta working on my printer when I tried this fix. Took about 15 minutes of actual work and another 50 min of mucking about with labels and cables and things! :) I also had nothing visible on the mirrors but cleaned them all and when I fired her up a beautiful full colored page came out after the calibration was done. Cheers and thanks for the fix!

#928 Comment By Paul On 20 April 2013 @ 18:51

Thanks for the helphul instructions.
A Belgium fan.

#929 Comment By Kari On 23 April 2013 @ 15:47

Thanks for the fading fix! Having the optical box just right is really crucial (took a few attempts).

Another problem has now developed: It only prints one page at a time, no duplexing, etc. Do you have any hints on what might be going on?


#930 Comment By Trevor W On 23 April 2013 @ 16:04


The duplexing thing could be from a loose connection on one of all those data wires you unplugged, so would require having to pull the back off the machine and just making sure everything is in its place. BUT t could also be co-incidental and resulting from changes to your printer drivers or computer operating system. Check your printer settings on your computer to make sure duplex printing is enabled, or that if you have presets you can choose from when printing a job (i.e. colour, colour duplexing, black & white, black & white duplexing), make sure they’re all in place.

http://www.conquercancer.ca/goto/donate – Please donate to juvenile cancer research

#931 Comment By Boblets On 27 April 2013 @ 22:15

Nice job on the instructions!! A friend of mine gave me a 2605dn as he upgraded to a newer printer. After replacing the cartridges with no luck, I found your post. Needless to say YOU save another printer from the bone yard!
Way to go!

#932 Comment By Steven On 27 April 2013 @ 23:59

I just got this printer for FREE at a yardsale because it didnt work, tested it at home wouldn’t print magenta, followed your instructions. I now have a fully functioning Color Laser Printer and it cost me nothing but about and hour and a half of my time to clean it. Thx

#933 Comment By Elmar On 28 April 2013 @ 12:40

Thanks for your instruction. My printer is now clean.

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#935 Comment By Brad On 1 May 2013 @ 00:13

You rock! Followed your directions and 1.5 hrs later printer is back together and working, after a quick cleaning cycle and then calibration cycle. The only issue I had was getting the wire/cable trays off, but once I got that it was a piece of cake. Take off the small vertical tray first, then the large horizontal one.

Just a suggestion…. while cleaning out the laser box, ensure that you clean all of mirrors AND the plastic lenses while you’re in there. I noticed a small burr when printing and went back in a second time to do a touch up. The difference, after the 2nd cleaning, was amazing.

Thank you,

#936 Comment By Steven R On 3 May 2013 @ 15:26

Your instructions are really appreciate. Thanks for the great job !!!

#937 Comment By Richard On 4 May 2013 @ 12:44

heel erg bedankt heeft me zeker geholpen 1,5 uur bezig geweest. thanx Richard

#938 Comment By BRD On 4 May 2013 @ 20:22

My thanks for a very comprehensive solution to the printing problem – your instructions were spot on and the pictures help us reading challenged to see what to do.

Enjoy a cold one on em


#939 Comment By Dave In NYC On 5 May 2013 @ 23:35

Is it inappropriate to reply to oneself?
Anyway, I was able to finally block out the time to try to fix my printer. There were some initial setbacks when putting it back together.
My first test gave a ’57 – Fan Error’. HP’s manual tells you it’s an engine error, and you need to replace the engine. It actually meant that there was a loose connection. The fan connectors are located in the top left corner (looking from the rear of the machine) and the in the black plastic raceway on the right of the machine, viewed from the front. From fiddling around with the wires, they became dislodged a tiny bit, but enough to break the connection.
The second reassemble resulted in a 55.22 error – an error with the yellow scanner. This was because I had mixed the connections on the two lower data cables at the bottom right (rear of machine). These cables connect the processing card to the optics box. Switching the cables didn’t damage anything (fortunately).
Another hint I’d like to pass on – I ran out of label tape for my Brother labeler. As an alternative, I used some plastic clips from bread bags. I wrote on them with a Sharpie.
Again, many thanks for the instructions and photos!!

#940 Comment By Appleko2 On 13 May 2013 @ 07:55

Thanks a lot.

#941 Comment By Phil Willows On 14 May 2013 @ 15:21

As soon as my backup printer gets here I am going to try these steps. Isn’t it interesting that it always turns out to be the magenta that stops working…hmmmmm.

#942 Comment By Gary Bainbridge On 14 May 2013 @ 16:10

re Phil’s comment, as my printer has faded for the second time and needs cleaning again, I also wonder why it’s only the magenta which is affected. Is there any permanent cure? Gary.

#943 Comment By Colleen King On 14 May 2013 @ 21:11

Yes, we have the same problem. The fix worked well but it needs doing again. The magenta spits toner out everywhere and creates a mess. we’ll probably dump ours this time as I need a reliable printer.

#944 Comment By David Hill On 15 May 2013 @ 01:02

I think the reason the magenta fades is because the magenta mirror/lens is physically lowest in the optics box. I find that if I view the mirror straight on with a flashlight (torch) I can really see how much dust is on it. If I view at an angle, the mirror appears shiny and the dirt doesn’t show as much.
I haven’t tried installing the filter over the fan. I will next time, as I’m tracking how many prints I get between cleanings. I’m thinking of using a piece of electrostatic air conditioner filter.

#945 Comment By Jeff F On 20 May 2013 @ 03:09

Well I gotta tell ya… I sat on these instructions for what seemed forever but finally took the plunge this weekend on the first of two identical printers. The first one took just about 1.5hrs and yeah, there really isn’t much dust on the mirrors at all! I reassembled and forgot one wire so I took off the back and was able to put it in. The printer worked great! Colors were like new. So then I did the other one and in half the time! Same thing– Worked perfectly!
While the ink for these costs a lot of money, we have just basically saved having to buy new printers. I was wondering, though–when you go to take off the pinch shy metal plates on the bottom… on BOTH printers I found only one screw. I wonder why they did that? I didn’t have any longer ones so I left it as is upon reassembly but still I was curious. And I also want to say that for me, I simply used small white masking tape and wrote my labels, and then wrapped them around one purple wire of whatever set I was on. I do wonder why HP didn’t just label the sets though. I guess I wonder how and why they did many things here, but now it works and I don’t need new ones. Thank you!
As for beers… If you are into hoppy craft brews, here’s one that I can get because I go there often and if you wish I’ll send you a four pack! Heady Topper: http://beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/27039/16814

#946 Comment By John McCulloch On 20 May 2013 @ 23:58

I have a theory about the single screw at the bottom. Alignment of the laser box is critical – those things have to fire precisely through a very narrow slot in the back of each toner cartridge – but the thing is made of and mounted on bent metal sheeting which is slightly flexible. I think that they put the laser box in position and check the alignment then tighten a screw on one side or the other to take out any small inaccuracies in the metal-bending and internal assembly, and just tighten until the alignment is right. People who find fading at one side or the other after reassembly could well solve the problem by putting this screw in the other side or adjusting the tightness of it.

#947 Comment By Jeff F On 21 May 2013 @ 00:42

In reference to the comment about the single screw and fading at the side of a page… Yes, I will try moving mine because I happen to notice I have fading on the right side of every printed page.

#948 Comment By Jeff F On 21 May 2013 @ 01:30


As per advice on the laser box screw, I turned my printer upside down and took the screw out from its position in the right hole under the shiny pinchable metal flap and moved it to the left hole.

And guess what? My prints come out PERFECT now! no fading! cool!

#949 Comment By tumisang frrom Botswana On 23 May 2013 @ 10:27

i used the above solution and it worked like a charm,thank you for this one mate

#950 Comment By marc On 27 May 2013 @ 17:11

bonjour a tous je m’appelle Marc et un grand merci pour ce tuto mais un petit souci après remontage ce produit,quand j’utilise le bouton test sur la carte j’ai bien une feuille qui sort avec des très de couleur mais quand je lance une impression après avoir tous étalonné j’ai des feuilles noir ou maginta qui sorte a la place quelqu’un aurait’il une idée.

#951 Comment By marc On 27 May 2013 @ 17:12

bonjour a tous je m’appelle Marc et un grand merci pour ce tuto mais un petit souci après remontage ce produit,quand j’utilise le bouton test sur la carte j’ai bien une feuille qui sort avec des très de couleur mais quand je lance une impression après avoir tous étalonné j’ai des feuilles noir ou magenta qui sorte a la place quelqu’un aurait’il une idée.

#952 Comment By Larry On 1 June 2013 @ 10:19

Thanks for helping with cleaning up my HP by just cleaning the mirror behind the cartridges. I printed a trial print which came out great but when I try to print from a word document it will only print black & white and I get the following message before i print

(some postscript specific print settings (interpolation) calibration encoding will be ignored since you are printing to a non postscript printer).

Does anyone know what that means?


By the way I grew up in Cambridge for my first 20 years and still have many friends there. Then I moved to Toronto and now live in Thailand.

#953 Comment By Jeff F On 1 June 2013 @ 11:49

@ Larry,,,

I may be totally wrong on this but it is possible that somehow, upon ‘rebuilding’ the printer, it is now asking the computer for updates. You may need to reinstall drivers or other HP software. I think if you google your model, then these days their site seems A LITTLE BIT more amicable to dealing with drivers and such than it had in the past. Some software for it may also be available from HP to download to your computer. Again I could be wrong but it’s worth a shot. Good luck!

#954 Comment By acer On 1 June 2013 @ 17:19

Great write-up. I merely found your blog along with planned to mention that I’ve definitely loved shopping your website threads. All things considered I will be checking in your rss feed with this particular wanting you’re posting once again in the near future!

#955 Comment By gindylow On 3 June 2013 @ 00:06

Major heartache relieved by your generous sharing of cleaning routine. Another 2600n saved from the skip and ready to do more work again. Thanks so much.

#956 Comment By Gustavo Zamorano On 20 June 2013 @ 06:19

The first time my printer was not printing magenta color. I cleaned up the mirrors and lenses inside the black box and it solved my pmroblem. This time, none of the colors will print, just black. I found the plastic lenses behind the toner cartridges and proceeded to clean them up. Now my printer is printing fine. Thanks a lot to all of you.

#957 Comment By Gustavo Zamorano On 20 June 2013 @ 06:25

The fist time the magenta color was not printing. I cleaned up mirrors and lenses inside the black box and it fixed the problem. This time, I found the plastic lenses behind each toner cartridge (after removing them all). I cleaned up with Qtips all the lenses. Now my printer is printing fine once again. Thanks a lot to all of you.

#958 Comment By Miguel Angelo On 22 June 2013 @ 15:06

Black color will not print after cleaning!

Thank you for the very good instructions. I had found Don Thompson’s original document (it seems all HP forums are no longer available) and recovered the loss of red and yellow (printer is not used much). Immediately after putting the printer together, the magenta and yellow came back beautifully, the cyan printed as usual but the black faded to virtually nothing. That is when I found your great instructions.

Took it apart a further 4 times, propping the optics up as described, loosening/tightening screws in different combinations. Calibrating, cleaning, restoring to factory defaults. 3 colors OK – Black as good as gone. It is possible to see some faint signs of the black, but since the other 3 are so perfect it is hard to believe the box is misaligned.

I happened to have another optics box (back from when buying a new printer was cheaper than buying 4 new toner HP cartridges)that I had pulled out of a new printer. The new optics box produced the exact same problem – 3 colors working and the black gone.

I have taken a few pictures of the optics box where it sits and the demo page here : https://www.flickr.com/photos/blue_metal/sets/72157634260544185/

Anyone that seen the same issue and found out another solution? Anyone with a similar printer can check where the tabs are by removing the toner cartridges and see if they are different then the pictures?

It is great to see yellow and magenta back! It reminded me of how good this printer is. :)

#959 Comment By Miguel Angelo On 29 June 2013 @ 15:27

The missing black color was caused by a missing spring (probably got pulled out during the take apart process to do the lens clean up) on the Black developer solenoid on the right side of the printer. The other solenoid takes care of the 3 colors CMY. Replaced the spring and not the printer is in perfect shape again.

#960 Comment By GazE On 5 July 2013 @ 13:27

Absolutely fantastic. Took me about 30 minutes to strip, clean and reassemble. Now as good as new – I have my magenta back. Wonderful instructions. Thanks so much

#961 Comment By Russell Keith Robinson On 12 July 2013 @ 03:42

Thanks for the detailed steps. It took me about two hours total to finish the job. The most tedious part was the wiring harness. After the procedure… magenta started working and the color pattern was even across the entire page (it was uneven & faded before). Blues & greens were darker before the procedure but are now kind of soft/ fuzzy. I can’t complain because it looks better than it did (especially after I bought all new color cartridges and still had the fading problem). Thanks again.

#962 Comment By Stefan On 16 July 2013 @ 18:38

It took me about 2 hours but now everything works fine. THANK YOU for this tutorial with very good documented, detailed steps.

#963 Comment By Erik Carlson On 18 July 2013 @ 23:15

You are the man. Thanks so much.

#964 Comment By milo On 23 July 2013 @ 01:41

Many thanks guys for the great help. I did it all, stripped down my printer and got to the lenses. I felt fed up, as there was hardly any dust on the lenses. I put it back together, not expecting any changes. Wow, I was surprised. It worked like never before. Best wishes and many thanks Milo :-)

#965 Comment By Naisheel Verdhan On 1 August 2013 @ 12:26

Thanks a lot! Although the mirror assembly looks clean from naked eyes, wiping it gently using dry cotton swab produces amazing results. These instructions have saved a printer from being scrapped!

#966 Comment By Naisheel Verdhan On 1 August 2013 @ 12:27

Your instructions helped a printer from being scrapped. Thanks a lot!

#967 Comment By Tony M On 2 August 2013 @ 04:29

Gotta love google… this problem has been bugging me for 6 months. If only HP would put it on their site!

#968 Comment By Trevor W On 6 August 2013 @ 08:55

@ Affordable cleaning services: Yeah…let’s hire the professionals who spam random forums and web sites to get their business. They MUST be good if they have to resort to those methods, right? Clearly they’re swamped with repeat or referral business, after all.

Thanks for the laugh.

On another note…thanks to Mr. Reeves-Hall for maintaining the help tool. If you need a mirror in North America, I’ll be happy to host it.

#969 Comment By AndrewRH On 6 August 2013 @ 09:11

I deleted the spam but could never delete your comment! :-)
Thank you for the offer of hosting – in fact, I think the host is in Canada (HostPapa). To be honest, I put the change from the beer donations you guys give towards the hosting costs; it doesn’t quite cover them I think (better to spend on beer) but I am as always very grateful!

#970 Comment By John McCulloch On 6 August 2013 @ 12:15

If you are about to trash the printer, then it is well worth trying this without professional help – you’ve nothing to lose. Results are not guaranteed, but success seems to be 95%+. There is not a great deal of skill required: a screwdriver, a digital camera and a bit of patience. If you really are totally handless, then take these instructions to a friendly local professional – use an independent guy – many of the big boys would much prefer to sell you a new printer.

#971 Comment By Katy On 14 August 2013 @ 23:10

These instructions made me feel like a super genius. Thank you for posting and much appreciate the sarcasim!! You made this task fun for my whole office. Thanks!!

#972 Comment By Katy On 14 August 2013 @ 23:11

These instructions made me feel like a super genius. Thank you for posting and much appreciate the sarcasm!! You made this task fun for my whole office. Thanks!!

#973 Comment By Bob On 19 August 2013 @ 03:31

This is my second time accessing these instructions. Used the first time and the printer was like new! Thanks for keeping this content available to everyone. You do rock!

#974 Comment By Heather On 20 August 2013 @ 22:55

Thank you! I didn’t open up the back of my printer, but cleaned the mirror openings from the cartridge side and that seemed to do the trick. I’ve had this printer for ages (duplex version) and this is the first time that it’s been cleaned. I was a bit abusive to it and dusted out the cartridge area with a cheap house paintbrush and a vacuum hose to get up all the toner build-up from inside the printer before I took cotton swabs to the mirror slots. She’s working beautifully now (I was dreading the thought of having to get a new printer if cleaning didn’t work).

#975 Comment By Lynn On 26 August 2013 @ 16:33

Hi all. :)

I suddenly find myself without a photo printer, but I have a laser jet like yours. Does the quality of the photos printed with this last, or do they start doing that weird fade thing when exposed to the light?

Thank you so much! Please let me know as soon as you can, I’m in a bit of a fix.

Sincerely, Lynn

#976 Comment By Chris On 27 August 2013 @ 14:39

Can i just add my thanks to the many already on here. I had a problem with red colours, I followed your excellent instructions, and then did another test. Not only are the reds back, but I can see how so many of hte other colours were missing. Fantastic and helpful page. thank you very much! Chris

#977 Comment By nudes pics free On 1 September 2013 @ 19:34

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I’d genuinely appreciate it.

#978 Comment By TrueBritCA On 4 September 2013 @ 07:23

Thank you, thank you :-)

Great explanations and the photos really helped.

Hubby definitely pleased – saved him a bundle.


#979 Comment By Leks On 12 September 2013 @ 13:28

I did all these steps, colours are now much better, but with one mistake, printer doesn’t print tre right side of the page. Where did I go wrong ? Left side is 100% ok, the right side is gone…idea ?

#980 Comment By Michel Berard On 13 September 2013 @ 23:39

Thank you so much for your explanations. It really did the job for me.

#981 Comment By Brantz On 14 September 2013 @ 02:07

Tremendous post – thanks! I was having the magenta fading trouble and then one day I found that someone had put the identical printer out on garbage day – containing ~80% full cartridges! I took it home and had assumed the cartridge was the problem but when I swapped them out, I got the same problem. That’s when I found your post. Having a working spare printer on hand gave me the courage to do the surgery – which went perfectly on the first one so now I will fix the free spare one.

A couple of differences in my approach:

1) I used a compressor to first blow out the optical box and then used micro fibre cloth (not cotton) to clean the mirrors and other optics, with a final blow-out.

2) I used a vacuum cleaner filter (not bag) and completely covered the area you covered, but I didn’t cut notches for the plastic bits and it still worked great.

Thanks again for the very helpful and thorough post!!


#982 Comment By Sid On 14 September 2013 @ 21:44

Great help. Took a little bit of time but well worth it. Don’t be afraid. It just takes a screwdriver and qtips.

#983 Comment By Bob On 17 September 2013 @ 16:51

Many thanks for this repair process. My printer prints like new now! I just used Q tips and cleaned all the mirrors and lenses. Wish I could send you the before and after Self Test / Configuration printouts

#984 Comment By Dr. Cacao On 18 September 2013 @ 09:34

Thank you Andrew, I am sending you 10 EUR for a bottle of Henessy,
Dr. Cacao

#985 Comment By Imran On 20 September 2013 @ 14:43

Thanks so much for these instructions, it saved our school having to spend out on a new printer. Good to find some detailed instructions on how to take it apart, it made the whole job much easier, without the instructions we wouldn’t have bothered. Anyone with the same problem is encouraged to give it a go. Just take your time, and give yourself plenty of time.

#986 Comment By Christopher On 22 September 2013 @ 21:43

I just finished printing after cleaning the mirrors. Works like new!
My printer had been sitting unused for a long while. I had been using my inkjet. I’ve been brewing my own beer and decided that the bottles needed labels. So….I fire up my laserjet. Rut Roh…all three color toner cartridges are empty. Now I remember why I was using my inkjet. I needed ink that wouldn’t run when the bottles started to sweat. I broke down and bought the toner, installed it and voila!…no magenta or yellow! DAMMIT! I tried everything. Nuttin! I found your page and not being one to shy away from a challenge, I dove in. It wasn’t even 1/4 as difficult as I’d expected. I’d go so far as to say it was kinda fun! The most tedious part was routing the wire bundles back into their guides, but it looks exactly like it did when I first removed the cover. Start to finish it took me about 2 hours to complete. Roughly an hour dismantling, 5 minutes cleaning the mirrors and 50 minutes reassembling. Now, after a week of screwing with this flippin printer, I can FINALLY print the labels for my beer! CHEERS! and thanks again!!

#987 Comment By Mike On 26 September 2013 @ 15:49

Great explanation, really helped. However you do not need to label connectors. They all different sizes and can not be mixed up.

#988 Comment By Sabina On 28 September 2013 @ 19:06

thanks for posting this, helped me out a lot.
with gratitude

#989 Comment By Johann On 28 September 2013 @ 22:31

Did the cleaning for the 2nd time in 6 years, this time the lenses and mirrors were really bad! But now had to change cartridges as well. I almost can’t believe how nice the printer prints, just a reminder that I shouldn’t smoke in my computer room and perhaps move it away from the open window too!

#990 Comment By Jake On 29 September 2013 @ 11:59

Amazing. Thank you so much. I was amazed by how *little* dust was on the mirrors. I could barely see it unless I angled it just right. It took quite a bit more “scrubbing” than I anticipated, though, to get them shining. But the instructions were amazing and it worked like a charm. Printing the “Color Supplies” report before/after reveals just how much difference a little dust can make.

#991 Comment By Pat On 29 September 2013 @ 15:44

I have cleaned twice before without any problems. This time, all colors are faded after reassemble. I have taken apart 3 times now making sure all fit together ok. Have blown out with my air compressor and have realigned numerous times. All colors still faded. Other suggestions PLEASE… TIA

#992 Comment By Pat On 30 September 2013 @ 13:45

Well, I did the process again to ensure all was clean. Now it just shows the third from the left as being empty. All still print faded as well. Afraid I messed something up big time… :o(

#993 Comment By Sham On 12 October 2013 @ 06:01

Hi, after I fixed up everything I got an error msg. 57 Fan error. Anyone can help?

#994 Comment By Bob On 12 October 2013 @ 06:39

Sham-I had the same thing happen-check the fan connector-it’s not easy to see but it’s probably disconnected.

#995 Comment By ERIC ALFRED On 13 October 2013 @ 02:42

This was amazing!!!!! I looked up several forums and even HP websites to no avail. This was the most detailed oriented, easy to follow and accurate help I have ever seen. If you were a woman Id KISS you. I bought this printer for $50 and I realized why they were selling it after determining certain colors would not print. I also, priced new cartridges and see why it was not worth it for the person to put big money into it. I got refilled toner on Ebay for all (4) cartridges, counter chips and installation instrustions for $35 and it works like a CHARM!!!!!!! Once again, thank you so much and best wishes to you and yours…………………

#996 Comment By Eric On 13 October 2013 @ 02:46

Corrected email from previous post

#997 Comment By BrianM On 15 October 2013 @ 15:30

I cleaned mine first time, and when I tried printing half the page was still faded and the other half was printing as if I’m running out of ink. Cleaned it second time, more thoroughly using electronic air duster. Now it prints only blank pages :(. Did I blow something?

#998 Comment By lanrosta On 23 October 2013 @ 03:47

I too picked up one of these 1600 printers for really cheap ($25) from a local craigslist sale. It had about 40% on the cartridges, but also had these color streaks down the side of the page on every print (even the test prints) presumably from the previous owner using cheapo labels that bled the glue out the edges when going through the machine. So, as a side note, be careful with the products you print on as they may damage your machine!!! Don’t skimp on the media, especially those using adhesives! Use only quality media supplies.

1. Mirror Cleaning: This procedure definitely helps the quality of print. I did it mostly for the Magenta issue mentioned here, but I cleaned all the mirrors since I was in there. I also cleaned all 4 plastic lenses in there and triple checked for any leftover dust or lint particles. This completely fixed the faded magenta issue, but also considerably improved all the other colors as well. In addition to the mirror cleaning process, I have listed other cleaning tips here that may help you with the maintenance of your HP 1600 or 2600 CLP.

I used the q-tip method too, and then followed up several times with dry compressed air to blow out any lint or dust I couldn’t reach or that was left from the Q-tip. It worked great, but if I hadn’t had my air compressor to blow it out, I would NOT recommend using Q-tips to do this job! They leave behind way too many lint fibers. Instead, I would use those specialty cleaning Q-tips that come with the wood and foam tips instead of the cheapo cotton ones, and/or those foam makeup wedges (be careful with these too as they can snag on small parts and tear in little foam chunks that can fall into hard to reach areas. Take your time. I cleaned all the mirrors dry, but a dab of 70% iso alcohol shouldn’t hurt if there is caked on gunk, grease, cig smoke, etc. But don’t drench the Q-tips or leave too much alcohol in one spot too long on any surface as it may cause damage. Go slow and keep it manageable. Even with foam Q-tips/Wedges, I would still recommend having some type of compressed air to really get everything out of that box, off the mirrors, and off the clear plastic lenses (front, and back). Wipe off as much of the inside and outside of the box to clear away as much dust as possible while we are in here. It’s a pain to get at this box, so it’s important to clean as much as possible the first time!

Even if you’ve done it before, I would still photograph, and label your connectors. Instead of a label maker, I used a fine-point silver paint pen, and I could write the connector numbers right on the headers. Labels could dry out and fall off in time, which may cause damage.

The entire process of removing, cleaning, re-installing took me less than 1 hour on the first try.

If you do this maintenance and then put it all back together and try to print a test page and receive the 5.122 error, then re-open it all back up, re-check every single connector to make sure they are seated properly and in the proper connector slot. Also re-check all the cable lines and the harness and make sure no cables are broke, pinched, nicked, or over bent. These may indicate problem connections. Check at points where the cables could become creased or pinched by the casing or other parts when assembled. Always be sure your cables are harnessed properly so they do not get pinched or severed.

2. EBT Cleaning: I also cleaned the EBT sheet with the foam wedges and 70% iso alcohol. Then blowing it off with the compressed dry air. Just wipe across horizontally with the moistened foam wedge to clean and remove any gunk from the EBT. Use the white roller knob to advance the EBT sheet to the next area until it is all clean. There is a YouTube video on how to do it. It’s simple. Takes about 5 minutes.

3. Cartridge Cleaning: I had the vertical lines on the sides of the pages, and this was coming from gunk on the transfer rollers in the cartridges and some on the fuser sleeve. There was gunk built up on both page edges. I cleaned the rollers in those areas first with dry Q-tips, then with a small amount of 70% iso alcohol in areas that were stubborn. Then blow out with compressed dry air. I did this for all cartridges and I had to continually open/close the door as I went so it would rotate the rollers in the cartridges to access all parts of the rollers that were gunked up. This whole process took about 25 minutes to finally get all the rollers de-gunked and the cartridges and inside of the printer cleaned up from stray toner particles. Note that the rollers are light sensitive and are delicate to scratches as well. Only use soft cleaning tools on these and minimal alcohol if necessary.

4. Fuser Sleeve Cleanup: The next step was to do the same on the fuser sleeve. This too, like the mirror cleaning process, is a pain to get at, but there are instructions for removing the fuser assembly in the HP 1600 Service Manual PDF. I also removed the top plate on the fuser to get better access to the yellow fuser sleeve (without removing the sleeve! As I could not find instructions for disassembling the fuser assembly. If you have instructions for this process to replace the fuser sleeve, please post it here or email me. I would eventually like to be able to know how to do this as the fuser sleeve is much cheaper than a new fuser assembly). Anyways, I cleaned off as much gunk (also in the same side areas of the page) as I could get at on the fuser sleeve very carefully! The fuser sleeve is delicate teflon rubber so I did this very slowly and gently with several q-tips. I also pulled away some of the grease that had gotten up and onto the edges of the fuser sleeve. Only use soft cleaning tools on this and minimal alcohol if necessary. This whole step took about an hour as well.

5. Pad Cleaning: I also used the 70% iso alcohol to clean off all the rubber pickup pads in the paper path. These are all the parts that are sold as the maintenance kit. If yours are flaking, peeling, nicked, gunked up, or irregular in any way, then get the replacement pads in the maintenance kit (they are pretty cheap). If not, just give them all a cleaning with the alcohol and foam wedges. This step took about 15 minutes.

6. Be sure to complete the printer cleaning, calibration, and then your test print pages.

After performing those six cleaning procedures, the printer prints pretty much as it was when new.

I hope my input on this topic helped you as much the original article help me. Just thought I would add the things I did that helped the print quality for this machine.

#999 Comment By Abe On 24 October 2013 @ 22:01

Great! Thank you for these detailed instructions. I was aware of the problem, but until I found your post here, I had been discouraged by Youtube videos that said “take it apart” but then skipped the details of how you do it. You just saved me some $$ ! Thanks!

#1,000 Comment By Jim On 25 October 2013 @ 00:04

Dude! You just saved me $800. Yeah, it’s putzy – but if you take your time, and are careful, this procedure WORKS. Yep – my Magenta mirror was dirty. Carefully cleaned it, put it all back together, and voila! Good printing again. Thanks a TON for taking the time to post this with photos and humor. Nice job.

#1,001 Comment By Dale Sherbourne On 26 October 2013 @ 00:09

This worked for me after many cleaning cycles used qtips a couple of times and then dampened with alcohol and then a hard reset a cleaning cycle color calibration and a calibration page and it change the blurred images not the faint images must be a way to get the images to be more vibrant

#1,002 Comment By Martin On 26 October 2013 @ 20:49

I cleaned the ‘red’ mirrows and the other mirrors as good as possible.
The result was very, very good.
So thank you for this usefull manual

#1,003 Comment By Scott On 28 October 2013 @ 03:29

Binged a fix for the same issues mentioned above and found your instructions easy to follow. Fixed the problem! Am using cheap ink toner(NEVER AGAIN) so the colors are a little off but at least they are not faded! YIPPEE! Anyway, thank you for your post. I am in America, too. Amazing how the Internet bridges the gap!!

#1,004 Comment By Nick Hudleston On 3 November 2013 @ 00:41

Thank you SO MUCH for this invaluable, thorough and excellently written guide – you saved me lots of time trying to work this out for myself, and possibly saved me damaging something on the way.
I have just followed your instructions to the letter and sure enough my printer now prints colours again almost as good as new. I found a can of compressed air and some lint free dry screen cloths were very useful in cleaning dust and toner, along with a vacuum cleaner with hepa filter, and of course a face mask, as it’s not a good idea to breath in toner – use the vacuum at the same time as the air duster spray.

#1,005 Comment By mcnor On 6 November 2013 @ 04:52

Why i did no find this site at first place…for month im using this printer with fade colour print out.
Just finish cleaning the lense..Very easy tutorial..i follow it just by looking at the picture…(lazy to read..hahaha..)..

Result – clear print out with million colour…!!
Damage – just snap one of the clip while pulling the black cable tray.
Cost – $0
Time – 45 minutes

I ask my printer supplier the cost for repair is around $200-300.

Thanks Don for this good tutorial.

#1,006 Comment By AndrewRH On 6 November 2013 @ 16:03

You’re welcome. I don’t ask for $200-$300; but if you want to buy me a beer then that will be gratefully accepted (and drunk)!


#1,007 Comment By Dale Sherbourne On 6 November 2013 @ 16:53

This worked for my 2605dn plus I had misalignment issues that it also curedjust by cleaning the front of the reflector surfaces took 2 times and then a couple of cleaning cycles and alignment and calibration pages but everything went back to normal without having to do the tear down surely worth a try before tearing into the machine. Thanks

#1,008 Comment By Dale Sherbourne On 6 November 2013 @ 17:02

Sally that link doesn’t open for me do you have a print out of the article thanks

#1,009 Comment By Dale Sherbourne On 6 November 2013 @ 17:22

nothing there for the 1600 or 2600 series

#1,010 Comment By Angela On 8 November 2013 @ 11:58

Hi I followed all the steps but now I’m having the same issue as BrianM who posted on October 15. No error messages so I thought all was good. When I tried printing I only get blank pages… is it possible that one of the cables are loose?

#1,011 Comment By walt On 9 November 2013 @ 01:21

Nov 8, 2013

My 2605dn stopped printing quality photos—red was very light. Did all the stuff—updated driver–cleaned–etc—still no luck

Googled “HP LJ 2605 losing color” and came up with this fix. Took it apart as instructed, cleaned mirrors—they looked ok, no visible stuff on q-tips—put it back together and voila—-worked like it was brand new!!!

Took about 2.5 hours—I’m slow—when taking apart and reassembling—don’t force anything—just keep looking and moving part around until it clicks into or out of place. Good to have a bright, small flashlight to see everyting.

Thanks for taking the time to put your how to fix together

A California colonist


#1,012 Comment By George On 11 November 2013 @ 01:51

Just want to say thanks for he help with my 2605 laser printer. Now my print outs for my next Cub Scout project look great!

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#1,014 Comment By Nate On 17 November 2013 @ 16:40

Thank you! Your instructions work perfectly for the HP1600 too. I can finally print again! I just Paypaled you $10 USD. Thanks again!

#1,015 Comment By AndrewRH On 17 November 2013 @ 20:55

Thank you! I’m glad that you got your printer working fine again. Best wishes…and cheers!

#1,016 Comment By Nathan On 18 November 2013 @ 18:08

Not sure if we are going to go on with this repair, but just wanted to let you what a beautiful job you did in:
1. answering why it happens
2. explaining in very clear detail how to fix the issue
3. explain the risks ahead of time

#1,017 Comment By Henry On 21 November 2013 @ 12:52

After cleaning ,color doesn’t calibrate and print only on 2/3 from the left side of the page.
any suggestions ?

thanks henry

#1,018 Comment By Michael On 24 November 2013 @ 18:34

NO JOY — for me!

I followed all the steps but now I’m having the same (or similar) issue as Angela who posted on November 8 and BrianM who posted on October 15.

No error messages so I thought all was good. When I tried printing I only get what look like blank pages — However, they do actually have the faintest representation of the pages that I printed.

Can you think of an explanation, issue, and/or approached that I should take to try and resolve this?

#1,019 Comment By Mike95inNJ On 27 November 2013 @ 23:03

Last week I bought a toner refill kit and reset chips for all four cartridges. They were pushed too far using the over ride settings and really needed replacement. Anyway, after doing this magenta was still really bad. I went through your procedure outlined here and had it done in about a hour. I’m a color copier technician so I’m used to digging deep in the machines. Thanks for a informative tutorial.
Take care.

#1,020 Comment By Mike95inNJ On 27 November 2013 @ 23:10

Henry if you’re only getting 2/3 of the page it’s possible the laser unit isn’t seated properly on the right side when looking from the bottom. The actuator that has the spring on it connected to the laser unit might not be dropping into the correct position to allow the printhead/laser unit to fully seat. I ran across this when reassembling. Did’nt seem right. Make sure both sides are fully seated and flush to the metal. Hope this helps.

#1,021 Comment By Johann On 1 December 2013 @ 09:19

Thanks for the instructions. I cleaned the mirrors.. put it together and start the printer again… but now i ve got only blue prints… some idea ?
Thank you fur support…

#1,022 Comment By Nathan On 16 December 2013 @ 13:16

So my director approved the cleaning. First time through after cleaning, it (2605dn) was happy, but when I tried a demo page, I received a 50.7 fuser error. Not sure how that happened. This error isnt even mentioned in the service manual. After googling this error, it basically says replace the fuser, its hosed. So setting that one aside since it was really my test bed, I started to work on the actual one in need of cleaning assuming it was a fluke. That one went perfectly. (Thanks to your instructions!) The printer just needed calibration afterwards. Less than 48 hours later the user is complaining of an issue with the printout. I checked it out and in the lower right corner of the printed page, text is “drooping” for lack of better description. Just in that one area as well. This did not happen in my test print just after repair. The only difference was the user changed the black cartridge. I did try putting the old cartridge back in to no avail. So I figured I could use the parts from the first one and verify if it was the fuser or not. I switched the fusers from the 50.7 error to this one…same result, but the freakin fuser works just fine. All that to say, I am left with 2 different issues. I did replace the ETB and this didnt have any effect on the printout.
1. Any idea what I did to get this 50.7 fuser error and is there a way to fix it..(no blown caps or anything bad from what i can see inside)
2. Has anyone ever seen text “droop” in the lower right corner? I did run a cleaning page and on the same side as the issue the print is not solid black. I have replaced all the parts I can tell associated with the paper path since it seems like it is getting stuck in that one area.

#1,023 Comment By Sander On 17 December 2013 @ 09:05

Thanks so much, my printer is working great again! Procedure was layed out verry clealy.

#1,024 Comment By Darius On 17 December 2013 @ 18:57

Great Job, mate! THX so lot. Printer is now doing his job perfektly!

#1,025 Comment By Nathan On 18 December 2013 @ 13:10

update 2.
I fixed the one having “drooping” text by running through the process again and making sure the “Optical Box” was situated just right in the printer. If it is off at all it will give you some kind of error FYI. (more faded color or just missing print area)
I am still working on the 50.7 fuser issue since it appears to be either the photosensor PS6 not detecting movement at startup or the fuser motor is bad. Just thought I would share my experience in the hopes it might help someone else having similar issues. Let me be very clear though. None of this would have been possible had it not been for this wonderful website. Thank you again for your post. I can rip this thing apart now in under 15 minutes.

#1,026 Comment By Vladimir On 27 December 2013 @ 20:19

I have one problem, printer prints fine but black color can not be calibrated, I mean colors are aligned but black part is a little bit off. Any ideas?

#1,027 Comment By Vladimir On 27 December 2013 @ 20:31

Actually I just printed a Windows test page it apears that black and blue is out of calibration but red and yellow are aligned.

#1,028 Comment By Martin On 7 January 2014 @ 13:41

Firstly, thanks for a great tutorial. I have lived with this problem on my Laserjet CM1015 (similar model, with scanner on top) for over a year and was about to scrap it before reading your tutorial.

As mentioned, mine is a CM1015 which is pretty much identical apart from the scanner bed on top. One thing I would mention for anyone wishing to do this on the CM1015 is there unlike the other models, there is a screw behind the circuit board (step 14) which means you need to take out the board on the left in order to reach it.

Thanks again,

#1,029 Comment By Henry Lawson On 26 January 2014 @ 20:20

I am so grateful, a complex challenge made simple, took 1.5 hours and now the printer is working perfectly. Simply the most helpful piece of user generated content I have ever come across. Awesome, thank you!

#1,030 Comment By Rich On 28 January 2014 @ 15:42

first off, thank you for the detailed instructions and printer prowess which I apearently lack.

so I did the fix, put everything back, and now I am getting the “Engine Comm Error” (which the HP website states is a “warning message” that you can dismiss) after attempting to do a test page I get the “49 Error Turn of then on” after reseting power the 49 Error keeps poping up at every attempt to print. I am debating on jumping off a bridge or setting this printer on fire. Any ideas on what I screwed up?

Old man Rich.

#1,031 Comment By Rich On 28 January 2014 @ 19:24


I guess I’m getting senile in my old age, the previous post’s errors were caused by me forgetting to plug the data cable that connects the two motherboards together back in. (you know the step where it didn’t say anything about touching said data cable) all is well, I’m not jumping off a bridge, and the printer is safe from old man fire. Most importantly the printer is printing in stunning vivid color, its like that hairy monkey on the test page is jumping right out at me! you’se blokes are really gods among men.

Old man Rich

#1,032 Comment By Julie On 28 January 2014 @ 22:16

I am following your directions for the second time. The first time was about 3 or 4 years ago, so it has lasted quite a while. When I got everything put back together and turned the machine on, it powered on, but there was nothing in the message area of the control panel. It looks like it is off. I did try the test button and that worked just fine and gave me the page with the colored lines on it, so I think I have everything connected correctly.

Also, my computer doesn’t recognize it – either when I plug it in with an Ethernet cable and ping its static IP or if I plug it in directly with USB. Any suggestions?

#1,033 Comment By Julie On 29 January 2014 @ 01:56

One step forward, two steps backward. I realized that I forgot to plug that little white data cable in (from image 23). I plugged that in and now I get an engine communication error. I have triple checked all the other cables to make sure they are tight. Does anyone know which cable produces this error?

#1,034 Comment By Julie On 29 January 2014 @ 02:35

Ok – I got it now. That tricky J101 cable was a bit loose.

All is well now. Thank you once again for fabulous step-by-step, illustrated instructions!

#1,035 Comment By Gary On 19 February 2014 @ 07:18

I did the procedure and the colours are now great, BUT, something has gone wrong – every time I do a calibration the colour alignment gets worse. Initially, the misalignment was barely noticeable, but now its more than 5mm, which makes the printer useless.
Does anybody have any ideas please?

#1,036 Comment By RAGordy On 19 February 2014 @ 23:27

I appreciate the effort, but it appears that I broke a little tab on a moving piece behind the laser box thingy. That appears to be an important piece of plastic, since half of my page doesn’t print. The rest of the page prints in beautifully vivid color, albeit misaligned. After multiple calibrations didn’t fix it, I took the printer apart, that’s when I noticed the plastic piece broken.

Oh well, I spent $200 for this printer in 2007. Time for a new one if I cannot fix this tab issue.

Thanks for a thorough tutorial. This printer was a workhorse for the past 6 years!

#1,037 Comment By RAGordy On 20 February 2014 @ 01:14

UPDATE: Re-cleaned everything, put it all back together (I opened the printer door before putting the laser box back in) and EVERYTHING IS WORKING PERFECTLY—even the alignment issue. My 6+ year old printer has a new lease on life. I’ve never been happier to see an orange monkey!

Thanks again.

#1,038 Comment By Steve R On 22 February 2014 @ 16:19

OK, I’ve had my 2605 for many years and have used the heck out of it. Like everyone else no Magenta. I followed these great instructions and calibrated the printer and then I printed my supplies status page and WOW!, it’s perfect!! What surprised me the most was the fact that the mirrors looked pretty good and nothing really showed up on the Q-tips. However, I cleaned everything thoroughly and it’s like I have a new printer.

Thanks a million!!!!

#1,039 Comment By David Holliday On 3 March 2014 @ 19:31

Fantastic instructions, much better than others posted. Followed them to the letter and cleaned the mirrors and now the machine is printing as if it were new. Good tip at the end to add a filter over the fan vent. A thin vacuum cleaner filter worked well so now it might be a while before the mirrors get full of dust again.

Dust on the laser mirrors is not really visible but cleaning them definitely solved the poor printing problem. You must do the calibration process when finishing though.

Well done the reeves.


#1,040 Comment By Christopher On 3 March 2014 @ 21:07

Thanks! Worked like a charm. Only issue was found a black circle gear-like cover piece. Printer still works so assuming no big issues. Have no idea where it came from as followed the instructions as said.

Great job and thanks for taking the time to helping people out! Saved me time and money!

#1,041 Comment By Nigel On 9 March 2014 @ 14:44

Many Thanks

Worked perfectly and returned my printer to its former glory.

Printing like it was when new

A pints on the way!!!!!!!

#1,042 Comment By Brenda Macdonald On 12 March 2014 @ 18:31

Had my printer since 2006 but only in the past year or so was the fading magenta a problem. (Printer does not get used much, which is why we went with a laser rather than ink jet printer – the ink jets just kept getting clogged, probably from lack of use, and cleaning them was a NIGHTMARE.)
Your exceedingly detailed and clear instructions have given me back the printer I had purchased. Just a reminder to all that taking a photo of your own machine is a must. When re-attaching the cables I had an empty receptacle, and began to panic until I consulted my photo, which clearly showed that, unlike yours, mine had had an empty receptacle when I started. A beer is on its way, and thank you.

#1,043 Comment By Mike De La Garza On 16 March 2014 @ 18:36

Your step-by-step was both informative and reassuring. After seven years of faithful service, my 2600n started magenta fading. I looked all over with a search and found your site. I got through the whole process, but when I finished calibrating and printed the demo page, magenta was terribly out of alignment. I ran the calibration several times, to no avail. I had thoughts about taking it in to a shop, but I gave myself one more try, and sure enough, as soon as I took the back panel off and looked at the circuit board connecters I could see that one of the lower purple wire circuit board connectors was not fully engaged. I pushed it in and ran a demo page — perfection! Thanks, and I’ve sent you a 10 dollar donation for your help — enough to buy a margarita!

#1,044 Comment By Lois On 17 March 2014 @ 05:17

Thank you for taking the time to help me and so many others with this fix! I can’t find anyone having this problem in the comments section (I have to admit that I only could wade through about half of them. I had the paper jam in tray 2 error. I took off the back cover rechecked the cables. Sure enough a few were not in all the way. I left the back off while printing the test and other pages. The test page which was beautiful. I then printed out another 35 pg. article which also came out perfect. I screwed the metal back plate back on and now the printouts are smeared with black. There also is a grinding noise when the printing finishes and the paper is ejected out. I am going to take the back off again and see what happens. Do you feel this is causing the problem or have I done something else incorrectly? I have a handicap with my arm so this took me a while to fix everything. That’s why I am waiting until tomorrow to try again.

Again, I appreciated your time to help all of us!

#1,045 Comment By Angela On 17 March 2014 @ 10:44

Michael did you end up figuring out the blank page problem? It seems no one knows? My printer is sitting in the closet collecting dust again. After purchasing all new toner ($$)and trying this fix – still not able to use my printer :(

#1,046 Comment By Les and Bev On 18 March 2014 @ 16:02

Followed your amazing step by step instructions and completed the fix in just under 2 hours. So pleased to report Magenta is back in full glory as are all the other colours. Can’t thank you enough for going to the trouble of uploading this fix. A couple of beers on the way … cheers

#1,047 Comment By Sash On 22 March 2014 @ 08:19

AWESOME GUIDE! Worked first time! THANKS!

#1,048 Comment By Terry On 28 March 2014 @ 08:10

Fantastic and thanks very much for the Guide. Didn’t need to label the connectors as they can only go into a dedicated socket :-)Mine had the Magenta too light and found thus guide after a Google search. Thank you very much!

Here is a print of before and after and my Magenta Mirror just had a very thin layer of dust

#1,049 Comment By Terry On 30 March 2014 @ 22:35

#1,050 Comment By Azmi Omar On 2 April 2014 @ 05:53

Hi Guys,
Thanks for the guide but my problem with my 2605 wasn’t solved as I found out the mirrors were quite clean but colors still do not print (very very very pale shades at least) after the operation. Even got myself new sets of original cartridges prior to this, maybe something else (non user serviceable parts) decided to give way!

#1,051 Comment By web page On 2 April 2014 @ 15:55

It’s going to be end of mine day, but before ending I am reading
this impressive article to improve my knowledge.

Look into my web page :: web page

#1,052 Comment By Trevor W On 3 April 2014 @ 06:27

Azmi: Important to remember that if you didn’t actually clean the mirrors, but simply did a visual inspection, you may have missed an important step. Sometimes those mirrors look quite shiny and clean but they’re still the cause of the problem.

Good luck finding the resolution to your problem.

#1,053 Comment By Heather On 3 April 2014 @ 07:05

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome!

#1,054 Comment By Aaron On 5 April 2014 @ 01:21

Awesome, thanks for posting this… I was a bit upset, just spent $350 for a full set of carts and magenta is not working at all…. life saver! Thanks…

#1,055 Comment By Aaron On 5 April 2014 @ 21:38

Update. Did mine this morning, took about 90 leisurely minutes. I was actually surprise – the magenta mirror was dirty, but not that dirty. It doesn’t seem to take much. Thanks again for the “help”, its always nice to have a guide the first time.

#1,056 Comment By Fachri On 8 April 2014 @ 10:11

Dear AndrewRH..

wow this is the greatest atsolution bro…I followed your directions and bammmm…red color is back..thanks alot


#1,057 Comment By Thomas On 8 April 2014 @ 18:53

Thank you! Worked perfect!

#1,058 Comment By Hakan On 16 April 2014 @ 20:39

Lifesaver for sure!

I did this tonight and it works like a charm :-)

Very happy to have found this very useful webpage and grateful towards the family behind it

Thank you Reeves-Hall family from Sweden!

#1,059 Comment By aifa saleem On 2 May 2014 @ 10:50

I did the this evening also the training operates like a attractiveness :-)

Happy to get located the very useful website adn happy for the family driving this

Thank-you Reeves-Hall household out-of Austria!

#1,060 Comment By Hannibal Lecter On 5 May 2014 @ 21:42

Hello Andrew. Just a quick note to let you know you saved me a printer replacement and I am deeply grateful!



#1,061 Comment By DoctorJ On 11 May 2014 @ 02:22

sorry I cannot get past step 13 pulling out the black plastic trays that hold all the wires. I got the small on on the left out but the top and right side (from the back) don’t want to release. I am sure there is a trick but I can’t get it.
Thanks! I will happily donate to your site if this works!!
DoctorJ in NYC

#1,062 Comment By Larry On 18 May 2014 @ 22:09

Thanks a lot. Took about an hour getting it apart. I got the optic box open and was dissapointed as everything already looked very clean. Swabbed everything and the swabs were barely showing any dirt.

Then I got out an LED flashlight and the red mirrors showed a definite film in places and could see it clean away as I swabbed. So there was dirt there I couldn’t see with my normal desk lighting. I tried red and blue LED lights as well – the red light showed a bit that the white light hadn’t. Swabs still look clean but actually seeing the dirt go away made me feal better.

#1,063 Comment By Raymond On 25 May 2014 @ 20:28

Thank you for this. It was exactly what we needed fixed. Your steps are very detailed and accurate. It took me two hours, taking my time to label the connectors and get wiring in the cable tray clean. Thanks!

#1,064 Comment By Marye On 30 May 2014 @ 22:22

Thank you so much…we did everything you said and now it works like brand new!! The monkey from the demo page looks alive!!

#1,065 Comment By Joe On 9 June 2014 @ 23:42

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Your diagnosis and excellent instructions were dead-on accurate. Fixing this made me the hero of the day, but the kudos go to you.

#1,066 Comment By Marc Covey On 24 June 2014 @ 17:44

any chance you would know why mine is not printing anything at all now? no errors just all the pages come out blank. not even a spot on the page.

#1,067 Comment By Dan On 25 June 2014 @ 17:34

Amazing! I picked up a 2600n at the thrift shop for $8 because it wasn’t printing red…2 hours and this webpage later everything is working perfect and when I double checked, the magenta cartridge was 100% FULL! Thanks for the great writeup!

#1,068 Comment By Alex On 6 July 2014 @ 14:54

I have a HP Color LaserJet CM1017 MFP. I had a lot of yellow when I printed. Now it’s resolved. Thx a lot !!!!


Alex from Switzerland

#1,069 Comment By Cindy On 29 July 2014 @ 07:22

That just happened to me too :( did you find any solution?

#1,070 Comment By Cindy On 29 July 2014 @ 07:24

I did everything as shown but now it’s not printing at all! Not even a tiny smear nothing :/ what should I do now? Anyone with the same problem?

#1,071 Comment By Francis Covington On 29 July 2014 @ 14:17

RE: Will not print anything.

OK guys, I know you are frustrated right now. After just finishing mine up for the third time, I have gotten pretty good at this. There are four things I would check. First, check all of the plugs on the small circuit board The one on the back right as you look at the printer from the back). Take them out, and make sure no pins are bent (if so, straighten them with a small pointed knife. Second, the ribbon connectors can be difficult plug in (However, they need to be all of the way in and seated firmly), and they may not be in facing the right way (metal to metal), and or may need cleaning. Take an eraser and lightly rub the silver contacts to remove carbon, and if the ends are bent, straighten them before you plug them in. Oh, and especially pay particular attention that the cables are plugged into the black box you removed and cleaned. Three, There is a ribbon cable at the top of the main circuit board and several connectors, (this is the Big board on the left side of the printer) check those to make certain that they are connected and seated properly. Lastly, check the thin purple wires that you had to move, and make certain that one did not break away from the connection. Those wires are thin and easily damaged.

#1,072 Comment By Cindy On 29 July 2014 @ 18:29

@Francis Covington

I will try this today! Thank you :)

#1,073 Comment By Cindy On 29 July 2014 @ 18:32

I will try this today! Thank you :)

#1,074 Comment By john On 30 July 2014 @ 04:04

I just finished putting it back together again, and recalibrated. When printing in grayscale it looks great, but when I print in color, I get just about a full page of cyan. I rechecked all cables and pins, but can’t find out what’s the cause.


#1,075 Comment By Chip On 4 August 2014 @ 04:46

My problem with the HP Color LaserJet 2600n seemed to be the reverse of this — most of my pages were being printed with a reddish tint through the middle. At first, I thought some of the toner was running out, but then I noticed that the outside edges looked fine, and toner wouldn’t be that discriminating.

So I went through this process….and now I have more reddish tint than before, as it extends more to the left of the page.

#1,076 Comment By bill On 10 August 2014 @ 21:38

Dear Andrew

Have you any suggestions as to how to avoid dust getting into the laser/scanner assembly? (I’ve added an air filter but that doesn’t seem to help much.) Has anyone tried taping cling-film, or some other transparent material, over the four horizontal slots behind the cartridges?

Cheers, Bill

#1,077 Comment By John McCulloch On 10 August 2014 @ 22:53

Those horizontal slots are part of the light-path and thus critical to the performance of the thing. Any cover would need to be optically near perfect. However, if you did this, the dust would collect there and similarly affect the performance. What is really needed is to blow clean air into the light-box so a slight positive pressure is maintained inside and air-flow is outward through all the slots and other openings. That way no dust could get inside. How to do this – well, there’s the rub!

#1,078 Comment By bill On 11 August 2014 @ 07:37

Thanks John,

I agree, but a piece of (optically near perfect) material taped over the horizontal slots could be easily cleaned, just by removing the cartridges! Any ideas? What about cling-foil, or those stiff transparent plastic sheets often used as the front covers of bound documents?

Cheers, Bill

#1,079 Comment By bill On 11 August 2014 @ 09:13

PS Is there any reason for NOT taping something over the slots? E.g. Could it interfere with the paper path, or get very hot and catch fire, …?

#1,080 Comment By Robert On 22 August 2014 @ 20:43

worked out great! thanks a lot!

#1,081 Comment By Pablo On 22 August 2014 @ 22:43

Thank you so much for this! I just got an used printer and thought my money was wasted when it printed faded pictures, but thanks to your guide I was able to fix it myself!
Your guide was extremely helpfull!
Greetings from Argentina!

#1,082 Comment By Schule On 5 September 2014 @ 14:58

Thanks, It worked! Here is a comparison image:

#1,083 Comment By Peter R. On 11 September 2014 @ 19:04

Hello Andrew after I followed your instruction, which was very helpful, and I recalibrated the printer it printed only very fading hardly visible test page. Do you have any suggestion what went wrong?

#1,084 Comment By Crimitorii On 14 September 2014 @ 08:03

Thanks again, will now buy you a beer (what about the kids though?)
Anyway, just did it all a second time – getting easier – only took a leisurely hour. Red is back.

#1,085 Comment By Paul On 14 September 2014 @ 16:09

Worked like a charm! The 2605dn is printing reds again and my kids have no more excuses on why they aren’t finishing their homework. Thanks mate, enjoy your beer!

#1,086 Comment By Ronny On 27 September 2014 @ 09:01

Thanks to you’re perfect description i just manages to disasemble and clean my HP color lasterjet 1600 in just 1½ hours and it is now as good as new!! Thank you very much!

#1,087 Comment By Charlie S. On 4 October 2014 @ 19:59

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Just cleaned mine, took about 2 hours (first time). My printer is now printing like new. Thanks again!

#1,088 Comment By Fred On 6 October 2014 @ 22:40

Excellent post. I too had the color fading problem. With your excellent post, I had the confidence to proceed. Your instructions and pictures were very clear. 2 hours of dis-assembly/assembly + a couple of re-calibrations and my 2605dn prints like new. Wow! But I will comment, that whatever engineering team designed this printer clearly made no accommodations for future service. After this repair, replacing the fuser (or anything else, for that matter) will be very easy by comparison.
Many thanks.

#1,089 Comment By JosePrimera On 31 October 2014 @ 14:23

It worked for me! Thanks!

#1,090 Comment By Hunter On 5 November 2014 @ 22:00

Both yellow and red mirrors were dusty. Now it prints like normal after cleaning. Thank you!!!

#1,091 Comment By Kostas On 11 November 2014 @ 21:39

2nd time i go through this…thanks you so much…gonna use the air intake filter myself too


#1,092 Comment By Ken Hecker On 13 November 2014 @ 18:13

Andrew, I’ve followed your instructions once before, and the results were amazing. And yes, I bought you a beer :) This time I was using an HP 2605dn that I got from a dealer in off-lease printers. It seems they do repair work, but the man in charge didn’t even know about dusty mirrors. So for all I know, this present printer was already halfway there (as in needing the mirrors cleaned) when I got it. The color did finally go, and I followed your instructions. I find that the flat mirrors, not the curved ones, are what gets dirty. I also realized, having done vacuum deposition coating in my youth, that those glass mirrors had to have an over-coat of SiO2 (quartz). Using a Q-tip (aka cotton swab), it is impossible to scratch the coating. So the color came back, but now I find something I can’t understand. When I run a plain text page through the printer, everything looks great, but when I print out a dense color print through, that extends almost to the maximum printable margin, there is a smear of light green over the detail, which is still there. I’ve tried several Calibration cycles, and cleaned the transfer belt. The Calibrations seem to have moved the smear off the side a bit, but mostly it’s still there. Could I have not seated the optical box correctly? The smear is only on the right side, and only about .75cm in width.

Your thoughts?

Ken Hecker
Fullerton, CA USA

#1,093 Comment By christin On 13 November 2014 @ 20:29

Andrew, I did all steps as you listed with much ease and the red is now working great. However, about 1″ into the right side column it begins to fade out so that 1/2″ to the edge, nothing prints. Do you know what it is? I labeled everything.

#1,094 Comment By christin On 14 November 2014 @ 15:53

Yesterday I took my printer apart and cleaned the mirrors like the tutorial says. Now my reds are perfect, but the right side of my paper about 1″ in from the edge is faded out to the right so that you see nothing past 1/2″. The left side prints perfect, is this what your problem is?

#1,095 Comment By Ken Hecker On 14 November 2014 @ 16:51


My problem is that although my color is back, and everything else looks great, there is an almost iridescent green “smear” that feathers out starting about .6 inches in from the right edge, and becomes solid by the time it gets to 1/8″ from the edge of the paper. This “smear” is over the image, which still appears with some color beneath it. It does not appear when printing plain black text, but when that text runs to the maximum width of the page (MS Word lets me actually have the letters run off the page, but the printer has a limit of about 1/8″), the text fades unevenly on the right, although not as far in as the green smear would go. I’m suspecting a slight misalignment of the optical box. I know I put the one bottom screw back in its place to hold the box. There was not a 2nd screw in the right-hand hole. Maybe I should play with that.

#1,096 Comment By Ken Hecker On 14 November 2014 @ 16:56


My problem is that although my color is back, and everything else looks great, there is an almost iridescent green “smear” that feathers out starting about .6 inches in from the right edge, and becomes solid by the time it gets to 1/8? from the edge of the paper. This “smear” is over the image, which still appears with some color beneath it. It does not appear when printing plain black text, but when that text runs to the maximum width of the page (MS Word lets me actually have the letters run off the page, but the printer has a limit of about 1/8?), the text fades unevenly on the right, although not as far in as the green smear would go. I’m suspecting a slight misalignment of the optical box. I know I put the one bottom screw back in its place to hold the box. There was not a 2nd screw in the right-hand hole. Maybe I should play with that.

#1,097 Comment By Ken Hecker On 14 November 2014 @ 19:13

Okay, I found my answer. When you replace the optical box in the printer, as Andrew noted, you have to be delicate. Don’t tighten the three screws (or four) too much. Just snug. I’m sure there are only two or three threads in the metal frame of the printer to accept those screws. It could be one of these screw’s threads got worn a bit, and didn’t give me a good solid feel when it was tight. Also make sure you are using the three (3) LONG screws, which have separate lock and flat washers captured on them (the rest of the screws are one piece including the washer). The optical box should hang from the top slot evenly. Again, make sure you put the bottom screw (in the hole with the thin metal cover) in the same spot you took it out. I thought maybe I had stripped out the threads in the left bottom hole, and so put the screw in the right hole. I ran the test that is initiated with that TEST button Andrew pointed out. The lines only reached a couple inches across the page, the yellow being longest. And a test image printed with the right side of the page yellow, and the red very concentrated on the left. Even the black text was all over the place. Obviously there was a reason they only used one screw on the bottom. That’s when I switched the bottom screw (possibly a bit stripped) with one of the top screws. (NOTE: If you have two screws on the bottom, one may be even longer than the other. The hole in the optical box casting is deeper on the right side). I buttoned up the printer, ran the TEST, and the lines all went the whole width of the page. Feeling I’d licked it, I ran my most critical page, and the colors were all out of alignment. Ran a Calibration, and now things are perfect again. My green smear is no more. So christin I’d say you may have the optical box a bit out of alignment. I am thinking that Calibration can only do so much, will do wonders if you get things close.

I’m buying you another beer, Andrew.

Ken in Fullerton, CA USA

#1,098 Comment By Thunderbirds On 23 November 2014 @ 13:22

Thank you very much! Worked percfect!
Greetings from Hungary! :)

#1,099 Comment By Mags On 25 November 2014 @ 00:16

Hi, I followed the instructions and mine isn’t printing at all now, not even black which was printing fine, any idea where I went wrong? Thanks

#1,100 Comment By David On 4 December 2014 @ 17:39

Re this post:
“From bill, 10 August 2014 at 21:38
…. Has anyone tried taping cling-film, or some other transparent material, over the four horizontal slots behind the cartridges?”

Yes – I have. After fixing my machine in December 2012 I put a sheet of clear Melinex film behind the cassettes and in front of the laser windows and there’s no sign of any adverse impact on the print quality. I tried it first with cling-film and even that hardly affected printing despite having a few wrinkles in it. The Melinex is stiff enough to just stand there flush against the metal surface without needing any fixing. I can’t tell if it really is stopping toner from entering the laser box, but it’s not doing any harm so I’ll just wait and see. It’s been there two years and printing is still ‘like new’.

I’ve used Andrew’s excellent instructions to restore two of these machines to like-new performance. One I bought new in 2007 and the other a friend gave me after he got fed up with it and replaced it with an Oki laser printer.

#1,101 Comment By Carlos On 9 December 2014 @ 13:44

I had the same problem: not printing anything at all after laser box cleaning. I’ve seen a youtube video warning about the importance of not touching the 2 rotating squares between the mirrows (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1DIko0a1MA, 20:45″). I’ve to check that in my printer, but have to disassemble it again.

#1,102 Comment By Carlos On 11 December 2014 @ 11:55

I’ve dissassembled my printer yestterday and realized that both rotating polygonal mirrors where dissaligned. I rotate them manually following the above video indications, reassembled again the printer and … it works!!!!

#1,103 Comment By dave On 17 December 2014 @ 22:39

Hi, I had the same problem the first time I dissambled the printer, it just printed blank pages, I had to dissasembled it again, check the conexion and put together again, and presto! the machine worked again!

#1,104 Comment By marton On 4 January 2015 @ 23:40

I had the problem that it did not print on the right side after cleanng.
I could not face stripping it all out again so I tried just removing the back panel. Then I could see the top two screws in the optical box. I slackened these slightly and then gently levered the box from side to side with a large screwdriver. Now it prints across the full page.
If you try this do not forget to remove the power cord; there are some high voltages in the back there :(

#1,105 Comment By Bill On 5 January 2015 @ 03:14

Great write up and instructions.

Mine is working like new now. Had the faded red, bottom mirror had lots of dust on it, so bad I had to gently use a cotton swab with a tiny bit of rubbing alcohol on it. I was careful to only use this on the glass lens and not the plastic one.

First time back together and no print, no color, etc. it spit out paper but no ink. Took it back apart and found the lens box not properly seated, close, but not right. Re-installed and just snugged down the three screws, re-assembled and all is great.

Also noticed that all of the connectors are a different count, so no need to worry about putting the wrong one in, just patience and care.

Thank you.

#1,106 Comment By Chris S On 7 January 2015 @ 22:06

This is the second time I’ve followed this procedure, so thank you for keeping this posted.

This time, I also had toner running low, so when I was done I was getting the gray haze / fuzz / blotchiness all over each page. I replaced the remaining toner (black, yellow, and cyan) and it appears the third party black toner is pretty weak. The monkey demo has lost some contrast and the cleaning page is very light too, but the TEST bars look great.

#1,107 Comment By ANTONIO On 15 January 2015 @ 12:22


#1,108 Comment By Chris On 23 January 2015 @ 08:27

Thanks from the Netherlands !!!!!

#1,109 Comment By Jef On 31 January 2015 @ 20:59

Thank you for spending the time to document this so thoroughly. It did work for me as well, the magenta is back…

#1,110 Comment By Don Gingrich On 8 February 2015 @ 07:13

Looks like a well documented proceedure — I’ve worked as a site support engineer, so I’ve dissasembled and reassembled a few things in my time. Made the mistake of buying a cheap re-fill cartridge — can you say “dust injection?” The only thing that I may do differently is that I’ve always used 100% iso-propyl alcohol as a cleaning ajent when working on printers.

But thanks for the detailed job.


#1,111 Comment By Asad Bilal On 14 February 2015 @ 16:55

you are great man…it really worked…i spent a lot of money on my printer for color prints..but the shity technicians in field of technology are just stealing money from customers… but i did it my self… thanks once again…

#1,112 Comment By Ken Hecker On 14 February 2015 @ 20:42

I’ve used Andrew’s wonderful instructions twice to correct the color on my HP 2605dn. Unfortunately I used somebody else’s instructions another time, and because no repair facility in Southern California would touch such an old printer, I had to send it to Wisconsin. UPS destroyed that printer, and refuses to make restitution. The moral of the story is use Andrew’s instructions, label the connectors as instructed, buy Andrew a beer, and then it is just a matter of getting the alignment just right when you put the black box back in. Knowing that might be required is the hard part.

#1,113 Comment By Steve Webb On 15 February 2015 @ 23:38

Worked just as advertised! Thanks for the great instructions!

#1,114 Comment By Carrie On 18 February 2015 @ 16:52

I’ve been debating on trying this for months and finally decided to take the plunge today and give it a shot. I started around 9AM and just printed my “let’s hope this worked” page. It turned out beautifully! Thanks so much for the thorough tutorial!

#1,115 Comment By Perigrine On 20 February 2015 @ 13:41

My second time doing this job. Started at 11 am, printed healthy test page at 1:25 pm. Only problem – had great difficulty reseating the back panel – had to take off the other lower beige piece with the lifting handles, (right-hand when looking from the front). Beer money on its way!

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